Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The POWER of Being YOU!

The Power of YOU! The way You Move in the World Being You. The things You do without even a thought. What's natural to You. What trying Not to Do would feel like You withholding your Spirit. The way you Speak without saying a Word. And the words You choose to Speak. Your Smile. Your Eyes. Your hugs. Your texts. Your kisses. Your posts and comments on Social Media. You Seeing others and sincerely Acknowledging and Affirming who They Are. Your THANK YOU's Appreciating anything and everything as you consciously See the Blessings, the Magic of Being you and life. Your Voice echoing OUT taking a Stand, offering Kind Words, Venting frustrations, EXPRESSing where You are. Letting IT Out. Liberating your Self as you are Present in the Direct Experiences making Choices. Noticing what Feels GOOD, aligned and Centered. Intending JOY, this Resonance, a pure Vibration pouring through the hush within You as YOU LIVE Out Loud. Knowing what You want and what You need. Checking In and Asking: "What do I want and need?" Honoring whatever comes Up. Saying what You MUST especially what scares the hell outa you because this is YOU daring to Be YOU which can feel so damn vulnerable. Fear holds us hostage so leaning into It breaks us FREE. Feeding your Energy drinking from the Well within You, Vitality Ever-SPRINGing, the Essence of You, this Force of Love YOU are. Always! Looking at the Skies and letting the Hope OPEN You. Remembering the Truth and Beauty of Being You. Feeling connected to Your Self and connecting to others along the Way. Tuning in. Entering this Day knowing You MATTER no matter what. Even if you are tired and wiped out and walking sideways feeling OFF center, Be with your Self knowing you Matter. What seems so small is actually huge. Whispering to your Self: I MATTER! Daring to Love being You. Daring to Love what You want to judge. Daring to Love when You resist this Flow of life washing through You Breath by Breath. Affirming your Self. Owning the Significance of your existence. Understanding that there's no way to measure what You contribute to the World. Some days and some moments You will see more clearly the effect You have on others and the world. Sometimes, you just won't which calls you to TRUST dropping into your Truest Self that knows your worth beyond the human scale. And hear the words of Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz: "You've Always had the Power my Dear, You just had to Learn it for Your Self." This is our Shared journey human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul, returning to our Own True Nature, claiming the POWER within. We ALL forget and we ALL remember! Some days, you being you connected to your Power help others Remember. And some days others help You. We are in this Together! Be YOU. Let others Be who They Are NOT who You need them to Be. Love Big. Believe with ALL of You! Dream your Ass Off. Let your Badass Brave Heart SHOCK YOU with the Ever-Growing Surprise of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It's damn Good to Be YOU!

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