Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jump. Fly. Trust. All damn Day!

Here. Now. This day. Breath by breath. Your Brave Heart is being called to Open wider to Jump into new waters! To go into depths of your Self and bring new energies OUT. Be emboldened. Feel your Self. Feel connected to the Fire within. This Passion, pure Love, soul force is Ready and won't take No! For an answer. Do not look outside of You. Listen to what you need and want Now. Do not override the guidance, these divine messages whispering: let's GO! Assuring you. Washing you with Peace in the midst of the chaos churning in the outer world. Be IN this world but remember: You are NOT of this world. Within your very heart lies the Sacred Heart of the World that longs to usher you onto new shores for your greatest JOY and highest GOOD. Befriend your nervousness. Befriend your anxiety. Befriend your fear. Take it by the Hand and JUMP! Do what you must to Free your Self. Last weekend, I was at my houseboat with friends. I was opening the rails on top so we could jump. I was giving instructions: "keep your arms to your side and point your toes so you enter the water like a pencil." I have JUMPED a thousand times off the top. Imagine my surprise as I walked to the edge and freaked out. Terror pulsed through me. I was stopped in my tracks. I bounced around shaking off my anxiety. Allowing my fear. Soothing my Self. Being patient with my Self. My friends all cheered me on. The winds blew through me mind, body and spirit. I said: "We got this Kath." And jumped! I plunged into the waters and they held me; immersed. Baptized. Made anew. I popped up. My arms stretched to the skies feeling my Victory. I yelled: wooooooofrickinhoooo! Trusting the waters again. Trusting my Self again. I climbed my happyass out of the water and did it again and again. The invitation for you: Jump. Fly. Trust. All damn day! And let your Brave Heart Open YOU, widen your circle of Life singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn GOOD to be ALIVE! To be YOU. Enjoyyyyy the Ride. Welcome the MAGIC.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BLOOM! Where You Are.

Step into this day. Feel your feet grounded in the earth. BLOOM where you are planted moment by moment. Find your way to your Heart center. Use your breath to connect to your Self. Plug into the Magic, to this Force you are that enlivens you and allows you to be in the direct experience of Life. Each moment. Unfolding You. Revealing You. Water your Self with this well of Love as you engage in the dance life is. Let whatever comes this day enrich you. Disconnected from our Self from the flow, we wither. Our attempt to protect our Self keeps life at bay. Plunge into the waters and be nourished with a sense of Aliveness being human, appreciating the adventure. All of it! Curse it. Bless it. Live it. Love it. Know how sacred you are. Know the story of YOU. In this opening, you will know the Story of All. The human odyssey is the great leveler. We all get our asses kicked. We all have tasted the sweetness of life made even sweeter by swallowing the bitter. No one goes through life unscathed. YOU. You are holy. Let go of judging and stripping away the Beauty of YOU. In this energy, you live FREE. Instead of trying to "change" your Self which is rooted in false beliefs of not enoughness and motivated by shame believing you "should" do this or that; you OPEN. An organic shift happens, amazing grace washes through, returning you to the core Self, this divine essence that parts the seas knowing ALL that you are and living this Truth. Liberation! The walk of no shame. Living fiercely from the heart. When you forget, LOOK to the skies! LOOK in your dogs eyes! LOOK at the bird perched in a tree serenading the world. And return Home. You are BeautyFULL. You freakin Matter. We are in this together. Badass adventurers. Let's do this! Let's live this Day singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! Happyass dancin no matter what comes out way! Celebrating this Life. Loving it for ALL it is.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dance into the Possibilities...

Let this day Sing YOU home to your playful soul! Moment by moment. Turn UP the volume from the inside out. Dance into the Possibilities. Free your JOY always there within your very heart. Welcome the innocence of a child Trusting life. EVERYTHING is perfect! Feeling the excitement of a new day at Play with Life, with your Self, with friends, with everyone you meet along the way. Connect. Engage. Stop your mind from derailing You creating a sense of dread, resisting the direct experience, holding on to fear, doubt and worry. Remember, every Hill you have climbed once seemed insurmountable. You navigated your way through Every obstacle you have faced sense birth. Let go! Jump off the crazy train that is externally focused and slide down into your Fierce Heart. ROAR! Touch your Fire. Live the Passion. Create this day with your brave heart that is wide open and opening wider with every breath every moment; broadening your circle, this Great adventure that Is your life. LOVE this day with ALL of you. Ain't no time for nothin but LOVE. Ohhhh Yeahhhhh! Your Soul knows. Your heart remembers. YOU are badass Brave. YOU came to Play...PLAY! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fly High!

Fly. Experience new worlds within You. YOU are so Brave! The well of courage within You calls you to new depths again and again throughout your day, throughout your life. Be Here. Breathe into this moment. Welcome this Day. Feel Alive dancing with the Magic life is breath by breath. Believe in Your Self! Be confident in YOU. Stand on your own two feet centered. Connected to the Universe. Unshakable. Unstoppable. Ready. Set GO! Step into this Day trusting the unfolding of You of life dancing in partnership. Create feelings of Goodness thinking of people who you absolutely Love who awaken your Joy in living. Think of all the reasons it is damn GOOD to be You! Invite More to Love. Expect More to Love. Be brave making choices from your Heart. Let More of You step forward to be counted. Remind your Self: I am so Brave! I have always been so Brave! Look back and scan your life for all the Moments where You dared to let your Heart steer You in the direction of your truest Self and truest Life. It ain't easy to be so BRAVE. But it is necessary! It is essential to Open YOU. Blossom YOU. This Love you are, this Love of Living cannot be contained. This Love calls you Home! Giggle like a child tuned into the innocence of You that only knows Truth asking: When did I get so damn Brave?! And hear your soul echo: "You came in with this Fierce Heart!" Use it. Tap into it. Let it Free You. Celebrate dancing to the Song of Your Heart. Feel liberated. Take your own hand. Befriend You. Love all that you are especially what you don't like, what you judge. Let go. Let life flow. Jump! Jump! Jump! And meet more of Your Self again and again. What a Joy ride! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))...hands in the air. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Words are ALIVE!

