Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happiness is Being Called FRIEND!

Ohhh, to Be Called FRIEND! Being called Friend is the Greatest of all experiences for Me. The truest Riches of this Life known in Connection: Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. The Nurturing Love of Friends is essential feeding us through connection. This mutual Exchange of Good juju that is a Constant, wanting Only GOOD for each other. The mere Existence of Friends creates a Sense of Safety as we Go about our Days living our Lives. Grounding Us When we feel lost in this World. Breathing us Back Home. Holding us together when we Feel shattered by Events and Circumstances. Helping us find our Way loving us as we walk Into new depths of our Self and Life. Friends sincerely celebrate who we Are and who we Are becoming. Friends See us mirroring our Beauty and singing Us back home to Our Self when we forget we Matter. Friends make space for our Crazy allowing Us to Be fully Human and being Human includes Feeling F*cking CRAZY. Letting go of the Known and Reaching for the More calling us to New Shores. They meet Us wherever we Are. Looking Us in the Eye pouring their Heart into US allowing the Honesty between us to liberate the Truth. Healing moments. The Power of LOVE beyond Our Human Scope. No Trying to Fix us reminding Us we are Not Broken. Reminding us we are ALIVE and living includes cycles that feel as if we are dying. It is Possible to walk through personal Hells held by LOVE. This NO judgment zone in the Energy of True Friendship lifts the Shame and Guilt that can swallow Us whole. Love is the Miracle. Loving Us back on Home with words, hugs, tenderness and the Fierceness of a mama Bear fighting for our Life when our Own fight has Vanished. Feeling this sense of Magic in the uncensored conversations growing us Wildly in the Freedom to simply Be. To be who we Are. To say the things we must. To do what we have never Dared. Badass Brave friends make is BRAVE! And are cause for HappyAss Dancin come what May. Thank YOU for being my Friend and smiling into my Heart. And feel me smiling back into You. Always here. Always there. Ever-connected. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Songs Make Us FEEL!

Songs bring through the Intangible echoing Beauty and Truth. Songs make us FEEL! Songs sing us Home. Songs Heal as the lyrics delivered with All that Heart and Soul wash through us stirring emotions Up and Out. Songs make us FEEL what we buried long ago when it wasn't safe to express. Tears and Pain are Not honored in our Culture. We learn to repress out of Shame. Apologizing when Tears come feeling "silly" and embarrassed and ridiculous as if we are weak and unstable. Pretending. Sucking IT Up. Cut Off from our Own Nature. Then a Song comes to Liberate us as we are driving down the Road or preparing Dinner or sitting in a moment. Grabbing Us. Opening Us. Breathing Life into Us. Releasing tears that are ALIVE. Freeing energy held by the unexpressed pain. Always there. Waiting on Us to claim it. And USE IT instead of IT using us, holding our precious life Force. The Songs Ride us into parts of us we have locked away. Silenced. Buried While breath still pulses through our bodies. Deadened. Surviving Life instead of being Alive in the Direct experiences connected to Our Spirit, Our Truest Self as We journey this Human Adventure. Held by the Hurt in ways we are not conscious of until we Let them Come. We actually Believe the Pain will Kill Us if we Feel it. When we never Grieve, we get stuck in the Muck of the Story. Held by our History so there's no juice to Fuel this Moment, All our Dreams and Hopes that Call Us. We are here in this moment physically but our Spirit is Held in the Past. The lights appear On but we're Not Home. When we allow Grief to do what it does, we flow with Life breath by breath. Feeling IT! Daring to SEE the Truth that if we don't Feel it, It will Kill Us. Moving the Energy through the Tears that are waiting for Us to Let Go. The Pain has to Go somewhere and the alchemy is only possible in the Heart Not Intellect. Feeling is Healing. Be grateful for your Tears and your runny nose weeping emotions. What a Sweet release! A depth of Joy awakened springing from The Vitality. The Passion. Knowing All experiences are singing the Truest Song: This force of Love. Living it All. It is All You. Dance. Dance. Dance. Come Alive! Returning to You. The Beauty of You discovered in the Ugly Truth. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life is Ever in Motion WITH YOU!

Life is ever in Motion In the Stillness. In the Hurry. In the Hush. It is all Alive With You. With Me. With All. You are You. Distinct. Uniquely Expressing. Riding this Life into where You Never knew You would Go. You are Ever-dancing with the Universe within You and around You all of Your Days. Connecting to the Whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul breath by breath. Listening. Honoring Your Self. Holding Your Self Sacred. Grounding in this Moment entering this Day with a Sense of Possibilities inviting the Adventure that is your Life. Feeling your feet on the Earth and knowing You are supported as You walk through this Life. Always. Wanting to Be who You Are. Materializing Your Spirit. Setting intentions for the Day consciously directing your Energy and Letting it Go. Trusting Your Higher Self which is the Creative Force of the Cosmos within You to guide You into your Greatest Joy. Following your Joy in being You and noticing when this resonance wanes as your Energy doesn't lie. Energy cannot be locked into an Idea or agree to the limitations of the mental constructs. Energy informs You and reveals when you have outgrown experiences and people. Inviting You to make Different choices to return to this Flow. Unplugging from the Old that's simply Not Enjoyable anymore, giving Thanks for all experiences and People. Stepping into the New Now. Freeing the Passion feeling this Force of Love springing from All that Heart and Soul as You Live Your Life aligned and Stoked. You are Ever-Growing the Wild, the Unknown of You. Welcoming the Surprises as More of You comes Out to Play through opportunities that knock and people you Meet along the way. This Natural pace of Life in Motion ever at Play, Blossoming in All Seasons. Experiencing YOU through Your inner Rhythm in Harmony with the Universe. Believing. Walking by Faith remembering the Force You are. Feeling the Fear and Taking it by the hand as you step into what's next. Daring to Dream your Ass off. Receiving your Self appreciating your gifts and Daring the gods to SHOW OFF through You. No time for playing Small or hiding Out when You take your Life Partner which is the Universe by the Hand. Dance. Dance. Dance. You are Untamable. Uncontainable. Truly Limitless. Grow the Fun in Being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life RETURNS You Home!

Life is a Returning to your Own Nature remembering what lies within You. The Power of the Universe. The Wisdom of the Universe guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Asking these Assisting Forces within You to guide You into your Truest Self and Truest Life. Asking to See what is concealed as You meet the Days. Dancing with Amazing Grace trusting this Creative Field and Asking what's not for your Highest Good to Gently Go away. Ohhh, The Letting Go. The constant Letting Go and Flowing with the life You came here to Experience. Your Spirit Materializing expressing who You are in All you Think, Do and Say. This energy of Alignment is distinct as You move through the World Being You. Not trying to Think, Do or Say the "Right" thing. Trusting your Self. Standing on your own two Feet with a Sense of who you Truly are being the Mountain feeling the Inner Strength so Limitless. This is the Truest Freedom that Grows day by day enlivening You as Vitality Springs from the Well within. There's an Ease to Life no matter how Challenging the Day as you accept where you are in the moment and Let it Be facing what comes. Knowing This is LIFE. Each moment is Alive with You. You are Participating. You are a Player in this Dream ever-awakening. You Must Be present to Your Self in the Direct Experiences. Extracting the Wisdom being in the Inquiry: "What's this here to Show Me?" And exercising your Power of Choice: "What are You going to Do about It?" Remembering that You have NO POWER over others but Always have the Power to Respond to life's events and circumstances. ALWAYS! No matter what BS you get caught in Remember: YOU are the Answer! The Power lies within You. Untangling from the Fear that will Hook you and Reel You in. Holding your Own hand as You breathe and acknowledge the Fear. Coming back to your Center and knowing your Response to Life's Happenings CHANGES the Everything. It is up to You. Never outside of You. If you look for the solution Outside of You, You will bring the Fated Intervention (the Shitstorms:)) back around in Different circumstances. Avoiding is Delaying what You (WE ALL) must inevitably Face in order to Liberate our Self. You consciously Choosing to Face Life knowing All experiences are Showing You what You Believe at your Core. And reveal where You give Power away to Others Believing You have No Choice in Matters. Being Fully Human, We all go to Sleep and we All wake Up. We All forget the Force of our Own Nature and Return to it. This Sense of Self is negotiated in the moments of your life Choice by Choice, Day by Day. It surely ain't easy but it's necessary. No way around It. You must walk THROUGH life to Find Your Way Home to YOU. You. You. Always More of You coming out to Play. Play ON and On and On. The Force is with You and WITHIN You. It IS! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ALIVE Conversations Awaken Us!

