Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Swear You Can FLY!

I swear You can Fly! Ohhh Yes. You. Can. Standing here in Present Time with your Feet planted, Close your Eyes and breathe Into this moment Opening the Possibilities that lie within You. All this Light you cannot See that's always there. All this Fire You carry deep Inside. Feel this infinite Love that is Your Life Force washing through You. Look back on your Life and See the evidence of how Powerful You truly are. Consciously fuel your Wings remembering when You DID or experienced what you Once upon a Time Believed was Impossible. The Great reveal of You letting go and becoming. The Story of You is a Tale of Inspiration mirroring the Hope of the heavens that won't let You give up. Your challenges in Being You bear gifts if You pause to Receive them. The things You want to Wish away would actually wish You away as every Experience is Purposeful and necessary in the Blossoming of your Soul expressing through You and your Life. Freedom comes in the moments when You can Hold It all Sacred. Seeing the Beauty in the Gifts bestowed on You and in the Challenges of being who we are. Finding your way Home to You, to your Own True Nature, Life grows Wildly knowing: ANYTHING is Possible! And the Possibilities evolve through Your personal Evolution. There's nothing to Prove. There's Life to Live for your Joy. There are Dreams to Step into waiting for You to Arrive releasing limiting Beliefs and patterns that are a Part of this Human Journey. One moment, You are Blind to the Fear and Shame that grips You holding You back from All you Desire feeling Unworthy and undeserving. And the Next, You See so clearly the Obstacle is You. The Mountain to move is You through effort and grace. You keep showing Up for Life Asking for what You want trusting every Step is leading You Home as You stare down the Beasts facing the Fear that comes and celebrate all your Victories; Believing in your Dreams as they are YOU, Never separate from You; and Receiving the Good saying Thank You MORE PLEASE; and Amazing Grace lifts the veils in Perfect Time and The Creative potentials once dormant activate and Ignite your Flight into All that's Possible. This new Now! Your Spirit is Materialized. You are FLYING. Here You are Living What you always knew was Possible at the level of Heart and Soul but doubted on a Human level from the delays and stops and Ass whoopins that left you weary. Ohhh Life, Wondrous and Magical and Heartbreaking and Challenging. May You Live this Day inspired by your Own Journey to here. May you Celebrate those who are FLYING where You wanna' go as they are there to Remind You of The Miracle You are. Please don't tangle your energy in false Beliefs that they did something RIGHT and you must be doing something WRONG. Focus on the Good and Feel Your Self Flying here and now. Trusting your wings to Carry You Home to your truest Life. Be Stoked! Get Ready. Set. GO. This is your Magic Carpet Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)). Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE this Life as this brings the Wind into your Wings.

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