Monday, September 30, 2013

WRITE on Your Heart!






Uttered silently

Their vibration

Powerful beyond measure

Their affect


Opening us

Shutting us down

Awakening us

Deadening us

Stirring us

Cutting us

Jolting us

Inspiring us

Nourishing us

Infusing us with FEAR

Inviting JOY

Bringing the LOVE

Passing on HOPE

From this knowing

Choose YOUR words


All day long

Words that AFFIRM you

Words that help you remember

The Beauty that you are

The Magnificence of your life

So you may offer your Self

Generously to this world

In need of YOU.

I entered this world in love with words.  But I didn’t become conscious of their powerful affect until my early twenties.  I was stepping into a new lifetime and the words I had fed my Self in the past were starving me, cutting me off from the juice of life.  I was in the fight for my life and I knew from the depths of me it was time to stop the violence, using hyper-critical words as a weapon against my Self.  It was time to choose my words in order to create the life I wanted to live.  I began to write on my heart every single day all day long words that helped me to remember the beauty of my life, the joy in living and the dreams made possible from this knowing.  I would write quotes and affirmations with a black sharpie on neon sticky notes and place them strategically to keep the words in front of me, welcoming the wisdom, allowing them to nourish me and help me remember the truth of who I am.  I positioned notes on my bathroom mirror where I could sip in the magic first thing in the morning and at the end of every day; I had them on my computer monitor and wallpapered the bathroom door in the office to share with the team; I taped them on my dash board because I was on the road most of the time visiting clients and making sales calls.

This day, I want to write on your heart:

The magic of life lies in your every breath not outside of you…sip that in!

The greatest gift you give this world is YOU…bring all of YOU out to SHINE!
In the play of life, new worlds are discovered...LIFE is wondrous!

There will never be another human being just like YOU…share your SELF generously!

There will never be another day just like this ONE so ENJOY IT!

You have EVERYTHING to give and NOTHING to lose!

The only thing crazier than crazy is trying to change crazy…UNTETHER your Self from drama, BS and chaos, live FREE in PEACE!

The greatest adventure is living fully engaged, flowing with life, present to the direct experiences and choosing to LOVE LIFE no matter what!

There is nothing you can manufacture through pretending to be who you think you should be that is as magnificent as being who you truly are in any given moment!

Connect to your Self so you can connect with others…LOVE your Self and your life so you can love others and appreciate their lives…we are all in this together!

SHOW UP for life and Say THANK YOU all damn day! 

Put down the fu%#ing bat and love yourself up – PERFECTIONism kills the spirit and trying to be PERFECT creates a constipated life!

LAUGH as much as possible.  Humor is an all-healing balm – truly divine medicine!

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to WRITE ON YOUR HEART consciously all day long words that affirm you and help you to remember the beauty that you are and the magnificence of this life so you can give all of your Self to this world in need of the gift you are.  Receive the words others write on your heart that awaken you and inspire you, mirroring the truth of all that you are.  Dismiss the words that leave you feeling less than remembering that what others say about us or to us is really about them; and the same goes for what we say.  When we cannot nourish our Self and aren’t enjoying life, we cannot give this to others and don’t wish them happiness.  It all starts with us!  FEED your Self and let this higher vibration you live in pour into the world breath by breath…MAGIC! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Washed Up on New Shores

We are walking along

Waves come CRASHING

Into us

Through us

Around us

Knocking us off our center

Pulling us out of our comfort zone

Taking us under

Holding us against our will

Stealing our breath

We gasp for air

We kick

We fight

We flail

Trying to get to safety

Wanting ground beneath our feet

Surrendering to this power greater than us

We ride out the seas

The flow of energies

Carrying us where we need to go

A necessary journey

Into the depths of life

Within us

Ushering us into worlds

Within this world & beyond  

Washed up on NEW SHORES

Here I am

What’s next?


I awakened with a flood of energy pulsing through me that was exciting in a way I have never experienced yet a familiar dance of letting go and reaching for more.  There was a distinct knowing:  I am being washed up on new shores.  I smiled, delighting in my dear friend, Lois’s wisdom:  I recommend the attitude of the jellyfish which rides out the seas because it goes along with them.  She had shared that one liner with me during a time when the waves came crashing in sweeping me out where I didn’t want to go but had no choice as it was necessary for my soul's journey.  She assured me:  You’re really good at riding out the seas!  and as I look back at the whole of my life, I know this to be true with all of me. 

