Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Heart is the Heart of the World

The Power of your Open Heart is absolutely immeasurable. Fear is no match for the depths of Courage that lie within You. Whatever life brings your way, you have the Strength to meet it. Giving your Fear room to breathe. Letting it wash through. Stay the course. Rising to meet You. All of You. More of You. Asking for Assistance. Summoning the Energies always there within You. Letting Go. Expecting the Miracles. Allowing the obstacles to move. Experiencing the heavens as you stand on the Earth. Your Heart is vast and mystical and fierce enough to Free you and All the Passion that springs in Expressing who You are. No greater feeling than Using all that Fire to Grow the Life that's Yours. The Heart remembers whispering to You what Matters. Reminding You that You Matter and what You want Matters. Listening with your Heart as You live each day, you receive the guidance from this divine intelligence you House. This Force of Love echoing through your breath is beyond sentimental. It is the Cosmos roaring through You awakening You to the truest Power: LOVE! Touch your Heart Center connecting to this Unconditional source that is your Partner in creating all you Desire. Manifesting your Destiny. Materializing your Spirit. Happiness lived no matter how great the Challenges. Beyond human, your Heart doesn't judge You. It is Always Open to You. Holding you Dear. Leading you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy ALWAYS! Even when It appears otherwise. It urges you to Receive the Good You are and use your Good to taste the Abundance of Life. Opening your Heart to Your Self, you Open your Heart to the World that needs your Joy in being You. Hand in Hand. Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. We are One. We are in this Together. No waiting for the World outside of You to Change. Be the Change this Day. I am the change. You are the Change. No BS! All you want starts within You daring to Be who you are. Speaking all that Heart and Soul. No silencing your Voice. Being true. Living Spirited! Liberating the Force you are and lifting All. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:) Never underestimate the Power of You being You.

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