Words are not empty. They are ALIVE. They echo through us, through others; containing the vibration of the Universe. Soul force dancing. Grounding this power that animates you, me, all. Nourish your Self with words that remind you of the Truth of You. The Beauty of You. The Joy of You. The Miracle of You. Express your Self! Care for your soul this day sipping in the Magic. Look to the skies that call you HOME, to your truest Self. Say THANK YOU! Cheer your Self ON with words that Lift You. Free You. Open You. Affirm this Love you are. Drink from the well within touching your Fierce heart: Brave. Fiery. Wild. Raw. Unstoppable. Believe!!! What only you know in the depths of you. And when you feel overwhelmed, empty, lost, sad. Be with your Self. Acknowledging the feelings, you allow what comes instead of resisting the honest moment. Let it come. Let it Go. Again and again. Talk to your Self. Empower your Self with words. Let your words stoke that inner fire always there. Here. Now. In this moment. Within You lies the Love of the Universe that can part the seas and move the mountains. Fish from the Ocean of Love step by step. Sing. Dance. Play. Do. Be. LIVE!!! Live your life fueled by words that unlock your Magnificence this day. Every Day. Ain't no time for playin small when this BIG life awaits! Hell yeahhhh. Heaven on earth. Happyass dance! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is YOUR life! This day. This moment. So precious. Dancing You. Take life by the hand. Let go! Let your love of living OPEN you and fuel your day, understand your life is NOW. Acknowledge the things heavy on your heart and let them wash through you inhaling and exhaling. Quiet your mind. Fly out of the cage. Be FREE. Invite the Happy. Count the Blessings ever-flowing. Smile into your heart knowing: Today is gonna be GREAT! Love your Self, Love life for a million reasons and no reason at all. Hold your Self dear, hold your Self sacred as you would a new born baby. Welcome ALL of YOU, more of You to come out and play. Let your wildness ROAR. Appreciate All that you are with a devotion to you, to all creation understanding YOU are a part of the whole, infinity expressing. Extract the Beauty in the Dance present to your pain, present to your Joy. Let the honesty of the moments heal you and open you. No need to pretend. No need to swallow your feelings. No need to silence your voice. Feel what you are feeling. Say what you must. Tell the F&%king Truth to your Self. Let the Truth set you FREE. Let it pour through you UP and OUT like hot lava erupting. Welcome the tears and the laughter. Both. All. Uncensored. Flow. Ain't no time for wallowing, indulging in the Fear, worry or doubt. Give it a sacred place on the table. Be present to it. Let GO! Let the valves of life OPEN you wider and wider. Be emboldened and enlivened! Be YOU. Do YOU. Love YOU. Live YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! It is damn GOOD to be YOU. Bring ON the Magic!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Greet the Moments...

Celebrate life! Bless it. Curse it. Love it. Live it. Stretch your arms wide! Open your Self to this day. Let your heart, fierce and wise guide YOU. Greet the moments as beloved friends. Welcome life, anticipating the GOOD, inviting the Magic, allowing the winds to carry you where you wanna go and beyond, trusting the companionship of the heavens blowing through you. This is a time of Great transition for all. The Great UNKNOWN ushers you into your Greatness, revealing new depths, where you must go now. Feel the fear. Feel the excitement. Feel the terror. Feel the exhilaration. Feel lost! And trust you will FIND more of your Self. Keep your eye on the Prize. Hold the Vision for your life. Want what you want! Go ahead. Say THANK YOU! As if every dream has come true. Feel the JOY of life standing where you are, knowing that you will get where you wanna go. Believe in the MAGIC you are and Life is. Dig deep. Do what ya gotta do to show up for the moments, leaning into them all, letting them transform you, open you and lead you into new life. Draw on past experiences. See YOU. Know YOU. Love YOU. Claim your badassssness that allowed you to let go! And reach for More, for what's next?! You have done this your whole life. Each time is challenging, but you are strengthened by the evidence, grounding the proof of your ability to sail your vessel through the darkness, trusting the dawn will come. Take your Self by the hand and be your own best friend, showering your Self with compassion, patience, kindness...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your Self Up. Your love is the Miracle. This LOVE within YOU is the Magic of the universe! Find your way to the Magic all damn day:). Happy Dance to the song in your Heart singin: this LOVE, this LOVE, this LOVE I the seas and moves the mountains. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! I love YOU. I do.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome LIFE...Open and Curious!

Today. Consciously welcome Life, dwell in the possibilities, breathe in the Hope and Joy, breathe out fear, doubt and worry. Let go! Let life flow freely through you. As you move through the moments, be present to your Self, to others, to the unfolding events Open and Curious. Observe your Self and life FEELing the assisting forces, the amazing Grace of the universe springing through you and all of Creation. FEEL the connection. Feel the vibration of Love pour through you, through others, through all moments. Let this energize you and awaken your vitality ALIVE in a sense of Harmony. Dare to hear the Music within your very heart. Go. Do. Be You. Trust the dance. Trust the waters. Trust the universe guiding you, holding you, supporting you, partnering with YOU this day. All moments are sacred blossoming YOU into your fullest expression again and again...Until your last breath. This Day is YOURS. This is YOUR life! What do you want it to say? What do you want it to feel like? Hold your vision this day and stay the course BELIEVING with all of You that anything is possible! BELIEVING you are being assisted by the whole of this universe, a band of angels whispering guidance, urging you through physical sensations to make choices that free you; echoing YOU are Loved. YOU Matter. You are worthy of all the GOOD that comes your way this day. You deserve a life that Inspires you, that reflects YOU, that frees your Passion living for the love of living. Ain't no time for settling for a life that starves you, cutting you off from your Joy. Ain't no time for giving Up when you have life to LIVE. YOU are the only mountain to move this day. YOU are there only sea to part this day. Open your mind. Open your Self. Face the obstacles standing in your power aligned with the Universe. Know with all of YOU: if you are led to it, YOU will be led through it. And going around it, avoiding it is delaying the opportunity to GROW, to BLOSSOM, to kick some ass...doing what ya gotta do to live FREE! To bring on the Joy. To plug into the Bigness you are and life is. Ohhh, the wonders of YOU and this Day will surprise YOU! Let's do this. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Day...Dance with IT!