ALIVE Conversations CHANGE us! Opening us where we didn't even Know we were Closed. The Words. The shared Ideas. The Being Heard and freely Speaking all that Heart and Soul. The Energy exchanged. The depth of honesty being Spirited and Spontaneous and Saying what comes without censoring. A Conversation with John about "Awakening" and the use of Yoga and Meditation grew these words as it took me into a Conversation within My Self to simply share my Experience. What I know in this Moment is the Living of Every moment has Awakened me. And there is More to Awaken until the Final Letting Go. Always MORE Life Force, More consciousness to untether from the Past: The Story of You wrapped in limited Beliefs inherited from your Family of Origin; from Cultural spells deeply embedded in Paradigms and Constructed models; from the Collective Unconscious where these invisible Agreements have an energetic drag holding You back until you See what you simply could Not before, becoming Aware, bringing into consciousness and reclaiming Your Power choosing Not to Participate. Becoming Aware is Everything! Observing where you give Others authority over your Life, where Fear dictates your choices instead of coming from the Empowered Self. Understanding this Primal Fear of Survival is a part of the human make up so We agree to Things believing we will Die if we don't. This sounds absurd but it is Life-transforming to See the Part of us we want to deny that is sewn in the fabric of Humanity. Daring to be present to your Self in the Direct Experiences of being Fully human while connected to your divine Essence. Yes, I did practice yoga for a few years and it helped me tune into the wisdom of my body. And listen at a depth. But I also used spiritual tools to attempt to bypass LIFE. The hurt Self is always trying to protect us from more Pain which is simply a part of Life. It will use spiritual practices to Avoid and keep life from touching us. Ultimately, practices that connect Us to our Sacred Self take us into a new Depth of Experience as humans allowing us to be with Our Self and Others in the Light and the Darkness. Being fully human is badass BRAVE! Life is what we seek and this is here and now. Nirvana experienced - YOU alive at play with Life on this human journey as John and Kathy (being YOU). Dare to Listen to All that heart and soul! Meet the moments with A sense of Wonder and Awe. Let Go of trying to Control Life and Be Perfect. Above All else: Trust your Self. Stay tuned into your higher Self as you explore various practices that connect you to your Spirit. Ok? Okay:). Your Joy in being YOU is what makes Life Rich. Awakening is Seeing the Beauty of You and daring to Express it Wildly and let it GROW You. Letting go! Again and again. Liberating the Surprise of You. Love love love being YOU! Let that be your Prayer every day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Grow the Fun in Being YOU!

Monday, February 23, 2015

LISTEN and SPEAK All that Heart & Soul

LISTEN with All that Heart and Soul. SPEAK All that Heart and Soul. Being You. Expressing Your Self. I Promise: It's Not about being Good. It's about being Passionate. Being Good is a Matter of Opinion. Being Passionate is a Matter of Spirit. Connected to the Source within You, You become the Sorcerer Freeing the Magic of You. Ohhh, the Joy of this Liberation is the Truest Riches. Connected to your Sacred Self, You Live as a Sacred Vessel channeling the Amazing Grace of the Universe; Seeing Your Life as Poetry, as a Prayer Growing You, Blossoming into Your Dream. The Life You came here to Live isn't about Arriving on the Mountain Top having some Peak experience; it is Truly a Dance with All that Fire You carry. Ever-exploring the Greatest Adventure of You. Flowing with Life open to What's Next anticipating More of You coming Out to Play. Daring to Be Young all Your Days and Foolish in the Eyes of Others who Do Not Hear the Music of Your Heart and Soul. The Art of You ain't over 'til it's Over. What a way to Live! Tuning Out the Conventional way and Tuning In to You living Your Way. What Feels Good to You! My mission in this Life is to Grow the Fun in being Me until I am No More. I've Unbuckled My Self. Ain't no Time for Playing it Safe and Silencing the Song within. Take my Hand. Let's go to the Edge and Jump! Let's Fly and remind others they too have Wings. One Day this Brave Heart of Mine, of Yours, will Sing No More. But All the Songs we Dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. Don't Stop the Music of You! Play On and On and On. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Growing Conversation within Your Self!

This Growing Conversation within Your Self. Your Spirit ever-calling You Into new depths of You. Daring you to Listen with All that Heart and Soul instead of following the herd surviving the Days cut Off from the Passion within, the Vitality ever-Springing. Touching the heavens as You stand here on Earth fully Human making Your way. This walk Home returning to Your Self Comes in the Letting Go. Letting Go of the constructed Self built by External Identifiers. Buying into what The Good Life looks Like. Letting Go and Learning to Trust your Own Nature. Knowing what matters most to You. Living your way into what you want and need consciously tuned into Your Self. Becoming comfortable in Your Own skin that is Uniquely Yours. Materializing Your Spirit. Knowing This is the Life You came here to Live. Expressing the Essence of You. Mining for the Gold within and giving it Away. Remembering the truest Pain in Life is Not showing Up for the Sacred Dance that is Yours. Distinctly moving in this World as You. As only You can! Amazing Grace in the Flesh riding you into More of You and Life for Your Joy. Finding our Way to Our Self includes Getting Lost. It's Okay. No shame. No wrong. It is Purposeful! Missing from our Own Lives as we plug into Dreams that belong to Others is necessary to bring Clarity around who we Truly Are and what we Truly want. Resentment and Bitterness are energies that spring from the Dissatisfaction trying to Fit into a Life that's Not ours. Energy NEVER lies! Energy is No BS as we go into a deficit experiencing no Juice. Feeling like a shell walking through Life disconnected from Our Spirit. The Lights appear on because we are physically still here but No One is Home. Our Truest Self is kicking and Screaming and won't let us Rest until we Listen. Waking us Up in the Night with Haunting feelings that grip Us. The Forces within will Not let us Settle for a Life that isn't aligned with Us no matter how Extraordinary it appears. Life must Make sense at our Core. Otherwise, we Try to Live an Idea that Makes sense to the Culture or Family. The invitation this Day is to Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Talk to your Higher Self. Knowing you House the Wisdom of the Universe that's not attached to Old paradigms and beliefs. This Creative Force within You only wants to Lead You into YOU for your Greatest Joy; for the Love of Living this Life. In this Flow, you Meet all that Comes your way with an Abiding THANK YOU, smiling and nodding: Yes!!! This is My Life. Grounding in a Sense of your Sacredness in All moments. The ones you wanna Wish away and the ones that make You Dance Ecstatically. Seeing YOU! Knowing if you wished Away even One Moment, You would be Wishing Who You have Become from meeting that Moment. All moments are ALIVE with You. Feeling the Truth and Beauty of You ever-Blossoming as each moment waters You and Nourishes your Soul in Fulfilling your Destiny. Happyass Dance to your Homecoming breath by breath, day by day. You are the Greatest Adventure of this Life! Your Dream is Awaiting Your Arrival. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Ohhh, the Magic of You. BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! I surely Do.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Too Shall Pass. But Here It IS!

