Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Best of Life is YOU!

The Best is Here and Now. Grab It. Reach for It within. The Best of Life is YOU. Receiving THE BEST is an inside Job. Remembering who You truly Are. Holding your Self Sacred. Knowing you Deserve The Best. Never Settling for less than You actually Want out of a deep Sense of Self. Understanding that behind your choice to Settle is a belief wrapped in your Worth. Looking deeper than the surface seeing that you have bought into a Belief that Wanting what You Want, wanting The Best is Selfish and feeling guilt and shame around your Heart's desires. Letting Go of that limiting Belief seeing that The Best of Life is Truly You Opening the Valves within You and Flowing with the Possibilities to Create a Life where You Feel connected to The BEST of You. Only THE BEST will Do is not arrogance. It is Living the Abundance that Is. The Riches that lie within You ready for you to Claim and Spend for your Joy. Welcoming the Upgrades. Materializing Your Spirit. Stuff just for the sake of having stuff cannot fill the Emptiness, the Craving to know who You are and Grow Alive. But touching your Spirit and letting It guide your Choices frees the Joy in Being You, in All you Do, in All you Manifest. When Stuff is Void of Spirit tying our Worth to It, the buzz is fast and fleeting. No right or wrong. Becoming conscious of your energy tuning into your body's Wisdom, you Feel when you identify externally attempting to feed that Hunger that can only Be nourished In fulfilling your Destiny. Returning to your Own True Nature. The essence of You. Living Soulfully. The truest Play. Happiness known in knowing You. Abiding Joy experiencing THE BEST no matter what. The Best met within In the Worst of Times. The Best sustaining You through the Storms. Raining Hope. Seeing The Hope of You meeting the moments come what May. You Being The Best and living The Best give others permission to join the Dance daring to Want more than feels safe. Touching limitlessness. Breaking FREE! letting go of All that dams the Dreams awaiting your arrival. Seeing You beyond the convoluted stories and conditioning. Meeting The BEST, The Truth and Beauty of You. Me. All. Ever-Blossoming. Living The BEST moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day. Yes!!! The BEST is YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)))

Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Heart is the Heart of the World

The Power of your Open Heart is absolutely immeasurable. Fear is no match for the depths of Courage that lie within You. Whatever life brings your way, you have the Strength to meet it. Giving your Fear room to breathe. Letting it wash through. Stay the course. Rising to meet You. All of You. More of You. Asking for Assistance. Summoning the Energies always there within You. Letting Go. Expecting the Miracles. Allowing the obstacles to move. Experiencing the heavens as you stand on the Earth. Your Heart is vast and mystical and fierce enough to Free you and All the Passion that springs in Expressing who You are. No greater feeling than Using all that Fire to Grow the Life that's Yours. The Heart remembers whispering to You what Matters. Reminding You that You Matter and what You want Matters. Listening with your Heart as You live each day, you receive the guidance from this divine intelligence you House. This Force of Love echoing through your breath is beyond sentimental. It is the Cosmos roaring through You awakening You to the truest Power: LOVE! Touch your Heart Center connecting to this Unconditional source that is your Partner in creating all you Desire. Manifesting your Destiny. Materializing your Spirit. Happiness lived no matter how great the Challenges. Beyond human, your Heart doesn't judge You. It is Always Open to You. Holding you Dear. Leading you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy ALWAYS! Even when It appears otherwise. It urges you to Receive the Good You are and use your Good to taste the Abundance of Life. Opening your Heart to Your Self, you Open your Heart to the World that needs your Joy in being You. Hand in Hand. Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. We are One. We are in this Together. No waiting for the World outside of You to Change. Be the Change this Day. I am the change. You are the Change. No BS! All you want starts within You daring to Be who you are. Speaking all that Heart and Soul. No silencing your Voice. Being true. Living Spirited! Liberating the Force you are and lifting All. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:) Never underestimate the Power of You being You.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meet the Miracle of This Moment. Meet YOU!

The Miracle lies in This Moment. Here and now. Not someday. This is Truth. Abiding and unwavering. Breathe this Miracle that is You In. Breathe this Miracle that is Life In. Receiving the Abundance that Is beyond The tales of When or If this happens, life will be Good and you will be Happy. Untangling from the Stories bring your Self into Present Time. Alive in the Direct Experiences! Letting go of the Conditions that keep the Good at bay chasing an Idea instead of allowing the moments to Fill your Sails. Touching your Sacred Self. Holding your Self dear. Listening to the Wisdom echoing and guiding You Home. Remembering who You truly are and what You are made of. Knowing You are the Miracle! You have the Power to open the valves and feel life Flowing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Being Happy is Being You! The only way to Find Happiness is to Find your way to You. It sounds so Simple but it's not easy as the lines blur between who You are and the roles you play as a part of a family and groups. Seeing Who others expect You to Be verses who You truly are. Begging the question: Who Am I? and allowing The Growing Conversation within your Self. Observing your Self at play in the World with others. Can you let go of Trying to be and be You? No judgment. Using your humor in acknowledging when you hide parts of you to fit in or withhold your Voice holding your Self back instead of Trusting: All I gotta Do is Be ME! Connecting to your True Self. Open to You. Opening to You. Again and again. Discovering More of who you are through living the inquiry: What Now? What do I want? What fits? What doesn't? What is aligned with who I am? Recognizing You are evolving and growing which shifts your Relationship with All the world. Outgrowing what was and daring to go into the Wild, the Unknown calling new Life up and out for your Joy. Consciously Creating your Life. Wanting calls the Creative Field within to show You the Way from where You are to where you want to Go. Choosing what's Fun. Letting go of what's not Fun. Surrounding your Self with people who LOVE You. Knowing what Matters and cutting loose what doesn't. No More waiting! No waiting for fated interventions to awaken You to the Miracle you are and always have been and always will Be. Fly You Must. Freeing your Spirit. Rising. Touching the Skies within You and riding them over the Rainbow. Liberating you. Meeting the Moon and the Stars. There You Are. Look at You. Magnificent. Magical. Mystical. Miraculous YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)).

Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Human Shit!!!

It's Human shit!!! Ain't no way around Life. All that comes your Way this Day and each Day is here to Connect You to your True Self and to Humanity. We are One. No One is immune to Heart Break, struggles, challenges, troubles, problems, chaos, dramas and shitstorms. No ONE. Our story is the Same Playing out distinctly. No One goes through Life unscathed. No One gets a hall-pass from being Human. No matter what you have accomplished. No matter what your bank account. No matter how wise you are. No matter your age. Life includes the stuff you would NEVER wish for! You would Never on a conscious level invite the Crap that buries you in order to Birth You. NEVER!!! As a matter of Fact, Life is filled with Moments and events that you would love to Wish Away. But wishing Away even One experience would Be wishing Away who You have become as a result of that Happening. The reconciling of You. The Courage to face what has come extracting the Wisdom and letting it Cut life into You. Your personal growth and evolution springing from the hells here on earth. The Great reveal of You! Necessary Changes. Time lived. Peeling back what is inessential. The pruning surely doesn't feel good but the Blossoming is Sure to steal your Breath. In Awe of who You are, the Truth and Beauty met within You. Simplicity. Seeing The Miracle you are Beyond the story that keeps you small. Returning You to your own True Nature. Knowing YOU MATTER! Knowing what Matters and what just doesn't. Letting Go. Going Home. Being fed by the Well within in a way that isn't possible outside of You. But your connection to You, standing in the Moments fully human, comfortable in your human shit reveals the Power of the Human Spirit to Soar come what may. What lies within You is no less than Wings of Glory. Ride this Life feeling the Possibilities ever-Opening. Plunging into depths that you Never dared before in order to Extract You. Discovering You. Always More. Meeting your Destiny. Nourishing your Soul. Happiness lived. Being You. The riches of Life received as the Treasure within once locked Opens. There You are. Here You are. So Magnificent. LOOK at You! You are You. Ohhh, The World needs You. You are The Change. The world needs your HappyAss! Your Heart feeds the Heart of the World. You are The Miracle-maker. The Dream Realized. The Stars dancing in the Flesh. Dance your Dance. Listen to the Song of You and Feel your Way freeing the Joy known in Knowing YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

Friday, April 24, 2015

Live Today FREE of Yesterday!

Experience Your Self this Day FREE of limitations! FREE of Yesterday. FREE to Be More than Feels Possible. FREE to Let Go of Old Stories and Color the moments with Possibilities painting New Pictures with All that Heart and Soul. All that FIRE You carry ready to Express in Surprising ways Revealing MORE of You. Fulfilling your Destiny by Nourishing Your Soul returning to your Own Nature where Happiness IS a constant Easy no matter how challenging the Day. A Whole New Experience discovered within. Not looking Outside to Fill what can Only Be met within. Happiness is a byproduct of Authenticity, simply Being who You are. Stripping what is inessential. Consciously participating in your Pruning. Peeling the layers back to Claim who You truly Are. Letting Go of the constructed Self, who You Try to Be. Receiving the Love, this Cosmic Force that lies within You and Daring to USE It to create the Life you came here to LIVE from a Sense of Self beyond conditioning. Ever-Growing the Wild of YOU. My faith in You is Knowing who You are. Knowing who I Am. Knowing that we are Made of Stars. Knowing the Possibilities for my Life, I know Anything is Possible for YOU. And knowing whatever you Truly want will come to Be. Begging the Question again and again: "What do You Want (Now)?" Inviting you to Go into the depth of You and allowing the Wisdom of the Universe to echo through You. Tuning in Aligned with the Truth and Beauty liberating You from limiting Beliefs that hold You and All you want Back. Open to You. Opening You - all the Doors in the Outer World Open from Inside of You. Shedding People, Places and Things that have played out and no longer serve your Highest Good. Giving thanks for All that has led you here and grieving what was but is simply complete. Plugging your Life force into Present Time. Welcoming New People, Places and Things that Fit and Feed You NOW. Fear keeps us All in Old patterns and behaviors that work against US and all we Want. What will they Think? Say? The FEAR. It is a part of this human journey. Allow it. Dance with It. Recognize What's behind your choices. The energy of Fear that keeps you doing what you've always done or the Energy of Love that is hard fought at the level of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Moving You forward into the Dreams awaiting your arrival. The way of being that creates magical living come what may. Bringing consciousness into your choices you become Self-aware. Lighting the way feeling the Miracle you are. Knowing you have the Power! Feeling empowered with Your feet planted in this World pulling the heavens through. Believing. Remembering. Stoking the Passion. Ruling your Life from the inside Out making Choices that honor You and your Life. Expect Miracles all damn Day! Count 'em. Count On them. You are the Miracle. Yes. YOU being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just Add Wind to Your Sails!