Here IT is! A brand new day. 24 hours of moments unfolding YOU...YOUR LIFE is NOW. Breathe IN the possibilities. Exhale all the stale energy, the residue of lingering fears and disappointments. Enter this day EXPECTING the Good, Counting the Blessings, saying THANK YOU all damn day. Fuel your Self this Day with More FAITH. More BELIEVING. More TRUST. More CERTAINTY. Touch your Spirit ever-FREE and let it OPEN you; let it LIGHT the way seeing what you haven't seen before; making new choices instead being stuck in a rut...seeing the Beauty of being scared shitless, FEELin Alive in the Fear instead of dead, dulled by the rut, the cage of your mind has created. Declare what YOU want! Fight for YOU. Discover the JOY of wanting. Explore new opportunities and stay open to Life ever-flowing, ever-guiding. BELIEVE with all your heart that things are working out for the BEST that the soul force of the universe has your BEST in mind always partnering with YOU not punishing YOU. Focus on what YOU are doing RIGHT. Focus on what FEELS GOOD. Focus on what gives YOU Hope. Focus on what gets you pumped UP excited to be YOU living this life. Do NOT indulge in worry, doubt or fear. Let IT go!! Choose to BELIEVE in YOU in Life. Look back at your journey so far and SEE your miraculous growth, the evolution of YOU, all that has led you here to this Day, this Moment. Within YOU lies the wisdom of the ages; within YOU lies this LOVE of the Universe that parts the seas and moves the mountains. Tap into this Magic, fish from this Ocean of Love within and let this Force show you the way into the MORE you crave. Invite it. Count on it. Say THANK YOU! Call out: Ohhh...magic life surprise me this day, DANCE me into what's next, into more Beauty, more Joy, more Love. And let it be. Be HAPPY anticipating the wonders! And let your HAPPYass light the way. Sing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Xo

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A lil FAITH is Big STUFF...

Have a lil FAITH! Faith in the UNIVERSE and Faith in YOUR Self go hand in hand. Tune IN. Listen. Trust the guidance to do this or that, to change this or that; to go here for coffee instead of there. Go ahead: PLAN. Plan your day, your week, do what ya gotta do to get what ya gotta get done. And make space, allow life to unfold YOU, take you into the surprises. Perched on FAITH knowing that you will get "there" wherever you wanna GO! Leap into this Day FEELING confident that you will meet people along the way who are messengers affirming you and your path. You will meet helpers offering you wisdom, a hand, whatever YOU need to keep ON keepin ON. Stay the course, hold the VISION while letting GO of fixed ideas of HOW things should be or HOW things will happen. Meet life moment by magic moment. Being present to your LIFE, you RECEIVE what you need; you are ALIVE in the dance here and now. FREE from your yesterday's events, letting GO! Remembering: life is NOW!! Asking: what do I want NOW?! What do I have the power to change? What is behind my choices? FAITH!!! Believing in what you KNOW in the depths of YOU. Creating the life you were born to LIVE that fits YOU that is aligned with YOU...FAITH!!! Believing. Trusting. FEELING certain that EVERYTHING is leading you Home, Discovering MORE of You; Getting CLARITY about what you Want and what you don't want. Remembering the stories of your hero's who took the road less traveled and bravely let their inner compass guide their lives into the ADVENTURE of each day. Hold your heroes in your heart for they MIRROR you! You picked them because you are kindred souls. They SING the song of YOU echoing Truth and lighting the way...INSPIRING YOU! Grounding these words of FAITH: Anything is POSSIBLE! Be you. Show up. Dare. Surround yourself with people who FEED you and energize YOU and OPEN you to the MAGIC you are and life is. The mantra of the Great Explorers is SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Live OPEN as you walk in Faith this day KNOWING your gifts, BELIEVING in the forces of the universe ever-assisting YOU. Effort and Grace...step by step. Lean into LIFE expecting the BEST; make lemonade out of lemons. Spin the lead into GOLD. Extract the OPPORTUNITY in every circumstance: what is this here to SHOW me?! Take charge. Rule your life from the inside OUT. Small changes are actually BIG. Let's DO this Day wide OPEN: Bring on the MAGIC! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). It is damn GOOD to be YOU!!! Xo

Monday, July 21, 2014

Go for BROKE...Break FREE!

Breathe. Stretch. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the support of the earth as you STAND in all that you are. Feel the strength you embody inhaling LIFE, exhaling LIFE. Head out the door, GO for a walk! GO for a run! GO for a drive! GO to Yoga or kickboxing or to whatever FEEDS you. The person who heads OUT the door isn't the one who comes back. You shift MOVING energy, stepping into the DAY, dwelling in possibilities, saying over and over: life is SO GREAT! Say Thank You for the moments that suck and the moments that make you happydance; remembering it ALL serves YOU. YOU are opened UP ever-blossoming, participating in this Sacred Dance being YOU. Touch your Spirit ever-FREE! Connect to your truest Self that knows the Power within YOU, the Creative potential of each Moment, flowing and opening. Return to the Innocence within, the childlike wonder, TRUSTing life, TRUSTing your Self; this is your brilliance, your kickass Self that DARES because it KNOWS you cannot possibly fu#% this life up! No way. No how. It is YOURS. Live it. LOVE it. Do. Be. Do YOU. Be YOU. GO for broke!!!! Breaking FREE into the Riches YOU embody, the RICHES of this Life. Spend Your SELF and FEEL the RICHES of the Universe spiraling through YOU, sharing your Self generously because YOU must because it feels damn GOOD. Mine for the GOLD. Claim the treasure YOU are. Hold your Self WIDE OPEN...Going for BROKE! Because holding back is painful. Withholding who YOU are disconnected from your sense of Self drains you of your vitality; your precious life force pulsing through your every breath. You are here to LIVE the Passion! You are here to FREE the Joy in expressing YOU, playing with Infinity. You are Creators in the Flesh partnering with the heavens, grounding the MYSTERY life Is; mirroring the BEAUTY for as long as this Magic carpet ride lasts. GO!!!! Go for Broke! Break FREE. And FEEL the whole of the Universe fueling YOU this moment, this day! Wowwww!!! Shout it OUT: woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!! Xoxo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

IMAGINE: You are Magic!