This too Shall Pass. But Here it IS! I had forgotten how Harsh the Winter is. And the Energy the Cold relentlessly steals. Biting wind chills. Icy roads. Hibernating. Cabin Fever. This too shall Pass. But Here it IS. I awakened this Morning to "This too shall Pass. Everything Passes. Let it Pass." And my soul echoed Wisdom back: "Ohhh Yes. I do Know this. But HERE it IS." This makes me giggle as I Believe every moment is Rich and Abundant no matter how Harsh. Each Season whether we like it or Not is purposeful doing what it does Naturally. The forces of our Own Nature Unconditionally at Play in All the Conditions of Life. I observe our cultural resistance Using Platitudes to bypass feelings that must wash through And wring Us. Focusing on the Passing strips the necessary experience that has come Knocking on our Door. Here it IS. And here I am (You Are). And the next here will surely come. It is Holding The Paradox. Allowing both! Knowing it will Pass resting assured AND Being Present to what has come to Visit. I remember hearing: "This too shall pass!" Over and over following the death of my husband. I wanted to SCREAM (and eventually I did SCREAM like a Wild Woman over a Bon Fire in the Winter Night exorcizing the Ugly Truth not Fit for the Day Light ): "Yes. I F*cking KNOW THIS! I KNOW! I KNOW this will Pass! but it is RIGHT HERE swallowing me. Just Be with me! Please. Until it Passes." But People just could Not be with Me in the rawness of my Pain. And I absolutely understand. Yes. I. Do. If we are uncomfortable with our own Pain, we can't be with Others in Pain. We are master Avoiders as a Culture. Not understanding The Pain actually cuts Life into Us. Liberates Us. Takes us Deeper into Our True Self. Where we come ALIVE! Touching All that Heart and Soul. Connecting to the Spirit that is Free in All moments Dancing with what Comes. Not labeling and slicing life into Negative and Positive, Good or Bad, trying to do life Right as if feeling is Wrong and Shameful. Life's a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell. And when you know your personal hells, You can only Bless those in their Dark hours pouring your Heart into theirs instead of judging. Be here. With Your Self. Touch your Heart. And pour it into the Heart of the World. The Heart heals. The judgment just doesn't. Love Your Self wherever You are and you can Love All wherever they are. This brings The Beauty to the Ugliest moments. Being Fully Human is Badasss Brave! Be Brave. Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Friday, February 20, 2015

What If Living Life is the Greatest Spiritual Practice?

Living Life is my Spiritual Practice. Which is the Same answer I give when Asked what I Do for Fun. Life is Fun when Lived from our Spirit Ever-Free. Consciously inviting our Joy to guide our lives, our Choices. Joy beyond an Idea is a Resonance within that Feels like a Smile embodied. Beyond conditions or circumstances, Joy is The light of the heavens washing through as we walk this Earth living this Magnificent Human Journey. Experiencing the Adventure of being You. And Me. Our Great Personal Odysseys playing out distinctively and collectively. Together we Rise. Together we Fall. Truly! You Rising, receiving this Life you came here to Live, expressing your Authentic Self, lift us All and it is your Greatest offering to the World. Untangling your Self from limiting Beliefs. Questioning and Living the Answers. Assessing thoughts that are Not your Own inherited by our Culture or Family. Dismissing what Insults you at the level of Soul. Setting Intentions. Visualizing your Dreams realized. Seeing your Spirit Materialized where your Truest Self creates the Life. Thinking from the End. Feeling the Joy in The Evolution of You coming Alive inviting More of You to come Out and Play. Placing a Prayer around It asking the Universe to Assist in All Matters and Trusting it is instantly Done. Each Day, You are Directing Your Life Force partnering with the Universe Within You. Touching the Magic. Breath by Breath. Opening your Self to the Possibilities. Believing with All of You that Amazing Grace is at Work bringing who You need into Your Life; taking you where You must Go; clearing out the Old. In the Letting Go More Life is Written! Being attached, needing to Keep things the Same, Controlling outcomes, closing Your Self off creates a drag Energetically where You have no juice to Fuel the Life you want to Create. Even the Smallest changes bring huge Shifts opening You and Your Life. Whatever you are Focusing on, you are plugging your precious energy into. Whatever you give Attention to, you are tying your Self to energetically. Be Aware. Just Notice. Observe your Self without Judging. Energy doesn't lie! Experiences are All Perfect and Purposeful even the ones we wanna wish Away. Moments reveal what we truly Believe in our Core beyond what we think we Believe. Giving us the Opportunity to consciously reprogram Old attitudes and Fears from lifetimes and this Lifetime. Bringing into our Consciousness what we weren't aware of shifts Everything. Otherwise, we keep creating the Same things bringing fated interventions to wake Us Up. Returning us to a Sense of Self connected to the Power within. Remembering who we Truly are: The Dreamer AND The Dream. This Life is one helluva Ride and it Surely ain't easy to Face our Self and Face the moments Trying to Tell Us what we don't wanna hear. You are Courage in MOTION! Let your Brave Heart take You Boldly into this Day. Daring to Show Up and LISTEN to what Life's telling You; Dancing with the Moments. BELIEVING with All of You: Anything is Possible! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Ohhh, BELIEVE! Ask. Receive. And LIVE your Life.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

We're All Hurt People learning to Love Our Self

All Day, Every Day, I get to have the Most Alive conversations with Amazing People Just like You who are aching to Speak all that Heart and Soul. They want just like All of Us To be Loved where they Are, as They Are, for Whom They Are. Their Voices held hostage by an Idea that they are Trying to fit into; by Expectations of others they are Trying to Live Up to; and by Fear that if People REALLY knew them and saw them, they wouldn't Love them. This is a part of our Human wiring at our Core. A Primal Fear that if others we Love don't Love Us back, we will Die. It is Not logical; it is Deep-seeded within Us All. This Fear that the End of a relationship with those we Love or the withdrawing of Love from another will KILL Us. Love from others makes Us feel whole and this Feels Amazing, but All roads lead us back to Our Self, to who we Truly Are. Our Human journey requires us to take back our Projections connecting to our Sense of Higher Self, Our Essence that animates All claiming the Power of the Universe housed within Each of Us. Discovering we Are The Love. This Love that Nourishes and Liberates Us is within our Very Breath. Ever-flowing. Ever-growing. The Love we are waiting for from Others or waiting to experience from Outside of Us is the Love we are withholding from Our Self. We are Disconnected. Forgetting our Truest Self expressing All that Heart and Soul. We are All Hurt People learning to Love our Self! This is Truth. No matter what it Looks like. No matter how Pretty and Perfect the package Appears. We are All fractured at our Core and the only Love that can make Us whole is from Our Self. Drinking from This Ocean Within All Day. Touching the heavens within as we Walk The Earth. Beyond the Human conditions we place on our Self or Others place on Us; This Cosmic Force within, this Pure Love is the Miracle of You. The Miracle of Me. The Miracle of All. Receive Your Self. Hold your Self dear. Love on Your Self and watch the organic shift Happen. The Behaviors and Patterns you are Trying to Change through the Control Model of our Culture will Simply and Profoundly Let GO! They have served You filling the Void. Your Love springing from the Cosmic Heart is the Only Thing that will make you Whole. Filling the Cracks and Cauterizing the wounds so Life's blood can Flow freely through You. Everything else will leave You Empty. Chasing Outside of You what lies within You. Always here. In this Moment. Always there. Sewn in the fabric of You. From this Wholeness, EVERYTHING you experience in this World is Rich. You taste the Abundance of Life at Play with the Infinite creating The More that Calls You. For Your Joy! Being You. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your Self Fiercely and Sweetly. And Come Alive! Your Life mirroring this Love for others, reminding them that who they are is absolutely Magnificent beyond measure. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! It TRULY is damn Amazing to Be You.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PLAY the Song of YOU!

Ohhh, what lies within You. Me. All. Beyond our comprehension. It must be Felt. This Energy must be sipped into your bones. The Vibration of the Cosmos pulsing through your Very breath. Animating Your being. Rising You to heights you came here to Reach. Reminding you there's More. Always More. As you are Ever-Growing. Ever-Evolving. Ever-Blossoming into the Fuller expression of You. Know thyself! Is the Wisdom of the Ages. But do Not lock your Self into a Limited Idea only knowing your Self to be who you Are in this moment. Look back on your Life and You will See the Beauty of you revealed again and again at Play with Life. Stand in this New Now. This New Day breaking. Let Go and let it Open you in ways that will Surprise the Hell outa You. Fly Free from the Ideas impressed upon You around the Roles you Play in Life. And Be You! Dare to Be YOU. More of You than You can Imagine. Question Everything from the depths of you. Being reflective. Dismissing what insults your Soul. Spitting out what you simply cannot digest. Living the Answers! Asking and Seeing what Holds You Back. Your precious Life Force locked into Concepts caging your Vitality that Springs eternal. Liberating your Self from the cultural spells around Aging? Marriage? Being single? Living the Dream? What a Good Life is? What Success is? What makes You a Good person? And touching the Goodness within YOU. The Abundance of Life ever-flowing. The wisdom echoing: PLAY! You are here to PLAY the Greatest Song of YOU. You are the Love of the Universe in the flesh. You are the Hope. You are the Joy. You are the Amazing Grace sprinkling your Glory all over this Day being You. You are the Miracle. No need to wait on Anything outside of You to Rescue You from a Life that isn't You. The Power lies within You. Pull the Rip cord! Let it Ride You Home to your Self. Meet your Self with Awe and Wonder. You are You. BELIEVE in the Magic of your Life. You are Worthy and Deserving of All your Heart's Desires. Go Ahead: Receive your Self. Dance Wildly into the Unknown. Knowing the Greatness of Life is You. Never outside of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! Ohhh, My My My Myyyyy. It is Damn AMAZING to Be You.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

LIVE like it ain't Over 'til it's Over!