The Winds of CHANGE are Blowing Us Home. Just Add Wind to your Sails breath by breath. Letting Go of what keeps you from Lift Off, from Flying into your Dreams awaiting Your arrival. Are You Ready to Experience this Day and Touch depths of Your Self and Life never before Possible? Take my hand. Let's Play. Let's Jump into this Day with a Sense of Possibilities. Living Open even when Doors appear Closed. Looking Beyond. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul that Knows ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Seeing the Perfection in the moments come what May. Trusting your Self and Trusting Life. Knowing who You are and inviting More to be Revealed for your Joy. Know Thyself. Love Thyself. Live Open. Notice when Life tangles you and Dance Free. Using your humor. Delighting in the Play of Life unfolding. Choosing the Attitude that it is Damn Good to Be You even when it doesn't feel so Good. Pure Wisdom: Be entertained by Thyself...and LIVE FREE:)! What a divine comedy we are LIVIN'. The Not so damn Funny and the Doubled over Belly-laughing. Cracking your Self Up and appreciating how Others view the World. What's Not to LOVE? Laughter awakens the love in the Not so lovable and Not so Funny. Humor is Divine medicine INDEED! The gods gifted us with the Alchemy of Laughter. The Magic that Happens when you find your way to Laughter. Your humor is Liberating. Sooo, Won't you Laugh OUT Loud with Me over anything and Everything. Seeing the absurdity of this Life we are RIDIN'. The Ass-kickins and the touch the SKY moments that visit us ALL. Our shared story of Victims and Victors. Cowards and BRAVE hearted. Heroes and Villains. Shadow and Light. Yet, YOU have been given your Own Special Brew of AMAZING GRACE to express for your Joy. The Art of YOU. Speaking to the World without Sayin' a word allowing your divine essence to awaken and lift and stir and SURPRISE You. SPEAKING to the world being You! Stirring your Voice into the Flame of Life. Remembering No ONE can Sing the Song of You but YOU. Screaming OUT your words. Living out Loud. In the Silence. On the Stages of Life. Moments Lived. Tasted. Touching You. Connected to All. Echoing TRUTH. Whispering. Simply being True to who You are. Daring to Be You. Choice by choice. The only way to fulfill your Destiny of Happiness is Being You. Returning to your Own true Nature living Authentically. WOWWWW!! Be Stoked. ANYTHING is Possible! Yes. It. Is. Feel your Excitement and share It. Talk MAGIC. Talk Possibilities. Fuel your inner Fire. Look beyond what others Believe is Possible. And BELIEVE! Feel your Heart overflowing into All. Your HappyAss feeds the Heart of this World. Letting Go again and again. Coming into the Direct Experiences of Life. Being in Present Time consciously tuned into All of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Occupying your Body which is a Sacred Vessel housing the Wisdom of the Universe. Awakening You to Truth and Beauty that IS. Always! Breath by breath, Touching Heaven within. Soooo much heaven. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! Go ride the Winds of Change ever-Revealing YOU!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Growing Bigger than Our Fears

Growing Up is a lifelong process for each of Us. Becoming Bigger than your Fears. Tapping into this Cosmic Force of Love that lies within You. This Love beyond Human definition that is the Fight of Heart and Soul ever-Liberating. Returning you Home again and again to your Own true Nature. Fulfilling your Destiny of Happiness that can only be Realized from Being true to You. All other experiences of Happiness are Temporary and Fleeting contingent upon the External circumstances. Perpetually waiting for the Stars to Align instead of Tuning in and Aligning with the Stars You Embody. The Soul connected to the Wisdom of the universe always knows nudging You and sending out signals and Alarms through your Body. Out of Fear of Survival, it is part of Human nature to Override what's for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Going along to get along in order to Belong. It is our Shared Human Story and it is Primal, deep-seated wiring that must be brought into Consciousness in order to Fly Free. Repressed and unacknowledged, it will sabotage and derail You as you remain Stuck in old Patterns and Beliefs. Allowing it and bringing It Up into the Light, you choose Consciously. Enlightenment is shining the Light on the moment Seeing through the Eyes of Amazing Grace what you were Once Blind to. So Badass!!! And it surely ain't easy. It is your Effort, willing to be Open and the Graces of the Universe within You that lifts the Veils. The Heart Remembering the Truth and Beauty, the Essence of who You are ignites the inner Fire you carry KickingAss for You. Ushering You into new Depths of your Brave Heart cutting you Free from Fears that hold you Back. Bringing your Life Force into Present Time. Not acting and choosing from the Powerless Child. Standing whole in the Power you House. Creating the Life You came here to Experience that mirrors Your Own Nature. Knowing who You are and being True to You. This is simple but Not easy as It is contrary to a your human Conditioning to Love others at the Expense of YOU. This idea or Model of Love only leads to resentment and Bitterness. It surely does! Clenched jaws and Clenched fist holding back what You want and need. Loving others at the expense of YOU is familiar and celebrated. Standing in your power NOW, learning to Stand on Your Own two Feet will Feel uncomfortable as You choose to LOVE You. Choosing YOU! Asking the Question: What do I truly want and need NOW?! And letting the Answer bubble Up from the depths of You. Recognizing the Life you Want. EVERYTHING You want lies on the other side of Fear so you Must walk through it. Making peace within Your Self is your resting within knowing you are the Love of The Universe. You deserve this LOVE. Only you can give this to You. Opening and receiving your Truth and Beauty. Being held within by your Spirit that Frees you from the illusions that you need others to GET you, to SEE You and Agree with you!!! Seeing you and LOVING who you are when others judge you is Liberation. No BS!!! The hard fought LOVE of heart and Soul BEYOND human idea of Love. Cosmic LOVE! This Force you are. Your True Nature. Badass Brave!!! Daring to LOVE You and to love Life and know your LOVE is the Miracle in any moment. The Love you withhold from You is the Love you are waiting for ALWAYS. You have the Power to let it Flow. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Choose You! Love You! You ever-Growing take All with You.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Joy Makes your Beauty Sing even Louder!

Joy makes your BEAUTY sing even louder! I saw a photo of a Friend and these words sprang from me. She is always Beautiful but her Joy lit her UP. No matter how much we Do with Hair and Make Up and Clothes (the external) which is ALL so Fun. Nothing beautifies as JOY does! Connecting to a sense of Your Self at a depth where the resonance of Joy abides washing through All of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Nourishing your Self with choices that feed your Joy. Knowing your Joy, this truest Smile from the Inside echoing Out fills the Heart of the World. Honoring your Self. Giving Your Self what You Need and Want. Choosing You. Believing You Matter! Your dance. My dance. This collective dance so Sacred. Dancin to One Song. Made of Many Voices. Singing Us HOME. Sharing your Love with the World expressing the Truth of You. Authentically You. Moving from your Center. Your Own Nature awakening You to the Divine Nature of All. Returning Home. Remembering who You truly are and All that lies within You. Using the Power to Create your Life. Owning your Life with a sense of Awe. Meeting the Creator within your Very Breath. Feeling the Strength of the Cosmos spiraling through You. Holding you as you make new Choices that cultivate your Joy and keep you flowing with the innate Goodness, the Abundance of Life that Is. Untangling your Life Force from the Past so You don't Recreate your History. Facing what has been from the Safety of this Moment. Making the Pain as sacred as the Joy. Allowing the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety to come Up and Out. Letting It Be. No resistance. Being Present to Your Self. No waiting on the Stars to align Outside of You. Aligning the Stars within YOU. Dancing FREE! Trusting your Spirit to guide you moment by moment into All your Heart's Desires. Believing what only You can See. The Blind Surrender of Faith, knowing what You are Made of. Letting Go and letting your truest Self guide You into the Joyful Surprise of You. Drinking from this Ocean of Love within You. Feeling the Soul Force of the Universe kickinAss for You. Lifting You where You can SEE and FEEL the Possibilities ready to Actualize. Liberating You from Limitations. Materializing your Spirit. Receiving the Dream awaiting your Arrival. Saying THANK YOU! More JOY, Please. Please. Please. Knowing there is Always More. Expecting It. Welcoming It. Daring to Follow Your Heart. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! This Life is for YOU. It is for you to ENJOY!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dancin' is Always the Best Idea!

Dancin' is Always the Best Idea! Always. YESSS. This Dance of Life is Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Riding Life plugged into the All of You. Using the Whole Intelligence of You. Ohhh, The Magic of Dancing. Awakening All of You. Touching Your Spirit, your Truest Self through Moving your Body. Opening all of You to the Moment receiving this Life breath by breath. Tuning into Your inner Harmony where the Rhythm of the Universe Is connecting You to the Infinite. Freeing your Life Force to Flow with the Abundance that Is as the Song of You Echoes the Beauty from within. Returning to Your own Nature. The Truth Grows the Wild that can't be contained surprising You with More authentic Expressing. Experiencing the Joy of Being You from the literally Jumping around. Knowing the wisdom of Jumpin' for JOY! Woo:))! Seeing the Power of Play as you come Alive with your Vitality Springing from the Well of Love within you. This Creative Field always There, always Here animating You and assisting You, leading you to your Truest Life where you meet your Highest good and Greatest Joy again and again. Living the Passion as the Pulse of your essence stretches Beyond your Wildest Imaginings. Letting Go. Daring to Show UP! and Dance YOUR Dance. Being True to You. Liberating your Self from the boxes and growing outside the Line You have Drawn. Tasting Limitlessness. Arriving at new depths of your Brave Heart fierce enough to KickAss for You. Discovering worlds within You Ready to Sing in Ways you never could have Imagined. Dancing You Home into your Self where More Life is calling. Nothing stays the Same as You cycle through the Seasons Seeing the Green on the Trees is You ever-Growing. The Trees lie dormant yet Very much Alive as the branches are stripped Bare in the Winter doing what's Necessary to Spring Gloriously. Mirror Mirror! Your Own Nature Visible in the Trees. Your Own Dance felt in All of Nature. In a Rebirth Cycle following deep grief over my husband's death and the death of who I was, I sat in a Cafe and this Poem sprang: "All is Stripped Away. I see My Self. Nice to Meet You." I wept from the depths of Me. Dancing with this Moment that still Grows Me and leaves me with a sense of Awe over the Miracle I am and You are. Ohhh Life, taking us to Death's door dying to what was. Awakening the More. So Wondrous. Mystical. Poetic. And ALIVE with You. Me. All. Dancing and Freeing this New Now. Dance. Dance. Dance. Being You. Believing in your Self. Knowing: Anything is Possible! Knowing who You truly Are and what lies within You. Let's DANCE. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

You are Free and Freeing MORE of You!