Step into this day with a sense of the MAGIC you are, with a sense of the MAGIC life is. Be grateful for all that IS and Imagine what can be. Awaken more of YOU stirring, ready to come out and PLAY in ways that stretch YOU and expand YOU. Ground in your gifts, appreciating what makes you YOU and OPEN to how these gifts can be used. Dare to let go of limited beliefs and thinking. Speak MAGIC. Write it out. Wave your wand and live OPEN. Grow your Dreams painting new pictures beyond what you believe is possible. Get excited as you create new visions for your life! Being with my great nieces, Morgan and Sidney, has stoked my sense of MAGIC and reminded me of the Power that lies in IMAGINATION. Playing mermaid, swimming the back cove with them, they began to wave their wands saying: we are special lake mermaids so we swim on the surface and our fins turn into legs when the come out of the water... They went on and on and on. I was so INSPIRED as we spoke MAGIC. And immediately thought of Life as "Practical MAGIC". Grounding in who I am, who you are; in a sense of what we want to create and express, we dare to show UP. Rich in the EXPERIENCE of living. All of it. Step by step day by day, we touch our Spirit ever-FREE, remembering the MAGIC we are, dancing with Infinity; and facing what comes our way, the BS, navigating the challenges and slaying the dragons. Living it ALL. Loving it ALL. Feeling it ALL. Knowing THIS, this is our life. Each moment. Believing in the MAGIC even when life takes us to our knees. Discovering the opportunity to RISE beyond, where we didn't know was possible. Fishing from the Ocean of LOVE within, fueled by the MAGIC, seeing BEYOND the circumstances, we find our Self again and again. This is YOUR personal odyssey, your tale of Wonder and WOW! Believe. IMAGINE. Trust. Let GO! Dream. Claim the MAGIC you are and Life IS! Express your Self. Live FREE in the Beauty of it ALL. Happyass Dance from the inside OUT! Singing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! And FEEL the Magic...ohhh yeahhhh.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

LOVE Never Dies.

Wisdom speaks through us ALL: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Love life with all of YOU, expressing your Self, sharing the essence of You, freeing the Passion, this LOVE of living, aligned with this LOVE you are. Let this Truth echo from your every breath, from your Presence going about this day doing what you do, being YOU: Love Never Dies...Yesterday, Morgan, my 8 year old great niece colored this message for me with hearts all around it. When asked where she heard this or read this, she shrugged her shoulders and said: I just KNEW it. The soul KNOWS. We embody this Truth that LOVE lives on. This force of the universe ALIVE within us, animating us, inspiring us as we FREE more and more of it awakening our Self to the profound Beauty we are as we journey this life. This LOVE you are! This LOVE I am. This LOVE that connects us all in this Dance is the invisible elixir fueling our Dreams and bringing the JOY, the HOPE, the WONDER as we make our way, exploring life and welcoming the adventure. I heard this in the movie, Serendipity: When someone died the ancient Greeks did not write obituaries, they simply asked: Did they have PASSION? And I invite you to let this LOVE you are speak the Truth of YOU! Let go of worrying about being "good", BE PASSIONATE! Whatever you do, LOVE it! Muster this energy, drink from the eternal well within ever-springing: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Love the suckiest moments and the moments that make you cheer: woo woo woofuckinhoo! Love who you are especially the parts you wanna change. LOVE in its purest form beyond human definition heals us, creates miracles MOVING mountains. Find your way to LOVE again and again, shouting BRING it ON! Thank YOU! I love my Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! I love YOU. I SEE You. You are badassssssss!!!! Xo

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Shores AWAIT: Let GO!

Letting GO of the known is necessary but it isn't always easy. The known, the familiar GROUNDS us even when hangin on is kickin our asses, stripping our joy and causing us pain. Everything we do even the things we don't wanna do and try not to do SERVES us! Often, the things we do that hold us back from setting sail into the MORE, into "what's next?!", into the Great UNKNOWN are subconscious. Being aware, tuning in, loving our Self through it all allows us to navigate our way through life; letting GO! Reaching for MORE! In the GREAT unknown, a new depth of your GREATNESS is discovered...more of YOU, more of your Life force, your vitality is freed so YOU can USE it instead of the energy imploding within you, USING you, depressing YOU instead of expressing YOU. Yesterday, I played mermaid with my great nieces and felt so INSPIRED by their courage. Sidney who will soon be 5 had a comfort zone which was no more than 3 feet from the houseboat ladder. I invited her to take my hand and swim to the shore with me. And in she did! She would stop and turn to look at the houseboat saying: "LOOK! Look how far I swam." I kept assuring her she is brave and can do this. We reached the shore which is rock lined and she stood there victorious, picking up a rock, a trophy to remind her of the power within her ( she doesn't consciously know this but her soul does!). I told her how brave she is and she told me: "You are brave too!" We are ALL so damn brave! We are. You ARE. The whole if your life you have found a way to LET GO! Again and again and journeyed into the unknown. Everything that has led you here to this day is evidence of your courage. USE it to stand confidently in the midst of worry, doubt and fear! Remember how BRAVE you are and that new shores will call you HOME again and again to explore new depths of YOU until your last breath. By the end of yesterday Sidney, her sister, Morgan who will soon be 9, swam the entire cove. These lil mermaids earned their fins and absolutely FEEL so great! All from letting Go into the GREAT unknown. Take my hand!!! Trust the waters of life whether choppy or calm to hold you, to carry you to new shores. Push. Rest. Swim. Float. Just keeping diggin deep to find the gears within YOU ready to be ignited this day. Be excited. Have FUN being YOU. Let this day, moment by moment, show YOU more of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let GO! And then, Let GO! Again...

