Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are a BadAss MIRACLE!

The Power of YOU is Alive in this moment! No BS, You are a F*ing Badass Miracle. Yes. You. Are. LIVE the Miracle You are. Walk into this Day Feeling the Truth and Beauty of being You. Appreciating who You are. And appreciating Others and how Life expresses through them. Your Journey is Sacred. You are Sacred. All life is Sacred. All moments are Sacred. Ohhh, This Dance. Letting Go! Moving from your Spirit ever-Free guiding You into More Joy in being You. You Seeing your Self in the Trees Blossoming and the Grass growing Greener by the Moment. Feeling Inspired! Feeling the Hope springing as New Life emerges for You. Feeling the Surprise of You bursting with Colors revealing your Greatness. Feeling your Self as Never before. All of You Breathing deeper and wider. Anticipating the Possibilities grounded in who you Are. You Believing in the Miracle You are is essential. Acknowledging the Crapola that is part of being human: the doubt, anxiety, worry, fears of failure, inadequacies, Not enoughness, Too muchness or What If I get what I really want?! Being Okay with All you are Feeling. Letting the Truth wash Up and Out of the Shadow where repressed Fear is Hidden and Steals your Precious Life Force. Receiving the amazing grace ever-flowing through You. Knowing you are Worthy. Knowing you are Deserving. Knowing your Good comes from the Universe Alive within You ever-guiding You into more Good. Connecting to the GOOD you are, the Abundance of Life is You and is the Essence Of All. Having faith that Good Always comes. Giving thanks for the Good that Is in any moment shifts your Energy and invites More. To Stop in the midst of chaos and consciously Be Grateful opens your Heart to Receive the Good that Is and the Good that is Sure to Come. Wielding your Power as You open to the Miracle of Life animating You. Not as a means of Controlling the uncontrollable but Flowing with what Is. Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. You are the Creator and the Created. You are the Dream and You are the Dreamer. Aligning. One within the One. Choosing to direct your Energy focusing on what leads you Forward into the Life you came here to Live. Returning to your Own Nature where Even when the Shitstorms come 'cause they Do and they Will, You know EVERYTHING is Okay. Accepting what Is in Knowing nothing can Stop You. The storms are Part of Living and You Keep On walking, dancing your Dance, Step by Step knowing You've Got This and the Universe has Got Ya'. This is Empowerment. Experiencing the Miracle of All moments connected to the Miracle of You. FEEL this! FEEL You! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Dance WILDLY and Free the WILD of YOU!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ohhh, SPRING Blossoming YOU!

Ohhhh Spring! This Season of YOU. Who You are Now. Who You are Becoming. Ever-cycling. Ever-opening. Ever-growing. YOU! This Moment. This Day. Wherever You are is Perfect. Let it Be. Just be there in the moment. Be here in the Day. Navigating the in Between step by step, straddling what you have known and the Unknown calling you into More Life. This is Not always convenient or welcome as the Timing is not Logical. Life unfolding. The Great Reveal of YOU. Feeling like a Stranger in your Own life as things that used to Fit no longer do. People You used to enjoy you simply don't. Nothing in particular "Happened" to make You Not enjoy them but this is Life Happening in your Personal evolution. It sucks AND It's exciting. Both. Trusting All you are feeling and Assuring Your Self: IT IS GONNA BE F*ing AWESOME! Being with It All. In the Direct Experiences. Seeing things that used to Matter to you have shifted changing along with You. What used to Be fun isn't. And feeling this sense of disconnect from what used to Be familiar. It's Not easy to allow the Empty that makes space for the New. Letting Go is necessary but You must be Patient with your Self, showering your Self with Love, giving your Self understanding as You Live this transition mustering the Grace to Be True to You. Honoring your Self. Asking again and again: what You Need and what You Want NOW? Acknowledging that your Choices aren't easy because You being You respecting your wants and needs will Disappoint others. Understanding it is part of human Nature to want to be Loved and Please others even at the Expense of You. But it is Also in your Nature to Fight to Be Free. The Ultimate Freedom is being true to You, connecting to your Truth and Beauty springing from all that Heart and Soul. You living the Happiness that is a byproduct of Not sacrificing Your Self, releasing Old beliefs that this makes you Good or this is what Love is. Giving your Self away and climbing into Cages that Hold You is Necessary and is a Part of this life long Liberation walk. It is Human Nature. It's Okay. It isn't Bad. We ALL do it! As you Awaken, You are ready to be FREE at another level owning the Power that lies within You and pulling Your Life Force Up and Out of Projections. No forcing this organic shift. Just Be Aware of your energy. Breathing into your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. The Whole of You houses the Wisdom of the Universe that is Always speaking to You Energetically. Energy doesn't lie. It is either Open and flowing or Stale and congested. Revealing what Feeds you and what simply does Not. Vibrationally, You are at Play with the Infinite and with this World. Returning to your Own nature, your relationship with your Self creates your Relationship with All. Health comes from your Deep Connection to who You are, feeling Whole in this fractured World. No justifying your Choices. Life Making sense to You when it doesn't Make sense to Anyone else comes from this Inner Homecoming. Allowing. Not resisting. Feeling at Rest within as You walk through Chaos and Drama that is Part of Living, being Fully human touching the Divine. There's a Flower in Your Soul Blossoming YOU. Water your Self. Nourish Your Self with Love. Enjoy being YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :).

Sunday, March 29, 2015

This Sunday Mornin' RISING is YOU!

Feel IT! Sip IT In. Stoke that Fire You carry. This Sunday Mornin' Rising is You. This Day inviting more of You to come Out and Play. The Song of You ever-Singing, ever-Revealing in Images, Colors, Places, People, Things. In ways You can See and In ways You MUST Feel. The intangible Beauty. What draws You in and pulls at the Depths of You Stirring your Heart and Soul. And making you Feel ALIVE. Infusing you with a Sense of Hope, Joy, Peace. Vitality Springing! No way to manufacture this Energy that is your Life Force, the Song of You echoing into the World Breath by Breath. Your Connection to the Creative Field within You consciously Opening the Life that you came here to Live. Flowing. Letting Go. Remembering what Matters most to You. Focusing on what You want. Daring to Want to Dream your Ass Off. Dwelling in the Possibilities. Shifting And DOING what You must to Free the More calling. You Rising and Life Rising to Meet You. Effort and Grace. The Practical and the Mystical. Doing Your Part and Letting the cosmos Show Off Revealing the SURPRISE of You. Choice by choice, moment by moment, day by day, meeting Life consciously. Not trying to do it Perfectly. Making it Safe for the Truth to Rise. Seeing clearly the Old Beliefs and Patterns that Hold you back tangling Your Energy so You have nothing in the Tank to Fuel your Dreams. Coming into Present Time. Standing on Your Own two Feet rooting in the Truth that You are Unstoppable. Anything is Possible. No settling. Breathing into your Center. Touching your Sacred Self Where the Universe lies. Feeling the Fight of the heavens that will kickass for You. Facing FEARS. Calling your BS out of the Shadow into the Light to Illuminate it and Reframe it and LET IT GO. Again and again, All day, every Day. Seeing where Shame, Guilt, Not enoughness and Too Muchness and worrying what Others Think of You and DARING to Be You. Be who You are. Fighting the GOOD Fight for the Life You want. Remembering YOU are the Mountain to MOVE. And Knowing YOU have the Power within You to MOVE all Obstacles. Aligning. Walking in Faith plugged into Who You truly are and shedding the false Self. Inviting your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Trusting the Universe within YOU (never Outside of You) to Sing You Home. Losing your way and finding More of YOU. The Song of You is MAGIC! Believe. Believe. Believe. You are Magic. Gratitude is a Magnet! What You Appreciate APPRECIATES. Receiving the GOOD of You and your life HERE and Now grows the GOOD wilder and freer Beyond what you can fathom. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Not because you are Greedy or Selfish or never satisfied (all Shame based Crapola:). But BECAUSE You Know the Abundance of YOU! You receive the Abundance that is the limitless Universe Singing through You here on Earth for your JOY. HappyAss dance to the Song of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Matters MOST is You!

