Sunday, March 29, 2015

This Sunday Mornin' RISING is YOU!

Feel IT! Sip IT In. Stoke that Fire You carry. This Sunday Mornin' Rising is You. This Day inviting more of You to come Out and Play. The Song of You ever-Singing, ever-Revealing in Images, Colors, Places, People, Things. In ways You can See and In ways You MUST Feel. The intangible Beauty. What draws You in and pulls at the Depths of You Stirring your Heart and Soul. And making you Feel ALIVE. Infusing you with a Sense of Hope, Joy, Peace. Vitality Springing! No way to manufacture this Energy that is your Life Force, the Song of You echoing into the World Breath by Breath. Your Connection to the Creative Field within You consciously Opening the Life that you came here to Live. Flowing. Letting Go. Remembering what Matters most to You. Focusing on what You want. Daring to Want to Dream your Ass Off. Dwelling in the Possibilities. Shifting And DOING what You must to Free the More calling. You Rising and Life Rising to Meet You. Effort and Grace. The Practical and the Mystical. Doing Your Part and Letting the cosmos Show Off Revealing the SURPRISE of You. Choice by choice, moment by moment, day by day, meeting Life consciously. Not trying to do it Perfectly. Making it Safe for the Truth to Rise. Seeing clearly the Old Beliefs and Patterns that Hold you back tangling Your Energy so You have nothing in the Tank to Fuel your Dreams. Coming into Present Time. Standing on Your Own two Feet rooting in the Truth that You are Unstoppable. Anything is Possible. No settling. Breathing into your Center. Touching your Sacred Self Where the Universe lies. Feeling the Fight of the heavens that will kickass for You. Facing FEARS. Calling your BS out of the Shadow into the Light to Illuminate it and Reframe it and LET IT GO. Again and again, All day, every Day. Seeing where Shame, Guilt, Not enoughness and Too Muchness and worrying what Others Think of You and DARING to Be You. Be who You are. Fighting the GOOD Fight for the Life You want. Remembering YOU are the Mountain to MOVE. And Knowing YOU have the Power within You to MOVE all Obstacles. Aligning. Walking in Faith plugged into Who You truly are and shedding the false Self. Inviting your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Trusting the Universe within YOU (never Outside of You) to Sing You Home. Losing your way and finding More of YOU. The Song of You is MAGIC! Believe. Believe. Believe. You are Magic. Gratitude is a Magnet! What You Appreciate APPRECIATES. Receiving the GOOD of You and your life HERE and Now grows the GOOD wilder and freer Beyond what you can fathom. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Not because you are Greedy or Selfish or never satisfied (all Shame based Crapola:). But BECAUSE You Know the Abundance of YOU! You receive the Abundance that is the limitless Universe Singing through You here on Earth for your JOY. HappyAss dance to the Song of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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