Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Have a Lil' FAITH in YOU!

Ohhh Life! The Unexpected. The WOW! Life's Happenings are Magic. Truly. Be Present. This is YOUR LIFE. Please. Please. Please. Have a Lil' Faith in YOU. Feel the Mountains MOVE. Feel the Seas PART. Seeing YOU. Freeing YOU. Receiving YOU. The Truth of YOU Rising. You are the Miracle. You create the Dream. AWAKE! Mirror Mirror. All Life mirrors the Magic of YOU. Follow the Signs. Everything is Speaking to You. Listen. Tune In. Your Inner Life reflecting in Your outer Life. Seeing the Beauty of YOU creates a Beautiful Life no matter how Ugly or challenging. Spinning the lead into Gold from the Alchemy made Possible by the Heart and Soul. Each of us has specific challenges we are here to Experience in this Life. Knowing thyself is bringing these challenges up and Out of the Shadow acknowledging them so they don't sabotage you and your life. Making it okay to be human pulling the Fear out of Not being Perfect. Accepting You being perfectly YOU. Assessing Beliefs that limit You and close off the possibilities. Reframing Thoughts and Self-talk. Feeding your Self with messages of Love that speak to your worthiness and affirming that You deserve All the Good in Life. Counting Blessings consciously celebrating the Good That IS and inviting More. Remembering who You truly Are. Letting GO. Again and Again. Here and now. Letting the Good flood You. Seeing the Truth: You are always Good. The essence of you is JOY! HOPE! LOVE! PEACE! GRACE! Invoke All the Cosmic energies that lie within YOU to spring from the well. Always there. Abiding. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. We are Funny Creatures resisting the Forces of our Own Nature that will liberate the Obstacles that we Create. It feels good Giggling at the Resistance to letting life Be. The mind grips based on History trying to Survive and Protect but it keeps the opportunities to fly FREE caged. The inner Fight to Control the uncontrollable, to Fix the unfixable, to Manage the Unmanageable. Plugging our Power into what we are Powerless over sucks the Life out of Us. Letting Go and Going within. Getting Centered. Grounding in the Spirit. Walking in Faith connected to this Love You ARE step by step. Trusting you will Find your way and that you are guided. Feeling certain of this Force holding You in the midst of uncertainty. Believing. Dreaming. Being. Doing. Acting on your own Behalf making choices that are Tough but necessary as you Fight for your Joy. Slaying dragons. Facing the beast and staring IT down connected to the Power that lies within You. Daring to Look at what frees you and what holds you Back. Evolving. Growing REAL is a lifelong Adventure. ENJOY the Ride into YOU. Into new Worlds Ready to SING the song of YOU. The surprises that await are the Best of You Revealing all that Heart and Soul. Bring it ON! Woo woo woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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