Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Best of Life is YOU!

The Best is Here and Now. Grab It. Reach for It within. The Best of Life is YOU. Receiving THE BEST is an inside Job. Remembering who You truly Are. Holding your Self Sacred. Knowing you Deserve The Best. Never Settling for less than You actually Want out of a deep Sense of Self. Understanding that behind your choice to Settle is a belief wrapped in your Worth. Looking deeper than the surface seeing that you have bought into a Belief that Wanting what You Want, wanting The Best is Selfish and feeling guilt and shame around your Heart's desires. Letting Go of that limiting Belief seeing that The Best of Life is Truly You Opening the Valves within You and Flowing with the Possibilities to Create a Life where You Feel connected to The BEST of You. Only THE BEST will Do is not arrogance. It is Living the Abundance that Is. The Riches that lie within You ready for you to Claim and Spend for your Joy. Welcoming the Upgrades. Materializing Your Spirit. Stuff just for the sake of having stuff cannot fill the Emptiness, the Craving to know who You are and Grow Alive. But touching your Spirit and letting It guide your Choices frees the Joy in Being You, in All you Do, in All you Manifest. When Stuff is Void of Spirit tying our Worth to It, the buzz is fast and fleeting. No right or wrong. Becoming conscious of your energy tuning into your body's Wisdom, you Feel when you identify externally attempting to feed that Hunger that can only Be nourished In fulfilling your Destiny. Returning to your Own True Nature. The essence of You. Living Soulfully. The truest Play. Happiness known in knowing You. Abiding Joy experiencing THE BEST no matter what. The Best met within In the Worst of Times. The Best sustaining You through the Storms. Raining Hope. Seeing The Hope of You meeting the moments come what May. You Being The Best and living The Best give others permission to join the Dance daring to Want more than feels safe. Touching limitlessness. Breaking FREE! letting go of All that dams the Dreams awaiting your arrival. Seeing You beyond the convoluted stories and conditioning. Meeting The BEST, The Truth and Beauty of You. Me. All. Ever-Blossoming. Living The BEST moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day. Yes!!! The BEST is YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)))

Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Heart is the Heart of the World

The Power of your Open Heart is absolutely immeasurable. Fear is no match for the depths of Courage that lie within You. Whatever life brings your way, you have the Strength to meet it. Giving your Fear room to breathe. Letting it wash through. Stay the course. Rising to meet You. All of You. More of You. Asking for Assistance. Summoning the Energies always there within You. Letting Go. Expecting the Miracles. Allowing the obstacles to move. Experiencing the heavens as you stand on the Earth. Your Heart is vast and mystical and fierce enough to Free you and All the Passion that springs in Expressing who You are. No greater feeling than Using all that Fire to Grow the Life that's Yours. The Heart remembers whispering to You what Matters. Reminding You that You Matter and what You want Matters. Listening with your Heart as You live each day, you receive the guidance from this divine intelligence you House. This Force of Love echoing through your breath is beyond sentimental. It is the Cosmos roaring through You awakening You to the truest Power: LOVE! Touch your Heart Center connecting to this Unconditional source that is your Partner in creating all you Desire. Manifesting your Destiny. Materializing your Spirit. Happiness lived no matter how great the Challenges. Beyond human, your Heart doesn't judge You. It is Always Open to You. Holding you Dear. Leading you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy ALWAYS! Even when It appears otherwise. It urges you to Receive the Good You are and use your Good to taste the Abundance of Life. Opening your Heart to Your Self, you Open your Heart to the World that needs your Joy in being You. Hand in Hand. Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. We are One. We are in this Together. No waiting for the World outside of You to Change. Be the Change this Day. I am the change. You are the Change. No BS! All you want starts within You daring to Be who you are. Speaking all that Heart and Soul. No silencing your Voice. Being true. Living Spirited! Liberating the Force you are and lifting All. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:) Never underestimate the Power of You being You.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meet the Miracle of This Moment. Meet YOU!