Believe in Your Dreams! Believe in your Self! Your Heart is the Keeper of your Sacred desires. These Longings are your Truest Self nudging You beyond your comfort zones. Pulling You Up and Out. Shouting "It's Time!" Awakening You from your Slumber. Not allowing You to Settle into a Life that is Not Your Own. Discontentment comes knocking when You are living a Life that doesn't fit. On the surface, everything looks Good. There appears to Be no reason why you would Ache for new experiences. The Call for More won't let you Go. Adventure awaits. And You know that You must Let Go and Reach for the More. Sounds so simple. But it's not Easy. Effort and Grace is the Way from where You are to where You wanna Go. You do your Part and let the Universe blow the Miracles through You. BELIEVING! will fuel you stoking that inner Fire as you step into the Unknown. Visualizing the Dream realized. Seeing your Self in the Life you are materializing. Feeling as if it has happened and there You are in the Joy of a Life you came here to Live. You feel at Home within Your Self so Alive in the World. Your Soul always Knows. Your Heart remembers. Liberating You again and again to Speak all that Heart and Soul. Expressing authentically as You Grow this Life. Cultivating potentials once dormant that are Ready to Dance You into what's next. The greatest challenge is Believing what You Know deep down Inside. Keeping the Faith in your Self when well-intended People who you love and admire project their own Fears, disappointments and limiting Beliefs onto You. Do Not give Your Power away! Be vigilant. See the Truth and Be fully Aware that the majority of People are cut off from all that Heart and Soul. Even those who have had Great Success and appear to have it All. Our culture is filled with Fat Cats starving to remember who they Truly Are. The external identifiers cannot quench the thirst to drink from the Well of Love within. This essential nourishment springing that comes from Living the Passion. People have lost their ability to Dream, to Believe in the Magic as they are disconnected from the Power within. No sense of the Higher Self plugged into the Creative Forces, the Universe animating all Life. Others offer their input and You must stand on your own two feet rooted on the Earth feeling the heavens blow through You fortifying You. You must consciously disconnect from the Energy of worry, doubt and fear that feels like sound advise but is based on their experiences, their history. You must Imagine scissors clipping the Energy so Your Wings are Not tethered to their ideas gripping You; threatening to hold you Back from your Dreams. You must fly Free! Believe with All of you that Anything is Possible. Bless them where they are. Bless your Self with Affirming words. Put a Prayer around It setting intentions directing your Life Force. Let GO! And Go! Go! Go! Follow the Inner Call into the Wild. Into the Life that Excites the Hell outa You. Feeling the Magic pulsing through You breath by breath. Ohhh, BELIEVE! Live like it ain't Over 'til it's Over! You are the Dreamer and the Dream. Step into the Life you came here to Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

Monday, February 16, 2015

You are Braver than You wanna Be!

Be YOU. Be BRAVE. Be BRAVER than You wanna BE and experience the Miracle of YOU. Knowing Anything is Possible grounded in a Deep sense of Self. Remembering the Possibilities lie within You. Never outside of You. The inner Shift opens the doors in the Outer World. Coming back to your Center again and again when Life knocks you Off your feet. Standing in your Power consciously connecting to All that Heart and Soul. Breathing. Being with Life. Facing Fears. Bringing them Out into the Light. Your consciousness illuminating the Dark. Seeing the Fear. Feeling the Heat wash through You. Experiencing It. Understanding that It has no Authority over You. Your Brave Heart is fierce enough to Free You. In the Moment. Letting it Be. Acknowledging what has come Up. Making it Safe. Pulling the Shame Out of being Afraid. Bringing the Truth into full View: We're All Afraid! AND We're All Brave beyond measure. Lifting the Veils. Embracing the energy of the Coward that's a part of your consciousness. Being okay with the flip side of your Badass Brave Heart. Each is a part of the Whole. Think of the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. One moment he is declaring himself King of the Forest. Feeling his Power. Growling with an inner Fight. And in the next moment, he is terrified Running from his Fear. Jumping through the Window. The Cowardly Lion is alive in You. Me. All. As we are ever-Growing and Evolving. Life brings New experiences that Scare the hell outa us! This is Living. This is a part of coming Alive. This is You becoming Aware that the Coward cannot Stop You. This is You coming to See that You are Braver than You wanna Be. Braver than You know you are. Always More of You revealed. New depths of You carved by Life. Supa Dupa COOL! You are Supa Dupa Badass Brave. Yes. You. Are. Go Boldly into this Day. Moment by moment. Dancing with the Dark. Pouring the Light from within You. The Fear is no match for the Brave Heart. BELIEVING! Moving the Mountains. Slaying the Dragons. Staring down the Beast. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! The Force lies within YOU.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

You are YOU: So Sacred. So Divine. So Alive!

You are YOU! And Who You are is Magnificent. Yes. YOU. Are. See YOU. Hear YOU. Stand in this New Now. Touch the Amazing Grace You house. The Essence of You. So divine! All that Fire You carry. All that heaven flowing Through. Breath by Breath. Go within. Go beyond where You have gone Before. Plunge into Depths of Your Self. Mining for the Gold you possess. Extracting dormant Energies. Meeting More of You. Claiming parts of You Ready to Play. Expressing All that Heart and Soul. Living the Passion connected to Your sense of Self. Hell comes when You are living a Life that's not YOU! Surviving the Days. Doing Time here. Disconnected from your Soul that Knows YOU MATTER stirring You and guiding You to Free Your Self. Come Alive! Daring you to untangle your Precious Life Force from what has been Lived. In order to GROW new life. Being in the Uncomfortable zone. The in Between. Living the Good that Is. Counting Blessings. Appreciating Your Self and Your Life. Trusting you will Arrive on New Shores calling You Home. Letting Go of what You Know, all that's Familiar and comfortable BELIEVING More Good awaits. Letting Go of Ideas of who You should Be. Letting Go of Expectations of what You should want. Letting Go of Cultural concepts around Success and what makes Life Good. Your Heart Whispers in nudges and pangs ever-guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Being You. More of You than You Imagined. Heaven comes each Day living a life that's YOU. Reflecting the Truth and Beauty of You. Even when Things You would Never wish for Come, You experience Abiding Joy aligned with Your Sacred Self. Living Simply. Simply Living. In the moments. Dancing with what Comes. Present to Your Self and to Those You are Privileged to Love and be Loved by. This resonance of Joy is unconditional plugged Into the Vitality ever-Springing. Echoing Love, Peace, Hope, Grace and Joy. This pure Vibration of Your True Self nourishing You in ways Not possible in the External World. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Come what May. You are YOU. Be You. Free You. Love You. Experience You. All this Heaven here on Earth. Never Outside of You! Always here. Always There. Within You. YES!!! Be in Awe. It is Damn Good to Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daring to LOVE Starts with YOU!

