Friday, April 24, 2015

Live Today FREE of Yesterday!

Experience Your Self this Day FREE of limitations! FREE of Yesterday. FREE to Be More than Feels Possible. FREE to Let Go of Old Stories and Color the moments with Possibilities painting New Pictures with All that Heart and Soul. All that FIRE You carry ready to Express in Surprising ways Revealing MORE of You. Fulfilling your Destiny by Nourishing Your Soul returning to your Own Nature where Happiness IS a constant Easy no matter how challenging the Day. A Whole New Experience discovered within. Not looking Outside to Fill what can Only Be met within. Happiness is a byproduct of Authenticity, simply Being who You are. Stripping what is inessential. Consciously participating in your Pruning. Peeling the layers back to Claim who You truly Are. Letting Go of the constructed Self, who You Try to Be. Receiving the Love, this Cosmic Force that lies within You and Daring to USE It to create the Life you came here to LIVE from a Sense of Self beyond conditioning. Ever-Growing the Wild of YOU. My faith in You is Knowing who You are. Knowing who I Am. Knowing that we are Made of Stars. Knowing the Possibilities for my Life, I know Anything is Possible for YOU. And knowing whatever you Truly want will come to Be. Begging the Question again and again: "What do You Want (Now)?" Inviting you to Go into the depth of You and allowing the Wisdom of the Universe to echo through You. Tuning in Aligned with the Truth and Beauty liberating You from limiting Beliefs that hold You and All you want Back. Open to You. Opening You - all the Doors in the Outer World Open from Inside of You. Shedding People, Places and Things that have played out and no longer serve your Highest Good. Giving thanks for All that has led you here and grieving what was but is simply complete. Plugging your Life force into Present Time. Welcoming New People, Places and Things that Fit and Feed You NOW. Fear keeps us All in Old patterns and behaviors that work against US and all we Want. What will they Think? Say? The FEAR. It is a part of this human journey. Allow it. Dance with It. Recognize What's behind your choices. The energy of Fear that keeps you doing what you've always done or the Energy of Love that is hard fought at the level of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Moving You forward into the Dreams awaiting your arrival. The way of being that creates magical living come what may. Bringing consciousness into your choices you become Self-aware. Lighting the way feeling the Miracle you are. Knowing you have the Power! Feeling empowered with Your feet planted in this World pulling the heavens through. Believing. Remembering. Stoking the Passion. Ruling your Life from the inside Out making Choices that honor You and your Life. Expect Miracles all damn Day! Count 'em. Count On them. You are the Miracle. Yes. YOU being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

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