Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Human Shit!!!

It's Human shit!!! Ain't no way around Life. All that comes your Way this Day and each Day is here to Connect You to your True Self and to Humanity. We are One. No One is immune to Heart Break, struggles, challenges, troubles, problems, chaos, dramas and shitstorms. No ONE. Our story is the Same Playing out distinctly. No One goes through Life unscathed. No One gets a hall-pass from being Human. No matter what you have accomplished. No matter what your bank account. No matter how wise you are. No matter your age. Life includes the stuff you would NEVER wish for! You would Never on a conscious level invite the Crap that buries you in order to Birth You. NEVER!!! As a matter of Fact, Life is filled with Moments and events that you would love to Wish Away. But wishing Away even One experience would Be wishing Away who You have become as a result of that Happening. The reconciling of You. The Courage to face what has come extracting the Wisdom and letting it Cut life into You. Your personal growth and evolution springing from the hells here on earth. The Great reveal of You! Necessary Changes. Time lived. Peeling back what is inessential. The pruning surely doesn't feel good but the Blossoming is Sure to steal your Breath. In Awe of who You are, the Truth and Beauty met within You. Simplicity. Seeing The Miracle you are Beyond the story that keeps you small. Returning You to your own True Nature. Knowing YOU MATTER! Knowing what Matters and what just doesn't. Letting Go. Going Home. Being fed by the Well within in a way that isn't possible outside of You. But your connection to You, standing in the Moments fully human, comfortable in your human shit reveals the Power of the Human Spirit to Soar come what may. What lies within You is no less than Wings of Glory. Ride this Life feeling the Possibilities ever-Opening. Plunging into depths that you Never dared before in order to Extract You. Discovering You. Always More. Meeting your Destiny. Nourishing your Soul. Happiness lived. Being You. The riches of Life received as the Treasure within once locked Opens. There You are. Here You are. So Magnificent. LOOK at You! You are You. Ohhh, The World needs You. You are The Change. The world needs your HappyAss! Your Heart feeds the Heart of the World. You are The Miracle-maker. The Dream Realized. The Stars dancing in the Flesh. Dance your Dance. Listen to the Song of You and Feel your Way freeing the Joy known in Knowing YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

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