The Miracle lies in This Moment. Here and now. Not someday. This is Truth. Abiding and unwavering. Breathe this Miracle that is You In. Breathe this Miracle that is Life In. Receiving the Abundance that Is beyond The tales of When or If this happens, life will be Good and you will be Happy. Untangling from the Stories bring your Self into Present Time. Alive in the Direct Experiences! Letting go of the Conditions that keep the Good at bay chasing an Idea instead of allowing the moments to Fill your Sails. Touching your Sacred Self. Holding your Self dear. Listening to the Wisdom echoing and guiding You Home. Remembering who You truly are and what You are made of. Knowing You are the Miracle! You have the Power to open the valves and feel life Flowing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Being Happy is Being You! The only way to Find Happiness is to Find your way to You. It sounds so Simple but it's not easy as the lines blur between who You are and the roles you play as a part of a family and groups. Seeing Who others expect You to Be verses who You truly are. Begging the question: Who Am I? and allowing The Growing Conversation within your Self. Observing your Self at play in the World with others. Can you let go of Trying to be and be You? No judgment. Using your humor in acknowledging when you hide parts of you to fit in or withhold your Voice holding your Self back instead of Trusting: All I gotta Do is Be ME! Connecting to your True Self. Open to You. Opening to You. Again and again. Discovering More of who you are through living the inquiry: What Now? What do I want? What fits? What doesn't? What is aligned with who I am? Recognizing You are evolving and growing which shifts your Relationship with All the world. Outgrowing what was and daring to go into the Wild, the Unknown calling new Life up and out for your Joy. Consciously Creating your Life. Wanting calls the Creative Field within to show You the Way from where You are to where you want to Go. Choosing what's Fun. Letting go of what's not Fun. Surrounding your Self with people who LOVE You. Knowing what Matters and cutting loose what doesn't. No More waiting! No waiting for fated interventions to awaken You to the Miracle you are and always have been and always will Be. Fly You Must. Freeing your Spirit. Rising. Touching the Skies within You and riding them over the Rainbow. Liberating you. Meeting the Moon and the Stars. There You Are. Look at You. Magnificent. Magical. Mystical. Miraculous YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)).

Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Human Shit!!!

It's Human shit!!! Ain't no way around Life. All that comes your Way this Day and each Day is here to Connect You to your True Self and to Humanity. We are One. No One is immune to Heart Break, struggles, challenges, troubles, problems, chaos, dramas and shitstorms. No ONE. Our story is the Same Playing out distinctly. No One goes through Life unscathed. No One gets a hall-pass from being Human. No matter what you have accomplished. No matter what your bank account. No matter how wise you are. No matter your age. Life includes the stuff you would NEVER wish for! You would Never on a conscious level invite the Crap that buries you in order to Birth You. NEVER!!! As a matter of Fact, Life is filled with Moments and events that you would love to Wish Away. But wishing Away even One experience would Be wishing Away who You have become as a result of that Happening. The reconciling of You. The Courage to face what has come extracting the Wisdom and letting it Cut life into You. Your personal growth and evolution springing from the hells here on earth. The Great reveal of You! Necessary Changes. Time lived. Peeling back what is inessential. The pruning surely doesn't feel good but the Blossoming is Sure to steal your Breath. In Awe of who You are, the Truth and Beauty met within You. Simplicity. Seeing The Miracle you are Beyond the story that keeps you small. Returning You to your own True Nature. Knowing YOU MATTER! Knowing what Matters and what just doesn't. Letting Go. Going Home. Being fed by the Well within in a way that isn't possible outside of You. But your connection to You, standing in the Moments fully human, comfortable in your human shit reveals the Power of the Human Spirit to Soar come what may. What lies within You is no less than Wings of Glory. Ride this Life feeling the Possibilities ever-Opening. Plunging into depths that you Never dared before in order to Extract You. Discovering You. Always More. Meeting your Destiny. Nourishing your Soul. Happiness lived. Being You. The riches of Life received as the Treasure within once locked Opens. There You are. Here You are. So Magnificent. LOOK at You! You are You. Ohhh, The World needs You. You are The Change. The world needs your HappyAss! Your Heart feeds the Heart of the World. You are The Miracle-maker. The Dream Realized. The Stars dancing in the Flesh. Dance your Dance. Listen to the Song of You and Feel your Way freeing the Joy known in Knowing YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

Friday, April 24, 2015

Live Today FREE of Yesterday!