Knowing what matters to YOU! Building your Life from the Foundation of YOU. Not an Idea of You and what You "should" want. Creating a Life that Matters to YOU. Filling your Days remembering Every Moment is YOU at Play with the Infinite. Discovering the More of Who You are. Letting Go of who You Are Not. Coming Out of Hiding. Making it Safe. Accepting all of who You are and holding Your Self Dear. Liberating the Shame and the guilt and the Not Enoughness and the Too Muchness and the Fear that Drains your Precious Life Force. Seeking You. Excavating the Best Kept Secret: YOU!!! You are the Traveler and You are the Road. You are the Weaver and You are the Dream. Consciously creating your Life Lights the Way even in the Lost that happens before the Found comes and It Will! I Promise, you will Find the Great Surprise of You. The Letting Go into the Unknown is Necessary. Grounding in a Knowing that You will Arrive. You will get from Here to There. What seems impossible leads you into New Depths of Your Self. Tapping into your Power and Using It. Receiving the Life You came here to Experience BELIEVING in the Matters of your Heart and Soul that don't always line Up with the Convention. Seeing the Life that's You when no One else shares your Vision. Fulfilling your Destiny in returning to the Truth and Beauty of You: What Matters MOST! It matters Not how Pretty life looks if who You truly are is missing from the Picture. Passion is the Essence of You expressing for the Joy of being You. Plugging your Energy, your Creative Force into what Matters Most. Deliberately walking into the Life where You feel at Home within Your Self. Growing what Matters Now as You are ever-blossoming until the End. The Wild of You is the Heart and Soul that cannot be Contained and pulls You Up and Out of your Comfortableness to Free the More whose Time has come to Be Revealed. Live the Inquiry: What Matters Most to You? Watch your Awareness open You. Amazing Grace was Blind but Now, YOU SEE! You See YOU. You create a Life you Absolutely LOVE that fits. Resting in What Matters MOST even when Challenges come knocking because they Will and they Do. This is Living. This is Becoming. This is Life mirroring YOU. You F*ing MATTER! Live it. Be it. BELIEVE it. YOU Know it. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Friday, March 27, 2015


The Key to Happiness is FREEdom! Living Free. Being who You truly Are. Letting Go of who You are Not. Observing your Self in the moments of your Life. SEEing what's behind your Choices. Are you Being True to You? Or are you acting out of Fear trying to be or to say what others expect or need from you. Your Awareness of where Fear and Shame of who You are grips you is everything. You shining the light on the moment have an opportunity to make a different Choice. To do or to say to to Be You! A new You living in the New NOW. Living Spirited dancing in the moments Trusting who You Are and Growing More of you as you live In the Flow of life. Not letting your History, what you have always done before dictate what you will do or say NOW. Going where it scares YOU Most to Go will bring More of You out to Play. The Happiness that Springs in Being True to You is living heaven on earth. Trying to Be who others need you to be or creating a Version of you to fit In is HELL. Your energy is stale and congested in the bullshit. And energy NEVER Lies even when you try to BS Your Self pretending it's Okay. Self-Respect comes from standing on your own two feet in your Life knowing who You are. Making peace with who You are. Experiencing freedom in being True to You even when others judge you and Project onto You. You being You will Not always please others and will offend Others. Be YOU anyway! That's the Challenge. That's the work. All day, every Day to Dare to Be You! That Hard Fought LOVE of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Your Happiness Matters! Your HappyAss dancing through this World sings your Song of JOY into this World. People FEEL You! You stir and Remind them what's possible for All in Returning to our Own True Nature. Ain't no amount of Stuff or material possessions or external Adventures can Fill You as HAPPINESS can and does. Your Light Heart OPEN frees the Possibilities bursting in the Direct Experiences. The Great REVEAL of You Ever-Blossoming. The Spring of YOU! The Rebirth as Life cycles through You bringing The More you are here to Express that's part of You fulfilling your Destiny. Letting Go. Letting Go some More. Liberation comes so Sweetly and so Bitterly. Some of what You must Let Go feels as if you will die. And you Do. Who you were is No Longer. And who You Are emerges dancing you into the Wild of YOU. Untamable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. Badassss. Bold. Braver than you can Imagine. Happiness SPRINGING from the Well of Life within You without Ceasing. Coming ALIVE! Living the Passion. Feeling your Self. Knowing who You Are. KickinAss for YOU and this Happy Life you Deserve and are Worthy of Receiving. Here. Now. You. Me. All. Take my Hand. Let's PLAY:)). Whoever has the Most Fun WINS!! I double-dog DARE You to FREE your HappyAss! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

You are the BEST of Life!

The BEST THINGS in life are Free! Connected to a Sense of Self, Feeling the BEST within You, The Abundance of Life flowing through You breath by breath, moment by moment, Every Day is the BEST DAY growing into More of the Best that lies within You. If You are completely Identified by the External, The events and Circumstances of Life, your Sense of Magic is Wrapped around special occasions as your Happiness is contingent solely upon what's happening. It's a funny Thing what we humans do: Waiting for life to happen as it's happening here and now! Waiting to experience Life "when" and "if" delaying the Joy of being YOU alive in the moments of each day, tasting the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Observing the Buds Blossoming as Spring is here and Feeling the Possibilities within You mirrored by Nature. Opening Your Self to what Is right before you knowing the Best Things in Life are FREE. The BEST is YOU. Me. All. Dancing with the Infinite at Play growing the Wild within. Materializing the Spirit as the Liberation walk that Is your Life FREES You to simply Be You, Living this Life where you Know the BEST is You. Returning to You own Nature at Rest within you no Matter how shitty and chaotic Life can be. Returning to your Destiny of Happiness. Letting Go. Letting the Universe lead You to MORE Joy. More of the BEST! Believing you are Worthy of the Best and Using affirmations to reprogram subconscious resistance to Receiving the Amazing Grace that lies within You that will Part the damn seas and Kickassss for You. This Brave Heart is Fierce and will FREE the Best of You this Moment, This Day and this Lifetime again and again. Dismantling old Beliefs that Hold you and your Life force back from Receiving the Truth and Beauty of You. Living from the Soul that always Knows: You are DESERVING! You are WORTHY! The human BS will resist this Truth and judge it. The Soul KNOWS you Receiving the BEST of You inspires the BEST in others and the BEST in this World. Your homecoming to Live the Best of You is your Greatest offering to Humanity. Faith in YOU! Remembering who you Truly Are is living the Miracle and this High Vibration of Love echoes OUT into the Collective lifting All. Changing the world by claiming the BEST of YOU. Now that's Badasssss:))! Are you FEELIN' your Badass BEST stirring Up?! I sure Am. Let's do This! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The POWER of Being YOU!

The Power of YOU! The way You Move in the World Being You. The things You do without even a thought. What's natural to You. What trying Not to Do would feel like You withholding your Spirit. The way you Speak without saying a Word. And the words You choose to Speak. Your Smile. Your Eyes. Your hugs. Your texts. Your kisses. Your posts and comments on Social Media. You Seeing others and sincerely Acknowledging and Affirming who They Are. Your THANK YOU's Appreciating anything and everything as you consciously See the Blessings, the Magic of Being you and life. Your Voice echoing OUT taking a Stand, offering Kind Words, Venting frustrations, EXPRESSing where You are. Letting IT Out. Liberating your Self as you are Present in the Direct Experiences making Choices. Noticing what Feels GOOD, aligned and Centered. Intending JOY, this Resonance, a pure Vibration pouring through the hush within You as YOU LIVE Out Loud. Knowing what You want and what You need. Checking In and Asking: "What do I want and need?" Honoring whatever comes Up. Saying what You MUST especially what scares the hell outa you because this is YOU daring to Be YOU which can feel so damn vulnerable. Fear holds us hostage so leaning into It breaks us FREE. Feeding your Energy drinking from the Well within You, Vitality Ever-SPRINGing, the Essence of You, this Force of Love YOU are. Always! Looking at the Skies and letting the Hope OPEN You. Remembering the Truth and Beauty of Being You. Feeling connected to Your Self and connecting to others along the Way. Tuning in. Entering this Day knowing You MATTER no matter what. Even if you are tired and wiped out and walking sideways feeling OFF center, Be with your Self knowing you Matter. What seems so small is actually huge. Whispering to your Self: I MATTER! Daring to Love being You. Daring to Love what You want to judge. Daring to Love when You resist this Flow of life washing through You Breath by Breath. Affirming your Self. Owning the Significance of your existence. Understanding that there's no way to measure what You contribute to the World. Some days and some moments You will see more clearly the effect You have on others and the world. Sometimes, you just won't which calls you to TRUST dropping into your Truest Self that knows your worth beyond the human scale. And hear the words of Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz: "You've Always had the Power my Dear, You just had to Learn it for Your Self." This is our Shared journey human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul, returning to our Own True Nature, claiming the POWER within. We ALL forget and we ALL remember! Some days, you being you connected to your Power help others Remember. And some days others help You. We are in this Together! Be YOU. Let others Be who They Are NOT who You need them to Be. Love Big. Believe with ALL of You! Dream your Ass Off. Let your Badass Brave Heart SHOCK YOU with the Ever-Growing Surprise of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It's damn Good to Be YOU!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REACH for The Stars!

