Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's Time to Grow the Wild of YOU!

This Dream of yours is Alive pulsing through Your very breath. It's Time to Grow the Wild of this Life to experience More Joy in simply being You and living this Life. This Wild is the Truth of You. Infinite. Magnificent. Exquisite. The Beauty that Never fades only Grows in your Liberation. Letting Go. Being true to who You Are. The Intangible that Speaks to the World without You saying a word. Touching your essence ever-Springing this Force of Love, You touch the World. Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Living the Oneness. Returning to the Magic of the Cosmos that lies within You. Feeling connected to This Power that animates All of Creation. You following your Bliss, freeing the Passion inviting this Dream you are Living to Grow. Channeling the Amazing Grace of the Universe breath by breath. Using It! Letting it Grow You Home. Authentic Expression. Doing what You Must. Holding your Desires and Holy Longings absolutely Sacred. Daring to Believe that You are assisted every moment of every day. You don't have to Know exactly HOW you will get from where you are to where you want to Go. Just GO! Go THERE where you long to Go through your Imagination. Visualizing Your Self living the Dream. Seeing your Self living the Truest Life. Feeling aligned with the Truth and Beauty of You. Remembering you are Made of Stars and Shining All that Light you cannot See into this World. Acting on your Own behalf. Kicking Ass for YOU and your Dreams as you Do for others. Understanding the Greatest Gift you give this world is YOU. You loving this Life you Live. No proving your worth. Knowing you are Worthy! No justifying why you Deserve the Good of this Life. Knowing you Deserve it. Receiving the Good as It is YOU. It is me. It is the Truth of All Creation. This Wild that's untamable and Ever-Growing this Dream that's You. Me. All. HOLY SHIT! Soul shit. Cool shit. You are THE SHIT. Live it. Love it. Be it. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))! This day. This Life. It's ALIVE with YOU!

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