Stand in this Moment and walk into this Day with a sense of Reverence for your Self and Your Life. Know your Personal Story. All the experiences from your Entry into this Word to Now. Look at the whole of your Life seeing the Victim and the Victor. Seeing the Coward and the Brave Heart Roaring. Seeing the Powerless Child and the Empowered Self making the tough choices to Free You. Seeing it is All Necessary in the blossoming of You. But daring to Go into the Pain of the Shitty things that Happened not to wallow rather to Understand where you are Recreating more of the Same from your History. It is essential To See in Full View bringing into Consciousness the Hurt Self so this part of You that is still within You doesn't Sabotage You and your Life. Liberation is a Lifelong walk! I am FREE When I honor all that happened to me to make Me Happen. You are FREE when you can honor all that happened to make you happen. The Great Reveal of YOU. Life lived. The Bitter tasted. The pain cutting Life into You Opening the Truth and Beauty. Knowing You. Knowing the Universe. Knowing All. Pretending and repressing F*cks us Up far more than the life experiences that we would never have wished for but they came a' knockin'. And here they are. Here you are. In the midst of a shitstorm. Challenging the Shame that makes you hide You and your Story. Illuminating the darkness by pulling it out of the Shadow into the Light. Remembering No one goes through Life unscathed. It is a part of this Human Journey to have Life Break us Open Breaking our Hearts to lead us Home to our truest Power. Our own Nature. Discovering who we are and that we are Truly made of Stars. Heaven is Alive within us. This Great Love holds us as we walk through Personal Hells that surely aren't easy. Our Fear of being Victims leads us to denying that we have been Victimized. Making it safe to be fully human and feel the Power of the Cosmos pulsing through You. Releasing shame is Healing! Putting the Shame back where it belongs on the Persons who Hurt You and betrayed you and Victimized You. Untangle your Self from the Past. Set your Self Free. Daring to Dance from this New Now where ALL Things are Possible. Trusting your Self. Loving your Self whole in this Fractured world. Believing in your Self. Feeling the mountains move and seas part as you reclaim your Power pulling it out of your History into Present Time. You living your Dorothy story from "Wizard of Oz.". Walking your Yellow Brick Road picking Up pieces of You along the way. Seeing all Life is Purposeful returning you HOME. KickinAss with your Ruby Slippers blazing new Trails this Day. This is Your Life. Fight to Free this force of Love You are. You always have been. And always will Be. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! LOVE Being You!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Do You Want and Need?

Knowing who You are. Knowing what You Need and what You want is honoring your Self, holding your Life Sacred. Understanding what makes You "YOU" and Appreciating how you are distinctly wired, you connect to Your Self at a depth that Grows You all of your days as you Explore this Wondrous journey. Your connection to Your Self creates your Relationship with All. It is Essential to nourish your Self honoring who You are in order to Truly feed others in a Healthy way. Your Health is you standing Whole: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul as You Dance with All. I am a Loner by Nature. Always have been but didn't know how to honor this part of me for many years as I was worried about Offending others in Being True to Me. I have an introvert/extravert Axis that is Non-negotiable. I Love being Out in the World at Play. But If I do Not have alone Time carved Out each day, I shut down Disconnecting from All due to overriding this Need. As a part of Tribes, it is Easy to Try to be who others need us to Be and want us to Be playing the Roles assigned. But eventually, You must go on a Solo Flight within and Look at who You are Liberating the parts of You ready to come Out and Express NOW. Life ever-unfolding in the Great Reveal of YOU. Making it Safe for You to be Who you Are and come Out of Hiding. No more making your Self Wrong for being You. Freeing Your Truth and Beauty. Seeing from the Safety of Present Time where Others made You feel Ashamed for Being you. Giving your Victim Story room to Breathe and offering your Self Compassion. Loving from this moment what You were taught was Unlovable. Picking up the pieces of You that you buried along the way in order to Survive. Seeing in full view that it was truly out of necessity that you Agreed to Be who You are Not and repressed parts of You that must come Alive. Allowing the Fear to wash through as You come Out of the shadows into the Light. Holding your Own Hand standing on your Own two feet grounded in the Earth feeling the Power of the Universe breathing You and animating all Life. Living the answers to the Question: Who Am I? Letting Go. Trusting the dance. Daring to show Up and Live. Following your Joy as Energy doesn't Lie and this Resonance abides. Touching this Pure Vibration within aligned with the Sacred Self. Understanding more is always Revealed. Creating the Life You Love from this Love you Are. Letting Go of who you believed your Self to Be as More surfaces. Letting Go of a Life you wanted and created but the Call into More is prompted by your Holy Longings. Living your Way Home to Your true Self and True Life, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day come what May. Loving it All especially what you Hate remembering it All is YOU. It is All Life. Trying to wish Away experiences is wishing Away YOU. Blessing what you Curse is possible from your Higher Self that sees only Beauty with the Eyes of the Soul. Enjoy Being You. Believe You Matter. Fight for your Happy with your Brave Heart. Your Joy is my Joy. And my Joy is your Joy. Your wings extended flying Higher than you knew was Possible reminds me of the Miracle I Am. Be You. Love You. Grow ALIVE! Happy Dance in the Rain and in the Sunshine. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Drawing Strength from the Lone Tree...

I draw Strength from the Lone tree in the middle of the pasture. Resisting Nothing. Enduring the Conditions. Bending with the Winds, harsh and Gentle. Meeting what Comes. Surrendering to What Is. Mirroring Me. You. All. Standing in this World on my Own two Feet planted On this Earth with Roots connected to You and Fed by the Same Source. One within the One. Each of Us Individual Expressions of Life. My own Nature is Your Nature. The Essence of All. Who we Are. The Truth. The Beauty Is. All of our Experiences leading Us Home. Returning Us. Delivering Us from the Pretending to Be anything but Great. This Greatness. The Miracle of You. Me. All. Known. Knowing the Universe in Knowing our Self. Letting Go. Dying to who we Believed our Self to Be. Coming Alive. Touching Limitlessness. Meeting heaven within. Holding the Hand of the Creator in our Own Hand. Rising. Flying. Riding the Skies while we walk this human Journey. So Magnificent. Stripping away what is inessential. Liberating Us at the Cost of All that's Familiar. Living through deaths to Awaken the More calling. Painful. Not Easy. Not convenient. But Necessary to Lead us Into the Hush where the Cosmos breathes Pure life through Us. Revealing the Miracle we Are. Always have been. Always will be. Eternity met. WithinYou. This Moment. Receiving the Awe and allowing the Overwhelm to wash through. Holding the Paradox of Life. Releasing the Tension of the human grip. No match for the divine Pull. Guiding us Home. Trusting what Is. Going Where we cannot Imagine. Finding the More in the blind Surrender. Riding the waves of Amazing Grace. Knowing this Force Love is animating You. Me. All. Breaking Us. Breathing Us into Worlds within. Into Dreams awaiting our Arrival. The WOWWWW!!! Is The heavens blowing through all of Creation. Poetically. In the Not so Pretty. In the Muck. Ever-Springing YOU. Freeing YOU. This flower in your Soul Blossoms Wildly. Growing the ALIVEness of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The World needs Your HappyAss!

The World needs your HappyAss. Ohhh YES. It does. Your greatest Offering: The Heart of You expressed in All you Do. Being true to You. This hard fought Love freeing the Passion that lies within. Touching the Joy that abides. Tuning into this Resonance and letting it guide your Choices. Letting Go of Old beliefs and Patterns. Creating a Life you absolutely Love living this Dream Awake. Feeling as if this Life you are living is Yours. Honoring your holy longings and desires. PLEASE! Never settle for anything less than a Life where you Feel a sense of Play and Possibilities connected to a Sense of Self. Plugged into the Creative Forces standing in your Power. Knowing YOU MATTER! Don't discard You. Don't throw out your Dreams. Don't dismiss your Wants and Needs. Honor them moment by moment, choice by choice Commanding your Life Force. Directing your Energy with a Sense of Purpose. Living from the One True Thing. No holding Back. You have EVERYTHING to Give and Not a Damn Thing to Lose. No more Hiding the Beauty and Truth. Daring to GO where it scares You most making it Safe for You. Growing your Self and your Life through honest conversation within. Mustering the Courage to Face what comes Up. Fear and Pain bubbling Up and Out liberating You. Being Stoked to be You. Using All that Fire you Carry deep down Inside. You are a Sacred Vessel channeling the grace of the Universe. And the World needs YOU! The world needs your HappyAss ALIVE and Dancin' this day and all of your Days. When the Day let's Go and the Night Comes, your heart Speaks what your Soul knows. The Undoing. The unwinding. The Opening as you become Still. Reminding You who you Truly are and that this is Your Life. "The cloak of Night Away from the World Opens Worlds within Echoing Silence Truth knocking In the Hush Calling You Up and Out The dawn of You Comes Again and again The New Now Your Soul Relentless Whispering: it's Time Stirring You No More Slumbering Wake Up." There is a Flower in your Soul Ever-Blossoming. It is HAPPINESS! Growing your Happiness from the depths of You lights the way Home for All. Your HappyAss Inspires Others! It is Not a denial of the challenges that come. It is an Acceptance that Life kicks All our Asses AND it lifts Us beyond revealing the Miracle You are. The Miracle is the Essence of You Known. In the midst of all moments. Alive in the Direct Experiences aligned with your Spirit. Knowing EVERYTHING is Okay even when Nothing Feels Okay or appears Okay. Remembering: YOU CAN FLY!!!! You truly can. Fly Free into your Brave Heart that will KickAss for You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life BEYOND Reason!

I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my MOVE into More Life, MOVING to Nashville. People have Asked "Why?!" I moved to Nashville? And I would say "No reason." Mystical. Wondrous. Ohhh Life. The Prayer Life Is. Always answering the Question of Me. You. All. My soul led me here. Choiceless. No making sense. The truest part of Me, my Spirit knew what I could not explain. Beyond Reason, there lies the Miracle of this Human Journey. I am Home in my Life as never before returning to my Own Nature. Seeing my Self in Full View. A Woman. A Girl. Fully Human. Housing this Spirit that just won't let me Go. Amazing Grace at Play. Echoing through my very Breath. Haunting me. Making me stand on my Own two feet. Nudging me Here. Where I Never knew and yet KNEW in the depths of Me I would Go. Receiving the Power of the Universe within Me. Trusting my Higher Self, this Soul Force as I make my way, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day come what May. The Growing Conversation within my Self, with You, with All of the World. Coming Alive. Meeting Life. What Is. And leaning into It. Dancing with It. Giving it attention. Making it All Sacred. No Pretending. Tears and Laughter are Alive not a measurement of Positive or Negative, Good or Bad that makes me judge my Pure Experience of this Life. No SHAME in tears or laughter or whatever comes. This is FREEdom from the BS. The human part of Us Tryin' to Be Perfect and do it Right and Be Good. No More!! I cannot walk in Shame or guilt anymore that strips the Joy that Is. This resonance of Joy that is innate in us All. My Life makes Perfect sense NOW that it makes No Sense. The Wow. The Surprise of Life is destiny. All my Life I Felt like I was wrong for being Me. I tried to become who others needed me to Be. All roads led me back to Me. Not possible to Not be who I truly Am. Only possible to Forget who I Am and pretend to Be what I am Not. But it is ALL necessary to reclaim the Truth and Beauty of YOU. Me. All. This letting Go of the constructed Self and Liberating our Self and the Life we came here to Live is a hard fought LOVE of the Heart and Soul. Claiming and Declaring, I wrote this Poem in January of this year: "Who I Am may Never Be Enough. But I Must Let it Be. I want to Be Here. To Be Me. And this Wanting so Sacred sets Me Free." Letting my Self be enough. Wow!!! Only possible touching my Spirit that always Knows and flies me out of the Cages. Thank YOU!!! Each person reading this for Being You. For connecting with me each Day. The Growing Conversation we share each morning. The Growing Conversation we have face to face or via text, email, Facebook messaging. We are in this Journey Home, this Liberation walk Together. Hand in hand. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Knowing your Story. You Know my Story. Knowing how to Love your Self unconditionally. You Know how to Love Me. Knowing who You Are. You know who I Am. Happiness is our Destiny alive with a Sense of the Sacredness You are. Knowing the World needs your HappyAss out there KickinAsss being YOU. Be true to YOU. Badassss Brave Beyond Reason. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Water Your HEART!