Reaching for the Stars! Go ahead and Reach further than You can Think. Let all that Heart and Soul Speak. Feel your Self bursting through the lines You have Drawn in the Sand that Limit You. Birthing Your Self. More of You. The Great Reveal of You! Daring to let go of preconceived Ideas and Reach for the Stars that have Pieces of You ready to Shine here on Earth. Beyond your Comfort zone, There YOU are. Beyond what feels Safe and makes your Belly wrench as the heat of Fear grips and lets GO, There You are. Living your Dreams. Experiencing a Richness in moments that once seemed Ordinary as You Receive EXTRAordinary YOU. Truly, You ARE a Force of the Cosmos in the flesh. Seeing that Anything is Possible even when You Feel Afraid. Fearing that You may be a Fool for Believing what only You See. What only You Know at the depths of You. Being okay in the Not Okay as You Stand on your Own two Feet allowing the feelings of inadequacy to wash through. It is a Purely human response to Feel Afraid. It's our Nature. But the Flip side is the Badassss Brave Heart that Remembers the Power within. Ohhh YES!!! Soak It Up. Receive this divine Elixir breath by breath. Invite the Joy of being You. Living for the Love of Experiencing this Ride that's uniquely yours. Letting Go of the Bullshit Beliefs that have residue of a Punishing God instead of a Creative Partner ready to Catapult You into the Stars you Are as you Live here on Earth. Channeling the graces. So AMAZING!! These graces are YOU encoded in the blueprint of your Soul longing to Blossom You Up and OUT. Reaching You in the Quiet moments and in the Cloak of the Dark echoing Truths. Whispering: "Be YOU! It is ON. Expect Miracles! Welcome the Surprises of Life as this is You Letting Go and Letting your Soul (where the Universe is housed) lead You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Believe: ANYTHING is Possible! You are The Magic. You are Made of Stars - REACH for the More awaiting..." Holy shit!!! Are you as Stoked for this Day as Me? Take your hand in Mine and let the other Hand REACH for the Stars. HappyAss Dance at Play with the Infinite. Welcome the HappyGasms found in the moments for No Reason and a Million Reasons. Letting GO! Ahhhh...Feeling ALIVE! More and More. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :) It IS F*ing AWEsome to Be You. Yes. It. Is!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Let's Talk Practical MAGIC!

Let's talk Practical MAGIC! And KEEP the Conversation Growing within You and with your Circle of Friends. Step into this Day Knowing the Power that Lies within You and All. This Adventure is Your Walk on the Moon appearing to Be one Small Step but It is Actually a Giant Leap for Mankind. You being You. Evolving Your Self lifts the Whole as We truly Are ONE. The Butterfly Effect of You. Touching the Magic within You and Grounding It in the World. Growing Great Ideas for Your Life from the GREATness of YOU! Not Trying to plug your Life Force into some Idea squeezing Your Amazingness into a Box that simply doesn't Fit. It is Necessary to Experience the Squeeze and Drain of the Boxes to motivate You to Break Free. Sit with Your Self going into the Hush listening to the Wisdom instead of the Mind locked in Limitations. Appreciating your Specialness. Seeing What You DO organically BEing You. Living your Truth and Beauty following Your Bliss connected to Your Essence. Freeing the Fun in being who you are and using the graces of Your Life for the Joy. BELIEVING You can Materialize your Spirit! Going deeper than feels Safe having the Conversations With Your Higher Self that echoes POSSIBILITIES. Mining All that Gold you House and casting it Out into Dreams. Trusting Life, your Inner Compass, this Force you are to Guide You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. The Resonance of this beyond an Idea. Letting your Sense of Goodness and Joy in Being You lead You Home to More of You. Revealing the MAGIC of You to USE in Practical ways living the Dream of Being You. A life Awake mirroring who You are. Energy doesn't Lie! Wanting is divine as it is tapping into the Creative forces. The Sacredness of WANTING lights a Fire under our Asses to dig deeper, to Fight to Free the Desires and Shake Life UP. The Spell of limitations is Broken and You See beyond what Is, what has been, RECEIVING the Power as the Flow of Life Opens You. Channeling the graces and Spinning the Gold of You in Practical ways. Enter this Day with your Feet planted on Earth and Your Head in the heavens. Feel the MAGIC! Breathe it In. Let it Ride you through All obstacles and challenges. Expect the seas to Part and Mountains to Move as you Live deliberately moment by moment, choice by choice BELIEVING. Ohhh MAGIC LIFE! MAGIC YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's ON! Yes. It. Is.

It's ON! This Day. This moment. This Life is Yours expressing who You Are. What matters most to You. What is essential for You in nourishing your Soul through fulfilling Your Destiny of returning Home to your True Nature. Living your Happily Ever After story meeting Life on Life's Terms. Letting Go. Letting the Universe guide You into this Dream Awake. Trusting you are being led into what is for Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy even when it feels otherwise; even when you feel as if Nothing is going your Way; even when You can't see past the Sting of all the Delays and Stops along the Way. Staying the Course. Believing when You are Afraid to BELIEVE. Asking when You are Afraid to ASK. Receiving the graces of this Life that's Yours when You are Afraid to RECEIVE. Having Faith in Your Self and the Universe aligned in your Truest Power walking Step by Step Not needing to See past this New Now. The point of Creation is Here within You and in this Moment. Breathing in the Possibilities. Breathing out the Stale energy of lingering Fear, Doubt, Worry and Anxiety. Declaring what You want. Daring to Want when You have been disappointed and let down. Dreaming when things haven't Unfolded as You had Planned. On January 9, 2015, I wrote my Self a note: "It's ON 'cause I Say it's ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Taking my Self by the hand and walking into the Days owning the Gold within Me and using It. Letting it Grow the Wild of my Spirit. Knowing who I Am. Not waiting for someone to Know me. Seeing My Self. Not waiting for someone to See Me. In this deep sense of Self, it is ON! Remembering I Am the Dream and the Dreamer. All I have to Do is BE Me. Expecting Magic. Experiencing the magnetic pull that comes from Aligning with the Soul that always Knows and my Heart that Remembers what my Mind has Forgotten stuck in the Muck of Circumstances. Hear Me: You are MAGIC! What lies within You is the Power of the heavens channeling through You and your Life. Tune In. Say it Boldly: It's ON! And feel the Charge of being Plugged into Your Fire. The one True Thing. This Passion you came to Free for the Joy of Expressing the essence of You. You are the Riches. You are the Gold. You are Made of Stars. As Above so Below. Kick this Days Ass with your Brave HEART fierce enough to liberate You from the BS that limits you and cuts off the Flow of Life. With Pom poms in Hand, I Jump for JOY and Cheer your HappyAsses ON. Shouting out Loud shamelessly Being Me: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :). Be YOU. Be Badass. LOVE being You!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

FEELing This Day! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Just FEELING is a Grand Thing. It surely Is! Dropping into the Moments being there completely so ALIVE in the Direct Experiences. Knowing, This. This new Now is my Life. So sacred. Where I meet my Self and Others and the Universe converging in the Collective Dance. This intimate Exchange within your Self makes it Possible with All. In The Freedom to Be You, You will Taste Another depth of Beauty in Living. Life Springs Gloriously when You are Comfortable with Being fully human resting with a Sense of Peace in your Tears as well as laughter. Living in Emotional Integrity allows the Tears to come as easily as the laughter. Being Brave enough to Be Authentic. Not censoring. Not holding Back what is Real. Not pretending. Not apologizing for the Organic Expression of your own Nature. Not Believing your Tears make you Weak and Laughter makes you Strong. Or that Tears make for a bad day raining on the Parade of Life and Laughter makes a day Good. Holding both Sacred. The conditioning says one emotion is better than the other. But the Truth is All emotions Serve us and Release what comes Up and Out in a moment. I assure You that there's nothing Negative about Expressing whatever You are Feeling. It's Healthy revealing how connected You are to the Whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. The Control model of our culture teaches Us how to reel our Self In and Hide instead of Express where we Are. We Feel uncomfortable when we Cry or get pissed off judging this emotional climate as Out of Control. Feeling Shame and Feeling Crazy instead of Just FEELING. Understanding at a deeper Level: You MUST FEEL to Heal. Feelings wash through and cleanse repressed Energy. The emotional Constipation that makes your Life Stale and keeps You on the Surface. The Riches of You are Discovered in the Plunge into All that Heart and Soul. Feeling your Way. Meeting Your Self. Seeing the Beauty. Connecting to Your Life Force that is the Essence of All Creation. Living the Passion. Following your Joy which is Not void of Tears. The resonance of pure Joy abides. The flow of Joy Is. Without Ceasing. The human self based in History wrapped in an Idea of Joy makes It conditional and Cuts off this natural Flow by Judging and feeling Ashamed. But in the Freedom to Be wherever you are in a Moment and Feel what comes, JOY Is. I promise! I absolutely Do. JOY echoes within You. Let it Be. Being You. Being True to You. Dismissing what Violates you Going into the Heart and Soul Fighting the good Fight for YOU. Daring to reprogram the BS conditioning that Strips the Aliveness that Comes from Truth. Experiencing the Joy of simply Being. Doing what You Do. Lead the Charge! Be You and Show others the way Home to their Own nature. The One true Thing! Sending Good juju your Way. Feeling the Possibilities. HappyAss Dancing as I Cry and Laugh because I can and I must. It's Me being Me. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Friday, March 20, 2015

Making the Afraid Okay.

