Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ask for MORE!

Ask for MORE than you believe is Possible and watch Life Bring ON The MORE. This invitation is Not outside of You. It is an invocation calling On assisting Forces to guide You into "what's next?!" The Prayer Life is always answering and responding to You. It is You tuning into the Infinite potential that lies within you always ready to stretch You and take You into New worlds to explore and manifest for your Joy. Focusing your attention on what You want and letting go of what You don't want. Getting clarity by Seeing what must Go, what no longer serves You and exercising your Power of Choice. Your intention is You daring to direct your energy, your precious Life Force, grounding your Heart's Desires. Holding your wants and needs Sacred. The small Acts on your Own behalf are BIG. Saying NO when you mean NO and feel terrified to Say It. Fighting to liberate the expectations others impose or your fear of disappointing or hurting another. Acknowledge your Worry, Doubt and Fear. Tell the Truth to You. Be vigilant. Knowing this is Your Life! This is IT. Here and Now. The moments of this day create your Life. Believing you Deserve to Be Happy. Remembering that Happiness is Your Destiny nourishing your Soul in Returning Home to your Own True Nature. Knowing thyself. Living from a sense of who You are which comes from the Life experiences that absolutely DO NOT align with You. All experiences serve You and receiving the Power of the Universe knowing You NEVER have to settle for anything less than the Life you want. The Life you came Here to Live where you are Home in all moments wherever You go in This World. You Choose! You are the Dream and the Dreamer. You are the Prayer being answered. You are the Poetry expressing. You have the Power to create The MORE. And it is Not Selfish or narcissistic to want More. It is you following the Call of your Soul. Materializing your Spirit. You can be Grateful for All that has been and All that Is AND want More. Asking for More understanding You came here to Create and it is Not as simple as Arriving at some pinnacle and staying there. Arriving Home. At Rest within Your Self. Knowing who you Truly are. Revering your Life and stoking the Fire by Living the Passion. The One True Thing. The Essence of You springing the Vitality from the Eternal Well. Feeling Alive. Growing More Alive. Living Out Loud as your Life Speaks the Truth and Beauty of You. Clutching your Heart in deep gratitude for this Life. Carrying an Abiding Thank YOU! And Saying More Please NOT to prove anything, freeing the Joy, Believing ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Wishing Upon the Star you Are and Feeling them line Up all day long. Seeing your Worth. Receiving the Magic of being You. Remembering who You are and reaching for MORE because playing it Safe is living in Fear. The asking and reaching for the MORE is flying out of the Life that's been Lived, all that's led you Here and riding the waves of Amazing Grave into what You never could have planned. Making a Plan. Letting Go and Going for IT. Expecting Miracles. Seeing All the Miracles of your whole Life. Shouting MORE! MORE! MORE! And receiving It. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! It is FUN to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

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