Love is Always the Answer! Daring to LOVE starts with You. Opening your Heart to You Opens your Heart to the World. Within Your Heart lies the Cosmic Heart. This Magic. This immeasurable Force! Fierce enough to Move the Mountains and Part the Seas. Echoing from the depths of You: ANYTHING is Possible! Ask for guidance in All matters. Ask Away! Consciously partnering with the Wisdom of the Universe Alive within You. Believe the Divine Intelligence is with You and Trust you are assisted every step from where you are to where You want to Go. Knowing The FORCE is with You. Feeling connected to Your Own Nature. Receive the Miracle You are. And Receive the Miracles that Come without ceasing. Saying THANK YOU more Please. Amazing Grace at Play through You and with You for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Feeling the Truth and Beauty of You. Life ever-flowing Rising You again and again to heights you could Not imagine fueled by Love. Touching limitlessness within You as You stand on your Own two feet. The Human Journey breaks your Heart ushering you into the Heart of the World. So Vast. This Ocean of Love within that springs eternal. Fortifying You. Calling You deeper and deeper for your Joy in Being You and creating the Life you came here to Live. Freeing All that Fire. Sharing your Passion. Feeling Alive connected to a Sense of Self beyond conditions. Rooted in All that Heart and Soul. Speaking to the world being You. Expressing authentically. The One True Thing: LOVE. In any moment, LOVE will liberate You. Honoring what You want and Need. Choosing to Give Your Self what you want and need. Reframing old Beliefs around Love rooted in sacrifice that lead to bitterness and resentment. Daring to LOVE your Self enough to Listen with Your Heart. The Love you are waiting for is the Love you are withholding from YOU. Love Big! Compassionate Care for You heals the Heart of All. You cannot Give what you cannot Receive. This Mystical dance. This infinite Loop. This Divine elixir. This LOVE is Always the Answer. Here. Now. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by Day. Come what May. Happy Valentine's Day! Forrest Gump said it Best: "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get." But LOVE makes the sweet Sweeter and the bitter palatable. Taste it All! Live it All. Savor being You. Love! Love! Love! You. You. YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Wings of Life Within YOU!

You are a Force of Nature. Touch this Creative Field within. Knowing you house Cosmic Forces. Ever-evolving You. Remembering who You truly are. Awakening the Truth and Beauty of You. Dancing Free. Ever-Blossoming the Seeds of Promise. Consciously tune into the Power of the Universe. Your Spirit ever-Free carries You on the Wings of Life! Breath by Breath. Come into this New Now. Let Go. Let the Winds of Destiny blow You Home. Into the More calling You. Pure Joy known. Alive! At Play With the Moments. Trusting Your Self. Trusting the Universe. Knowing you are assisted every step along the Way. Riding the waves of Grace ever-flowing. Growing You. Surprising You. Revealing your Own Nature. Magnificent. Limitless. Poetic. Our Nature POEM: No Fighting against. Letting Go of Conditions. Letting Go of Control. Seeing this Moment. Here to Free You. Nothing can Hold this Life back. The Illusions of Control Revealed. You laughing as You See the Truth: YOU. You have Never controlled Anything. Your Life unfolding Petal by Petal. Blossoming You. And just as You don't Stand In a meadow of Wild Flowers Ordering them to Blossom Commanding them to Blow This way and that Against the Winds; You See the absurdity of Resisting Your Own Nature Ever-Dancing You Letting Go. Letting Your Soul Sing You Home Into the World Within Bridging Heaven and Earth. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Ohhh, it is AMAZING to be YOU!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Words AWAKEN Us!

Words awaken Me. What an Amazing way to enter the Days. Sometimes songs Deliver lyrics feeding me word by word rhythmically washing through. Freeing me with a Sense of Self and Possibilities for All. This morning I Awakened to WORDS with distinct Messages flowing from kindred souls. The Wisdom of the Ages ever-Present. The ghosts of Great Spirits ALIVE in the words they left behind. This energy of Love and Truth echoes through You. Me. All. Swirling through the Cosmos. Awakening us from our Slumber as we Move through the Days of our Life. Each moment so Precious. Fueled by the breath of the heavens. The same breath that fed those who have gone before Us. The Same breath that will feed those who come after Us. Breath is Life! This Force within Us animating all of Creation. Reminding Us who we truly Are. Since the beginning of Time, the shared Story of Humanity. Forgetting who we truly are and remembering who we truly are. Connected to this Power that lies within Us feeling guided Step by Step into the Life we came here to Experience sharing this Love, this Passion, All that Heart and Soul. The One True Thing. You being You. Me being Me. Inviting others to Play with Us being who They Are! What An amazing Exchange with others when each brings who they are to the Moment. Authentic Expression is the Fresh Air that springs from our Essence. No tryin to say the Right Thing or Withholding our Voice. Letting Go. Coming Alive. Liberating More. Again and again. Saying What comes. Unapologetic. Knowing You Matter. Everyone Matters. Each of Us journeying within to Touch the Sacred. Each of Us materializing our Spirit. Living the Life aligned with a Deep Knowing: ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! You are Loved and Supported always by assisting Forces. You are the Miracle. The outer world mirrors your Inner World. And the whole of your Life you Must Stare down the Beast. Look fear in the Eye. And Do what scares the crap out of You. What feels as if it will Kill you has come to Free You. More of You. And there's always More! Feel the Vibration of these words Free of Agenda. So Pure. Drink them Into your Bones. Ralph Waldo Emerson whispered to Me: "If I have Lost confidence in Myself the Universe is against Me." And Henry David Thoreau chimed In : "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the Life you Imagined." Confidence comes from your Connection to Your Spirit, the truest Self. Knowing who You are. Standing with a Sense of Self beyond the human story that fractures us bleeding our Life Force. Wholeness comes in Returning Home. Going within to Go OUT into the World creating a Life You absolutely Love. A life that fits. Living this Dream Awake. Emerson Added: "What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within Us." You are a Force of Nature. A Creative Field of potential lies within You. Expressing Your Own Nature is the Greatest Joy. "Think from the end!" Was the final Message. Urging us to Visualize the Dream realized. Seeing it. Feeling it. Knowing it. BELIEVING it is Possible. Trusting every moment is leading You where you Always knew You would Go. Be Stoked! Be You. Let Life Surprise You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Appreciation Grows the Miracles of You!

We are Living Prayers! Saying THANK YOU all Day, every Day is Powerful. You create an Energy Pattern to bring Into your Life More things to be Grateful for. It is the quickest way to Shift your Energy and Open to the Possibilities. The potentials within You ready to Play in the New Now. Letting Go! Focusing Your Attention. The point of Creation is here. You meeting the Moment so Alive with All of You. Breathing Life in and Breathing Your fresh air OUT into the World. Sharing all that Heart and Soul that you are here to Express for your Joy in being You. Carrying an Abiding Thank You in your Heart feeling Grateful for your Life even when you are being challenged. Daring to Say THANK YOU! Feeling Grateful to be You appreciating your distinct ways of Being and Expressing Life. Feeling Grateful for those people who are Easy to Love and bring such Happiness to your Life even when there are People who are difficult to be around. Saying Thank You to those you meet this Day showering others with Appreciation. Noticing from a Depth how Special each person Is and letting them know how you Experience them. Mirroring how they Showed Up and Reminding them They Matter. Sincerity and Kindness touches Hearts. And Giving Thanks to Others lifts Your Heart. The effect is immediate and washes the Light of heavens through You. Saying Thank You to the Universe silently as you walk through your Life knowing It is Alive within You. Never apart from You. Me. All of Creation. Connecting to this Force Field. Remembering Our every thought is a Prayer. And the Universe saying YES!!! To whatever we Express. Whether You are Consciously asking or unconsciously asking. But Know every moment we ASK! And being conscious of this, we create from the Awareness that we are Truly living Prayers. Living Holograms. The outer world mirroring our inner world. We must shed the limiting Beliefs that block what we want. The blessings that Await. The soul housing the wisdom of the Universe longs to liberate Us from the human cages. Letting Go again and again. Illusions of power. Returning us to the Truest Power. All that Heart and Soul. The Soul KNOWS. The answer to Every question lies Within you. In a flash, The Heart Remembers. Evolving you. Awakening You to the Beauty and Truth of YOU. The Art of You expressing for your JOY! You truly are a Masterpiece. Each breath a Stroke of the brush on the canvass of YOU. Yes! You are Magnificent as you are. And you are ever-Growing. Opening the valves of Life ever-flowing, ushering you into the Miracles of YOU. You carrying the Fire. The infinite Dance. In Harmony with the Universe. Feeling your way Home. To You. Living the Truth. Letting go of the Human Bullshit that weighs You down. Cutting the crap loose. Freeing YOU. Believing in YOU. What You Appreciate APPRECIATES growing You and Your Life. Remembering YOU ARE SO LOVED and Supported by benevolent forces. You are! Tune In. Receiving this nourishment. Knowing you are Worthy of it. Feel the Amazing Grace echoing and Swirling SO ALIVE with the Song of You. HappyAss Dance WILDLY! Feel the JOY. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)! It is Damn Good to Be YOU. Feel IT.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Excitement is a GREAT Prayer!