Water your Heart this Day! Rain or Shine. Touch your Spirit Ever-FREE and Play come what May. Dance in the Rain. Dance in the Sunshine. Both are a part of this Human Journey. Accepting this. Receiving what IS. Knowing this is YOUR LIFE. Here. And Now. Breathing it All In. Being Present to Your Self and the moments with a Sense of Joy, this Abiding resonance. Growing Alive! Growing the conversation with Your Self. Asking what You Want and Need? Not waiting for someone to Give You what You want and need. Not waiting for Someday. You have the Power to Choose. Choose YOU! Listen to your Heart and Soul echoing and whispering. Going into a Depth of You Not answering this from the Surface doing what You have always done creating More of the Same instead of Letting GO! Freeing You. Being You. Flying out of the Cages created by Controlling and Gripping and Trying to manufacture Greatness instead of touching It within and Letting it Surprise the hell outa You. Revealing YOU! Who you truly Are. Where You are FREE no matter what. Where you are Okay when NOTHING is Freakin' Okay:))! Spontaneously at PLAY. Not knowing what You will or Will Not do in any given moment. Giving your Self Permission to Live Spirited following your Bliss. Doing what you LOVE. Believing your JOY loving this Life is worth the Fight to Free YOU from conditioning that "Life's a Bitch and then you die!" Or tryin so damn hard to PROVE Your worth that you override your own wants and needs. There's a Flower in your Soul ever-Blossoming until your last Breath. You are here to GROW ALIVE! Water your Heart and grow the Wild within You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

FEAR: Lions and Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

What If ALL You want is on the other side of FEAR? Trying to pretend Fear doesn't exist is Repressing Energy that will Hold You and All your Heart's Desires. Trying to Stop Fear is like Trying to Stop a Train. PLEASE let go! Let it Be. It is Badass Brave to Accept Fear as a Part of Being Human. There's Fear we can explain and subconscious Fear that is deep seated from our Soul journeying Lifetimes. Fear brought up and out of the shadow is the most Powerful act of Faith in your Self. Standing in who you truly are connected to the Universe within, remembering you move the Mountain in the Moments when they Appear; and You are the Only Mountain to Move creating this obstacle from Fear rooted in History trying to protect your Self from Pain. Coming into Present Time and mustering the Courage to Face the Fear liberates You again and again. All change happens from within. The inner shift opens You and the flow of Life ushers you Through All Obstacles and Challenges. Fear Allowed, Recognized, Acknowledged and Befriended neutralizes the Energy. Making It Safe to experience Fear. In the moments of your Life when Fear floods through, You are the only one who can make it Safe. Seeing You are SAFE Now. Understanding the only way Out is walking Through the Darkness step by step, breath by breath. Walking in Faith, Feeling supported by the Universe within in the midst of Terror washing through. Knowing it is Okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Releasing the Tension by moving Deliberately through Fear. Taking your Self by the Hand and nourishing your Self with Compassion. Loving what You Hate instead of shaming your Self for this Natural response called Fear that is Primal in all humans. The sword that will slay the Dragons guarding the gates to All you want is your Brave Heart that has the Fight of the heavens that will Free You moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day as you LIVE this Adventure called Your Life. Feel the Fear and See: It is No Match for your Brave Heart! KickAsssssss. Touch the Warrior within You. Know you are Made of The Cosmos. And remembering this: ANYTHING is Possible! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ask for MORE!

Ask for MORE than you believe is Possible and watch Life Bring ON The MORE. This invitation is Not outside of You. It is an invocation calling On assisting Forces to guide You into "what's next?!" The Prayer Life is always answering and responding to You. It is You tuning into the Infinite potential that lies within you always ready to stretch You and take You into New worlds to explore and manifest for your Joy. Focusing your attention on what You want and letting go of what You don't want. Getting clarity by Seeing what must Go, what no longer serves You and exercising your Power of Choice. Your intention is You daring to direct your energy, your precious Life Force, grounding your Heart's Desires. Holding your wants and needs Sacred. The small Acts on your Own behalf are BIG. Saying NO when you mean NO and feel terrified to Say It. Fighting to liberate the expectations others impose or your fear of disappointing or hurting another. Acknowledge your Worry, Doubt and Fear. Tell the Truth to You. Be vigilant. Knowing this is Your Life! This is IT. Here and Now. The moments of this day create your Life. Believing you Deserve to Be Happy. Remembering that Happiness is Your Destiny nourishing your Soul in Returning Home to your Own True Nature. Knowing thyself. Living from a sense of who You are which comes from the Life experiences that absolutely DO NOT align with You. All experiences serve You and receiving the Power of the Universe knowing You NEVER have to settle for anything less than the Life you want. The Life you came Here to Live where you are Home in all moments wherever You go in This World. You Choose! You are the Dream and the Dreamer. You are the Prayer being answered. You are the Poetry expressing. You have the Power to create The MORE. And it is Not Selfish or narcissistic to want More. It is you following the Call of your Soul. Materializing your Spirit. You can be Grateful for All that has been and All that Is AND want More. Asking for More understanding You came here to Create and it is Not as simple as Arriving at some pinnacle and staying there. Arriving Home. At Rest within Your Self. Knowing who you Truly are. Revering your Life and stoking the Fire by Living the Passion. The One True Thing. The Essence of You springing the Vitality from the Eternal Well. Feeling Alive. Growing More Alive. Living Out Loud as your Life Speaks the Truth and Beauty of You. Clutching your Heart in deep gratitude for this Life. Carrying an Abiding Thank YOU! And Saying More Please NOT to prove anything, freeing the Joy, Believing ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Wishing Upon the Star you Are and Feeling them line Up all day long. Seeing your Worth. Receiving the Magic of being You. Remembering who You are and reaching for MORE because playing it Safe is living in Fear. The asking and reaching for the MORE is flying out of the Life that's been Lived, all that's led you Here and riding the waves of Amazing Grave into what You never could have planned. Making a Plan. Letting Go and Going for IT. Expecting Miracles. Seeing All the Miracles of your whole Life. Shouting MORE! MORE! MORE! And receiving It. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! It is FUN to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life ain't always Pretty. But it's Pretty damn COOL!

Life ain't always pretty but it's pretty damn COOL! Yes. It. Is. And when you can Sit in a moment with your Self fully Present with Appreciation for the crap you would Never have wished for and See how it All led you here, you Live Free. No way to undo what's done. No way To erase Time lived. But learning to Love it All is touching the fight of the Heart and Soul that will lead you Home. Unafraid of being Fully Human. Making Peace with the Past and your Choices. Accepting the Unacceptable. Loving what you Hate. Letting All of Life touch you deeply. Revering your Life. Making it All Sacred. The pain and the joy. Seeing the Pain cuts life into You and Joy springs through as constant as your Breath. Liberating YOU. Feeling the Poetry you have Lived. Living You. This answered Prayer Life Is. Answering You. Mystically. Wondrously. Cool shit. Soul Shit. Love this Day for All it Is. Receiving the Abundance ever-flowing. Live it All for it is YOU. Yes. It. Is. The moments are All ALIVE with You. Dance. Dance. Dance. Free the Wild expressing the Truth of your Own Nature. In the Pretty and Not so Pretty, YOU connected to your Sacred Self bring the Beauty to It ALL. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is damn COOL to Be So damn Pretty. Yes. It. Is. BeYOUtiful YOU!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Your JOY Inspires!

Imagine Amazing Grace swirling through the air like Sparkly pixie dust. The Invisible made Visible. The Magic that animates all of Creation and is Alive within You can be Seen by You Believing it exists. Breathing Life In and Out. Feeling Completely supported by the Universe. Receiving the Love, this Cosmic Force. Remembering who You truly are and what You are made of. Consciously communing with The Truth and Beauty of You. Touching your divine Essence. Feeling the Stars that hang in the Sky aligned within You. Feeling your Self blossoming with the Trees and growing Greener with the fields Springing new Life. Ahhhhh...YES. The Winds of Change are Ever-blowing. Time lived in the Great Reveal of You. This is a Constant. Who you are Now is Not who will End this Day. Some days you experience the Unfolding of You and Your Life with an undeniable Intensity. External events shaking things Up and Out. The Shifts come washing through You and You know with All of You life is Opening. Wow! Wow! Wow! You aren't the same. Nothing is the same. In a moment, the Letting Go happens in ways you Never could have Planned. No way you could have Forced or Orchestrated the Happenings. The Magic lies in the Mystery of Life. Seeing Everything Happens in Perfect Time at the level of Soul which can leave you feeling as if you've done something wrong at a human level. You must Challenge this Thinking and BELIEVE in the Good that Is and the GOOD that is Sure to Come. Wanting what You want. Making a Planning. Believing every Moment, every Experience is leading You from where You are to where You want to Go. Showing UP. Going for IT. Participating with a deep Sense of Purpose being Present to all that comes your way. Meeting your Self in Meeting Life. Dancing your dance To the Music within. Moment by moment. Step by step. Choice by choice. Day by Day. Trusting the Timing. Daring to say YES! Seizing opportunities which Open You and the Possibilities in ways that you can't Always See. Not Knowing what will Happen. But KNOWING with all of You: It's going to Be GREAT! Your Beliefs bring the Magic. Great Experiences come from You choosing your Attitude ahead of Time. Letting the Fear come. Acknowledging It. Whispering to Your Self: "I've GOT This! It's gonna Be GREAT!". Opening your Heart and Feeling Free. Flowing with gratitude for your Life. Being at Play wherever you Are. Making the Fun instead of waiting for your Idea of how things SHOULD BE. Being you. Simply living. All moments Matter as they are Your Life. You Matter! Sensing the Power that lies within You. Creating the Life You have Imagined from the Inside OUT even when It looks Different. Your Excitement in Being You stokes the inner Fire. Materializing your Spirit in Being True to You. Knowing You are the Dream and the Dreamer. Weaving this Dream that is Your Life. The Joy is Not in the completed Web, the Dream Realized. It is within You. Free the Joy! This resonance beyond an Idea that Springs from your inner well. Joy abides. Your Love of living and being You for NO Reason and a Million reasons. Please. Please. Please. Invite Joy. Your Joy is my JOY. My Joy is Your JOY. JOY Inspires! The World needs MORE JOY! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let the Dam Burst: New Life. New YOU!