I don’t know what these new shores I have washed up on this day hold and the miracle of my life is I don’t have to.  I have navigated new shores that I have washed up on again and again and again since my first breath and I know there are more to come as there is no end until my last breath.  It is really all good as it has led me here – everything has served me. I enter each day saying:  Here I am!  What’s next?  I plan and I let life unfold.  I show up.  I trust.  Moment by moment, day by day, I make my way in life leaning in to the direct experiences that are presented grateful as I am ushered into worlds within me and beyond.  This flowing with life is freedom in the release of needing life to be a certain way in order for me to love it, grounded in my gifts, privileged to be a soul expressing uniquely as Kathy, in awe of my life and  seeing the profound beauty, the magnificence of all life no matter how ugly it may appear.  

The invitation this day is to welcome the new shores you are washed up on.  Let them open you to more of who you are.  Look back on your life and see the new shores you have traveled so courageously time and time again.  Appreciate your journey and recognize that you are the hero in your story.  Let this remind you of all that lies within you, the power to move mountains fueled by faith in your Self and assisting forces that blow the graces of the universe through you even at times when it doesn’t feel like it.  Stand on the new shores with both feet planted on the ground and your heart connected to the heavens and say:  Here I am.  What’s next?        

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Livin' Like You MEAN IT!



This moment

Is your life

No matter

If you are cursing where you are

Or overflowing with gratitude


Live that moment

That experience

Like you MEAN IT

Being fully present


Right here & now










Allowing it ALL

Resisting nothing

OPEN to what comes & goes

Is livin’ like you MEAN IT!

I have a print hanging on the wall in my guest bedroom that says:  There’s more to life than taking breaths.  Every time I walk in that room, I soak up that wisdom; and this morning with goop still in my eyes in the process of waking up, I read it and it jolted me into the day as I replied with all of me:  Hell yeah!  Livin’ like I mean it! The energy of this thought pulses through me.  So simple yet and profound, the power of one-liners to help us remember to LIVE!   

There are moments in life that rock us, stealing our very breath, holding life hostage as we become like fish out of water gulping pockets of oxygen.  I get this!  Been there.  And BEING there, in that moment and the succession of moments that followed, bringing a beautiful blend of love, grace, beauty, truth, horror, fear, hope, faith, sheer terror, joy and so on, was me livin’ like I mean it!  This is a fierce way of living as we flow with the ever-changing rhythm of life.  Recognizing that this, this moment is my life and in pushing it away, I am choosing to push away my life; To allow life – all of life – to touch us, we come alive in the truth of the moment. 

Whatever we are doing whether it’s cheering on our favorite team, cleaning the house, visiting with friends or shopping for groceries, making the conscious choice to be there in that moment is livin’ like you MEAN IT!  The energy is one of undeniable joy that frees us, opens us to the truth that life is damn good any way we slice it or dice it.  And placing conditions on life, waiting for what we believe are the big moments, waiting for things to line up as we think they should be takes us out of the flow that allows the beauty to spring from all moments.

A friend called on her way to meeting up with a guy she really likes and was rambling, judging herself for being a hot mess, a ball of nerves and how this makes her act weird and shut down.  Our conversation was around making the nervousness okay, being present to it, allowing it; feeling nervous and using that energy by expressing it through smiling, laughing, talking and listening.  Everything shifted for her in the recognition that it isn’t about good or bad; the living our life is the spending of energy, flowing with all that comes.  Damming up, resisting what is, we check out, we shut down and are dulled by a life of merely taking breaths instead of living like we mean it! engaged in the dance.   

The invitation this day is to live like you MEAN IT!  Ground in the truth that this, this moment…this moment is YOUR LIFE, holding it all sacred, welcome the joy in being present to what is!  Feel the energy bursting from you as you move through your day with the knowing that being in the direct experiences of your life come what may enlivens you.  The choice is yours to stand outside of your life, taking breaths, surviving the day or to stand right here and now, moment by moment and let life flow through you – valves wide open.  OH JOY!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Opportunity KNOCKing

The in Between

Where we are

Where we wanna go

Our hopes

Our dreams

Our plans


Through our effort

Through grace

We are primed



Bursts from us

We are Thoroughbreds at gate

Ready to RUN

We hear the faint KNOCKing

As its rhythm is energizing

We know there is more around the corner

We do what we do

Opening the doors

Closing the doors

Meeting each day

We wait

Dwelling in the possibilities

Doing.  Being. Doing. Being.

Oscillating back & forth


We know what we know


Kicking & screaming

Shouting at the gods:


“Come on in already!”