Let GO of judging what is Negative and what is Positive and LIVE FREE! Be where you are. Feel what you are feeling. It is truly ALL GOOD. Go ahead. See the Magic of being present to Your Self allowing the Truth of the moment to wash through. The part of us that filters what we deem negative or positive is the ego, our human self that lives from conditions from rules that say: this is bad and this is good. TRUST your Self! You KNOW. You possess a wisdom that guides YOU in this liberation walk. Your Soul, your higher Self can contain it ALL, be present to Life unconditionally accepting vs. judging. Let GO of worrying about being GOOD and just FREE your Passion, let YOUR Love of living and doing and being YOU open YOU, creating a Life this day, moment by moment that reflects YOU; not some censored version of you and who you think you should be. STOP beating your Self up! It doesn't work!! Self beat doesn't INSPIRE you and your life. All feelings, all choices, all actions contain information regarding what you NEED and what you WANT... Now! Stop filling in the blanks with life stripping judgment and ask your Self: What do I want? What do I need? Honor where you are. This act of Courage is the LOVE of the heavens pouring through you. Give your Self the Compassion, the understanding you CRAVE from others. Nourish your Self with assuring words and hold you own handing saying over and over: I got YOU! I got YOU! Let's do this day making choices that inspire you to come ALIVE! Living from the inside OUT! Touching that Vitality ever-springing that causes happiness for no reason and a million reasons! The essence of YOU, this force of LOVE that knows: it is a GREAT DAY because you are ALIVE in this body getting to EXPLORE and excavate YOUR GREATness. Be in awe! See how many HAPPYgasms you can experience flooded with excitement to be YOU, to journey this adventure ever-unfolding, freeing the JOY! I love you and I am WITH you connected heart to heart, human to human, soul to soul...woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Shades of YOU!

Enter this Day with Fresh eyes! Let GO of yesterday. Dare to SEE the wonders, loving the unfolding adventure breath by magic breath. Open YOUR SELF to new shades of life inviting the Beauty you are, the Beauty of living to be revealed. Experience this TRUTH: things don't change, WE CHANGE... We are transformed again and again ever-blossoming until this journey ends. How EXCITING! and How terrifying! We must hold both, allow all that we feel. There is a sense of grounding and comfort in the familiar; regrounding in the NEW requires patience and compassion with our Self. As I swam the cove behind my houseboat, I looked at the foothills, the same trees that have lined the shore hugging me for over 20 years. A new shade of GREEN came OUT to Inspire me, to meet me, to stir me. I welcomed this physical evidence of this new life cycling through me. I am in a new season that has organically come. I ride the waves of Amazing Grace that allow me to flow with life, roll with the changes; trusting my Self, trusting the Universe! Knowing my openness makes the ride easier as the currents shift and the choppy water churns and jostles me. Take my hand! We are in this together. FEEL empowered. FEEL afraid. FEEL whatever bubbles UP! Let it come and let it GO. Use your breath to navigate the moments, walking by faith in this Force of Love you are. Do. Be. Do. Be. New shades of life revealing more of YOU. Dance FREE. Nothing can stop you but YOU. Fly out of the cage. Love this day and live it ALL feeling the possibilities. Love your Self appreciating where you are at any moment, letting go of judgment and criticism. New shades of YOU reflecting the light of the heavens ever-guiding you, pouring through YOU being YOU, doing YOU, enjoying the ride day by day. Remember, there is always LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Stay the course! Make your way through cheering your Self ON with nourishing words that affirm the Courage and Strength that lies within. EVERYTHING you need lies within YOU! Use it ALL. Discover new depths. LOOK at the new shades of YOU and welcome the BEAUTY you are. Here we GO! Here we GROW! You got this! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who YOU Are is BADASS!

Let's DO this Day. Be YOU! Free YOU! Say THANK YOU all day long. Here YOU are! Open Your Self feeling the excitement of this unfolding day, dwelling in the possibilities, living this adventure being present to the experiences, receiving the blessings, mining for the gold, trusting your Self to navigate ALL that comes your way. The invitation to LIVE each day as if it were your last!!! Not to focus on the fact that one day, this life will be no more; but to focus on the SIGNIFICANCE of YOU and your dance with life and with others as you SHOW UP being YOU doing what you do. Tune into your secret heart full of desires, sacred longings and expect to meet helpers that the universe brings your way to deliver messages, to open doors, to usher you into the more that awaits, the Dreams ready to manifest. Believe! Believe with ALL your heart in the Beauty of YOU and all you have to give; and live OPEN, receiving all the assistance, all the goodness, ALL the Love that comes your way. Remember: your GOOD comes from the Universe! Aligned with your Higher Self, YOU have the power of the Universe, this Force of LOVE flowing through YOU, allowing you to face what you must, to DO what you don't wanna DO but must in order to GO where you wanna GO. This LIFE is a liberation walk moment by moment, Day by Day until our last breath! Muster the Courage, drinking from the well within, knowing you can absolutely meet any challenge riding the waves of Grace holding YOU through it all, guiding you to the other side. FEEL that Fire within and know YOU are unstoppable! YOU have EVERYTHING to Give and nothing to lose. The only mountain to MOVE is YOU, letting go of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that make you forget: ANYTHING is possible!!! Focus on what you are doing RIGHT and DO more of that. Follow inspired ideas for this is your inner compass, your higher Self taking YOU where it is now time to GO! Go Boldly!!! Because it FEELS damn GOOD to be ALIVE...because it feels better to be scared shitless daring to GO into the UNKNOWN than to be numbed out, cut off from the flow. Life is NOW! Breathe IT in. Let it ROAR through YOU. Shock Your Self! Let life SURPRISE you:). Who you are is BADASS...who YOU will Be?! Beyond Badasssss. Go! Be YOU. Have FUN. It is damn GOOD to be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Ohhh, I love you!!! Xo

Monday, July 14, 2014

YOU are a Force!

Breathe...feel your feet on the ground supported by Mother Earth. Feel the heavens blowing through you echoing your truest song: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Root in this moment, this day to RISE! We meet more of our Self each day in the seemingly ordinary moments that are actually EXTRAordinary! Waves of Amazing Grace swirling through us, through all of Creation ALIVE in the dance Life is! This human journey so sacred takes us into worlds within again and again...the opening of us into Life! Every moment, every experience is an opportunity to OPEN wider to live FREER flowing with ALL that comes grounded in a sense of Self, this Force we are, Bigger than the Obstacles & challenges that are A part of living. EVERYTHING that comes our way is there to lead us Home into a deeper sense of Self where we find Strength and Hope in the midst of the storms. We learn to TRUST our Self as we LIVE ALL the crapola that we don't want to face that sends us reeling as we try to find ways around it, avoiding the BS because it sucks. Navigating our way OUT using our inner compass we Discover how Magnificent we are, how powerful we are, how we are hard wired to FIGHT for our LIFE; to die TRYIN! Back into a corner by life circumstances, we DO what we Do, what we MUST to live! Now, that is badassssss:). That is YOU. That is me. That is ALL. The hero we are, the hero we have always been BURSTS through each of us to reveal the Magic we are. We live and die over and over experiencing lifetimes within this lifetime. Our heart is broken to take us into depths of Love and Joy. This is not a punishment or cosmic ass kicking even though it FEELS that way; each experience OPENS you, births more of YOU, hatching potentials, cultivating seeds of Promise that are ready to perfect TIME! Be PUMPED! Jump around enlivened by life dancin YOU happily into what's next?! Into the Surprise of Life wandering and exploring and sharing your Self generously. Ohhh HAPPY DAY:)! Happyass dancin to FREE the Joy! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xoxo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

It is DAMN GOOD to Be YOU!

