Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Damn Good to Be YOU! YOU! YOU!

You are Somebody. Standing In this moment, In this Day, In this Life ground In this Truth: YOU ARE SOMEBODY! Feeling this Yesss springing through You. After Fleetwood Mac played Nashville, a friend who is an Artist shared with me how open and honest the band was regarding their journey together. The Regrets and the Heartbreak and their Rise to be received by the World that continues to Grow. They put it ALL out there revealing the Beauty of their very Human challenges and triumphs. Both. ALL of it. The Road that is Life that rides us All into our Self, into the Dreams we came here to Express being who we are, living this Life that's uniquely ours. I told my friend that I had heard Stevie Nicks tell how before anyone knew who she was, she walked around with her head held high dressed like a Rock Star, saying to her Self: "I Am Somebody." She affirmed the Star she Is, the Star she already was, before anyone ever called her a Star. She felt this in her Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. She was tapping into her Higher Self, her Soul that knows the Beauty and Truth of You. Me. All. Her affirming words of Love over-rode the Obstacles her Mind created and tapped into higher Consciousness which is the Wisdom of the Universe. Touching Limitlessness within to release the Resistance created by the Mind that gets stuck in HOW?! WTF?! Flooding You with Fear, worry, doubt and anxiety that drains your Precious Life Force and holds You back from Life awaiting your Arrival. To be human is to feel Fear and have insecurities so you Must let Go, accept this as a part of Living and Let it come, acknowledging It and letting It wash through in order to Free It. Trying to hold back what you are feeling, avoiding this Natural response represses the Energy. Being with It and consciously Breathing without judging It or trying to Control It or Make It go away liberates You. Returning Home to your Own True Nature, to a deep Sense of Self, knowing with All of YOU: You are Somebody. Living like you are Somebody. Enjoying your Ride. Being You. Remembering You Matter. Creating Your Life from What MATTERS Most to You. Aligning and Experiencing The Integration, this Wholeness of Connection. Listening to All that Heart and Soul whispering and guiding You into your Truest Life. Believing in the Possibilities. Inviting dormant Potentials to Come Out and Play because it Feels damn Good to Grow the Wild within freeing all that Passion. Seeing where shame and guilt holds you back from Being You. Cutting the Old BS beliefs loose that are rooted in Human conditioning. Dreaming your Ass Off because YOU ARE SOMEBODY and you are worthy of All your Heart's Desires. You are Deserving of the Sacred Longings that won't Let you Settle for a Life that's Not yours. Awakening YOU. You are the Dream. Receiving the Amazing Grace of You understanding You have EVERYTHING to Give and Nothing to Prove or to Lose, Expect Miracles! The Miracle is YOU standing Tall like the STAR You are as Life Rises to Meet You. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! It's Damn Good to Be YOU. YOU. YOU!

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