This Liberation walk that is Life. To be so Free and Yet Held. Always more of Us to be Discovered in the Letting Go. The necessity as the Soul has schedules to Awaken. Divine Timing. The person who enters this Day is not the One who will end it. Some shifts are so subtle that we have no awareness of this. Some openings are so Vast within Us that we feel as if we have lived lifetimes in just One day. But consciously meeting our Self at play with Life, we come to See how Fear keeps us locked in Agreements to Be who we Are Not. We don't give our Self away All at once. It is Piece by piece. Trying to be who we think we should be. But in One moment, we STOP! We allow our Self to choose to be who we are. Simply being. Knowing what we want. Knowing what we like. Knowing what brings the Joy. Knowing what makes our heart Happy. Trusting our Self. To be. To choose. Life OPENS. The Goodness within us. Ever-flowing. Soothes us. Holds us. As we experience this Great Reveal of Who we truly Are. Freeing the Self. Again and again. Daring to create a life that pleases Us. Willing to disappoint others not as an Act of Rebellion but acting on our Own Behalf. Standing whole. Not letting our Hurt Self make choices that steal our sense of Aliveness. Choosing Our Happy. Acknowledging to others: "This is so hard for me! I am afraid." Making the Afraid okay. Bringing it OUT into the Open. Illuminating the Dark with the Truth. Daring to say what lies in your Heart and Soul. Sharing how you Feel. This is Badass Brave! It surely ain't Easy but it Is Necessary to Liberate this Life Force you came to Express for Your Joy. The More Brave you Are, the More Alive You Feel. Leaning into the Fear. Sitting with the Anxiety, Overwhelm, Doubt, Worry. Letting it Be. Being Okay with what you want to Judge. Not Afraid to Be Human is Fierce! Grow this Wild all Damn Day. Free the Life you absolutely Love that makes you hold your Heart and Say: THANK YOU! Seeing the challenges come but are No Match for what Lies within You. Seeing the Power of the Universe will Kick Ass for you If you Let go and Let IT. Feel the Possibilities churning You Up and OUT of your Comfortable and Invite your Spirit to Surprise YOU. Live the Wild. GO where it scares You Most to Go. Free the WOO WOO Woofrickinhoo:))! This day. This Life belongs to YOU.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I only Believe in Blessings. This lights all moments with the Love of The Universe. This Cosmic Force that Rides our Life beyond the Human experience, lifting us beyond the Circumstances where we can See what we're truly Made of. Returning us to our Own true Nature. I surely Ain't afraid to Curse the Shitty things! Feeling the sting, saying Ouch! Or WTF?! And letting the Good Rise. Mining for the Gold that's there in the moment. Here. Within You. Blessings come Always! Blessing Abide. Receiving them is our Part as the Abundance is Ever-flowing. This is the Power of saying THANK YOU! All day counting Blessings. No need to deny the Things you want to Curse. Start with F IT! F THIS! F THAT! And Find your way to BLESS it! BLESS this! BLESS that! No One goes through Life unscathed. Challenges come for each of us as they are part of Growing and Evolving us. Some are Greater than others. Standing on Your own two feet, moving from your Center, Facing the Small things in the Moments of each day is So BIG. This is You going Deeper, plunging into what is uncomfortable, fighting for the Life you came here to Live. The Hard Fought Love of Heart and Soul that Frees You instead of being Held captive by events and Fears. You responding to Life with a Sense of the Power that lies within You. Breathing and Feeling the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety wash through. Mustering the strength and Courage to Take the next Step even when you Feel overwhelmed. Parting the seas and Moving the mountains with your Connection to that inner Fire that NEVER says NEVER! And won't let you Give Up on YOU or Life. Dreams await your Arrival. You are the Dreamer and You are the Dream. Dance with the days trusting Every Experience is revealing You. Stripping what is inessential. What cannot Go with You into the More calling you Home. Be compassionate to your Self. Change is Not easy even when we want It. There is a letting Go as we Reach for More Blessings. Trust the Perfection even when you grieve what Was. BELIEVE!!! You are Blessed. BELIEVE!!! The Good is coming even when it doesn't feel so Good. BELIEVE!!! Say THANK YOU! More Please understanding you are here to Create. Wanting More is Creating. You can be Grateful for what Is AND want to Grow more Life. Wanting is Sacred as You invite the Universe to Play for the Joy of Being You. Blessings await! Scoop 'em UP. Expect them. Be Stoked. Shout: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Letting Go: UnTuck Your Self!

Yes!!! I was Tucked Away. We all Tuck our Self away. It is a part of the Human Journey. It just is. The Tucking and Untucking equally Purposeful. When we are Ready for new depths of Freedom , we fly out of the Cages we willingly walk into. The lifelong Liberation of You. Me. All. More of Life awakening. Authentically expressing who we Are. Our Voice ever-evolving Singing the Song of who we Truly Are (Now) not the versions of Us that Serve in reminding Us who we Are Not. We need to Be who we Are Not to Discover the Truth and Live the Beauty ever-Blossoming. We give away our Power to Claim our Power. The awakening from our Slumber comes in Perfect Time. The human grip is No Match for the divine Pull. The Soul trumps the Human desire to belong, to be Loved, to be who others need us to Be. My death and rebirth was caused by John's death 4 years and 4 months ago. And I continue to UNTUCK My Self. Again and again. Girl, No MORE hiding is what I say. Be You! And I say that to ALL. Be YOU! Let who you are Sing You Home to come Alive. I Would never have wished for the Tragic Loss of John Threewits. I loved him and our Life. But I laugh that the Woman I Am Now could Not be Married to John and he would not want to be Married to me. I would not trade one Moment of our Life together as it made me who I Am. As did his Death. This Grace I now Live has been that Hard Fought LOVE of Heart and Soul. Telling the F*ing Truth to my Self. Not pretending! Honest conversations within my Self Growing the Wild of my Spirit. Going deeper than I wanted to Go within my Self. Allowing the Pain to come. The Pain cut Life into Me and Freed me. The liberation continues until the final Letting GO as breath leaves our Body. This is a Poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!!!! Breathe. Let Go. Let your Self UNTUCK. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is Amazing to Be You and Free More of You. My Woman Song: To You I was malleable. Appearing as A Woman of Steel to the Outside World. But I went to Sleep that Day. Cutting Off my wild Curls. Wiping those Trademark cranberry lips clean. Leaving no Trace of Color. Putting On a Suit of Armor. Making sure No One was Looking at Me. Anything to keep You comfortable. Winning You through abandoning Me. Covering my Self with this shroud while breath still Pulsed through my Body. The dimness of Sacrifice I called Love. Mistaking you for Life Force. Projecting God onto You. Believing like the Child I was that my very survival depended on You. Pieces of Me I couldn't contain mirrored in your eyes. The gold of Me I couldn't See I lined You with. There's no bending Time. What was Is meant to Be. All necessary. Liberating Me from a Life that Tamed. Came this Fight so Fierce. No going back to Sleep. Smiling as There's no way you could be married to a Woman like me. This Free. Made possible from the cages I willingly climbed into. Feel Me. There ain't no Bitter just the Sweetness tasted on the Other Side. You gifted Me in Life. And gifted Me in Death. The Day I stopped Missing You I found The Missing Me. Right here. In this New Life. Standing Whole. Finally unafraid of Being Human. Making Peace with the Choices instead of tryin' to wish them and Me Away. Letting all of My Life Touch Me. Opening The More every single Day. As Life's Blood flowing cauterized the Wounds. Learning what Love Is from what It isn't. Human Love truly Is divine. This is where I met God. Feeling the Poetry I have Lived. Living Me. This Answered Prayer. Always Answering the Question of Me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Channeling LOVE.

This Cruel and Magnificent World is Filled with the Hope of You. Me. All. It absolutely Sucks that the World is so Cruel. You have the Power to Stop being Cruel to Your Self and to Others. You are the Change. I Am the Change. We are the Change! Your Relationship with Your Self changes your Relationship with the World. Opening your Heart to You opens your Heart to the World. We are One. Yes. We. Are. We are in this Together. All you want for this World You must Become. You must Embody. Your Love washes this World. Vibrationally. Mystically. Magically. You are the Miracle! Feel this Truth. Feel your Self. The essence of You is this Cosmic force of Love beyond Human. Human love is conditional. Cosmic Love IS. Breathe this Beauty through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Invite this Love. This is the Hard Fought Love of Heart and Soul that Frees You and Frees All. Beyond Reason. This resonance Awakens You. Moving the Mountains and Parting the Sea. Living the Passion as You are connected to this Power You house and animate through Expressing your Self. Materializing your Spirit instead of Trying to plug into your Spirit, your True Self through the Material world collecting Stuff. The pure Joy of your Human journey can only be Known through the Spirit. This sense of your Higher Self makes All Experiences in the World Amazing. You feel the Richness of You and this makes EVERYTHING Rich. No matter what! Being connected makes All moments Beautiful. Even the shitty Things you would never wish for or Believe on the Surface to NOT Be Beautiful. Rooted in this Love, the Light of the heavens Shines into the Darkest of the Dark. Illuminating the moments. You are the Light of the World. And you do Not have to See past this Moment. Be with Your Self. Receive the Amazing Grace of You. Be It. Use it. Be Fierce! Holding All life Sacred starts with Holding You Sacred. Honoring your wants and needs. Nourishing your Self with Love and Compassion and Unconditional Kindness. Letting Go of The Judgment. Putting the Bat down refusing to Beat your Self Up with words and actions. Giving your Self the Human Hall Pass. Wearing your Humanity as a Life Lived perfectly in the Imperfections. You Matter! The World needs your HappyDance. Find your Way to THANK YOU as this is living from your Heart that Remembers: YOU ARE the Love. You are Enough. As You Are. Your mere Existence is an immeasurable Gift as you Channel the Love of the Universe into this World. WOW Shit! SOUL Shit! COOL Shit! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! SEE. It is F*ing AWEsome to Be You. Yes!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Being BRAVE! Being YOU.

