Thursday, April 16, 2015

The World needs Your HappyAss!

The World needs your HappyAss. Ohhh YES. It does. Your greatest Offering: The Heart of You expressed in All you Do. Being true to You. This hard fought Love freeing the Passion that lies within. Touching the Joy that abides. Tuning into this Resonance and letting it guide your Choices. Letting Go of Old beliefs and Patterns. Creating a Life you absolutely Love living this Dream Awake. Feeling as if this Life you are living is Yours. Honoring your holy longings and desires. PLEASE! Never settle for anything less than a Life where you Feel a sense of Play and Possibilities connected to a Sense of Self. Plugged into the Creative Forces standing in your Power. Knowing YOU MATTER! Don't discard You. Don't throw out your Dreams. Don't dismiss your Wants and Needs. Honor them moment by moment, choice by choice Commanding your Life Force. Directing your Energy with a Sense of Purpose. Living from the One True Thing. No holding Back. You have EVERYTHING to Give and Not a Damn Thing to Lose. No more Hiding the Beauty and Truth. Daring to GO where it scares You most making it Safe for You. Growing your Self and your Life through honest conversation within. Mustering the Courage to Face what comes Up. Fear and Pain bubbling Up and Out liberating You. Being Stoked to be You. Using All that Fire you Carry deep down Inside. You are a Sacred Vessel channeling the grace of the Universe. And the World needs YOU! The world needs your HappyAss ALIVE and Dancin' this day and all of your Days. When the Day let's Go and the Night Comes, your heart Speaks what your Soul knows. The Undoing. The unwinding. The Opening as you become Still. Reminding You who you Truly are and that this is Your Life. "The cloak of Night Away from the World Opens Worlds within Echoing Silence Truth knocking In the Hush Calling You Up and Out The dawn of You Comes Again and again The New Now Your Soul Relentless Whispering: it's Time Stirring You No More Slumbering Wake Up." There is a Flower in your Soul Ever-Blossoming. It is HAPPINESS! Growing your Happiness from the depths of You lights the way Home for All. Your HappyAss Inspires Others! It is Not a denial of the challenges that come. It is an Acceptance that Life kicks All our Asses AND it lifts Us beyond revealing the Miracle You are. The Miracle is the Essence of You Known. In the midst of all moments. Alive in the Direct Experiences aligned with your Spirit. Knowing EVERYTHING is Okay even when Nothing Feels Okay or appears Okay. Remembering: YOU CAN FLY!!!! You truly can. Fly Free into your Brave Heart that will KickAss for You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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