Sunday, April 19, 2015

You are Free and Freeing MORE of You!

Stand in this Moment and walk into this Day with a sense of Reverence for your Self and Your Life. Know your Personal Story. All the experiences from your Entry into this Word to Now. Look at the whole of your Life seeing the Victim and the Victor. Seeing the Coward and the Brave Heart Roaring. Seeing the Powerless Child and the Empowered Self making the tough choices to Free You. Seeing it is All Necessary in the blossoming of You. But daring to Go into the Pain of the Shitty things that Happened not to wallow rather to Understand where you are Recreating more of the Same from your History. It is essential To See in Full View bringing into Consciousness the Hurt Self so this part of You that is still within You doesn't Sabotage You and your Life. Liberation is a Lifelong walk! I am FREE When I honor all that happened to me to make Me Happen. You are FREE when you can honor all that happened to make you happen. The Great Reveal of YOU. Life lived. The Bitter tasted. The pain cutting Life into You Opening the Truth and Beauty. Knowing You. Knowing the Universe. Knowing All. Pretending and repressing F*cks us Up far more than the life experiences that we would never have wished for but they came a' knockin'. And here they are. Here you are. In the midst of a shitstorm. Challenging the Shame that makes you hide You and your Story. Illuminating the darkness by pulling it out of the Shadow into the Light. Remembering No one goes through Life unscathed. It is a part of this Human Journey to have Life Break us Open Breaking our Hearts to lead us Home to our truest Power. Our own Nature. Discovering who we are and that we are Truly made of Stars. Heaven is Alive within us. This Great Love holds us as we walk through Personal Hells that surely aren't easy. Our Fear of being Victims leads us to denying that we have been Victimized. Making it safe to be fully human and feel the Power of the Cosmos pulsing through You. Releasing shame is Healing! Putting the Shame back where it belongs on the Persons who Hurt You and betrayed you and Victimized You. Untangle your Self from the Past. Set your Self Free. Daring to Dance from this New Now where ALL Things are Possible. Trusting your Self. Loving your Self whole in this Fractured world. Believing in your Self. Feeling the mountains move and seas part as you reclaim your Power pulling it out of your History into Present Time. You living your Dorothy story from "Wizard of Oz.". Walking your Yellow Brick Road picking Up pieces of You along the way. Seeing all Life is Purposeful returning you HOME. KickinAss with your Ruby Slippers blazing new Trails this Day. This is Your Life. Fight to Free this force of Love You are. You always have been. And always will Be. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! LOVE Being You!

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