Being Brave is a Conversation within Your Self that Grows The Wild of Heart and Soul that Speaks the Truth of Who you Are. It is the Hard fought Love that will Free You! Going beyond the Surface. Living Deeper. Plunging into the Uncomfortable waters. Daring to Be You when Being You is different than the rest. When Being You makes others Uncomfortable because THEY need you to Be like them. Being Brave comes from facing any Fears that Come to visit in a Moment. The heat that washes through trying to Hold You Back. And you Choose You. You post that Selfie even when you are Worried about being Judged. You post a Comment instead of holding your Voice worried that You sound Stupid. These appear to Be little Things. But they are Huge. Being Brave enough to Be scared Shitless and Doing You. Being Brave comes from NOT STOPPING your Self from Being who You Are even when You are Worried or Terrified what Others will Think. Badassss LIVIN! Because to be Human is to Be insecure, to have Fear. It is Human Nature no Matter how Evolved or Grown to Be Afraid. Acknowledging the Worry, Doubt, Anxiety and Fear is necessary to Tap into the other Part of our Nature which is BRAVE Beyond measure. Limitless Courage right within YOU! Unstoppable. Untamable. Uncontainable. YOU. In your Power. Knowing who You Are and what you are Made Of. When I stopped Waiting for the Fear to Go Away and let it Come Along for the Ride, I Knew the True Power within Me. You. All. Yes!!! You are Brave. Let this Growing Conversation within Your Self extend out into your Circles. Talking about how hard it is to Stay True to who You Are. And the Magic that Happens in your Life when You stand in your Truth. Not defending or Trying to make others See the World as You do or Be You. Just Letting your Life SPEAK the Song of You. Your Brave Heart Roaring. The Fight of the heavens ALIVE in You! For years I apologized for Being Me. Saying I'm Sorry out loud and silently. Now that Part of Me just sings her Song. The Shame that killed my Spirit cannot hold Me hostage anymore. Some will Say, I am too Much or Not Enough. I must Let it Be. Some will Call me Brave. Some will Call me Foolish. I fly Free attaching to Neither. Simply Living. Being Me. And it certainly is Not easy but it is Necessary in order to come Alive living a Life You LOVE! The One true Thing: LOVE! This Passion that must be Freed. Liberating All that Heart and Soul you came to Express. Be BRAVE. Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fly High Rising to Meet Your Self and Life!

You were Born to Fly! You've Got gears within You haven't Even touched calling You Home. Ready to Take You on a Ride into More Life. Do you Ever Feel like You can actually Fly? Wings growing from a Sense of your Self and All the Possibilities springing from the Depths of You. You See IT! You See your Self. Receiving the Graces bestowed on You. Seeing You are a distinct Expression of Life. Appreciating The Unique way You move about the World. Feeling The Joy of Being You! Connecting to Your Spirit so Alive and Free. Relishing The things You absolutely Love about Being You. Making Time to Do what Feeds You. Blossoming in the White Spaces on your calendar. Finding windows within Your day to climb into Your Self. Remembering who you Truly are. Knowing You are Sacred and This is Your Life. Painting NEW PICTURES of You and Life! Coloring your Self and Life with a Sense of Magic. Imagining You in a Life that Fills you with a Sense of Excitement. Closing your Eyes and Seeing beyond the Limited world before You. Stoking that Inner Fire living the Passion that Bursts with the Heat of Life. Using the Fire instead of being Burned from the Creative Energies within You imploding. Holding back your Sacred desires and longings cuts Off the Flow of Life deadening You. Letting the Wild of You Grow liberates the Surprise of Life. Playing with Infinity. Your Limitless Soul skipping and dancing and singing You into All that Awaits. Daring to Go where you Feel the Fear of your Gut ignited. Being Uncomfortable in the Anxiety, Worry and Doubt washing Through You. Leaning into being Afraid. Breathing into the Moment. This New Now is the Point of Creation. Experiencing the Aliveness always Present even in the Fear. Letting Go. Being there. IN IT! IN your Life. IN the Moment. No more Resisting this Natural Response to Pushing the Boundaries. Befriending the Fear. Acknowledging It. Pulling the Curtain Back So you can See the Power of You. Claiming the Magic of You. Unstoppable. Uncontainable. Uncageable. All that Heart and All that Soul speaking the Truth and Beauty of You. Calling you to the Edge of You. Inviting You to Jump. Again and again. Liberating the Love of Living. Trusting your Wings that are Stretched by your Courage. The Fight within. Your KickAss Brave Heart that Never says Never and BELIEVES Anything is Possible! FLY. Because You can. Because You must. Flying HIGH. Rising to Meet your Self and this Life ever-Revealing the Wonders of YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Great Surprise of YOU!

What we call Surprise Is the Universe at Work! Seeing what you've Never Seen. Life shifting as the Seas part. The Impossible made Possible. What you Never Imagined. What You never Could have Known until You Knew. No unknowing. Your View of This World suddenly Changed. Opening You In an Instant. The Great Reveal of You. The Veils lifted. Was Blind. But Now, You See. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! There You are. Here You are. More life. More of You. Carved by This Road. Showing Up. Experiencing the Moments. Letting them Touch you. Piercing you. All that Light You cannot See breaking You Free. Your consciousness Ever-growing. Meeting Your Self again and again. Arriving where You have Never Been. Going where You Never Dared. Emboldened by this Liberation walk. You are the Adventure you Seek. Connecting to your Higher Self. Your Soul always Knows. The Heart remembers. In perfect Time. The Colors of You painting New landscapes. Pictures of You filtered through a New lens. No going Back to Sleep. But the Slumber was a Part of the Awakening. No wasted Time. No wasted Experiences. It is truly All Perfect. Trusting the Universe. Trusting Your Self. Aligning. Finding your Way further than you can Think. From losing your Way. All roads Lead You back to You. No wrong Turns just Life lived. Yes!!! So damn Sweet in the Looking back. Reviewing the Steps that led you Here. The Distance is Life Breathing through The Fog. Dense. Thick. Appreciation comes for All moments. It is The Vessel of Sacred sight Carrying the Light Into the darkest of Dark. Personal hells that Surely come. As sure as the Heavens met along the Way. From here to There. What you had to Live. The bitterness Tasted brought a Depth of Sweetness only Possible on the Other Side of what You would Never have wished for. Standing here in Present Time. What has Been is A part of You. Still. The Alchemy of the Heart spins the lead into Gold. Washing Life through the Filter of Truth and Beauty. Seeing the Power of the Universe lies within You and wants to Play bigger and Bigger. For your Joy. In being You. In evolving You. Growing the Wild. Blossoming the Flower in your soul. So Magnificent. Limitlessness. Creating the Masterpiece of You. The Surprise of You. Letting Go. Doors Closing. Doors Opening. Until the Final letting Go. Believe! Believe! Believe! Wherever You are is where You need to Be. Be there. Extracting the Wisdom. Inviting the Surprise. Jumping Up and Down. Excited! Knowing the Best Is here and Now. And leading you to the Best that's a'comin. Feel it! Feel YOU. So Badasss Brave. Ain't no Stoppin' the Surprise of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Friday, March 13, 2015

Growing Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Ever-Growing. Ever-Stretching. Ever-Blossoming. Becoming comfortable in Your own Skin will come and Go. Arriving. Meeting More of your Self in a Moment. Always more. Knowing who You are. Standing with a Sense of Your Self. So fierce! You know the Power of the Cosmos spirals in your Very Breath: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Connected to the Whole of You walking into this Day. Into this Life. Into this World. Feeling your Self. Alive. This YES! opening Doors once locked. The Possibilities bursting as the Sun rises You. The skies Ride You into new worlds calling. The People you meet Seeing the Beauty of You mirroring your Nature. Affirming who You are. The distinct fragrance of You sweetly gifting the World. In ways You can See. And in ways, You can't. Calling you to Trust the effect of You beyond explanation. Remembering You Matter especially when you Feel invisible. Insignificant. Disconnected from the Truth. The abiding Joy. Hope. Peace. Grace. Love. You are a Force of Nature. Growing the Wild that is your Soul. The Poetry of You being You. Living the Prayer you Are. Expressing the essence of You in All ways. No more Tryin' to Be who You are Not. Ohhh, the Liberation in the Letting Go. Effort and Grace. Setting your Self Free. Touching within You, All that Light you cannot See. Always there. Always here. A thousand Stars in your Eyes. Seeing you. Seeing me. Seeing what Only you can See. Your View of the outside world reflecting your inner Sight. Who you Enter this Day as is Not who will End this Day. Conscious of your Evolution moment by moment, You can Meet the discomfort of the Unknown. Knowing More of You is being Revealed. You See that You are Courage in Motion. Being Okay with Being Afraid. And Unafraid. Both a part of You. Holding your Own nature Sacred in the Space of a Moment. Being where You are. As You are. This is Life. This is Badass Brave Living. Cutting the Bullshit loose that doesn't allow It All. Life Experienced directly. Being There. Completely. Meeting the divine within. Surely, the heavens Hold you even when you can't Feel it over the Growing Pains that come. Rest assured as you Kick and Scream that the Surrender will Come in Perfect Time. Love what You judge. Love the kicking and screaming as much as the Letting Go. This is NO BS Living riding the Waves of Amazing Grace. Ever-present. Yes. It. Is. Growing comfortable in your Own skin. Even in the Uncomfortable. Hell YES!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Day: More! More! More Awaits'