Living the Energy of YES!!! Excitement is a Great Prayer. An exchange of All that Heart and Soul with the Heart and Soul of the World. You Stoked fuel the Collective Fire. Believing in your Self and Others. Truly Believing anything is Possible! And Reminding others of the Magic that lies within Them. Connected to your Own Nature, You show others the way Home to their Truest Self. BELIEVING in You. Me. All. We are One. We are in this Together. And there is Enough to Go around. The Universe is Infinite. No such thing as Scarcity. Only Abundance. Faith in Your Self feeling this Cosmic Force guiding You creates Faith in Humanity. You are The Hope. I am the Hope. We are The Hope. Tapping into the Power of the Universe directing the Field of Energy through Intention. Knowing you are Worthy and Deserving of the Good Life brings all Day, every Day. Receiving the Good. Counting Blessings. Saying THANK YOU, More Please understanding Life is Abundant and you are ever-Growing. There is ALWAYS More until the End. Letting Go again and again. Reaching for More. We are Creatures of Soul here to Create! There is Joy in Freeing all this Fire You carry. Expressing your Self. Living the Passion. Declaring what You want! Wanting is Sacred as it is You Sayin YES! Let's Play to the Universe. Understanding the Infinite potential within You. Being EXCITED for You and for All. Being EXCITED to Be You is to Live with Gratitude that You get to Ride this Life. Being EXCITED by the Surprises that come from you Daring to Show Up for this Dance. Moment by moment. Asking for what you want and Trusting it will come. Planning and letting it Go. Doing your Part and Letting the Amazing Grace Blow through mystically. Expecting the Magic. Knowing everything is Unfolding Perfectly even when you cannot See it. Believing with All of YOU. Receiving. Saying THANK YOU! All day. And when people Ask why you are So Excited, say: I am EXCITED by Life! And watch them grow Wings before your Eyes. I am EXCITED for You. Me. All. Feel my EXCITEMENT! Borrow from It. Take as much as You Need as this Energy is Limitless. Happyass Dancing with YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)) so EXCITED for You! YESSSS. I. Am.

Monday, February 9, 2015

One Dance with Many Dancers!

Growing Your Self. Letting Go and Letting Life burst through You. The great Surprise of You aligned with This Force within You. Revealing your Own Nature. So ALIVE! Evolving. Riding You into All that Heart and Soul that Knows you are here to Experience Joy. This Abiding resonance echoing through You Breath by Breath. Even when Fear comes and it surely does washing through you with the Heat of terror, anxiety, worry and doubt; remember it is energy. It is alive. Just Breathe. Let go of judging it. Accept It as a part of being Human. Let it come and Let it Go. Liberation comes in the moment! Recognizing Fear and Not resisting It. Rooted in Your own Nature, This Force within You, feeling connected to the Power of the Universe. Feeling your Truest Strength. Feeling Unstoppable. Feeling Uncontainable. Trusting your Self. Trusting the Universe. Trusting All moments and Believing every experience is Purposeful. The challenges come Not just to kick your Ass but to Free You. To take You into You Spirit where you Meet your Truest Self and Feel the Assisting Forces fueling your every Step as You slay the Dragons and walk into More of Life. Dreams awaiting. Calling You into your Joy. Receiving the Miracle You are! Living the Magic. Daring to BELIEVE In this Amazing Grace you Embody lifting the Veils of Illusion. One moment Blind. And Now, You See. Wow moments! Seeing the Truth and Beauty of You. The Fear and The Pain is no match for the Brave Heart. Consciously dance with this Fierceness all Day, every Day. Being aware. Befriending the Fear instead of hiding it. Challenging the Hurt Self, the Powerless Child that will keep Life at bay attempting to Stay safe; playing out Patterns that served You at One time as You were in Survival Mode. But it is Time to THRIVE! Scoop that Hurt Self Up. Shower that Part of You with Love. Big LOVE. Unconditional Love. Pulling Shame out of this Part of You. Place this Powerless Child in the Back Seat buckling It Up, giving It a Sucker; and Driving Your Life full Throttle into Present Time. Standing within Your Self moving deliberately into this Dream awake. Your Love of Living springing from this Vibration of Pure Joy. Following Your Bliss. Letting Go. Letting All that Heart and Soul cultivate the Seeds of Promise You came here to Sow. Being You. Loving You. Freeing You. Returning Home to Your Sacred Self Inspiring others to Find their Way being who They Are. Knowing we are One. One Song ever-Singing. One Life expressing uniquely through each of Us. One Dance with many Dancers. Happyass Dance into The Wild! Feeling Excited. Living Out Loud. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nature at PLAY!

Connected to All that Heart and All that Soul, We are Nature at Play! We experience the Joy of being Fully Human. We find our way to Humor laughing as we See how entertaining we are. Remembering: Life is FUN. Inviting the Fun in Being who we Are. Disconnected, we attempt to Live some Idea of who we are. Our relationship with Our Self is rigid and conditional TRYING, always Trying to Be who we Think we should Be. Trying to be Perfect kills Us. Trying to do IT right is exhausting. Trying to Live up to Expectations self-imposed and cultural imprints makes Life an Uphill Climb with no Peak. Trying to arrive where we Think we Should Be instead of Being where We are. Trying to figure Life Out through our limited Self stuck in our head conceptualizing and intellectualizing strips the moments of their Aliveness. The ever-Present Beauty echoing through Us. Calling us Home to the World within where Miracles lie waiting for Us to Receive who We truly are. And come ALIVE! Life becomes dull surviving the days when we are Cut Off; Not allowing our Spirit to dance spontaneously connected to a Deep Sense of Self; the Universe within ever-flowing; infinity at Play through us here on earth. Gripping is our human Nature Trying to Control Life; fearing the Changes that surely come ushering us into our Truest Life. Letting Go is our divine Nature. Opening Life. Opening You. Me. All. Moment by Moment. Breath by Breath. Centered. In Harmony. Moving from our Spirit ever-Free. Using the Mind to focus our Life Force.The Funny thing Is attempting to let go of the Ego (trying NOT be Human) is Driven from the Ego. Filtered through the Ego! Not the Higher Self. Tuning into All that Heart and All that Soul allows Life to Be. Feels the Joy in Being Human. Allows us to Be wherever we are. Bringing awareness where the Shifts within are Organic. We are Ever-evolving. Being conscious growing this Human journey from the Inside Out letting the Music within guide us. Free us! Materializing our Spirit. Ask all that Heart and Soul to Speak to You. Ask It to reveal The Joy in being You. Ask it to show You the Miracle You are. Always! Being You. Doing You. Living this Day. Loving it All. Knowing We're All Afraid. And we're All Badass Brave! Believing anything is Possible. Being Excited. Feeling Connected. Remembering: You are Amazing Grace in the Flesh. Nature at Play. Dance Wildly! Woo woo woofuckinhoo :))

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Come Out and PLAY!