Knowing YOU MATTER! Knowing that Your love of living spills into the heart of this world. Knowing Your JOY affects the whole, consciously cultivate Abundance entering This Day with a grateful HEART. Be BRAVE! Live with your heart OPEN guiding you and your choices into your truest Life where you feel ALIVE in this Dance. Connect to your heart and FEEL Your Courage springing from the depths of you as you step into the moments sure-footed in the knowing YOU can live your way into Liberation from the Fear, worry & doubt. Showing UP with your Heart wide OPEN to the possibilities hatching. Trust Your Self!! This higher Wisdom, the voice if your Heart that only wants GOOD for You, that holds YOU and your desires SACRED, that only wants to usher more of YOU into the world, materializing your Spirit, manifesting your Dreams. Touch this Part of YOU So you can touch Hearts with your Heart flowing FREEly, revealing the Magic life is, living with a sense of Purpose having Faith that your LOVE of being YOU, offering your Self and your Gifts is living the Richest Life. GREATness Known embodying the Truth, plugged into this limitless well of LOVE, the truest Power within. Your relationship with your Self pours from your Heart into ALL. It all starts with YOU! Your inner world is mirrored in the outer world. LOVE your Self as a Sacred Vessel expressing the Heavens here on earth. LOVE your humanness, accepting your fallibility, laughing instead of criticizing, judging and beating your Self UP. Life is NOW!!! Right NOW: choose LOVE and create a Day of Miracles where you know IT IS ALL GOOD! Even when it doesn't feel that way:)). Look for the Blessings, for the GOOD and life is GOOD even when it sucks. I love you! I hear you singing your truest song of LOVE and you inspire me to Dance wildly into my heart into the day...happyass dancin because it FEELS great:)! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn GOOD to be YOU:))!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

There is so much to LOVE...Start with YOU!

Ohhh...there is so much to LOVE about this Life! Start with YOU. Appreciate your Self. Drop into your heart and LOVE all that makes you YOU...especially the things that you wanna wish away, the things you judge and criticize. LOVE it ALL! Appreciate how you are uniquely wired and delight in a sense of Self looking at the Beauty in all that you are. See your Self through the eyes of amazing grace which shines the light of Truth lifting the veils that keep YOU from the LOVE you are; the LOVE you always are! The LOVE you always will be! Our journey into our Self, this great odyssey opening to our GREATness is meeting our Self again and again with wonder, in AWE...singing "I once was blind but now I SEE..." Amazing GRACE allows me to see the Beauty of me, the Beauty of every choice, the Beauty of every experience...ALL of it! EVERYTHING! Leading me Home. There is SO MUCH to LOVE about YOU! This LOVE of your Self creates a Life you LOVE even when challenges come, when things don't line up as you want them to. Appreciation OPENS you! Appreciation OPENS the moments so you can GO with the Flow of Life riding the waves. There will never be another day just like this one so ENJOY it, appreciate IT! And there will never be another human being just like YOU so appreciate your Self, enjoy being YOU! Happyass dance in celebration of YOU:))! I love YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xoxo

Friday, July 11, 2014

LOVE this Day with ALL of YOU!

Today, Live the Passion! free your LOVE of living. Love being YOU! Love the people you get to share the journey with. Love! Love! Love! because it feels damn GOOD. Loving, the energy of LOVE is high vibe living. Invite PASSION to dance you this day into more LOVE, more JOY, more of YOU, more of Life. Let go of what you think Passion means and experience Passion as a living inquiry. Feel the Passion, this Creative force, this Fire within! Feel engaged mind, body, heart and soul. FEEL Alive plugged into the moments, the moments of this day are your Life. The way you live today; the way you love today creates your tomorrow. When life FEELS damn good, we are flowing OPEN, living this Dream life is wide awake, believing in the MAGIC we are and life IS; excited by the possibilities! Saying THANK YOU as gratitude pours from the depths of us; appreciating the ride of life! Appreciating all that makes you YOU! Appreciating all that has led you right here, all the challenges, heartbreaks and ass kickings as well as the triumphs, victories and miracles. ALL experiences serve us and awaken us to this LOVE we are; igniting the PASSION, this love that must be expressed and shared and freed because NO THING feels as GOOD as living our truest Life! The world needs YOU and your LOVE of living:). Give your Self generously! I LOVE YOU!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo...happyass dancin with YOU being ME living FREE...xoxo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

YouTube: Live the Passion!

Youtube video...Live the Passion: Take ONE!

Just BEGIN...LIVE your WAY!

Let GO! Step into this Day READY, shouting from the inside OUT: Bring it ON! Let's do this! Here I AM! Bang your chest. Happy dance;). Let GO! of worrying about HOW?! How you will get from where you are to where you wanna GO. BREATHE. Connect with your sense of Self, your sense of your BIGness, feeling the power that lies within YOU, the whole of this Universe partnering with YOU! Do what ya gotta do to shake off disappointment, frustration and fears! All FEELings allowed to pass through us are neutral but residues of yesterday, the past and subconscious crapola can keep us from showing UP, from stepping into the Dream right here and now; from just BEGINning, doing what we MUST to FREE all that lies within Us. This journey requires us all to TRUST more than we want to; to leap into the UNKNOWN believing we will get "there". The only way is to LIVE the way day by day. Experimenting and exploring in order to OPEN our Self more and more. Stuck in doing it RIGHT or trying to figure it out, we wait for SOMEDAY. But life is NOW and someday may never come. Consciously paint the unfolding of this day visioning the helpers that will come to bring messages, offer wisdom or open a door for you. BELIEVE!!!! With all if your heart in your Self and your Dreams especially when you don't want to. Feed yourself nourishing words being your own best friend. Say HELL NO!!! To the thoughts and beliefs that sweep in threatening to hijack YOU. Lean into each moment and FEEL alive being with the terror and the exhilaration! Here YOU go...LOOK at YOU rising higher and higher! Because you must. Because it feels Damn GOOD to show up for the partay Life IS!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Xoxo

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dream! Dream! Dream!

