Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Growing Bigger than Our Fears

Growing Up is a lifelong process for each of Us. Becoming Bigger than your Fears. Tapping into this Cosmic Force of Love that lies within You. This Love beyond Human definition that is the Fight of Heart and Soul ever-Liberating. Returning you Home again and again to your Own true Nature. Fulfilling your Destiny of Happiness that can only be Realized from Being true to You. All other experiences of Happiness are Temporary and Fleeting contingent upon the External circumstances. Perpetually waiting for the Stars to Align instead of Tuning in and Aligning with the Stars You Embody. The Soul connected to the Wisdom of the universe always knows nudging You and sending out signals and Alarms through your Body. Out of Fear of Survival, it is part of Human nature to Override what's for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Going along to get along in order to Belong. It is our Shared Human Story and it is Primal, deep-seated wiring that must be brought into Consciousness in order to Fly Free. Repressed and unacknowledged, it will sabotage and derail You as you remain Stuck in old Patterns and Beliefs. Allowing it and bringing It Up into the Light, you choose Consciously. Enlightenment is shining the Light on the moment Seeing through the Eyes of Amazing Grace what you were Once Blind to. So Badass!!! And it surely ain't easy. It is your Effort, willing to be Open and the Graces of the Universe within You that lifts the Veils. The Heart Remembering the Truth and Beauty, the Essence of who You are ignites the inner Fire you carry KickingAss for You. Ushering You into new Depths of your Brave Heart cutting you Free from Fears that hold you Back. Bringing your Life Force into Present Time. Not acting and choosing from the Powerless Child. Standing whole in the Power you House. Creating the Life You came here to Experience that mirrors Your Own Nature. Knowing who You are and being True to You. This is simple but Not easy as It is contrary to a your human Conditioning to Love others at the Expense of YOU. This idea or Model of Love only leads to resentment and Bitterness. It surely does! Clenched jaws and Clenched fist holding back what You want and need. Loving others at the expense of YOU is familiar and celebrated. Standing in your power NOW, learning to Stand on Your Own two Feet will Feel uncomfortable as You choose to LOVE You. Choosing YOU! Asking the Question: What do I truly want and need NOW?! And letting the Answer bubble Up from the depths of You. Recognizing the Life you Want. EVERYTHING You want lies on the other side of Fear so you Must walk through it. Making peace within Your Self is your resting within knowing you are the Love of The Universe. You deserve this LOVE. Only you can give this to You. Opening and receiving your Truth and Beauty. Being held within by your Spirit that Frees you from the illusions that you need others to GET you, to SEE You and Agree with you!!! Seeing you and LOVING who you are when others judge you is Liberation. No BS!!! The hard fought LOVE of heart and Soul BEYOND human idea of Love. Cosmic LOVE! This Force you are. Your True Nature. Badass Brave!!! Daring to LOVE You and to love Life and know your LOVE is the Miracle in any moment. The Love you withhold from You is the Love you are waiting for ALWAYS. You have the Power to let it Flow. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Choose You! Love You! You ever-Growing take All with You.

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