Thursday, March 26, 2015

You are the BEST of Life!

The BEST THINGS in life are Free! Connected to a Sense of Self, Feeling the BEST within You, The Abundance of Life flowing through You breath by breath, moment by moment, Every Day is the BEST DAY growing into More of the Best that lies within You. If You are completely Identified by the External, The events and Circumstances of Life, your Sense of Magic is Wrapped around special occasions as your Happiness is contingent solely upon what's happening. It's a funny Thing what we humans do: Waiting for life to happen as it's happening here and now! Waiting to experience Life "when" and "if" delaying the Joy of being YOU alive in the moments of each day, tasting the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Observing the Buds Blossoming as Spring is here and Feeling the Possibilities within You mirrored by Nature. Opening Your Self to what Is right before you knowing the Best Things in Life are FREE. The BEST is YOU. Me. All. Dancing with the Infinite at Play growing the Wild within. Materializing the Spirit as the Liberation walk that Is your Life FREES You to simply Be You, Living this Life where you Know the BEST is You. Returning to You own Nature at Rest within you no Matter how shitty and chaotic Life can be. Returning to your Destiny of Happiness. Letting Go. Letting the Universe lead You to MORE Joy. More of the BEST! Believing you are Worthy of the Best and Using affirmations to reprogram subconscious resistance to Receiving the Amazing Grace that lies within You that will Part the damn seas and Kickassss for You. This Brave Heart is Fierce and will FREE the Best of You this Moment, This Day and this Lifetime again and again. Dismantling old Beliefs that Hold you and your Life force back from Receiving the Truth and Beauty of You. Living from the Soul that always Knows: You are DESERVING! You are WORTHY! The human BS will resist this Truth and judge it. The Soul KNOWS you Receiving the BEST of You inspires the BEST in others and the BEST in this World. Your homecoming to Live the Best of You is your Greatest offering to Humanity. Faith in YOU! Remembering who you Truly Are is living the Miracle and this High Vibration of Love echoes OUT into the Collective lifting All. Changing the world by claiming the BEST of YOU. Now that's Badasssss:))! Are you FEELIN' your Badass BEST stirring Up?! I sure Am. Let's do This! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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