Friday, April 17, 2015

Drawing Strength from the Lone Tree...

I draw Strength from the Lone tree in the middle of the pasture. Resisting Nothing. Enduring the Conditions. Bending with the Winds, harsh and Gentle. Meeting what Comes. Surrendering to What Is. Mirroring Me. You. All. Standing in this World on my Own two Feet planted On this Earth with Roots connected to You and Fed by the Same Source. One within the One. Each of Us Individual Expressions of Life. My own Nature is Your Nature. The Essence of All. Who we Are. The Truth. The Beauty Is. All of our Experiences leading Us Home. Returning Us. Delivering Us from the Pretending to Be anything but Great. This Greatness. The Miracle of You. Me. All. Known. Knowing the Universe in Knowing our Self. Letting Go. Dying to who we Believed our Self to Be. Coming Alive. Touching Limitlessness. Meeting heaven within. Holding the Hand of the Creator in our Own Hand. Rising. Flying. Riding the Skies while we walk this human Journey. So Magnificent. Stripping away what is inessential. Liberating Us at the Cost of All that's Familiar. Living through deaths to Awaken the More calling. Painful. Not Easy. Not convenient. But Necessary to Lead us Into the Hush where the Cosmos breathes Pure life through Us. Revealing the Miracle we Are. Always have been. Always will be. Eternity met. WithinYou. This Moment. Receiving the Awe and allowing the Overwhelm to wash through. Holding the Paradox of Life. Releasing the Tension of the human grip. No match for the divine Pull. Guiding us Home. Trusting what Is. Going Where we cannot Imagine. Finding the More in the blind Surrender. Riding the waves of Amazing Grace. Knowing this Force Love is animating You. Me. All. Breaking Us. Breathing Us into Worlds within. Into Dreams awaiting our Arrival. The WOWWWW!!! Is The heavens blowing through all of Creation. Poetically. In the Not so Pretty. In the Muck. Ever-Springing YOU. Freeing YOU. This flower in your Soul Blossoms Wildly. Growing the ALIVEness of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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