Experience Your Self this Day FREE of limitations! FREE of Yesterday. FREE to Be More than Feels Possible. FREE to Let Go of Old Stories and Color the moments with Possibilities painting New Pictures with All that Heart and Soul. All that FIRE You carry ready to Express in Surprising ways Revealing MORE of You. Fulfilling your Destiny by Nourishing Your Soul returning to your Own Nature where Happiness IS a constant Easy no matter how challenging the Day. A Whole New Experience discovered within. Not looking Outside to Fill what can Only Be met within. Happiness is a byproduct of Authenticity, simply Being who You are. Stripping what is inessential. Consciously participating in your Pruning. Peeling the layers back to Claim who You truly Are. Letting Go of the constructed Self, who You Try to Be. Receiving the Love, this Cosmic Force that lies within You and Daring to USE It to create the Life you came here to LIVE from a Sense of Self beyond conditioning. Ever-Growing the Wild of YOU. My faith in You is Knowing who You are. Knowing who I Am. Knowing that we are Made of Stars. Knowing the Possibilities for my Life, I know Anything is Possible for YOU. And knowing whatever you Truly want will come to Be. Begging the Question again and again: "What do You Want (Now)?" Inviting you to Go into the depth of You and allowing the Wisdom of the Universe to echo through You. Tuning in Aligned with the Truth and Beauty liberating You from limiting Beliefs that hold You and All you want Back. Open to You. Opening You - all the Doors in the Outer World Open from Inside of You. Shedding People, Places and Things that have played out and no longer serve your Highest Good. Giving thanks for All that has led you here and grieving what was but is simply complete. Plugging your Life force into Present Time. Welcoming New People, Places and Things that Fit and Feed You NOW. Fear keeps us All in Old patterns and behaviors that work against US and all we Want. What will they Think? Say? The FEAR. It is a part of this human journey. Allow it. Dance with It. Recognize What's behind your choices. The energy of Fear that keeps you doing what you've always done or the Energy of Love that is hard fought at the level of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Moving You forward into the Dreams awaiting your arrival. The way of being that creates magical living come what may. Bringing consciousness into your choices you become Self-aware. Lighting the way feeling the Miracle you are. Knowing you have the Power! Feeling empowered with Your feet planted in this World pulling the heavens through. Believing. Remembering. Stoking the Passion. Ruling your Life from the inside Out making Choices that honor You and your Life. Expect Miracles all damn Day! Count 'em. Count On them. You are the Miracle. Yes. YOU being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just Add Wind to Your Sails!

The Winds of CHANGE are Blowing Us Home. Just Add Wind to your Sails breath by breath. Letting Go of what keeps you from Lift Off, from Flying into your Dreams awaiting Your arrival. Are You Ready to Experience this Day and Touch depths of Your Self and Life never before Possible? Take my hand. Let's Play. Let's Jump into this Day with a Sense of Possibilities. Living Open even when Doors appear Closed. Looking Beyond. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul that Knows ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Seeing the Perfection in the moments come what May. Trusting your Self and Trusting Life. Knowing who You are and inviting More to be Revealed for your Joy. Know Thyself. Love Thyself. Live Open. Notice when Life tangles you and Dance Free. Using your humor. Delighting in the Play of Life unfolding. Choosing the Attitude that it is Damn Good to Be You even when it doesn't feel so Good. Pure Wisdom: Be entertained by Thyself...and LIVE FREE:)! What a divine comedy we are LIVIN'. The Not so damn Funny and the Doubled over Belly-laughing. Cracking your Self Up and appreciating how Others view the World. What's Not to LOVE? Laughter awakens the love in the Not so lovable and Not so Funny. Humor is Divine medicine INDEED! The gods gifted us with the Alchemy of Laughter. The Magic that Happens when you find your way to Laughter. Your humor is Liberating. Sooo, Won't you Laugh OUT Loud with Me over anything and Everything. Seeing the absurdity of this Life we are RIDIN'. The Ass-kickins and the touch the SKY moments that visit us ALL. Our shared story of Victims and Victors. Cowards and BRAVE hearted. Heroes and Villains. Shadow and Light. Yet, YOU have been given your Own Special Brew of AMAZING GRACE to express for your Joy. The Art of YOU. Speaking to the World without Sayin' a word allowing your divine essence to awaken and lift and stir and SURPRISE You. SPEAKING to the world being You! Stirring your Voice into the Flame of Life. Remembering No ONE can Sing the Song of You but YOU. Screaming OUT your words. Living out Loud. In the Silence. On the Stages of Life. Moments Lived. Tasted. Touching You. Connected to All. Echoing TRUTH. Whispering. Simply being True to who You are. Daring to Be You. Choice by choice. The only way to fulfill your Destiny of Happiness is Being You. Returning to your Own true Nature living Authentically. WOWWWW!! Be Stoked. ANYTHING is Possible! Yes. It. Is. Feel your Excitement and share It. Talk MAGIC. Talk Possibilities. Fuel your inner Fire. Look beyond what others Believe is Possible. And BELIEVE! Feel your Heart overflowing into All. Your HappyAss feeds the Heart of this World. Letting Go again and again. Coming into the Direct Experiences of Life. Being in Present Time consciously tuned into All of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Occupying your Body which is a Sacred Vessel housing the Wisdom of the Universe. Awakening You to Truth and Beauty that IS. Always! Breath by breath, Touching Heaven within. Soooo much heaven. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! Go ride the Winds of Change ever-Revealing YOU!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Growing Bigger than Our Fears

