Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just Add Wind to Your Sails!

The Winds of CHANGE are Blowing Us Home. Just Add Wind to your Sails breath by breath. Letting Go of what keeps you from Lift Off, from Flying into your Dreams awaiting Your arrival. Are You Ready to Experience this Day and Touch depths of Your Self and Life never before Possible? Take my hand. Let's Play. Let's Jump into this Day with a Sense of Possibilities. Living Open even when Doors appear Closed. Looking Beyond. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul that Knows ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Seeing the Perfection in the moments come what May. Trusting your Self and Trusting Life. Knowing who You are and inviting More to be Revealed for your Joy. Know Thyself. Love Thyself. Live Open. Notice when Life tangles you and Dance Free. Using your humor. Delighting in the Play of Life unfolding. Choosing the Attitude that it is Damn Good to Be You even when it doesn't feel so Good. Pure Wisdom: Be entertained by Thyself...and LIVE FREE:)! What a divine comedy we are LIVIN'. The Not so damn Funny and the Doubled over Belly-laughing. Cracking your Self Up and appreciating how Others view the World. What's Not to LOVE? Laughter awakens the love in the Not so lovable and Not so Funny. Humor is Divine medicine INDEED! The gods gifted us with the Alchemy of Laughter. The Magic that Happens when you find your way to Laughter. Your humor is Liberating. Sooo, Won't you Laugh OUT Loud with Me over anything and Everything. Seeing the absurdity of this Life we are RIDIN'. The Ass-kickins and the touch the SKY moments that visit us ALL. Our shared story of Victims and Victors. Cowards and BRAVE hearted. Heroes and Villains. Shadow and Light. Yet, YOU have been given your Own Special Brew of AMAZING GRACE to express for your Joy. The Art of YOU. Speaking to the World without Sayin' a word allowing your divine essence to awaken and lift and stir and SURPRISE You. SPEAKING to the world being You! Stirring your Voice into the Flame of Life. Remembering No ONE can Sing the Song of You but YOU. Screaming OUT your words. Living out Loud. In the Silence. On the Stages of Life. Moments Lived. Tasted. Touching You. Connected to All. Echoing TRUTH. Whispering. Simply being True to who You are. Daring to Be You. Choice by choice. The only way to fulfill your Destiny of Happiness is Being You. Returning to your Own true Nature living Authentically. WOWWWW!! Be Stoked. ANYTHING is Possible! Yes. It. Is. Feel your Excitement and share It. Talk MAGIC. Talk Possibilities. Fuel your inner Fire. Look beyond what others Believe is Possible. And BELIEVE! Feel your Heart overflowing into All. Your HappyAss feeds the Heart of this World. Letting Go again and again. Coming into the Direct Experiences of Life. Being in Present Time consciously tuned into All of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Occupying your Body which is a Sacred Vessel housing the Wisdom of the Universe. Awakening You to Truth and Beauty that IS. Always! Breath by breath, Touching Heaven within. Soooo much heaven. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! Go ride the Winds of Change ever-Revealing YOU!

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