Sunday, April 5, 2015

You Are The HOPE! Be It. Bring It.

Happy Easter! Happy SPRING! Happy Rebirth! This New Day dawning. New Life cycling through You and All of Creation. The heavens meet the earth right here in this Moment within your very Being. Breathing Life into You at a Depth that Frees More of You. May you Feel your Basket runneth over from All the Blessings. Counting them one by one consciously giving Thanks for All the Good. Seeing the Greatest Treasure Hunt is excavating the Gold that lies within You and using it to Line this Day and this Life with the Beauty and Truth of YOU. Inviting dormant Potentials to Rise awakening the Dreams you came here to Express for your Joy in being You. May you Feel the Hope ALIVE within You. This cosmic Force that will Never Give Up on You even when You want to Give Up. May you Stand on the Foundation made possible by Faith in the Power that lies within You. Liberating your Spirit, the Truest Self receiving the Power of your Life. Knowing the Significance of You. Appreciating your distinct contribution simply Living, being You. Owning the Amazing Grace bestowed On You, you See with Fresh eyes that All People Matter and grace blows through All. All life is Sacred. We are In This Together. All of Creation is dancing as One. The Harmony that sings within you, returning Home to your Own Nature creates a resonance within the whole. The effect of YOU like the Butterfly flapping its Wings changes the World. The Surprise of You ever-Growing in the Great Reveal of YOU. Destiny met right within You. Fed in the Living of your Life. Letting the Passion remind You what Matters Most. Feeling the Fire within. The One True Thing. Meeting the Universe pulsing through All that Heart and Soul. Happiness Is. Touching the Magic and Daring to BELIEVE: Anything is Possible! You are the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Flowers Blossoming WILDLY - All of Nature at Play. The Colors of You are Magnificent. Be YOU. You are a Force! Free IT. You are the HOPE. Bring IT. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :). Hell YES!!!

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