Life's Funny! We're Funny Creatures of habit Living and Re-living what we Know. Not willing to Try something New or Different. Boxing our Self In with Beliefs and Thoughts. Doing what we've always Done because it's familiar. It's what we Know and the Unknown scares us and makes us Uncomfortable. We can't SEE what hasn't been or what we haven't experienced. But IMAGINE life free of Limits. Letting Go again and again and AGAIN. I was strolling downtown last evening to see a show and eat Mike's ice cream for dinner. They were Out of my regular selection forcing me to Open and choose something NEW. Seems small but It's Big. It revealed to me what a creature of habit I am and invited me to Let Go and Sent me on an Adventure within My Self and the World. I walked into Stores just browsing and began trying on Hats. What a Surprise! Spontaneously, I grabbed a Hat. I was simply Wandering the City in Wonder enjoying the Beautiful weather, Roaming Outside. I have said all my life: "I love hats but I am Not a Hat Person." Then, I tried on hats and a new world OPENED! It ain't about the Hat. It's about the OPENing which Frees energy and Possibilities. It begs the Question: What else have I (YOU) Closed my Self OFF to speaking in Absolutes saying: "I will Never" or "I NEVER!" instead of Exploring. Life has a way of taking us into NEVER. We NEVER really Know until Life brings us into circumstances what we will do or how we will React and Respond. The Invitation to Never say NEVER. Consciously tune In and listen when you Say "Never" Aloud or are Closed OFF to experimenting. Letting GO of NEVER's is Big Shit! Absolute statements LOCK energy. Living in the "We'll See" keeps You Open allowing for Shifts, Change of Heart in the Great Reveal of YOU and this Life Adventure that's Yours. Who You are NOW is Not who you will Be as Becoming YOU is a Lifelong Liberation Walk. Following your Joy into New Life. You evolving and emerging and birthing. Letting GO and Reaching for More. More Life Blossoming from the Seemingly little Openings. You Willing and Enjoying the Discovery. Oh what FUN! FREEDOM is Knowing your Self but Not knowing your Self to the point of caging your Self with Preconceived ideas of what You WILL or WILL NOT do or say or be. The WOW! The Shock! The AWE of Life springing from You Spontaneously at Play. Alive in a Moment. Daring to try on a Stupid Hat and liberating Energy Stuck in an Old Belief. Opening the Flow of Life that you had no Idea You had dammed. Walling Off instead of Opening Windows and Climbing into YOU. There YOU ARE walking into Your Self, Believing what You didn't before and Seeing your Self with Fresh Eyes. Breathing new Life into YOU: Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. MAGIC. In an Instant, You feel the MAGIC of YOU! Supa Dupa COOL. Be You. See You. Open YOU and the World OPENS! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yes, You are Born to DREAM!

You are Born to Dream! It is innate. As natural as breathing, you Dream. You are the Dream and You are the Dreamer ever-aligning with the Power and dismissing the limiting Beliefs that Cage your Heart's desires. Within You lies the Creative Field of the Cosmos. You house Seeds of Promise to Cultivate for your Joy in Being You. Feel this. Stand in this Moment Inhaling Life and Exhaling resistance: Awakening. Remembering. Stirring all that Heart and Soul. FEEL The Flower in Your Soul Ever-Blossoming. Growing the Wild of YOU. Oh, what FUN it is to Be Alive. Expressing the essence of You. The Magic of You being pulled out of the Top Hat again and again. The Surprise of YOU! Ta-daaaaa! So COOL. There You are. Here You are. Nothing stays the same. Letting Go. Letting Life flow. To be Alive is to Experience the Seasons cycling through You. Oh Life, One Moment you're Jumpin'. One Moment you're Flyin'. One Moment you're Walkin' on Water. One Moment you're Fallin' In. And then, You Repeat this going to the Edge of who You Believe You are leaping into MORE. The Great Reveal of YOU. Being present to the Fear and Befriending It. Making it Okay to Be Afraid, to Worry, to Doubt and Seeing Nothing can Stop You but YOU. Pushing limits as You follow Your Bliss daring to Believe in the Dream You Are. Weaving your Life at Play with a Deep Sense of Possibilities. Life shifting from within You. Preconceived ideas dismantling FREEING You. Doors once locked fly Open as you Flow with the Field intentionally directing your Life Force to materialize your Spirit. This is the Personal Adventure of Being You. It surely ain't Easy and it surely ain't comfortable to Face the Challenges and experience the Heartbreak but accepting that It ain't Easy for ANYONE brings an Ease. This IS Life. No One goes through It unscathed. I languaged my Dreams, all that laid in my heart and soul from my earliest memories. My parents were perpetually disappointed by their Lives. Disconnected and in survival mode. My dad looked me in the Eye with disgust, casting a Spell of Fear and transferring his Shame onto Me: "You're a Dreamer, Kid. And Dreamers don't Go Anywhere!" At the level of my Soul, I knew my Dreams chose Me. Believing in the Magic. But at a Human level, I felt Ridiculous and Ashamed. Being a Dreamer made me Foolish so I hid my Self. Trying to Be what I wasn't. The Dreams written on the Blueprint of my Soul Never left me. Not Possible. The Soul always KNOWS: You are Born to Dream. The Heart REMEMBERS. The Mind focuses to Bring through the Vision. The Body Houses and Channels the Amazing Grace. The WOW! of You. Me. All. Yes!!! I was Born to Speak to the World being Me. Cheering All On. Shouting: YOU MATTER! And I had to first embody this Truth and Live IT! You were born to Speak to the World being YOU. Living this Dream. Appreciating who You are and Loving this Life even when It kicks your Ass. Fighting to FREE the Passion. The One true Thing. Your Own Nature. Mystical. Wondrous. Uncontainable. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Have Fun being YOU.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Have a Lil' FAITH in YOU!

Ohhh Life! The Unexpected. The WOW! Life's Happenings are Magic. Truly. Be Present. This is YOUR LIFE. Please. Please. Please. Have a Lil' Faith in YOU. Feel the Mountains MOVE. Feel the Seas PART. Seeing YOU. Freeing YOU. Receiving YOU. The Truth of YOU Rising. You are the Miracle. You create the Dream. AWAKE! Mirror Mirror. All Life mirrors the Magic of YOU. Follow the Signs. Everything is Speaking to You. Listen. Tune In. Your Inner Life reflecting in Your outer Life. Seeing the Beauty of YOU creates a Beautiful Life no matter how Ugly or challenging. Spinning the lead into Gold from the Alchemy made Possible by the Heart and Soul. Each of us has specific challenges we are here to Experience in this Life. Knowing thyself is bringing these challenges up and Out of the Shadow acknowledging them so they don't sabotage you and your life. Making it okay to be human pulling the Fear out of Not being Perfect. Accepting You being perfectly YOU. Assessing Beliefs that limit You and close off the possibilities. Reframing Thoughts and Self-talk. Feeding your Self with messages of Love that speak to your worthiness and affirming that You deserve All the Good in Life. Counting Blessings consciously celebrating the Good That IS and inviting More. Remembering who You truly Are. Letting GO. Again and Again. Here and now. Letting the Good flood You. Seeing the Truth: You are always Good. The essence of you is JOY! HOPE! LOVE! PEACE! GRACE! Invoke All the Cosmic energies that lie within YOU to spring from the well. Always there. Abiding. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. We are Funny Creatures resisting the Forces of our Own Nature that will liberate the Obstacles that we Create. It feels good Giggling at the Resistance to letting life Be. The mind grips based on History trying to Survive and Protect but it keeps the opportunities to fly FREE caged. The inner Fight to Control the uncontrollable, to Fix the unfixable, to Manage the Unmanageable. Plugging our Power into what we are Powerless over sucks the Life out of Us. Letting Go and Going within. Getting Centered. Grounding in the Spirit. Walking in Faith connected to this Love You ARE step by step. Trusting you will Find your way and that you are guided. Feeling certain of this Force holding You in the midst of uncertainty. Believing. Dreaming. Being. Doing. Acting on your own Behalf making choices that are Tough but necessary as you Fight for your Joy. Slaying dragons. Facing the beast and staring IT down connected to the Power that lies within You. Daring to Look at what frees you and what holds you Back. Evolving. Growing REAL is a lifelong Adventure. ENJOY the Ride into YOU. Into new Worlds Ready to SING the song of YOU. The surprises that await are the Best of You Revealing all that Heart and Soul. Bring it ON! Woo woo woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The HAPPY Effect!

The Happy Effect! The Power of connection. Human love is divine. The Effect You have simply Being You is immeasurable. Your Sincerity, Being where You are, Present in your Life at Play with Others. Sharing your Heart, All you are Feeling with Words, Hugs, Laughter, Tears, Dancing, Singing, Expressing Your Self honestly. Looking others eye to eye. Standing Heart to Heart. Pausing to truly Listen and take each other In. Speaking deliberately from your Center with Sincerity. Saying what You want to Say Not just Polite one-liners Void of any Heart. Or saying Nothing as you just Smile because you have nothing to Say. If you are Tired of Shallow living, Stop going Along. Be Bold. Be You. Living On the surface is a Choice. It is! Empty exchanges that leave You Hungry in this world shift with You opening Up. Breathing your Fresh Air! Refusing to buy into the Belief no one wants to REALLY know how you Are and no one wants to Know what's REALLY going on in your Life. You Bring the Change! If you want a depth of Connection, you must Connect to your Self first and foremost. Walking in the World daring to Be YOU. Pretending is exhausting and fracturing and drains your Happiness. Understanding that Happiness springs from You returning Home to your Own Nature, Being REAL, Being True to You. Being in the Moment that is Alive with You. Me. All. Remembering that Life is Now. You Matter. Being Here in the Direct experiences of your Life knowing all moments Matter as THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!! Being Present to Others because they Matter is only Possible when you Appreciate who You are and Allow others to Be who they are. Choosing to Play or Not to Play. You Live FREE not feeling Obligated. Giving your Self what you want and Need making your Self a Priority as you do Others. Refusing to override your wants and needs dismissing the Signs and Signals and Alarms ringing through your Body which houses the Wisdom of the Universe. Your intuition speaks to You 24/7 if you Listen. Caring for your Self nourishing your Heart and Soul cultivates your Happiness. Beyond conditions, Being Happy as you stand in your Life Rooted in a deep Sense of Self. Your relationship with YOU creates ALL relationships. Fully Empowered, you Live Simply being YOU. Aligned with the Truth of who You are. No BS!!! There is an Ease to Life Even in The Uneasy when Crappy things Happen 'cause they do and will. Happiness Resonates within You flowing energetically with Life Not Resisting what Is; Not based on External Circumstances. Happiness beyond an Idea not Trying to create a temporary state that quickly fades. The World needs your HappyAss! Please. Please. Please. Invite Happiness. HappyDance into your Self. Into this Day. Moment by moment, choice by choice. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! The effect of You being YOU is F*ing AWEsome!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

You Are The HOPE! Be It. Bring It.

Happy Easter! Happy SPRING! Happy Rebirth! This New Day dawning. New Life cycling through You and All of Creation. The heavens meet the earth right here in this Moment within your very Being. Breathing Life into You at a Depth that Frees More of You. May you Feel your Basket runneth over from All the Blessings. Counting them one by one consciously giving Thanks for All the Good. Seeing the Greatest Treasure Hunt is excavating the Gold that lies within You and using it to Line this Day and this Life with the Beauty and Truth of YOU. Inviting dormant Potentials to Rise awakening the Dreams you came here to Express for your Joy in being You. May you Feel the Hope ALIVE within You. This cosmic Force that will Never Give Up on You even when You want to Give Up. May you Stand on the Foundation made possible by Faith in the Power that lies within You. Liberating your Spirit, the Truest Self receiving the Power of your Life. Knowing the Significance of You. Appreciating your distinct contribution simply Living, being You. Owning the Amazing Grace bestowed On You, you See with Fresh eyes that All People Matter and grace blows through All. All life is Sacred. We are In This Together. All of Creation is dancing as One. The Harmony that sings within you, returning Home to your Own Nature creates a resonance within the whole. The effect of YOU like the Butterfly flapping its Wings changes the World. The Surprise of You ever-Growing in the Great Reveal of YOU. Destiny met right within You. Fed in the Living of your Life. Letting the Passion remind You what Matters Most. Feeling the Fire within. The One True Thing. Meeting the Universe pulsing through All that Heart and Soul. Happiness Is. Touching the Magic and Daring to BELIEVE: Anything is Possible! You are the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Flowers Blossoming WILDLY - All of Nature at Play. The Colors of You are Magnificent. Be YOU. You are a Force! Free IT. You are the HOPE. Bring IT. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :). Hell YES!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's Time to Grow the Wild of YOU!