DREAM! DREAM! DREAM! Never stop Dreaming and Believing in your Heart's desires burning, bubbling, calling you! What if your Dreams pick YOU? And that sense of "there's gotta be more to life"; the discontentment where you feel restless is the depths of your soul stirring and contracting, READY to birth more of YOU?! Not to kick your ass as some cosmic punishment but to FREE you; to awaken more JOY in expressing the seeds of promise planted within you. Going with the FlOW! Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. Allowing the seasons to ebb and flow and dance you into "what's next?" Into the unknown where you must let GO! To let IN new life, your Dreams manifesting as your Spirit materializes again and again; unfolding YOU, blossoming YOU, growing YOU. This is what being ALIVE is! Dying to who you were in order to be reborn. Meeting MORE of you all in perfect time. Amazing Grace pouring through YOU as you muster the Courage to take the first step into New Life hatching moment by sacred moment, breath by magic breath. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Is the Miracle fueling YOU and your Dreams that picked YOU...freakin AWEsome! woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moment by Moment: BE There. Be YOU!

LIVE OPEN! Let life take you on a journey into your Self discovering new Depths of Love, Joy, Hope, Wisdom. Wherever life leads you this day moment by moment, BE there! Mine for the gold in all experiences, in everyone you meet; soak up the surroundings as you drive down the road or sit at a coffee shop. Your life is NOW! Be present to IT. Plug your Self into the Dance with the Universe, flowing through YOU and all life. Feel engaged fully connected to the Amazing Grace guiding you to exactly where you need to be, ushering you into new opportunities, partnering with YOU as you create the Life that frees your Joy. Live this Dream life IS wide awake, inviting the Magic to surprise you and inspire you; dancing you into "What's Next?!""What Now?!" LIVE this adventure: Discovering ALL roads lead you HOME, letting go of worries about right or wrong choices, navigating the here and now, following the signs, listening with your Heart, trusting the Wisdom you embody, Daring to want a life that makes you come Alive, BELIEVING you are the co-creator of YOUR LIFE!! Exercising your power of choice again and again, observing your self compassionately seeing which choices fuel you, energizing you and which choices drain you. Your awareness OPENS you to make different choices. LOVE this Day! LIVE it All experiencing the moments unfolding YOU. Be there. Be YOU. Live OPEN. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ohhh, MAGIC Day...Surprise ME!

Ohhh, MAGIC Life ever-opening, ever-freeing, ever-flowing, let's Dance! Invite the SURPRISES that are sure to come this day. For it is in the SURPRISE of Life that we PLAY with the Universe. We plan. We do. And the Universe BLOWS through us showing off, taking us beyond, lifting us to new heights, assuring us the that we are NEVER alone, reminding us we are here to experience the JOY of being who we ARE and creating a Life that expresses our truest Self. Follow the SIGNS! Receive the affirming messages that come from others; and BELIEVE these messages are from the heavens reminding YOU to stay the course especially when you don't want to, when the climb gets too steep, when the shit storm overwhelms. Let GO! Breathe. And let the Universe show you new depths of YOU; immeasurable Strength and Power that allows you to face what you would rather not. Tuned IN to your higher Self, you KNOW with all of YOU, you can handle anything and it really is ALL GOOD! Hear the messages cheering YOU on to keep being YOU, to Claim the gifts you have been given and KNOW the significance of YOUR Life. YOU MATTER! Your Dreams Matter. What you want Matters. How you FEEL Matters. Your VOICE Matters. Your JOY in living MATTERS! Walk into this Magic Day expecting The most delicious SURPRISES mirroring the BEAUTY of YOU:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xo

Sunday, July 6, 2014

BELIEVE: You are Worth the Fight!

Connect to YOUR Self, to the LOVE within YOU, the universal POWER that animates YOU and lifts YOU beyond the limitations. Stand in the Truth of YOU and breath by magic breath FEEL the seas part and mountains move, letting GO of human limitations based in Fear, letting GO of obstacles created by finite thinking. Fight for YOUR Life! Do what ya gotta do to journey into your Spirit ever-FREE and discover the truest confidence rooted in TRUST: believing it is ALL GOOD! (Even when it doesn't feel this way)Everything is leading you to where you want to go. FAITH: believing in what you cannot see, mustering the Courage to step into the UNKNOWN knowing you can't possibly F%%k this life UP! If you are led to IT, you will be led through IT. Each experience INVITES you to LOOK at your Self and your choices, reflecting on what serves YOU and what doesn't. Daring to FIGHT for YOU and make different choices that align with YOU, where you are Now; Willing to disappoint others as to NOT disappoint YOU; understanding when we make choices to PLEASE others believing this is what we do for those we LOVE, we will only grow to resent them. LOVE your Self so you can LOVE others! Just say HELL NO! To the BS thinking and self-talk and consciously FIGHT for YOUR LIFE knowing you are Worth it! BELIEVE in YOU! Be BRAVE enough to fight through old beliefs and patterns. The liberation walk is never ending; but it does get EASier as we GO with the FLOW open to Life, ALL of it, dwelling in Possibilities as we climb uphill and downhill; BELIEVING life is damn GOOD even when it Sucks:). YOUR Life is here and NOW...create a life you LOVE and share your LOVE with All the world! DREAM! Imagine. BELIEVE! Do YOU. BE Free. Live the MAGIC you ARE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stepping OUT into the World via YouTube! this is a link to my first video Your SHIT Matters! I am chillin at the lake and spontaneously made this and posted it! There will be a series so please subscribe. Together, let's step OUT into the world knowing we MATTER! Be YOU. Do YOU. Live the PASSION:)! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Ohhh...The BEAUTY You Are!