Ahhhh...Sweet Surrender! As a Writer and Speaker and Life Coach The words come. They are Gifts. I Receive them and Give them Away. Without hesitation, I dance with Words as it is a part of Me. Expressing who I am. Sharing thoughts, ideas and stories is Not an Option for Me. I cannot Not. It is a choiceless choice. Sewn in the Fabric of who I Am. The words are Insistent. Repression is no longer an Option. I let them come. And let them Go OUT into the world to do what they Do. Speaking All that Heart and All that Soul connecting to the Cosmic Heart and Soul. My Heart and Soul at Play with Your Heart and Soul. For years, I resisted my Own Nature. And it killed my Spirit. It made me Heavy: mind, body, heart and soul as I walked in the world disconnected from my Sacred Self. No sense of Self just a sense of Obligation feeling burdened by Life. Carrying the weight of the world feeling responsible for everyone but never tending to my Self. Caring for others with no regard for my needs pretending I didn't Need anyone or anything. Sacrificing my wants and needs to please others not tasting the Pleasure of being Me. And Being Alive. Appreciating others but never pausing to See My Self. To Hear My Self. To Free My Self. To Speak to the World being Me fearing I was Not enough. Terrified that I was Too Much! And longing to be Seen. To be Heard. To be Free. To Speak the truest Song in my Heart and Soul simply being Me. Expressing Authentically. Claiming my Own Voice. Listening to my Wants and Needs. The sweetest Surrender ever-growing is Me inviting my Self, More of who I am to come out of Hiding. To Step into my Self letting the Wild within Me Roar. Holding my Own hand and Taking the Fear and insecurities by the other Hand and Jumping. Ohhh, Life. The Liberation walk. "How did I get Here? I often Ask. With a Sense of My Self. Carved by this Road." Each of Us is the Best Kept Secret. Each of Us is buried Alive by Hurts, Wounds, Pain, Shame, The many Poisons of FEAR. It is our Shared Story. Coming OUT! Being Counted. Knowing You Count. Knowing we All Count. You Matter. We All Matter. You are Worthy and Deserving of a Life You Love as are we All. Remembering the Cage door is Open. Always Open. Flying Free again and again. Daring to Let Go of the barriers and walls and False Self. Not keeping who You Truly are Secret. Tuning into your divine Essence, this Force of Love animating You and Calling You Home. Receiving your Self and Giving your Self away for the Joy of It. Feeling Connected. Feeling so Damn ALIVE as Passion springs from the Well within. You speaking to the World being You. Now, that's LIVIN'. The Courage to Surrender who you Think You are and Welcome the Truth and Beauty of You is Badassss! The Sweetness of life known even in the Bitter. Come PLAY! It is Time. The World is requesting the Pleasure of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Friday, February 6, 2015

You are ALIVE!

You are ALIVE! Living this Wondrous journey. Daring to Create your own Masterpiece. Touching the Sacredness within You. Aligned. Remembering: YOU MATTER! Who You Are in this Moment shifts into who You are Becoming. You are Opening Breath by Breath until your last Breath. Breath is Life. As long as there's Breath in Your Body, You are Ever-Growing through the Seasons of Your Life that Prune what is inessential in order to Free More of You. Bringing the Surprises. Taking You into the Wild within that is the truest Self. Revealing what was concealed. Beautifying You as the Truth echoes from the depths. Pouring All that Light You cannot See into the World. Returning to the Source in the Final Letting Go. Last evening, The skies were like pink cotton candy as the Day closed with the Sun setting. And the Moon came to usher in the Night. Our dance with Nature, the Skies, the celestial Forces brings Holy communion with our Sacred Self and Human Self. Remembering: Our own Nature. We are Creatures of Soul experiencing this earthy Adventure. I connected to the Moment. With My Self. With You. With All Life at Play. Feeling this YES! echoing. Feeling this abiding THANK YOU churning in my Heart. My Mom flashed through Me. The Wisdom she imparted from the Death Bed where she was More in her Spirit freeing her from Human beliefs, all the Conditioning that had governed her Life. I remembered The moment she Experienced God other than a Man in the Sky, judging and punishing and ruling her with Fear. I had showed her photos from the Hubble Space Station. The mystical, wondrous, magical Images flooded her. She Smiled as she never had before lighting Up. Connected to her Spirit. Delighting with sheer Amazement, oohing and ahhhing. Exclaiming: "That's God! I see God." I wept feeling her liberated as she sat in the Moment. So Alive! In her Life fully Present and Open with Childlike Wonder. A return to Innocence where she touched the Part of her that was untouched by her human Experience. Her death would come soon after this and the Profound sweetness of witnessing her come Alive continues to Breathe Life into Me. The Power of an Image. The Power of Music. The Power of Art. The Power of a Moment. The Power of Life Ever-Flowing leading You Home. The Power of YOU expressing who You truly are. Ever-growing. Ever-evolving. Liberates All. Ohhh the Power of YOU and your Life is Miraculous! Yes You. Believe!!! I Belive in You. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :)! It is Damn Good to Be YOU.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your Playful Soul LIGHTS the World!

The Playful Soul lights this World bringing the heavens here on earth Breath by Breath. Living this Human Journey connected to the divine Essence, the Sacred Self that is here to Experience Joy. This abiding resonance of Joy that Springs from the well within. It isn't possible to create this Vibration outside of You. Rather, it is an extension of You that You bring wherever You Go doing what You do, Being You. You must Touch this Sacred Space within. Always here. In this Moment. Always there. In All that Heart and All that Soul. The intangible that Lights the World with Beauty and Truth. Disconnected from the Source, You will Seek this Joy outside of You. Connected to the Source, Joy IS. The truest Smile echoing from the World within, Unconditional Joy. The Miracle of being You Known at a depth that nourishes You come what May. External circumstances cannot steal your Joy. The energy of Joy washes through even the darkest moments when Life comes crashing in on You. It isn't from being Checked Out pretending to Be feeling Joy. It is sourced Purely from Being checked In. Your Truest Self known allows You to Meet the Moments. Meeting Life on Life's terms! Trusting Your Self and Trusting the Universe ever-guiding You into your Highest Good and Greatest JOY even when it appears otherwise. Being You. Being in the Moments. Dancing Wildly. Feeling the liberation of You at Play with the Infinite. Daring to Follow Your Joy. Being Intentional. Going within and plugging into this Joy inviting It to lead You into your Truest Life where You Feel Home within Your Self as You Live. Beyond an Idea. Beyond putting on a Happy Face. Beyond our Human scope that wants to Define attempting to Explain what MUST be FELT. Beyond our limited Thinking. There Lies JOY. Finding your way to Joy again and again understanding this is touching the heavens as your feet touch the earth. Joy brings Years to Your Heart! Cultivating Joy within, You share this Energy as it is contagious. People Feel It. And Remember, Joy lies within them too. Your Light Heart shines into their Heart. Not by Preaching or telling them how to Live. You simply Living. Being You. Joy is Supa Dupa COOL! Joy is innate. Returning to your Own Nature. Happyass Dancin' in the truest Sense from the Inside OUT! Pure JOY echoing. Pure JOY sangin the Song of You. Pure JOY inspiring your Life. Shouting: woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is Always damn Good to Be You. It is Always damn Good to Be Alive.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Miracle of You Expressed through How You LIVE!

LOVE is the Miracle of Life Expressed in How You Live! This Life so Rich with YOU. Abundance is You Receiving your Truest Self. You connected to the Sacred Self sensing the Universe at Play through You. This Cosmic Force pulsing through You Breath by Breath. Awakening You to the Truth and Beauty of Being You. Reminding You that the Greatest Gift You can possibly give this World is YOU. Daring to Show Up and Let Life reveal the Miracle You Are. No Matter how lost You Feel, Amazing Grace ever-assisting You will Return You Home. In a Moment. Opening Your Heart to You. The human dance is Forgetting and Remembering who we Truly are and what we are Made of. Inviting Life to Show You the Miracle of You and Life all Day creates the Intention to Live from the Power within. Your Sense of Limitlessness that Springs from the Well within. You plugged In, Asking to be Guided to what You need and want. Asking to See where You limit Your Self with Beliefs You have adopted that keep You locked away. Daring to Ask for help from the assisting Forces of the Universe AND from others in the physical world. Noticing when Fear keeps You from Asking. Being Self-aware. Observing Your Self with deep Understanding and Compassion, making it Safe for the Truth to Rise in the Moments. Do You Live as If YOU are a Miracle? Do You actually BELIEVE with All of You that You are worthy and deserving of receiving the Miracles waiting for YOU? These questions are Alive not to be answered from your head that says: YES! Of course. But to be LIVED. This inquiry lighting the way. Showing you Limiting Beliefs that keep the Miracles at bay. The liberation of You comes in the Moments when You SEE what You absolutely couldn't before. Amazing Grace was Blind but Now, I See. Your willingness to Live Open and See the Bullshit that is governing Your Choices and containing your Life will Show You how you subconsciously Block the Miracles. Reframing your Bullshit shifts Everything! Listening to Your Self. Hearing your Beliefs ALIVE in your words, your thoughts reveals what is creating your World. The Hurt Self, The fractured Self, The Powerless Child is still a part of Us. Knowing this, we can call Bullshit on our Beliefs and Attitudes. Stopping to Reframe what we Say to our Self or Out loud recognizing You Must take a Stand for You and Fight for You as you would a Loved One. If you would Not look a Precious child in the eyes and Say IT to them, DO NOT say it to YOU. You Must SEE Your Self first. You Must Hear Your Self instead of waiting for the World to SEE you and HEAR you. The Miracle of This OPENS the Miracle of You. Freeing YOU. You Speak to the World being YOU. What are YOU Saying?! Hmmm. Ask. Believe. Receive. Kickassssss for YOU. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :))!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Bridges Carrying Us into More Life

