Monday, April 20, 2015

Dancin' is Always the Best Idea!

Dancin' is Always the Best Idea! Always. YESSS. This Dance of Life is Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Riding Life plugged into the All of You. Using the Whole Intelligence of You. Ohhh, The Magic of Dancing. Awakening All of You. Touching Your Spirit, your Truest Self through Moving your Body. Opening all of You to the Moment receiving this Life breath by breath. Tuning into Your inner Harmony where the Rhythm of the Universe Is connecting You to the Infinite. Freeing your Life Force to Flow with the Abundance that Is as the Song of You Echoes the Beauty from within. Returning to Your own Nature. The Truth Grows the Wild that can't be contained surprising You with More authentic Expressing. Experiencing the Joy of Being You from the literally Jumping around. Knowing the wisdom of Jumpin' for JOY! Woo:))! Seeing the Power of Play as you come Alive with your Vitality Springing from the Well of Love within you. This Creative Field always There, always Here animating You and assisting You, leading you to your Truest Life where you meet your Highest good and Greatest Joy again and again. Living the Passion as the Pulse of your essence stretches Beyond your Wildest Imaginings. Letting Go. Daring to Show UP! and Dance YOUR Dance. Being True to You. Liberating your Self from the boxes and growing outside the Line You have Drawn. Tasting Limitlessness. Arriving at new depths of your Brave Heart fierce enough to KickAss for You. Discovering worlds within You Ready to Sing in Ways you never could have Imagined. Dancing You Home into your Self where More Life is calling. Nothing stays the Same as You cycle through the Seasons Seeing the Green on the Trees is You ever-Growing. The Trees lie dormant yet Very much Alive as the branches are stripped Bare in the Winter doing what's Necessary to Spring Gloriously. Mirror Mirror! Your Own Nature Visible in the Trees. Your Own Dance felt in All of Nature. In a Rebirth Cycle following deep grief over my husband's death and the death of who I was, I sat in a Cafe and this Poem sprang: "All is Stripped Away. I see My Self. Nice to Meet You." I wept from the depths of Me. Dancing with this Moment that still Grows Me and leaves me with a sense of Awe over the Miracle I am and You are. Ohhh Life, taking us to Death's door dying to what was. Awakening the More. So Wondrous. Mystical. Poetic. And ALIVE with You. Me. All. Dancing and Freeing this New Now. Dance. Dance. Dance. Being You. Believing in your Self. Knowing: Anything is Possible! Knowing who You truly Are and what lies within You. Let's DANCE. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

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