Monday, March 30, 2015

Ohhh, SPRING Blossoming YOU!

Ohhhh Spring! This Season of YOU. Who You are Now. Who You are Becoming. Ever-cycling. Ever-opening. Ever-growing. YOU! This Moment. This Day. Wherever You are is Perfect. Let it Be. Just be there in the moment. Be here in the Day. Navigating the in Between step by step, straddling what you have known and the Unknown calling you into More Life. This is Not always convenient or welcome as the Timing is not Logical. Life unfolding. The Great Reveal of YOU. Feeling like a Stranger in your Own life as things that used to Fit no longer do. People You used to enjoy you simply don't. Nothing in particular "Happened" to make You Not enjoy them but this is Life Happening in your Personal evolution. It sucks AND It's exciting. Both. Trusting All you are feeling and Assuring Your Self: IT IS GONNA BE F*ing AWESOME! Being with It All. In the Direct Experiences. Seeing things that used to Matter to you have shifted changing along with You. What used to Be fun isn't. And feeling this sense of disconnect from what used to Be familiar. It's Not easy to allow the Empty that makes space for the New. Letting Go is necessary but You must be Patient with your Self, showering your Self with Love, giving your Self understanding as You Live this transition mustering the Grace to Be True to You. Honoring your Self. Asking again and again: what You Need and what You Want NOW? Acknowledging that your Choices aren't easy because You being You respecting your wants and needs will Disappoint others. Understanding it is part of human Nature to want to be Loved and Please others even at the Expense of You. But it is Also in your Nature to Fight to Be Free. The Ultimate Freedom is being true to You, connecting to your Truth and Beauty springing from all that Heart and Soul. You living the Happiness that is a byproduct of Not sacrificing Your Self, releasing Old beliefs that this makes you Good or this is what Love is. Giving your Self away and climbing into Cages that Hold You is Necessary and is a Part of this life long Liberation walk. It is Human Nature. It's Okay. It isn't Bad. We ALL do it! As you Awaken, You are ready to be FREE at another level owning the Power that lies within You and pulling Your Life Force Up and Out of Projections. No forcing this organic shift. Just Be Aware of your energy. Breathing into your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. The Whole of You houses the Wisdom of the Universe that is Always speaking to You Energetically. Energy doesn't lie. It is either Open and flowing or Stale and congested. Revealing what Feeds you and what simply does Not. Vibrationally, You are at Play with the Infinite and with this World. Returning to your Own nature, your relationship with your Self creates your Relationship with All. Health comes from your Deep Connection to who You are, feeling Whole in this fractured World. No justifying your Choices. Life Making sense to You when it doesn't Make sense to Anyone else comes from this Inner Homecoming. Allowing. Not resisting. Feeling at Rest within as You walk through Chaos and Drama that is Part of Living, being Fully human touching the Divine. There's a Flower in Your Soul Blossoming YOU. Water your Self. Nourish Your Self with Love. Enjoy being YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :).

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