The JOY of being...being ALIVE present to where we are...IN the moment! Even the moments that terrify us shooting fear and anxiety through our bodies, rocking us, there is Beauty in the allowing! Allowing the frustration to wash through and FEEL our nervous system go into FLIGHT, staying with it breathing through the experience when we want to cut and run is fierce living. The JOY of discovering a deeper sense of Self, our essence, seeing the BEAUTY we are and life is; sipping this Truth into our bones, we know EVERYTHING invites us to Beauty in what we want to judge as negative, bad or ugly. The depths of Beauty and JOY, we will come to know exploring this human journey, living this our personal odyssey...Ohhh, we cannot fathom! There is no limit to the Soul. There is no way to know what is beyond; ALL the Joy that awaits us mining for the GOLD each day, anticipating the GREATness we ARE and LIFE is ever-blossoming, OPENing US wider and wider. LOVE beautifies and brings the JOY flowing FREE with Life; the moments we bless and the moments we curse. Invite the BEAUTY! Welcome the JOY pulsing through YOU for no reason and a million reasons. Hold your Self SACRED. Hold EVERYTHING Sacred. EVERYTHING is YOU! Can I get a HELL Yeahhhhh:)?! Happyass Dancin FEELin the BEAUTY, touching your Spirit!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Set the World on FIRE with YOU!

Happy 4th of July!!! Set the world on FIRE with YOU being YOU:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo! FREE You! Fly out of the cages that limit you and dance with the Infinite, visioning the Dreams, FEELin alive, dwelling in the possibilities. Be ON Fire for Life! Set the world on FIre Freeing your passion.Expressing this LOVE of living; Knowing today is precious! Knowing You are precious. Life is NOW and Someday may never come. Breathe this moment IN. Let Go of all the disappointments, worries, doubts, and fears. Breathe...Ignite the FIRE within and stir YOU, the gift YOU are into the world. Let go of who you think that should be and BE YOU! Enter the Day with a BANG! Engage in the dance Flowing with life, Trusting life, giving THANKS for all that comes your way, for ALL that you are. Liberating your JOY singing your truest song, you OPEN the heart of the world. Freeing your sense of ALIVEness...let your LOVE of living INSPIRE you and ALL! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Xoxo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

RECEIVE this Love YOU Are and GIVE it Away!

RECEIVE this LOVE you are! Pave this Day with your Gold and walk with an abiding JOY echoing from your heart. Nothing you can manufacture is as Great as being who YOU are...this LOVE! Aligned with your sense of Self, the truest generosity bursts from your heart. You being YOU. Simple yet profound. Your heart singin the song of YOU invites the world to make the JOYful noise they came here to share:). Let your heart LIGHT the way home to your truest Self. FEEL your heart and receive your LOVE. I Now understand at another depth the wisdom of the ages: "it is in giving that we receive..." Me being me, giving the world Kathy, I RECEIVE the Love I am (the essence of all Creation) the purest LOVE which is the heavens blowing through me and all. Withholding my Self, this Love I am is hell on earth. I share my Love through writing, speaking, coaching, being because I must...I must FREE the Passion which is this Love I came here to express. Ohhhh JOY!! You being YOU, doing YOU, liberating YOU, living your truest LIFE is badassss and fierce...COURAGE springing from a Heart based life ever-blossoming; opening worlds within YOU ready to sing until your final bow! Be YOU and know with all your heart: YOU are enough! YOU Matter! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life OPENS Breath by Breath...

This Day live this dream life IS awake moving toward the DREAMS, the sacred longings and desires...moment by moment, choice by choice, open your HEART willing to RECEIVE what comes your way; understanding if you are lead to IT, there is something in IT for you, a blessing to extract, an opportunity knocking. The COURAGE to Act on what is presented allows the blessings to FLOW through! Life is constantly in motion, flowing and inviting US to come along. There is Magic in every moment, in every experience even that which we curse, that which we don't want to face, that which we want to run from. Go confidently into the UNKNOWN knowing it is gonna be GREAT! Grounded in Faith, Trust, Certainty even in the midst of uncertainty, you live SPIRITED! You are held by this LOVE, the essence of who you are; this Creative force which allows you to show up and meet life step by step slaying the dragons, facing the fears, doing what ya gotta do to FIGHT for your Life. Breath by magic breath, BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! Trust the Universe. Trust your Self. LIVE the answers! Meet more of YOU with open arms and gratitude! Shine the light on the MOMENTS asking to see life through the eyes of AMAZING Grace! Dance FREE in the Beauty of LIFE knowing the Abundance YOU ARE. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE life and experience the heavens showering YOU all damn day come what may:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LEAP! Moment by Moment...

Inhale...exhale...let your breath OPEN you into the NOW; and feel the letting GO releasing worries, doubts, fears...residues of the past, remnants of yesterday lingering that grip your mind taking YOU out of the MAGIC available right HERE. LEAP into this Day, into this moment INVITING life to take you Beyond; let the winds of Change, Life flowing within YOU take you further than you can think into MORE Joy, MORE Hope, MORE Peace, MORE Love! Dance with Infinity dwelling in the Possibilities. Stoke that inner FIRE and let it EXPRESS through YOU so it doesn't burn you. Take your Self by the hand and LOVE your Self UP with Compassion and Patience being your own best friend; nurturing your Self with The greatest gift ever with the LOVE of the universe echoing through YOU. Lean INto ALL you are feeling, all day long connected to this LOVE. Feel to heal! Acknowledge whatever washes upon your shore and let the tide always turns! Let it be. Let it turn. FEEL the Creative Force, this LOVE within holding you, fortifying YOU, liberating YOU and leading you HOME clearing all obstacles. The COURAGE to Leap into the unknown tapping into your fierce heart because you MUST because you came into this world to come ALIVE, pulling down your Dreams into the earth which are sacred expressions of YOU; materializing your Spirit dancing into Limitlessness is f#%king AWEsome and overwhelming. Allow it ALL! Know with all of your heart: ANYTHING is Possible!!! Believe in your Self! Trust the Universe, the benevolent partner that only wants you to experience your greatest GOOD and highest JOY!! Nourish your Self with LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! For it is the healing balm; LOVE is the Miracle Maker!! I love YOU. You are LOVED. Say this all day: I am LOVED! And feel the power of this fueling YOU. Woo Woo woofrickinhoo:)