We fantasize how we can force THE door

Blowing the Mutha wide open

Taking a chain saw to it

But opportunity

Comes in unexpected ways

In the seemingly ordinary moments

So we must


Opening the doors

Right in front of us

Tuned in to the knocking


Hunting for the treasures

Believing with all of US

Staying the course

Allowing the detours

ENJOYing the journey



This breaking day knocks with opportunity, moment by moment.  Events unfold, taking us into experiences; some we would never wish for but here we are.  If we avoid what is presented, walking around instead of through what comes our way, we miss the opportunity to extract the wisdom, the information that we can use to arrive at where want to be, to create a life we absolutely love.  What we do with what is presented creates the opportunity!  This is exercising the power of choice.  If we cut and run, we will just bring more of the same until we walk through what is necessary, what is essential to free us from all that holds us back.  This sounds so simple but it is not easy to face our Self, the truth, head on in any given moment.  We know what we know.  We see what we see and believe what we believe locked in a holding pattern, unconscious of the fact that we are standing in our own way.  We are the mountain we must move.  Every moment opportunity knocks to help us grow not to punish us; but to remind us to LIVE the passion, FREE the joy, PLAY, Stay OPEN and see the BEAUTY we are and the magnificence of this life we are privileged to live.

There are no doubt milestones, big opportunities that come knocking throughout our lives, lines of demarcation where we the whole of our lives change, doors fly open flooding us with the sweetness of hopes and dreams realized.  So cool!  But the truth is there were countless opportunities seized along the way to the BIG ONES.  It is all opportunity!  We often fail to see this as we wait and wait for the big ones, but there is such joy in delighting in the seemingly ordinary moments viewing them as golden opportunities containing great treasures.  From this way of living, we no longer wait to be discovered, for others to see us.  We live the adventure in discovering who we truly are, uncovering more of our Self, welcoming honest moments where the truth sets us free, getting clear about what we want and knowing it is possible, enjoying the ride, loving life no matter what, and enlisting the ever-healing balm that is our sense of humor to keep our hearts lights. 

The invitation this day is to see the opportunities in the moments of your lives.  Let the knocking open you to the treasures they hold.  Sometimes it takes a while to see what is there as the gold is covered in muck.  But if you keep looking, if you stay the course, if you choose the attitude that it is all opportunity, good will rise from the shittiest circumstances that come our way.  This is a fierce way to live as we become warriors honoring our precious life with all of us – willing to show up for the battles and celebrate the victories understanding it all serves in our soul’s growth.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

There is an ALIVEness!

Daring to DREAM

Creates an ALIVEness

Igniting the flame

Billowing embers

Stoking inner bon fires

Breathing passion

Exploding from us

Into the world

Our Sacred offerings

Infused with our unique energies

Made manifest

Through our effort

And through graces

Compelled by Soul force

That erupts in delight

Wanting to play

Longing to express

Our heart’s desires

 Our truest Life

Bringing forward our truest Self

That comes ALIVE on the Edge



Safe in the Net

Of Truth

That within Us


And knows with certainty:

We have EVERYTHING to give


Absolutely NOTHING to lose

What will be?

Let’s see

One step at a time

One day at a time

New Life hatching

Breaking through limits

We cannot be contained

As we enter the Spirit

That is always FREE

Dancing invisibly within

Pulsing through our bodies

Vibrating with the One

Longing to usher MORE of us

Into the world

From daring to DREAM

There is an ALIVEness!


Dreams have been a recurring theme in sessions, in conversations, and within my own life.  We are all on the edge, breathing, stepping back and forward, teetering, leaping and jumping.  Freedom comes when we enter the spirit which is safe in the net of truth:  we have EVERYTHING to give and NOTHING to lose.  And the greatest gift of Dreams and daring to dream is there is an ALIVEness in the creating, the wanting, the expressing of more life through us as individuals with unique offerings that are truly Sacred.  Dreams are not just physical in nature; they are also spiritual, longing for a way of being in the world, living our truest life as we know who we are and feel privileged to experience this expanding adventure that is rich beyond measure.

I was texting with a friend with the inquiry:  What comes first the chicken or the egg?  Sharing how this awakens us to TRUTH.  We often fool our Self into thinking when we have this or do that or achieve this level of success, we will be rich and we actually will be on some level; but we are always rich, our lives are abundant and from this knowing, embodying this truth, miracles hatch as life springs from the depths of us, our wildest dreams pour through leaving us in awe that we get to be here.  From this space, we launch dreams not to prove our worth but to share our Self generously for the joy in doing so feeds us, nourishing us like nothing else can.  But often, we need to experience outward richness in order to discover the treasure within so it matters not what comes first; what matters most is claiming the richness that is. 

