Monday, April 6, 2015

The HAPPY Effect!

The Happy Effect! The Power of connection. Human love is divine. The Effect You have simply Being You is immeasurable. Your Sincerity, Being where You are, Present in your Life at Play with Others. Sharing your Heart, All you are Feeling with Words, Hugs, Laughter, Tears, Dancing, Singing, Expressing Your Self honestly. Looking others eye to eye. Standing Heart to Heart. Pausing to truly Listen and take each other In. Speaking deliberately from your Center with Sincerity. Saying what You want to Say Not just Polite one-liners Void of any Heart. Or saying Nothing as you just Smile because you have nothing to Say. If you are Tired of Shallow living, Stop going Along. Be Bold. Be You. Living On the surface is a Choice. It is! Empty exchanges that leave You Hungry in this world shift with You opening Up. Breathing your Fresh Air! Refusing to buy into the Belief no one wants to REALLY know how you Are and no one wants to Know what's REALLY going on in your Life. You Bring the Change! If you want a depth of Connection, you must Connect to your Self first and foremost. Walking in the World daring to Be YOU. Pretending is exhausting and fracturing and drains your Happiness. Understanding that Happiness springs from You returning Home to your Own Nature, Being REAL, Being True to You. Being in the Moment that is Alive with You. Me. All. Remembering that Life is Now. You Matter. Being Here in the Direct experiences of your Life knowing all moments Matter as THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!! Being Present to Others because they Matter is only Possible when you Appreciate who You are and Allow others to Be who they are. Choosing to Play or Not to Play. You Live FREE not feeling Obligated. Giving your Self what you want and Need making your Self a Priority as you do Others. Refusing to override your wants and needs dismissing the Signs and Signals and Alarms ringing through your Body which houses the Wisdom of the Universe. Your intuition speaks to You 24/7 if you Listen. Caring for your Self nourishing your Heart and Soul cultivates your Happiness. Beyond conditions, Being Happy as you stand in your Life Rooted in a deep Sense of Self. Your relationship with YOU creates ALL relationships. Fully Empowered, you Live Simply being YOU. Aligned with the Truth of who You are. No BS!!! There is an Ease to Life Even in The Uneasy when Crappy things Happen 'cause they do and will. Happiness Resonates within You flowing energetically with Life Not Resisting what Is; Not based on External Circumstances. Happiness beyond an Idea not Trying to create a temporary state that quickly fades. The World needs your HappyAss! Please. Please. Please. Invite Happiness. HappyDance into your Self. Into this Day. Moment by moment, choice by choice. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! The effect of You being YOU is F*ing AWEsome!

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