Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yes, You are Born to DREAM!

You are Born to Dream! It is innate. As natural as breathing, you Dream. You are the Dream and You are the Dreamer ever-aligning with the Power and dismissing the limiting Beliefs that Cage your Heart's desires. Within You lies the Creative Field of the Cosmos. You house Seeds of Promise to Cultivate for your Joy in Being You. Feel this. Stand in this Moment Inhaling Life and Exhaling resistance: Awakening. Remembering. Stirring all that Heart and Soul. FEEL The Flower in Your Soul Ever-Blossoming. Growing the Wild of YOU. Oh, what FUN it is to Be Alive. Expressing the essence of You. The Magic of You being pulled out of the Top Hat again and again. The Surprise of YOU! Ta-daaaaa! So COOL. There You are. Here You are. Nothing stays the same. Letting Go. Letting Life flow. To be Alive is to Experience the Seasons cycling through You. Oh Life, One Moment you're Jumpin'. One Moment you're Flyin'. One Moment you're Walkin' on Water. One Moment you're Fallin' In. And then, You Repeat this going to the Edge of who You Believe You are leaping into MORE. The Great Reveal of YOU. Being present to the Fear and Befriending It. Making it Okay to Be Afraid, to Worry, to Doubt and Seeing Nothing can Stop You but YOU. Pushing limits as You follow Your Bliss daring to Believe in the Dream You Are. Weaving your Life at Play with a Deep Sense of Possibilities. Life shifting from within You. Preconceived ideas dismantling FREEING You. Doors once locked fly Open as you Flow with the Field intentionally directing your Life Force to materialize your Spirit. This is the Personal Adventure of Being You. It surely ain't Easy and it surely ain't comfortable to Face the Challenges and experience the Heartbreak but accepting that It ain't Easy for ANYONE brings an Ease. This IS Life. No One goes through It unscathed. I languaged my Dreams, all that laid in my heart and soul from my earliest memories. My parents were perpetually disappointed by their Lives. Disconnected and in survival mode. My dad looked me in the Eye with disgust, casting a Spell of Fear and transferring his Shame onto Me: "You're a Dreamer, Kid. And Dreamers don't Go Anywhere!" At the level of my Soul, I knew my Dreams chose Me. Believing in the Magic. But at a Human level, I felt Ridiculous and Ashamed. Being a Dreamer made me Foolish so I hid my Self. Trying to Be what I wasn't. The Dreams written on the Blueprint of my Soul Never left me. Not Possible. The Soul always KNOWS: You are Born to Dream. The Heart REMEMBERS. The Mind focuses to Bring through the Vision. The Body Houses and Channels the Amazing Grace. The WOW! of You. Me. All. Yes!!! I was Born to Speak to the World being Me. Cheering All On. Shouting: YOU MATTER! And I had to first embody this Truth and Live IT! You were born to Speak to the World being YOU. Living this Dream. Appreciating who You are and Loving this Life even when It kicks your Ass. Fighting to FREE the Passion. The One true Thing. Your Own Nature. Mystical. Wondrous. Uncontainable. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Have Fun being YOU.

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