This Dream of yours is Alive pulsing through Your very breath. It's Time to Grow the Wild of this Life to experience More Joy in simply being You and living this Life. This Wild is the Truth of You. Infinite. Magnificent. Exquisite. The Beauty that Never fades only Grows in your Liberation. Letting Go. Being true to who You Are. The Intangible that Speaks to the World without You saying a word. Touching your essence ever-Springing this Force of Love, You touch the World. Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Living the Oneness. Returning to the Magic of the Cosmos that lies within You. Feeling connected to This Power that animates All of Creation. You following your Bliss, freeing the Passion inviting this Dream you are Living to Grow. Channeling the Amazing Grace of the Universe breath by breath. Using It! Letting it Grow You Home. Authentic Expression. Doing what You Must. Holding your Desires and Holy Longings absolutely Sacred. Daring to Believe that You are assisted every moment of every day. You don't have to Know exactly HOW you will get from where you are to where you want to Go. Just GO! Go THERE where you long to Go through your Imagination. Visualizing Your Self living the Dream. Seeing your Self living the Truest Life. Feeling aligned with the Truth and Beauty of You. Remembering you are Made of Stars and Shining All that Light you cannot See into this World. Acting on your Own behalf. Kicking Ass for YOU and your Dreams as you Do for others. Understanding the Greatest Gift you give this world is YOU. You loving this Life you Live. No proving your worth. Knowing you are Worthy! No justifying why you Deserve the Good of this Life. Knowing you Deserve it. Receiving the Good as It is YOU. It is me. It is the Truth of All Creation. This Wild that's untamable and Ever-Growing this Dream that's You. Me. All. HOLY SHIT! Soul shit. Cool shit. You are THE SHIT. Live it. Love it. Be it. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! This day. This Life. It's ALIVE with YOU!

Friday, April 3, 2015

ALIVE and Growing...

Letting Life IN. Breathing. Rising. Springing. Growing. Stretching. Opening. Flowing. Becoming. Aligning. Going where You always knew deep down inside You would Go. Feeling the Awe of this Wondrous Life ever-Surprising You with the Great Reveal of MORE. More of who You truly Are! MORE Hope. MORE Love. MORE Grace. MORE Joy. MORE Courage. MORE Passion. MORE! Always More. As You are ever-Evolving and Creating throughout the whole of your Journey. Arriving and Letting Go only to Reach for More again and again. Just when You think the Magic of Life can't Possibly Ride You Higher, your Wings shift into another Gear and your Heart whispers: See, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Echoing Truth: Within You lies the Power of the Universe. Grounding this Dream: Be YOU. Just Be true to You. Doing this Life on your terms with a Sense of Self. Daring to Want more than feels Safe and watching the Wild of You Liberate this Life beyond your human scope. Seeing where You have closed your Self off and opening in a moment. Seizing opportunities to experience and explore beyond your comfort zone. Leaning into what's uncomfortable allowing the Growing pains and aches that surely come when you step into the New. Endings and Beginnings. Beginnings and Endings. This cycle of Life. All relationships including your connection with your Self are stirring and shifting for your Highest Good. Necessary change is Not always easy. Being with your Self is essential nourishment. Standing in this World holding your Own Hand feeling the Strength of the heavens swirling through You, walk into this Day, moment by moment anticipating the Rebirth of You in this New Now. Emerging into this New Life more Confident touching your Spirit that always finds the Open Door to Free You. Seeing the Beauty of You Blossoming like the trees. Riding the Winds of Destiny into your Own Nature. Happiness known. Knowing YOU. Believing in YOU. Receiving the Miracle You are. Dancing for no reason and a million reasons. Crying and Laughing. Letting Life touch YOU. Being wherever You are. Living your Truth. So ALIVE! Wow. Wow. WOW. You are ALIVE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Damn Good to Be YOU! YOU! YOU!

You are Somebody. Standing In this moment, In this Day, In this Life ground In this Truth: YOU ARE SOMEBODY! Feeling this Yesss springing through You. After Fleetwood Mac played Nashville, a friend who is an Artist shared with me how open and honest the band was regarding their journey together. The Regrets and the Heartbreak and their Rise to be received by the World that continues to Grow. They put it ALL out there revealing the Beauty of their very Human challenges and triumphs. Both. ALL of it. The Road that is Life that rides us All into our Self, into the Dreams we came here to Express being who we are, living this Life that's uniquely ours. I told my friend that I had heard Stevie Nicks tell how before anyone knew who she was, she walked around with her head held high dressed like a Rock Star, saying to her Self: "I Am Somebody." She affirmed the Star she Is, the Star she already was, before anyone ever called her a Star. She felt this in her Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. She was tapping into her Higher Self, her Soul that knows the Beauty and Truth of You. Me. All. Her affirming words of Love over-rode the Obstacles her Mind created and tapped into higher Consciousness which is the Wisdom of the Universe. Touching Limitlessness within to release the Resistance created by the Mind that gets stuck in HOW?! WTF?! Flooding You with Fear, worry, doubt and anxiety that drains your Precious Life Force and holds You back from Life awaiting your Arrival. To be human is to feel Fear and have insecurities so you Must let Go, accept this as a part of Living and Let it come, acknowledging It and letting It wash through in order to Free It. Trying to hold back what you are feeling, avoiding this Natural response represses the Energy. Being with It and consciously Breathing without judging It or trying to Control It or Make It go away liberates You. Returning Home to your Own True Nature, to a deep Sense of Self, knowing with All of YOU: You are Somebody. Living like you are Somebody. Enjoying your Ride. Being You. Remembering You Matter. Creating Your Life from What MATTERS Most to You. Aligning and Experiencing The Integration, this Wholeness of Connection. Listening to All that Heart and Soul whispering and guiding You into your Truest Life. Believing in the Possibilities. Inviting dormant Potentials to Come Out and Play because it Feels damn Good to Grow the Wild within freeing all that Passion. Seeing where shame and guilt holds you back from Being You. Cutting the Old BS beliefs loose that are rooted in Human conditioning. Dreaming your Ass Off because YOU ARE SOMEBODY and you are worthy of All your Heart's Desires. You are Deserving of the Sacred Longings that won't Let you Settle for a Life that's Not yours. Awakening YOU. You are the Dream. Receiving the Amazing Grace of You understanding You have EVERYTHING to Give and Nothing to Prove or to Lose, Expect Miracles! The Miracle is YOU standing Tall like the STAR You are as Life Rises to Meet You. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! It's Damn Good to Be YOU. YOU. YOU!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Swear You Can FLY!

I swear You can Fly! Ohhh Yes. You. Can. Standing here in Present Time with your Feet planted, Close your Eyes and breathe Into this moment Opening the Possibilities that lie within You. All this Light you cannot See that's always there. All this Fire You carry deep Inside. Feel this infinite Love that is Your Life Force washing through You. Look back on your Life and See the evidence of how Powerful You truly are. Consciously fuel your Wings remembering when You DID or experienced what you Once upon a Time Believed was Impossible. The Great reveal of You letting go and becoming. The Story of You is a Tale of Inspiration mirroring the Hope of the heavens that won't let You give up. Your challenges in Being You bear gifts if You pause to Receive them. The things You want to Wish away would actually wish You away as every Experience is Purposeful and necessary in the Blossoming of your Soul expressing through You and your Life. Freedom comes in the moments when You can Hold It all Sacred. Seeing the Beauty in the Gifts bestowed on You and in the Challenges of being who we are. Finding your way Home to You, to your Own True Nature, Life grows Wildly knowing: ANYTHING is Possible! And the Possibilities evolve through Your personal Evolution. There's nothing to Prove. There's Life to Live for your Joy. There are Dreams to Step into waiting for You to Arrive releasing limiting Beliefs and patterns that are a Part of this Human Journey. One moment, You are Blind to the Fear and Shame that grips You holding You back from All you Desire feeling Unworthy and undeserving. And the Next, You See so clearly the Obstacle is You. The Mountain to move is You through effort and grace. You keep showing Up for Life Asking for what You want trusting every Step is leading You Home as You stare down the Beasts facing the Fear that comes and celebrate all your Victories; Believing in your Dreams as they are YOU, Never separate from You; and Receiving the Good saying Thank You MORE PLEASE; and Amazing Grace lifts the veils in Perfect Time and The Creative potentials once dormant activate and Ignite your Flight into All that's Possible. This new Now! Your Spirit is Materialized. You are FLYING. Here You are Living What you always knew was Possible at the level of Heart and Soul but doubted on a Human level from the delays and stops and Ass whoopins that left you weary. Ohhh Life, Wondrous and Magical and Heartbreaking and Challenging. May You Live this Day inspired by your Own Journey to here. May you Celebrate those who are FLYING where You wanna' go as they are there to Remind You of The Miracle You are. Please don't tangle your energy in false Beliefs that they did something RIGHT and you must be doing something WRONG. Focus on the Good and Feel Your Self Flying here and now. Trusting your wings to Carry You Home to your truest Life. Be Stoked! Get Ready. Set. GO. This is your Magic Carpet Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)). Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE this Life as this brings the Wind into your Wings.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are a BadAss MIRACLE!

The Power of YOU is Alive in this moment! No BS, You are a F*ing Badass Miracle. Yes. You. Are. LIVE the Miracle You are. Walk into this Day Feeling the Truth and Beauty of being You. Appreciating who You are. And appreciating Others and how Life expresses through them. Your Journey is Sacred. You are Sacred. All life is Sacred. All moments are Sacred. Ohhh, This Dance. Letting Go! Moving from your Spirit ever-Free guiding You into More Joy in being You. You Seeing your Self in the Trees Blossoming and the Grass growing Greener by the Moment. Feeling Inspired! Feeling the Hope springing as New Life emerges for You. Feeling the Surprise of You bursting with Colors revealing your Greatness. Feeling your Self as Never before. All of You Breathing deeper and wider. Anticipating the Possibilities grounded in who you Are. You Believing in the Miracle You are is essential. Acknowledging the Crapola that is part of being human: the doubt, anxiety, worry, fears of failure, inadequacies, Not enoughness, Too muchness or What If I get what I really want?! Being Okay with All you are Feeling. Letting the Truth wash Up and Out of the Shadow where repressed Fear is Hidden and Steals your Precious Life Force. Receiving the amazing grace ever-flowing through You. Knowing you are Worthy. Knowing you are Deserving. Knowing your Good comes from the Universe Alive within You ever-guiding You into more Good. Connecting to the GOOD you are, the Abundance of Life is You and is the Essence Of All. Having faith that Good Always comes. Giving thanks for the Good that Is in any moment shifts your Energy and invites More. To Stop in the midst of chaos and consciously Be Grateful opens your Heart to Receive the Good that Is and the Good that is Sure to Come. Wielding your Power as You open to the Miracle of Life animating You. Not as a means of Controlling the uncontrollable but Flowing with what Is. Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. You are the Creator and the Created. You are the Dream and You are the Dreamer. Aligning. One within the One. Choosing to direct your Energy focusing on what leads you Forward into the Life you came here to Live. Returning to your Own Nature where Even when the Shitstorms come 'cause they Do and they Will, You know EVERYTHING is Okay. Accepting what Is in Knowing nothing can Stop You. The storms are Part of Living and You Keep On walking, dancing your Dance, Step by Step knowing You've Got This and the Universe has Got Ya'. This is Empowerment. Experiencing the Miracle of All moments connected to the Miracle of You. FEEL this! FEEL You! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Dance WILDLY and Free the WILD of YOU!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ohhh, SPRING Blossoming YOU!

