Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are a BadAss MIRACLE!

The Power of YOU is Alive in this moment! No BS, You are a F*ing Badass Miracle. Yes. You. Are. LIVE the Miracle You are. Walk into this Day Feeling the Truth and Beauty of being You. Appreciating who You are. And appreciating Others and how Life expresses through them. Your Journey is Sacred. You are Sacred. All life is Sacred. All moments are Sacred. Ohhh, This Dance. Letting Go! Moving from your Spirit ever-Free guiding You into More Joy in being You. You Seeing your Self in the Trees Blossoming and the Grass growing Greener by the Moment. Feeling Inspired! Feeling the Hope springing as New Life emerges for You. Feeling the Surprise of You bursting with Colors revealing your Greatness. Feeling your Self as Never before. All of You Breathing deeper and wider. Anticipating the Possibilities grounded in who you Are. You Believing in the Miracle You are is essential. Acknowledging the Crapola that is part of being human: the doubt, anxiety, worry, fears of failure, inadequacies, Not enoughness, Too muchness or What If I get what I really want?! Being Okay with All you are Feeling. Letting the Truth wash Up and Out of the Shadow where repressed Fear is Hidden and Steals your Precious Life Force. Receiving the amazing grace ever-flowing through You. Knowing you are Worthy. Knowing you are Deserving. Knowing your Good comes from the Universe Alive within You ever-guiding You into more Good. Connecting to the GOOD you are, the Abundance of Life is You and is the Essence Of All. Having faith that Good Always comes. Giving thanks for the Good that Is in any moment shifts your Energy and invites More. To Stop in the midst of chaos and consciously Be Grateful opens your Heart to Receive the Good that Is and the Good that is Sure to Come. Wielding your Power as You open to the Miracle of Life animating You. Not as a means of Controlling the uncontrollable but Flowing with what Is. Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. You are the Creator and the Created. You are the Dream and You are the Dreamer. Aligning. One within the One. Choosing to direct your Energy focusing on what leads you Forward into the Life you came here to Live. Returning to your Own Nature where Even when the Shitstorms come 'cause they Do and they Will, You know EVERYTHING is Okay. Accepting what Is in Knowing nothing can Stop You. The storms are Part of Living and You Keep On walking, dancing your Dance, Step by Step knowing You've Got This and the Universe has Got Ya'. This is Empowerment. Experiencing the Miracle of All moments connected to the Miracle of You. FEEL this! FEEL You! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Dance WILDLY and Free the WILD of YOU!

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