You are truly Made of Stars. You are an Electrical System in the flesh in a Sacred Dance with the Cosmos. You house the Wisdom of the Universe which is a Creative Field responding to You. Energy doesn't lie. It Speaks to You all Day long at the level of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Commanding your Energy is partnering with the Life force understanding You are Sailing your Vessel; your Vessel is Not Sailing You. You have the Power within You to direct the course and create a Life that reflects your Truest Self. Bringing your Self into Present Time. Here. In this New Now. This moment is Everything. Setting intentions for the Day. Visualizing. Using imagery to invoke Feelings of Confidence. Dwelling in the Possibilities for all that is coming. Knowing the Best of Life and You is ever-Growing. All your desires hold Energy. They are Potentials within You that You came to Manifest. The flower in your Soul Blossoming the Life you are here to Live. Returning you to your Own Nature where You fulfill your Destiny of Happiness. Aligning with your Higher Self that will lead you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. This Resonance of Love that comes from Connection to the Source of All Life. Nourishing Your Self with Thoughts that Stoke your Inner Fire is the quickest way to Shift your Energy. Using "I Am..." affirmations that reprogram limiting Beliefs. "I Am Brave. I Am courage in Motion. I Am Badass - who wouldn't want me on their Team! The world needs my Gifts of X, Y and Z. I Am Guided by Assisting Forces. I Am worthy of All my Heart's Desires. I Deserve to Live a Life I absolutely Love..." Say anything that Opens you where you Feel the Abundance of Life Flowing through You. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Acknowledging the Good that Is and Inviting More. Believing More Good will surely Come even in the midst of Challenges. Breathing. Using your Breath to Let Go of tension, anxiety, doubt and Fear that comes. Looking to the Skies and immersing your Self in Beauty returns You to your Truth where You touch the Power within. Taking charge. Ruling your Life. Kicking Ass for You with this Fierceness that is the Fight of the heavens. Being You. Doing You. Acting on your Own behalf. Knowing: YOU MATTER! This is Your Life. And what You WANT and what You NEED Matters. Yes!!! You Matter. Walk into this Day on the Foundation of that Thought: You Matter. You just Do. And let the Wild within You lead you Home. More JOY. More LOVE. More! More! More! Awaits this Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking on Your Own Two Feet!

Say Yes!!! Welcome The Reveal of YOU. This Living Adventure of YOU. The Conversation within aligning with Your Spirit and Materializing It. Unfolding this Dream that is Your Life. Meeting Your Self. Again and again. You are You. And who You enter this Day as is Not who ends the Day. Changes so Subtle and Gentle. Some are Swift and Great. Dormant forces awakening. This is Your Life. Distinctly Expressing the Song of You. Your Own Nature. Like no Other. Knowing Thyself. The Letting Go. And Finding your Way to Trust. Trust is a Matter of your Spirit Ever-Free. Your Truest Self where the Wisdom of the Universe is Housed within You. The Spirit Knows what the Mind will argue and debate. Truth and Beauty that Is unwavering. In All moments. Alive Within You. Finding Rest. Feeling the Peace holding You as You Ride the Waves. Trusting Life. Trusting Your Self. Trusting the Perfect Timing. Trusting All that comes Your way is Purposeful. Life experiences growing You. Evolving Your Soul through your Human Journey. The Becoming. Your consciousness opening OPENS You. Flowing with Life. Feeling the Magic in a Deep sense of Self. Touching the Sacred within You. Seeing the Hand of Amazing Grace at work. Always There. Always Here. Believing what only You Know. Surely it isn't Easy. But necessary to Honor your Individual Ride. Standing on your Own two feet grounded in a Sense of Faith. Knowing You. Believing what others do Not. Seeing that They cannot See what You do. It is human to want Others to validate our Experiences. To See what we See. But this isn't always Possible. Even the dearest of Friends who want to Understand You and where You are, just can't and won't. Let this be Okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Give your Self the Understanding You crave from others. Staying Centered. Trusting what You know. No explaining your Self. Not allowing the Projections of others to Rock you. Remembering each of us sees Life through the lens of Who we Are. Where we Are. Well-intended or Not. People Cast shadows of Doubt. Projections of Fears and Worries and Anxieties. Breaking the Spells in seeing Clearly your unique point of View. Carving your Life choice by choice, day by day, from a Sense of Self is Badass Brave. Stepping Out of conditioning. Liberating You and this Life that makes You come Alive. Living the Wow! Knowing the WOW is You. Bring the WOW! All damn day. Do You. Be You. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FEELING The Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!

Please, DO Not Be Afraid to Be Excited! This is Your Life. A New Day is here. Knocking. Inviting You to Play. Making this Day the Best Day EVER! And Letting the Best Grow Day by Day from the Surprise of Life revealing You. Saying THANK YOU! More Joy Please! All Day Long. Cultivating the Heart. Being Grateful even as You are Feeling the Growing Pains in Transition. Letting go and Reaching for More. Easier said than Done. Staying the Course. Walking into the Unknown. Seeing All moments are a Gift. And acknowledging Not all moments are equally as Fun. Living Spirited from this Sense of Freedom within brings the Fun of Play. Finding humor. Laughing at the Absurdity of Life. Being entertained. Lighting the Dark. Knowing that This is the Life You came here to Live even in the midst of Challenges that aren't so Fun. There is a Rest within the chaos as You Receive the Moments come what May knowing This is Your Life. And it is okay to Be Scared. Making Peace with Fear as a Part of Life. Meeting Life in Life's terms. Believing in the Perfection of what Comes your way. The unfolding. The Timing orchestrated by the inner Rhythm. Being fully Present to You and Your Life in the Direct Experiences. Trusting Your Self. Leaning into what Scares You. Breathing into the Fear that comes to Play. Recognizing It. Seeing It can't Stop You. Pulling your Life Force out of the Fear by Doing what Scares You Most. Tapping into that Brave Heart that Remembers what You are Made Of. Kicking Ass for You with the Fight of the heavens. Knowing what You don't Face, what You don't look in the Eye will come back around to Visit You again and again until You Do. Mustering the Courage to Say what You Must, to Do what You Must, to BE YOU! And Go where only You can to the Well within You. Taking the Powerless Child by the Hand; the part of You that wants to Avoid, that wants to cut and run. Drawing on the Strength of the Universe. Always there. Always here. You are Braver than You know. This Moment. And the Next Moment and the Next has come to Show You the Force You are. Play with It all! Changing the Game by daring to Play even in the Moments that Terrify You. Feeling the Sense of Possibilities within. You at Play. Infinity at Play as You. Partnering with The Universe and going into the Wild which is Your Soul urging You Onward and Upward. Calling You to Rise. Revealing those Wings of Glory that will Fly You where You didn't Know you would Go. Life Beyond! Born from the Daring to Show Up and Live. What seems Little is Big. It isn't about Arriving at a Place where Life is Free of Challenges. It is Knowing the Power within You is No Match for whatever comes. Connected to the Truest Self. The spontaneity Springing from a Sense of Play. All moments are Alive with YOU. Forgetting and Remembering who You truly are and Finding your way Home. Again and Again. BELIEVE! Let All that Heart and Soul fuel You. Let your Excitement for being You ALIVE this Day make you HappyAss Dance from the Inside Out. Freeing the Possibilities. Affirming: It is Damn Good to Be YOU! Feeling the Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Over the Rainbow lies Within You!