Growing Up is a lifelong process for each of Us. Becoming Bigger than your Fears. Tapping into this Cosmic Force of Love that lies within You. This Love beyond Human definition that is the Fight of Heart and Soul ever-Liberating. Returning you Home again and again to your Own true Nature. Fulfilling your Destiny of Happiness that can only be Realized from Being true to You. All other experiences of Happiness are Temporary and Fleeting contingent upon the External circumstances. Perpetually waiting for the Stars to Align instead of Tuning in and Aligning with the Stars You Embody. The Soul connected to the Wisdom of the universe always knows nudging You and sending out signals and Alarms through your Body. Out of Fear of Survival, it is part of Human nature to Override what's for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Going along to get along in order to Belong. It is our Shared Human Story and it is Primal, deep-seated wiring that must be brought into Consciousness in order to Fly Free. Repressed and unacknowledged, it will sabotage and derail You as you remain Stuck in old Patterns and Beliefs. Allowing it and bringing It Up into the Light, you choose Consciously. Enlightenment is shining the Light on the moment Seeing through the Eyes of Amazing Grace what you were Once Blind to. So Badass!!! And it surely ain't easy. It is your Effort, willing to be Open and the Graces of the Universe within You that lifts the Veils. The Heart Remembering the Truth and Beauty, the Essence of who You are ignites the inner Fire you carry KickingAss for You. Ushering You into new Depths of your Brave Heart cutting you Free from Fears that hold you Back. Bringing your Life Force into Present Time. Not acting and choosing from the Powerless Child. Standing whole in the Power you House. Creating the Life You came here to Experience that mirrors Your Own Nature. Knowing who You are and being True to You. This is simple but Not easy as It is contrary to a your human Conditioning to Love others at the Expense of YOU. This idea or Model of Love only leads to resentment and Bitterness. It surely does! Clenched jaws and Clenched fist holding back what You want and need. Loving others at the expense of YOU is familiar and celebrated. Standing in your power NOW, learning to Stand on Your Own two Feet will Feel uncomfortable as You choose to LOVE You. Choosing YOU! Asking the Question: What do I truly want and need NOW?! And letting the Answer bubble Up from the depths of You. Recognizing the Life you Want. EVERYTHING You want lies on the other side of Fear so you Must walk through it. Making peace within Your Self is your resting within knowing you are the Love of The Universe. You deserve this LOVE. Only you can give this to You. Opening and receiving your Truth and Beauty. Being held within by your Spirit that Frees you from the illusions that you need others to GET you, to SEE You and Agree with you!!! Seeing you and LOVING who you are when others judge you is Liberation. No BS!!! The hard fought LOVE of heart and Soul BEYOND human idea of Love. Cosmic LOVE! This Force you are. Your True Nature. Badass Brave!!! Daring to LOVE You and to love Life and know your LOVE is the Miracle in any moment. The Love you withhold from You is the Love you are waiting for ALWAYS. You have the Power to let it Flow. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Choose You! Love You! You ever-Growing take All with You.