Ohhhh Spring! This Season of YOU. Who You are Now. Who You are Becoming. Ever-cycling. Ever-opening. Ever-growing. YOU! This Moment. This Day. Wherever You are is Perfect. Let it Be. Just be there in the moment. Be here in the Day. Navigating the in Between step by step, straddling what you have known and the Unknown calling you into More Life. This is Not always convenient or welcome as the Timing is not Logical. Life unfolding. The Great Reveal of YOU. Feeling like a Stranger in your Own life as things that used to Fit no longer do. People You used to enjoy you simply don't. Nothing in particular "Happened" to make You Not enjoy them but this is Life Happening in your Personal evolution. It sucks AND It's exciting. Both. Trusting All you are feeling and Assuring Your Self: IT IS GONNA BE F*ing AWESOME! Being with It All. In the Direct Experiences. Seeing things that used to Matter to you have shifted changing along with You. What used to Be fun isn't. And feeling this sense of disconnect from what used to Be familiar. It's Not easy to allow the Empty that makes space for the New. Letting Go is necessary but You must be Patient with your Self, showering your Self with Love, giving your Self understanding as You Live this transition mustering the Grace to Be True to You. Honoring your Self. Asking again and again: what You Need and what You Want NOW? Acknowledging that your Choices aren't easy because You being You respecting your wants and needs will Disappoint others. Understanding it is part of human Nature to want to be Loved and Please others even at the Expense of You. But it is Also in your Nature to Fight to Be Free. The Ultimate Freedom is being true to You, connecting to your Truth and Beauty springing from all that Heart and Soul. You living the Happiness that is a byproduct of Not sacrificing Your Self, releasing Old beliefs that this makes you Good or this is what Love is. Giving your Self away and climbing into Cages that Hold You is Necessary and is a Part of this life long Liberation walk. It is Human Nature. It's Okay. It isn't Bad. We ALL do it! As you Awaken, You are ready to be FREE at another level owning the Power that lies within You and pulling Your Life Force Up and Out of Projections. No forcing this organic shift. Just Be Aware of your energy. Breathing into your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. The Whole of You houses the Wisdom of the Universe that is Always speaking to You Energetically. Energy doesn't lie. It is either Open and flowing or Stale and congested. Revealing what Feeds you and what simply does Not. Vibrationally, You are at Play with the Infinite and with this World. Returning to your Own nature, your relationship with your Self creates your Relationship with All. Health comes from your Deep Connection to who You are, feeling Whole in this fractured World. No justifying your Choices. Life Making sense to You when it doesn't Make sense to Anyone else comes from this Inner Homecoming. Allowing. Not resisting. Feeling at Rest within as You walk through Chaos and Drama that is Part of Living, being Fully human touching the Divine. There's a Flower in Your Soul Blossoming YOU. Water your Self. Nourish Your Self with Love. Enjoy being YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :).

Sunday, March 29, 2015

This Sunday Mornin' RISING is YOU!

Feel IT! Sip IT In. Stoke that Fire You carry. This Sunday Mornin' Rising is You. This Day inviting more of You to come Out and Play. The Song of You ever-Singing, ever-Revealing in Images, Colors, Places, People, Things. In ways You can See and In ways You MUST Feel. The intangible Beauty. What draws You in and pulls at the Depths of You Stirring your Heart and Soul. And making you Feel ALIVE. Infusing you with a Sense of Hope, Joy, Peace. Vitality Springing! No way to manufacture this Energy that is your Life Force, the Song of You echoing into the World Breath by Breath. Your Connection to the Creative Field within You consciously Opening the Life that you came here to Live. Flowing. Letting Go. Remembering what Matters most to You. Focusing on what You want. Daring to Want to Dream your Ass Off. Dwelling in the Possibilities. Shifting And DOING what You must to Free the More calling. You Rising and Life Rising to Meet You. Effort and Grace. The Practical and the Mystical. Doing Your Part and Letting the cosmos Show Off Revealing the SURPRISE of You. Choice by choice, moment by moment, day by day, meeting Life consciously. Not trying to do it Perfectly. Making it Safe for the Truth to Rise. Seeing clearly the Old Beliefs and Patterns that Hold you back tangling Your Energy so You have nothing in the Tank to Fuel your Dreams. Coming into Present Time. Standing on Your Own two Feet rooting in the Truth that You are Unstoppable. Anything is Possible. No settling. Breathing into your Center. Touching your Sacred Self Where the Universe lies. Feeling the Fight of the heavens that will kickass for You. Facing FEARS. Calling your BS out of the Shadow into the Light to Illuminate it and Reframe it and LET IT GO. Again and again, All day, every Day. Seeing where Shame, Guilt, Not enoughness and Too Muchness and worrying what Others Think of You and DARING to Be You. Be who You are. Fighting the GOOD Fight for the Life You want. Remembering YOU are the Mountain to MOVE. And Knowing YOU have the Power within You to MOVE all Obstacles. Aligning. Walking in Faith plugged into Who You truly are and shedding the false Self. Inviting your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Trusting the Universe within YOU (never Outside of You) to Sing You Home. Losing your way and finding More of YOU. The Song of You is MAGIC! Believe. Believe. Believe. You are Magic. Gratitude is a Magnet! What You Appreciate APPRECIATES. Receiving the GOOD of You and your life HERE and Now grows the GOOD wilder and freer Beyond what you can fathom. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Not because you are Greedy or Selfish or never satisfied (all Shame based Crapola:). But BECAUSE You Know the Abundance of YOU! You receive the Abundance that is the limitless Universe Singing through You here on Earth for your JOY. HappyAss dance to the Song of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Matters MOST is You!

Knowing what matters to YOU! Building your Life from the Foundation of YOU. Not an Idea of You and what You "should" want. Creating a Life that Matters to YOU. Filling your Days remembering Every Moment is YOU at Play with the Infinite. Discovering the More of Who You are. Letting Go of who You Are Not. Coming Out of Hiding. Making it Safe. Accepting all of who You are and holding Your Self Dear. Liberating the Shame and the guilt and the Not Enoughness and the Too Muchness and the Fear that Drains your Precious Life Force. Seeking You. Excavating the Best Kept Secret: YOU!!! You are the Traveler and You are the Road. You are the Weaver and You are the Dream. Consciously creating your Life Lights the Way even in the Lost that happens before the Found comes and It Will! I Promise, you will Find the Great Surprise of You. The Letting Go into the Unknown is Necessary. Grounding in a Knowing that You will Arrive. You will get from Here to There. What seems impossible leads you into New Depths of Your Self. Tapping into your Power and Using It. Receiving the Life You came here to Experience BELIEVING in the Matters of your Heart and Soul that don't always line Up with the Convention. Seeing the Life that's You when no One else shares your Vision. Fulfilling your Destiny in returning to the Truth and Beauty of You: What Matters MOST! It matters Not how Pretty life looks if who You truly are is missing from the Picture. Passion is the Essence of You expressing for the Joy of being You. Plugging your Energy, your Creative Force into what Matters Most. Deliberately walking into the Life where You feel at Home within Your Self. Growing what Matters Now as You are ever-blossoming until the End. The Wild of You is the Heart and Soul that cannot be Contained and pulls You Up and Out of your Comfortableness to Free the More whose Time has come to Be Revealed. Live the Inquiry: What Matters Most to You? Watch your Awareness open You. Amazing Grace was Blind but Now, YOU SEE! You See YOU. You create a Life you Absolutely LOVE that fits. Resting in What Matters MOST even when Challenges come knocking because they Will and they Do. This is Living. This is Becoming. This is Life mirroring YOU. You F*ing MATTER! Live it. Be it. BELIEVE it. YOU Know it. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Friday, March 27, 2015


The Key to Happiness is FREEdom! Living Free. Being who You truly Are. Letting Go of who You are Not. Observing your Self in the moments of your Life. SEEing what's behind your Choices. Are you Being True to You? Or are you acting out of Fear trying to be or to say what others expect or need from you. Your Awareness of where Fear and Shame of who You are grips you is everything. You shining the light on the moment have an opportunity to make a different Choice. To do or to say to to Be You! A new You living in the New NOW. Living Spirited dancing in the moments Trusting who You Are and Growing More of you as you live In the Flow of life. Not letting your History, what you have always done before dictate what you will do or say NOW. Going where it scares YOU Most to Go will bring More of You out to Play. The Happiness that Springs in Being True to You is living heaven on earth. Trying to Be who others need you to be or creating a Version of you to fit In is HELL. Your energy is stale and congested in the bullshit. And energy NEVER Lies even when you try to BS Your Self pretending it's Okay. Self-Respect comes from standing on your own two feet in your Life knowing who You are. Making peace with who You are. Experiencing freedom in being True to You even when others judge you and Project onto You. You being You will Not always please others and will offend Others. Be YOU anyway! That's the Challenge. That's the work. All day, every Day to Dare to Be You! That Hard Fought LOVE of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Your Happiness Matters! Your HappyAss dancing through this World sings your Song of JOY into this World. People FEEL You! You stir and Remind them what's possible for All in Returning to our Own True Nature. Ain't no amount of Stuff or material possessions or external Adventures can Fill You as HAPPINESS can and does. Your Light Heart OPEN frees the Possibilities bursting in the Direct Experiences. The Great REVEAL of You Ever-Blossoming. The Spring of YOU! The Rebirth as Life cycles through You bringing The More you are here to Express that's part of You fulfilling your Destiny. Letting Go. Letting Go some More. Liberation comes so Sweetly and so Bitterly. Some of what You must Let Go feels as if you will die. And you Do. Who you were is No Longer. And who You Are emerges dancing you into the Wild of YOU. Untamable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. Badassss. Bold. Braver than you can Imagine. Happiness SPRINGING from the Well of Life within You without Ceasing. Coming ALIVE! Living the Passion. Feeling your Self. Knowing who You Are. KickinAss for YOU and this Happy Life you Deserve and are Worthy of Receiving. Here. Now. You. Me. All. Take my Hand. Let's PLAY:)). Whoever has the Most Fun WINS!! I double-dog DARE You to FREE your HappyAss! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

You are the BEST of Life!