Love Being You. Live the Magic of Being You. Daring to Love You brings the Miracles. The Dance of who You Are Ever-growing in the cloak of this night. In the Light of this Day. In All Seasons. In All moments. The Stirring of You. This Divine Pull. Calling in the Hush. Awakening more Beauty blossoming from the depths of You. You meeting Your Self. Accepting what You don't want to Accept. Making Peace with who You are. Wearing your Flaws As a badge of Honor. Embracing your Humanness. Loving what You just don't Like. Discovering the Best of You in what You judge as the Worst. Alchemizing the lead through the Power of your Brave Heart. Letting Go. Not fighting your Own Nature. Seeing You. Who you Distinctly Are. Liberating the Energy held in Shame and Guilt and Not Enoughness or Too Muchness. No longer Trying to Be who You aren't. Being You. You Breathe into every inch of your Body. Feeling the Light of the Heavens animating All of You. Engaged. Ignited. Passionate. Deliberately Moving. Releasing your Self from Ideas of who You should be. Your Life Force flows freely into creating this Life mirroring You. What fits You. What You want. Connecting to the Sacred within ever-guiding You Home. Whispering: "Be YOU. Just Be You." But it surely isn't Easy to return to this Simple Life. Sorting through Beliefs and Thoughts that once Felt okay but Now Feel confining. Your Soul feeling the assault. Always calling You back to Your True Self Cuts away again and again what No Longer Serves. Dismissing the Agreements. Reframing thoughts - All the Bullshit that leaves you feeling limited and less than. Acknowledging Regrets and pulling energy into Present Time. Seeing the Perfection in Arriving where You are Now. Understanding there are No Villains in Your Life Story. Only Players who came to return You Home. Claiming your Power from Giving it Away. Walking your Yellow Brick Road. Picking Up pieces of You step by step. ROCKIN those Ruby Slippers. High Steppin'! Remembering with All of You: There's No Place Like Home. Receiving the Magic of You. Seeing You. Standing Whole in this fractured World. Knowing the Truth: No need to Look Outside of You. Aligning with the Inner world creates the Life where You Feel Home. The Shitstorms and Twisters are Necessary uprooting You from what is comfortable and known to Reveal MORE of You. To Take You to Worlds within You Ready to Sing what You Never Imagined. SEEING: You are the Magic. Always You. Somewhere Over the Rainbow lies within You. AWEsome! Seeing You. You See All. You Being You doing what You Do Speak to the World without Saying a Word. The Love You are Speaks! And shouts: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Out of the Shadow into the Light

Out of the Shadow. Each of Us Walks Out of the Shadow into The Light. Into More Light than we Knew was Possible. The Soul knowing this Great Reveal of All the Light concealed is a Part of this Human Journey. But It is Not Easy. No one goes through Life unscathed. Our stories play Out differently. But Pain is pain and is as Sacred as Joy. Knowing our Own Story, we know Everyone's story. Compassion. Empathy. Connection to The Heart of the World through our Own Heart. This Depth of Love within Discovered in the personal hells. The Pain cuts Life into Us. All the Light we cannot See shines through the Wounds. More and more. This Liberation of who we Truly Are Until the Final Letting Go. Amazing Grace, was Blind and now, we See. Seeing What wasn't possible Before. Arriving at New Shores. Meeting Our Self. The swim through the Dark waters swallowing Us and graciously Spitting us Out. Honoring our Own journey from there to Here. Honoring All. Not judging. Loving Our Self. Loving All. Even those we don't like or choose to play with in this Life. Loving in the Energy of Appreciating others as Fellow travelers expressing this Light we cannot always See. But it is There. We are All lights of the Universe. Pieces of the Whole. One Light. One Love. The invitation this Day, Look Into Your Eyes and See: YOU. Feel the Awe of touching the Sacred Self. Feel the uncomfortableness of the Intimacy. Remembering who You truly are. Wow! Allow the Wow Moment! And Live the WOW! Of being You. Freeing You. Creating this Life that is Yours from this Fire you Carry. Expressing this Woo Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! Feeling your Self. Feeling the YES! Keep on Walking Out of the Shadows into More Light. You are Fierce. You are BeYOUtiful. You are The Light of this World kickingAss for the Joy of Being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

This Ache to LIVE!

There is an Ache to Live that Inspires Action. Moving toward the Life that Awaits. This Missing that can't be Explained. An inner Urging. Longing for What's known to the Soul. The Expectation of More Life opening within You and within the World. Life is Happening and has Happened. Pulling You with no Clear Map. Rooting in your Spirit Trusting, Feeling Certain in the midst of Uncertainty and walking with the Universe experiencing the Unshakable Faith in this Connection. See what Is. Focus on what Is. Feel life Realized. Actualized. Manifested. Visualizing and sipping the Images into your Bones. Walk into the Moments of each Day. Just keep Walking. Be Deliberate with a Sense of Purpose in All experiences. Tapping into the Magic within. This Mystical Dance of Human and Soul. Aligning the Human Journey with the Soul Journey holding Both Sacred. Walking into Life ever-Calling. Meeting who You need to Meet. Doing what You must. Being Still. Facing what Comes. Finding the Best of You even in the Worst. Knowing Thyself. More and More. Full Steam ahead. On your Path. Gathering momentum with the Your Energy in Present Time. Pulling your Life Force out of the Past. Freeing You. Standing Taller and Taller. Rising. And Life Rises to Meet You. Meeting More of You. Meeting the Lives you came here to Live in this Lifetime. One Door closes. And you Know another is Open. Walking toward the More. Step by Step. Letting Go. Going where You are Fed. Following Your Heart fierce enough to Liberate You. To Fight for this Adventure called Your Life. The holy Craving nourished in fulfilling Your Destiny. Returning Home to Your True Nature. You are You. Growing Life from The Wild which is your Soul. Happily at Rest. Nothing to Prove. Everything to Give. Wanting to Create for the Joy of Expressing You. Surely this is heaven on earth! Loving life for a million reasons and no reason at All. The Love abides. Bliss is Yours. The Dance of Happy springs from the well within You. You HappyAss dancing to the Song of You. In Harmony. The Rhythm within brings the Magic. Living this Dream Awake. Here. In the New Now. Ever-Dawning. Ever-Freeing. The Wonders of You. Wow! Wow! Wow! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Great REVEAL of You!

What we Call Change is just Living the Great Reveal of YOU! Yes. Life opening You Petal by Petal. The Poetic Dance between Spirit and Matter. You planning a Life and the Life you could Never have Planned comes a' Knockin'. Navigating the Unplanned Life that is here in front of You requires You to Trust in the Perfection not Visible to the Human Eye. Believing that where you are is Purposeful. Blessing where you are. Asking your Higher Self: "What is this Here to Show Me?" Going deeper than is comfortable. The Surface answer will always be based on your History coming from Past experiences or conditioned Beliefs. Live the Inquiry instead of going for a Quick Fix, and you will Experience lasting Change. The Connection to your Sacred Self will take you into depths of your Self. Knowings that spring from the Wisdom of the Universe will Transform You. And the Person you have Known your Self to Be will Rise Organically into More. Returning to your Own Nature. Knowing your Self intimately. But Never thinking you Know your Self so Well that You Lock your Self into fixed Ideas. Your Spirit Born for Flight always Sees the Open Door liberating You Again and Again until your Final Letting Go. Feeling this Sense of Freedom within your Self creates a Sense of Adventure. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Your soul Knows you came to Free the Joy of Being You. Beyond an Idea of what Joy is. This resonance within You is the Light of the heavens animating You and illuminating the Darkest moments. Stripping what's inessential to REVEAL the Truth of You. You. You. So Magnificent. Beyond the limited Self that will Wither You. Tune into the Feeling of the Flower Blossoming in your Soul beautifying you and Life. Love the Magic of Being You! And Grow the truest Wild which is Your Soul leading you into your Fullest Expression. Let the Prayer of Excitement in All that is and All that is to Be carry you into the Surprise of this Day. Meeting You. HappyAss Dancin hand in hand with You at Play. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

There's a Flower in Your Soul Ever-Blossoming

This Full Moon so Alive is Speaking the Colors of You. Me. All Life. Painting new Skies for You to Ride as the Old fade. This Spring of You breaking through the Winter ground still Cold and Frozen. But beneath lies the Wondrous happenings that call You to Trust. To Journey to A depth of Rest where the Bursting of Life is palpable and must Be Felt vibrationally. Seeing the Unseen. This Well of Love doing what you Alone could Not possibly Do. The cooperative Partnership of heaven and earth in the Flesh. Ohhh, the Miracle of You. Me. All Echoing. Mirroring The Beauty. The Truth known in our Bones Leaving you Awestruck. The Letting Go. And the Surprise of More. The Seasons Cycling churn within You bringing Energies Up and Out. New Beginnings. And Endings. Creating a Fuller Expression of Who You are. The Poetry of You at Play with Life. Your own Nature revealing the Force within. Ever-growing You and This Life. Death in Service to Life. The Birthing of the Self. Sweet and Bitter is the Surrender. These Words awakened Me: "There's a Flower in your Soul Blossoming YOU." The bloom in all its Glory doesn't Tell the tale of Necessity. What comes to Call between Seeds sewn and Promises realized is Mystical. Known only by the Soul. Humanity has the Same soul. Each life distinctly expressing its Truth and Beauty. What is written. The Sacred Blueprint. Embedded in our Spirit. The holy Code where God is. Where the Creative Field is housed. The call Does not adhere to the Control model of Humanity. The surrender to the Birthing brings an Ease. But there is No Easy in the surrender. The human Grip is no match for the divine Pull. But the Grip is a Part of our Nature. As is the Divine pull. The Paradox of Life. To See Both. To Hold both. Releases the Tension created in the Tug-o-War. Allowing the opposing Forces of our Own Nature. Seeing. The Invisible made Visible through the Eyes of Amazing Grace with a 1000 radiant Souls behind Them. Always here. Always there. The Light of Life. Ushering us into the Beyond. Smiling and Nodding. Welcome Home. This human Ride is COOL SHIT = SOUL SHIT! Unbuckle your Safety belt. Dance. Dance. HappyAss Dance. To the Music within. Surely this is LIVIN The Wild! Feel the Flower in your Soul Blossoming YOU this Day and All your Days. Weeping. Laughing. Experiencing the Great Odyssey of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Bold. Be You. Bring the Change!