Some Bridges are Steeper than Others. Some Bridges carry us Over Land, Mother Earth, calling us to Ground in The New Now. Rooting to Rise! Blooming the Seeds of Promise whose Season has Arrived. No way to Stop our Own nature but we will Fight to Control the Uncontrollable. Until we can't. Until the Sweetness of Surrender comes riding the waves of Amazing Grace ever-assisting Us. Always There. Within You. Me. All. Always Here. In the Moment. Some Bridges carry us Over water where buried emotions come Up and Out to be Counted and acknowledged. Releasing energies Locked in Time. Tethering us to the Past. Thawing what was Frozen bringing into Consciousness wounds that Hold our Precious Life Force. Lifting the Rugs that we swept the Hurts under so we can Finally feel what we couldn't. Grieving. Crying for the Powerless Child who was Not permitted to Cry. Who was Shamed into submission agreeing to Accept repression as a part of the Family and Culture. Expression was Not safe. Expression was viewed as weakness. Seeing the Conditioned Belief: "If I Feel this, It will Kill Me," must be cut loose. Your Soul knowing awakening Truth: "If I DO NOT Feel this, It will Kill Me!" The Liberation. Daring to Walk into the Direct Experiences of Life, Being Present to Your Self Alive in the Moment Frees You. Returning You Home to Your Sacred Self. The essence of You connecting You to the whole Cosmos. Crossing Bridges is a part of this human journey as we complete cycles and enter into More Life. New experiences are necessary for the evolution of who you are. And there's Always more emerging requiring you to Let Go and reach for More until your final letting go. Transitioning from where You are into what's next, All that awaits will take You into your Spirit, this Force of Love within. Fueled by the Well, You are held in the energies of Faith, Trust and Certainty that will Allow You to walk into the Unknown KNOWING it is All Good. Knowing it is going to be Great. Believing what You cannot See with the human eye. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul. Letting the divine sight guide You. Believing what You Know in the depths of You that others cannot See. Hearing the Music within. Dancing to this Inner rhythm inviting You to Play as never before. Following the Call into the Dream that picked You. Ever-growing You! Beyond the cultural idea of living the Dream, the Dream realized is you aligned with who You are. Connected to Your Sacred Self Kicking Ass with Your Brave Heart and Setting the World On Fire with the Passion You came here to Live for Your Joy in Being You. It surely isn't Easy to Cross the Bridges that Come. But within You lies the Power to take the first Step and the Courage to Go where You MUST! The Must is the Pull of Your Soul trumping Your human grip trying to hang onto the familiar shore. Remember: what Feels as if it will Kill You has come to Free You! Muster the graces of the Universe within You and Keep On Keepin' ON. Kick and Scream letting it Out. In order to Let Go. Going. Going. Going. Into Worlds ready to Sing You Home. Be Stoked! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Say what Scares You Most!

You are Brave enough to Be Afraid. Go Ahead: Say what SCARES you Most! Do what scares You Most! Making it Safe to be Afraid reveals depths of Your Brave Heart fierce Enough to Free You. Bringing the Fear Up and Out so You consciously choose in the Moment liberating the part of You held hostage. Seeing what You couldn't. Lifting the Veils. Experiencing Amazing Grace ever- Opening You. Enlivening You. Expressing Your Self instead of Repressing. Feeling the Heat of Anxiety wash through You. Feeling the Worry gripping your Breath. Feeling the Doubt caging Your Spirit. Feeling as If the Universe is Against You as Your Confidence drains. Letting it come and letting it go. Breathing. Making Space. Knowing it's okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Being in the Direct Experiences of Your Life. Focusing Your Attention on You and how you want to Live. Participating fully in the evolution of You. Allowing More of You to come Play. Noticing when You hold back hesitating to Be You to Stand in who You truly Are fearing how others will Respond. Fearing Rejection. Wanting to Belong. Trying to fit In. Knowing that these primal Fears based on Survival are part of being Human. No matter how Grown we are, there is More Growth until our last Breath. Each of us wants to Belong, to Connect, to Fit In, to be Accepted, to be Known, to be Seen, to be Loved. This is innate. Your awareness of this Empowers You. Your denial pretending to Not be Afraid to Not Care locks You away holding your energy. Operating from this Awareness, You flow with Life wherever You Are. Letting Go of control is Powerful. Meeting Your Self and whatever comes Up. Letting it Be. No longer attempting to Control the Uncontrollable is Powerful! Plugging into your Life Force, the Essence of You that creates a Kickass relationship with Your Self. No Bullshit Living! Not Resisting. Dancing with Fear and insecurities, You are Unstoppable. You are Riding this Life instead of It Riding You. Shifting into gears You have never Touched, You are fueled by the Truth. Receiving the Magic! Believing in the Miracle You are. Daring to Do what You Must. Plunging below the Surface to excavate the Wisdom. Mining for the Gold in the Lead. Remembering what feels as if it will Kill You has actually come to Free You. You are You. Badass Brave! Enjoyyyyy being YOU and watch the JOY Rise breath by breath. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Follow the Signs: 11:11 Message.

Seeing 11:11 and receiving the Message reminding You that you are Connected to something far Greater. The Source of all Creation in this Web of Life. The invisible threads pouring Amazing Grace through You all day. STOP and Receive the Miracle of You! The 11:11 vibration is the evolution of the Self. Your sacred role in the collective consciousness. You aligned with the universe, your Soul, ONEness. Standing in who you are beyond the conditioned Self. New beginnings. Again and again. You made anew. Beliefs dismantling that limit and cage. Organically. You living Open. Liberations. Revelations. Psychic downloads. Flashes of Wisdom as portals open. Sacred Knowings washing through. Seeing what you hadn't before. Discovering the Beauty of You. The Truth of You echoing in the world as you journey on earth as YOU! Mirroring the light of the heavens you embody. Grounded in your human Self and divine Self. Freeing your Passion this Love you are, the essence of You. Expressing who You are for the Joy of it not because you think you should do this or that. Living beyond expectations and obligations. letting go of Paradigms that have been played out. Living soul guided. Fueled. Trusting what only you know. Walking in Faith. Believing in your Self. Believing in the Universe. Assisting forces within You within all of Creation ever-guiding you home. As you chop wood and carry water. Doing what You do. Living Your life Being in the direct experience. Liberating your Self more and more. Moment by moment. Day by day. Choice by choice. Pulling energy out of the past so you can plug it into this New NOW. The dawn of YOU breaking. Letting Go! You Cannot carry what is dead into new life cycles. Blocking the flow. Dragging You. Draining your Life Force that Fuels your Sacred Desires. Being the alchemist Spinning lead into Gold using IT all. Every experience is Purposeful! Extracting the wisdom. Letting Go more and more of the human crap tangling You in circumstances tying you to the story. The purely human perspective that keeps You on the Surface where You are knocked around by Life. This Victim consciousness that is so pervasive in us all. The higher Self lifts you into Cosmic Perspective where You see with the Eyes of the Soul and Your Brave Heart awakens remembering who You truly are and what lies within. Your soul magnetizes this 11:11 message from the heavens to assure You that You are on your path. Materializing your Spirit. Pulling your Dreams down. And reminding You the gods assist and guide you breath by breath. Knowing this! Go kick this days Assssssss at Play with the Infinite. Woo woo woofuckinhoo:))