The BEST THINGS in life are Free! Connected to a Sense of Self, Feeling the BEST within You, The Abundance of Life flowing through You breath by breath, moment by moment, Every Day is the BEST DAY growing into More of the Best that lies within You. If You are completely Identified by the External, The events and Circumstances of Life, your Sense of Magic is Wrapped around special occasions as your Happiness is contingent solely upon what's happening. It's a funny Thing what we humans do: Waiting for life to happen as it's happening here and now! Waiting to experience Life "when" and "if" delaying the Joy of being YOU alive in the moments of each day, tasting the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Observing the Buds Blossoming as Spring is here and Feeling the Possibilities within You mirrored by Nature. Opening Your Self to what Is right before you knowing the Best Things in Life are FREE. The BEST is YOU. Me. All. Dancing with the Infinite at Play growing the Wild within. Materializing the Spirit as the Liberation walk that Is your Life FREES You to simply Be You, Living this Life where you Know the BEST is You. Returning to You own Nature at Rest within you no Matter how shitty and chaotic Life can be. Returning to your Destiny of Happiness. Letting Go. Letting the Universe lead You to MORE Joy. More of the BEST! Believing you are Worthy of the Best and Using affirmations to reprogram subconscious resistance to Receiving the Amazing Grace that lies within You that will Part the damn seas and Kickassss for You. This Brave Heart is Fierce and will FREE the Best of You this Moment, This Day and this Lifetime again and again. Dismantling old Beliefs that Hold you and your Life force back from Receiving the Truth and Beauty of You. Living from the Soul that always Knows: You are DESERVING! You are WORTHY! The human BS will resist this Truth and judge it. The Soul KNOWS you Receiving the BEST of You inspires the BEST in others and the BEST in this World. Your homecoming to Live the Best of You is your Greatest offering to Humanity. Faith in YOU! Remembering who you Truly Are is living the Miracle and this High Vibration of Love echoes OUT into the Collective lifting All. Changing the world by claiming the BEST of YOU. Now that's Badasssss:))! Are you FEELIN' your Badass BEST stirring Up?! I sure Am. Let's do This! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The POWER of Being YOU!

The Power of YOU! The way You Move in the World Being You. The things You do without even a thought. What's natural to You. What trying Not to Do would feel like You withholding your Spirit. The way you Speak without saying a Word. And the words You choose to Speak. Your Smile. Your Eyes. Your hugs. Your texts. Your kisses. Your posts and comments on Social Media. You Seeing others and sincerely Acknowledging and Affirming who They Are. Your THANK YOU's Appreciating anything and everything as you consciously See the Blessings, the Magic of Being you and life. Your Voice echoing OUT taking a Stand, offering Kind Words, Venting frustrations, EXPRESSing where You are. Letting IT Out. Liberating your Self as you are Present in the Direct Experiences making Choices. Noticing what Feels GOOD, aligned and Centered. Intending JOY, this Resonance, a pure Vibration pouring through the hush within You as YOU LIVE Out Loud. Knowing what You want and what You need. Checking In and Asking: "What do I want and need?" Honoring whatever comes Up. Saying what You MUST especially what scares the hell outa you because this is YOU daring to Be YOU which can feel so damn vulnerable. Fear holds us hostage so leaning into It breaks us FREE. Feeding your Energy drinking from the Well within You, Vitality Ever-SPRINGing, the Essence of You, this Force of Love YOU are. Always! Looking at the Skies and letting the Hope OPEN You. Remembering the Truth and Beauty of Being You. Feeling connected to Your Self and connecting to others along the Way. Tuning in. Entering this Day knowing You MATTER no matter what. Even if you are tired and wiped out and walking sideways feeling OFF center, Be with your Self knowing you Matter. What seems so small is actually huge. Whispering to your Self: I MATTER! Daring to Love being You. Daring to Love what You want to judge. Daring to Love when You resist this Flow of life washing through You Breath by Breath. Affirming your Self. Owning the Significance of your existence. Understanding that there's no way to measure what You contribute to the World. Some days and some moments You will see more clearly the effect You have on others and the world. Sometimes, you just won't which calls you to TRUST dropping into your Truest Self that knows your worth beyond the human scale. And hear the words of Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz: "You've Always had the Power my Dear, You just had to Learn it for Your Self." This is our Shared journey human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul, returning to our Own True Nature, claiming the POWER within. We ALL forget and we ALL remember! Some days, you being you connected to your Power help others Remember. And some days others help You. We are in this Together! Be YOU. Let others Be who They Are NOT who You need them to Be. Love Big. Believe with ALL of You! Dream your Ass Off. Let your Badass Brave Heart SHOCK YOU with the Ever-Growing Surprise of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It's damn Good to Be YOU!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REACH for The Stars!

Reaching for the Stars! Go ahead and Reach further than You can Think. Let all that Heart and Soul Speak. Feel your Self bursting through the lines You have Drawn in the Sand that Limit You. Birthing Your Self. More of You. The Great Reveal of You! Daring to let go of preconceived Ideas and Reach for the Stars that have Pieces of You ready to Shine here on Earth. Beyond your Comfort zone, There YOU are. Beyond what feels Safe and makes your Belly wrench as the heat of Fear grips and lets GO, There You are. Living your Dreams. Experiencing a Richness in moments that once seemed Ordinary as You Receive EXTRAordinary YOU. Truly, You ARE a Force of the Cosmos in the flesh. Seeing that Anything is Possible even when You Feel Afraid. Fearing that You may be a Fool for Believing what only You See. What only You Know at the depths of You. Being okay in the Not Okay as You Stand on your Own two Feet allowing the feelings of inadequacy to wash through. It is a Purely human response to Feel Afraid. It's our Nature. But the Flip side is the Badassss Brave Heart that Remembers the Power within. Ohhh YES!!! Soak It Up. Receive this divine Elixir breath by breath. Invite the Joy of being You. Living for the Love of Experiencing this Ride that's uniquely yours. Letting Go of the Bullshit Beliefs that have residue of a Punishing God instead of a Creative Partner ready to Catapult You into the Stars you Are as you Live here on Earth. Channeling the graces. So AMAZING!! These graces are YOU encoded in the blueprint of your Soul longing to Blossom You Up and OUT. Reaching You in the Quiet moments and in the Cloak of the Dark echoing Truths. Whispering: "Be YOU! It is ON. Expect Miracles! Welcome the Surprises of Life as this is You Letting Go and Letting your Soul (where the Universe is housed) lead You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Believe: ANYTHING is Possible! You are The Magic. You are Made of Stars - REACH for the More awaiting..." Holy shit!!! Are you as Stoked for this Day as Me? Take your hand in Mine and let the other Hand REACH for the Stars. HappyAss Dance at Play with the Infinite. Welcome the HappyGasms found in the moments for No Reason and a Million Reasons. Letting GO! Ahhhh...Feeling ALIVE! More and More. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :) It IS F*ing AWEsome to Be You. Yes. It. Is!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Let's Talk Practical MAGIC!

Let's talk Practical MAGIC! And KEEP the Conversation Growing within You and with your Circle of Friends. Step into this Day Knowing the Power that Lies within You and All. This Adventure is Your Walk on the Moon appearing to Be one Small Step but It is Actually a Giant Leap for Mankind. You being You. Evolving Your Self lifts the Whole as We truly Are ONE. The Butterfly Effect of You. Touching the Magic within You and Grounding It in the World. Growing Great Ideas for Your Life from the GREATness of YOU! Not Trying to plug your Life Force into some Idea squeezing Your Amazingness into a Box that simply doesn't Fit. It is Necessary to Experience the Squeeze and Drain of the Boxes to motivate You to Break Free. Sit with Your Self going into the Hush listening to the Wisdom instead of the Mind locked in Limitations. Appreciating your Specialness. Seeing What You DO organically BEing You. Living your Truth and Beauty following Your Bliss connected to Your Essence. Freeing the Fun in being who you are and using the graces of Your Life for the Joy. BELIEVING You can Materialize your Spirit! Going deeper than feels Safe having the Conversations With Your Higher Self that echoes POSSIBILITIES. Mining All that Gold you House and casting it Out into Dreams. Trusting Life, your Inner Compass, this Force you are to Guide You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. The Resonance of this beyond an Idea. Letting your Sense of Goodness and Joy in Being You lead You Home to More of You. Revealing the MAGIC of You to USE in Practical ways living the Dream of Being You. A life Awake mirroring who You are. Energy doesn't Lie! Wanting is divine as it is tapping into the Creative forces. The Sacredness of WANTING lights a Fire under our Asses to dig deeper, to Fight to Free the Desires and Shake Life UP. The Spell of limitations is Broken and You See beyond what Is, what has been, RECEIVING the Power as the Flow of Life Opens You. Channeling the graces and Spinning the Gold of You in Practical ways. Enter this Day with your Feet planted on Earth and Your Head in the heavens. Feel the MAGIC! Breathe it In. Let it Ride you through All obstacles and challenges. Expect the seas to Part and Mountains to Move as you Live deliberately moment by moment, choice by choice BELIEVING. Ohhh MAGIC LIFE! MAGIC YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's ON! Yes. It. Is.

It's ON! This Day. This moment. This Life is Yours expressing who You Are. What matters most to You. What is essential for You in nourishing your Soul through fulfilling Your Destiny of returning Home to your True Nature. Living your Happily Ever After story meeting Life on Life's Terms. Letting Go. Letting the Universe guide You into this Dream Awake. Trusting you are being led into what is for Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy even when it feels otherwise; even when you feel as if Nothing is going your Way; even when You can't see past the Sting of all the Delays and Stops along the Way. Staying the Course. Believing when You are Afraid to BELIEVE. Asking when You are Afraid to ASK. Receiving the graces of this Life that's Yours when You are Afraid to RECEIVE. Having Faith in Your Self and the Universe aligned in your Truest Power walking Step by Step Not needing to See past this New Now. The point of Creation is Here within You and in this Moment. Breathing in the Possibilities. Breathing out the Stale energy of lingering Fear, Doubt, Worry and Anxiety. Declaring what You want. Daring to Want when You have been disappointed and let down. Dreaming when things haven't Unfolded as You had Planned. On January 9, 2015, I wrote my Self a note: "It's ON 'cause I Say it's ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Taking my Self by the hand and walking into the Days owning the Gold within Me and using It. Letting it Grow the Wild of my Spirit. Knowing who I Am. Not waiting for someone to Know me. Seeing My Self. Not waiting for someone to See Me. In this deep sense of Self, it is ON! Remembering I Am the Dream and the Dreamer. All I have to Do is BE Me. Expecting Magic. Experiencing the magnetic pull that comes from Aligning with the Soul that always Knows and my Heart that Remembers what my Mind has Forgotten stuck in the Muck of Circumstances. Hear Me: You are MAGIC! What lies within You is the Power of the heavens channeling through You and your Life. Tune In. Say it Boldly: It's ON! And feel the Charge of being Plugged into Your Fire. The one True Thing. This Passion you came to Free for the Joy of Expressing the essence of You. You are the Riches. You are the Gold. You are Made of Stars. As Above so Below. Kick this Days Ass with your Brave HEART fierce enough to liberate You from the BS that limits you and cuts off the Flow of Life. With Pom poms in Hand, I Jump for JOY and Cheer your HappyAsses ON. Shouting out Loud shamelessly Being Me: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :). Be YOU. Be Badass. LOVE being You!