I often speak about my journey to having it all! bringing forward my dreams.  I had a husband who was a dear friend who I absolutely adored and who knew me, flaws and all and still adored me.  He was a partner on this grand adventure who I got to enjoy life with instead of someone who wanted to possess me, tame me and fit me into a box based on his needs or idea of a wife.  I had a flourishing business with a team that walked through fires with me every single day giving it everything they had as we moved mountains together – we were family!  I had vacation homes and beautiful things that marked my success.  But there were more dreams within me ready to hatch that I repressed in order to keep an idea of what I thought should be, what others expected.  It was killing me.  I was imploding energetically which manifested physically as my body carried extra weight even though I was training for marathons running 70 miles or more each week.  I felt dead as I kept plugging myself into a dream that had been lived but was done.  My health deteriorated shutting down my body and there was nothing traditional medicine could do.  I had to sit with my Self and tell the fu$%ing truth:  There was MORE that I wanted – not just stuff but a way I wanted to FEEL and be in the world.  There were new dreams that needed expression.  It was time.  And there was a transition into the more that was to come.

I didn’t know that DREAMing never ceases.  But now, I do.  This is true freedom.  We cut off the flow of life, damming up energies when we try to stop this natural and wondrous gift that expands us ever so graciously.  We live the passion within as we walk through each day until our last breath allowing more, daring to want, holding new visions for our life, dwelling in all that can be while utterly grateful for all that has been and all that is. I also know that it ain’t about the stuff but the stuff is good – ain’t nothin’ wrong with the stuff.  It isn’t either or, it is both, it is all – we can live dreams that feed the mind, body, heart and soul which allow a harmonious life filled with joy.

The invitation this day is to embrace the ALIVEness that comes from daring to dream, to go all the way beyond your comfort zone to the edge.  Stand there and breathe in the truth that You have EVERYTHING to give…EVERYTHING!  Feel the net of safety in this truth holding you as you walk the high wire at a height you have never journeyed before but have longed to experience – above all the limited beliefs you have been spoon fed, above the doubts and fears that have held you hostage, above what you think you should be doing or what others expect you to do.  Let go!  Trust.  Believe. Come ALIVE!  Bring more of you out to play. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is such a JOY


There is such a JOY

In living

It feeds me

Breath by breath

Shattering the boxes

Of my thoughts

That imprison with conditions

Freeing me

So I can SEE

This Treasure I have been given

My very life

Reason enough

To pause

In awe

Give thanks!






The miracles that spring from JOY

Are immeasurable

As this energy

Is cast

Into the world

Human to human

Heart to heart

Soul to soul






Through the power of TRUTH

Knowing that JOY abounds

Without ceasing

It is us

Who forgets

Asleep in the staleness

Stopping the flow

But when we remember

It is ON!

Life flows abundantly

Enchanting us

Moment by moment

As we walk our path

Aware of the beauty

Fully engaged



Oh, how sacred our lives are!  There is truly such a joy in living wherever we find our Self in any given moment, frame by frame, with eyes wide open fully present to the moment.  Free from thoughts of how we think things should be, not judging events as good or bad but purely bearing witness, with all of our Self, life flows abundantly in the energy of joy that knows the beauty of it all.

I have held the hand of my dying brother.  I have held vigil over my mom ushering her from this life to the next.  I have kissed the cold lips of my dead husband.  I have watched my nieces and nephew breathe their first breaths.  I have stood by the side of friends as maid of honor at their weddings.  I have been a cheerleader with pompoms in hand for family, friends and strangers as they have taken on great challenges throughout their lives.  I have scaled mountains I used to believe were insurmountable, shattering limits, fists pumping, tears falling, inviting more life to come out and play. 

Like everyone on this human journey, I have tasted the bitter and the sweet; but there is a joy in knowing that the depth of sweetness I now live in came from allowing the bitter in to do what it does – freeing me, enlivening me in ways that weren’t possible before.  We can curse the circumstances and I am a fan of starting there as emotional integrity, feeling what we are feeling is necessary.  When life pinches, bites and stabs, I scream with all of me!  And in time, we arrive at a place where we can see beyond, from the eyes of the soul that extracts the beauty and the wisdom and the JOY in living all that life brings our way.   

The invitation this day is to acknowledge the JOY in living, in being here in this moment present to all of life, alive in this body, expressing as a soul named (Kathy) on this wondrous adventure that takes us where we need to go – sometimes, kicking and screaming and sometimes, with hands in the air ecstatic in the play.  See the treasure you have been given in the gift that is your very life.  Pause and be in awe of you, all that you are as an individual and all that you get to share with this world.  This is reason enough to give thanks, celebrate, jump, dance, leap, dream and be JOY-filled.  BEAUTYfull!