You Changing the Conversation within Your Self changes You and All of your relationships. The intimacy You crave with Others must be Cultivated within You. Your Honest conversations within as You walk through your Days will Grow You and Stretch You. No BS! Telling the Truth to You about How you Feel in any given moment. Noticing when You go along to get along agreeing to things that don't sit well with you; that aren't aligned with who You Are. Observing how You show Up in various circumstances. Feeling empowered and disempowered. Being True to Your Self or Not. Honoring your wants and needs or ignoring your inner urge to Speak Up or Stand Up for You. Learning from it All. Understanding Life It Self is the Teacher mirroring your Truth. Revealing where Fear dictates your Choices. Not always easy to See or look at when you Let our Self down unwilling to Fight for Your Self as you do for Others. No Judgment. No Shame. Keep your Heart Open and Light understanding It is our Shared journey to Give our Power away in order to Discover It. To lose Our Self in order to Find More Calling us. Fear is Human Nature and the Brave Heart is Fierce enough to Free us. This Life is a Liberation walk moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day until the Final letting Go. "Know Thyself!" The Wisdom of the Ages. Your greatest Adventure is You. What will Challenge You most in Life is You. Coming to SEE You distinctly. To Embrace your idiosyncrasies as they are your View into Your Own world; your personal Wonderland that is Magnificent and So Rich. To explore Your Story lived and appreciate your own Hero's journey calling You to Rise. Evolving your consciousness and Awakening energies whose Time has come to Play for Your Joy (not punishment). Letting go of who You Believed your Self to Be and Letting More of You emerge. It is Fun to Be You! And when you can Appreciate your Self, you can Appreciate All knowing it certainly isn't always Easy to navigate this Life. But Opening to You Opens You to All. Connecting to You Connects You to All. Your Brave Conversations with Your Self create Brave Conversations with All. Bring the CHANGE! Dare to Believe in You. Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be the Breath of Fresh Air you ache for in this Vanilla World. Be YOU. And Go into the Wild of You ever-Growing the Joy of Being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! So stoked for You. Me. All. We're in this Together!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Wild Wonders of YOU!

The Power of Our PRESENCE is The Miracle. The Magic that Rides Us into The Life we Came to Live. It is our Truest Self alive in the Moments creating this Life with a Deep sense of Our Sacredness. In Awe. How Wondrous Life is. Truly Immeasurable. Infinity at Play through Us. All the Light we cannot See within Us as we Are Vessels channeling Amazing Grace. The heavens embodied shining through Us as we Go about our Days Being who we Are. Doing what we Do. Our culture is Pet obsessed for reasons we can Explain and Reasons Beyond. My Cats sit Here with Me in this Moment. Offering me their Presence. Surely, This Is EVERYTHING. The One True Thing. Our pets Remind Us that Connection is essential Soul Food. Nourishment that fuels Us as nothing else can. Without Connection, we Become "Fat Cats" starving to Know Our Self. On the Surface, we appear to have it All. But the Truth is a Poverty of Heart and Soul that leaves Us Craving. Feeling Empty Until we Return Home. Centered. Touching the Cosmos within. Presence is the Purest of Love, the Soul Force, The essence of You. Me. All. This Creative Field animating All Life. Why we Doubt Our Mere Existence Enough is The Story of Humanity. The Pain in Forgetting who we Truly Are is Our shared Hurt. The Fracturing from Our Sacred Self. The Outer World consumes Us as we become Externally identified disconnected from Our Spirit Ever-Free. In this Moment. Finding my Way to You. To Me. To All. I Know. My Heart swelling from the Remembering. This Love. I Am. You are. The Universe. Each of Us a Piece of the Whole. Your Dance as Sacred as Mine. My song is Me speaking to the World being Me and Yours is Your Voice expressing the Passion you came Here to let Out for Your Joy. Together, we Make this Day, All Days Holy. Simply Being who we Are. Doing what we Do. Intentionally directing our Energies into creating the Life where we Feel Home within our Self come what May. And Praying for each Other in Touching our Life Force and casting It Out to All. Loving each Other Up! Wanting Good for Your Self and All. Knowing we are in this Together. Rooting in the Presence, we Rise. Again and again. Wherever You Go, you take Me. Wherever I Go, I take You. Believe YOU Matter. Believe ANYTHING is Possible. Believe from Your Core and watch the Mountains Move. Faith in Your Self is Faith in Humanity. The World needs Your Presence. Walk Tall knowing the Wild Wonders of Being You. HappyAss Dancing into the Day as If You've got EVERYTHING to Give 'cause You Do: YOU! You. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)). Yes. It is Damn Amazing to BE You.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happiness Lost and Found!

Chasing Ideas of Happiness! The pursuit of Happiness an Idea as American as Apple pie. But the resonance of Happiness is an Inside Job found in the Hush. Letting the Pace of the Outer world Go as You Go into Your Self. Connecting. Touching the Sacred. Your Essence. Your Soul Knows the Truth. And your Heart Remembers ever-whispering You Home. Chasing You from the Dreams that Are Not Yours. The Pain of trying to Fit your Self into an Idea is an Ache that will Not let You go until You fly Free. Into You. Into the Life where Happiness holds You in the midst of Chaos and Storms that surely will blow through. Happiness doesn't exclude external events. Happiness is inclusive allowing All moments to Be. Being present to Life on life's terms at Rest. Rooted in Truth that the World just can't Touch. Matters of the Spirit where you meet Uncageable You. Dancing Free in the Beauty that You Are. And Always will Be. No more Chasing an Idea. That which you Seek Nirvana which is Life itself. Here. In this New Now. Receiving your Self breath by breath. The Infinite Playing the Song of Glory echoing through You. Fully Human and so Damn Divine. Yes!!! Feel the Magic You are animating this Life. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. It is Happening and it has Happened. The Paradox of Life met. Meeting You. Me. All. This Cosmic Force. POEM: There is a Surrender within My Self Happiness Tasted It Is Me Who I Am. This Sacred Homecoming Holy Communion Fulfilled by my Destiny Meeting My Self Seeing Me Knowing Me Receiving The Universe. POEM: This Force within You IT Matters Not What You Call IT IT only Matters That You Touch IT Connect to IT And Let IT Move You Stir You Free You Return You Home To Your Own Nature Where You Remember YOU Matter. FINAL THOUGHTS: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! YOU Matter. You Do. Your Happiness Lost in one moment and Found in the Next. We forget and we Remember. It's okay. As the Happiness is Never Truly lost. It just feels that way. It is Not possible to Lose what IS eternal. Infinite. Sewn into the blueprint of our Soul.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Live. Laugh. Love = Happiness

Happiness is Our Destiny if We only get out of the way and let our Heart and Soul guide us into a Spirited Life. Feeling Alive in a deep Sense of awe and wonder going about the living of this Adventure. Standing in the Truth that to Simply Be Alive is a Beautiful Thing. Discovering the Sacredness within and experiencing the Sacred in All moments. The seemingly Ordinary becomes Extraordinary as You go about your Day Being you, Doing what You do connected to the divine Essence. Remembering who you Truly are. Remembering YOU MATTER. Remembering your Relationship with Your Self creates your Relationship with All. Checking in all day long noticing when You feel disconnected from Your Self. The lights are On but Nobody's Home as you are in the Doing of Life with no connection to your inner Being. Feeling tired, overwhelmed, disempowered, bored, dulled, anxious, restless, swallowed by Life instead of Participating and Creating from a sense of Self. Asking your Self: what you Want and Need? Acting on Your Own Behalf. And Living the Answer returning to a Flow inviting it to Blossom you more and more. Breathing through your body to Open your Mind and plug into the intelligence of your Heart and Soul. Over-riding your Wants and Needs is the surest path to Unhappiness. But feeling Unhappy is the wake Up call to find our Way to Happiness. Clenched jaws from repressed Resentment and Bitterness is the result of chronic Unhappiness, holding on by a thread feeling as if you will Burst. This culture still celebrates the Sacrificing martyr believing a Good Person places everyone else's needs over her/his own. But this model is a recipe for Unhappiness. Assessing Beliefs that hold your Happiness hostage will set YOU Free. Liberating your Happy Heart! Challenging the Old crap that weighs on You, Reframing thoughts, consciously untangling from what You feed your Self and reprogramming is liberating the Happiness that lies within You. Letting Go. Again and again. Being vigilant. Setting intentions to Be Happy, to Cultivate Your Happiness will Reveal what's concealed, what you can't See; You become conscious of patterns, behaviors and Beliefs that make You Unhappy that Keep YOU and the Life you came here to Live at Bay. Believe In HAPPINESS! Fight for Your Happy. You are responsible for your Own Happiness which is made possible by you Responding to your Wants and Needs. And your Happiness will cause Happiness within the World awakening this Energy in Others just as Happy People stir your Playful Soul. Live. Laugh. Love. As if Your Very Life depends on It! Take your Self by the Hand and HappyAss Dance. It is Damn GOOD to Be You and Feel HAPPY. Woo woo woofrickinnhoo:)!