Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let the Dam Burst: New Life. New YOU!

Life's Funny! We're Funny Creatures of habit Living and Re-living what we Know. Not willing to Try something New or Different. Boxing our Self In with Beliefs and Thoughts. Doing what we've always Done because it's familiar. It's what we Know and the Unknown scares us and makes us Uncomfortable. We can't SEE what hasn't been or what we haven't experienced. But IMAGINE life free of Limits. Letting Go again and again and AGAIN. I was strolling downtown last evening to see a show and eat Mike's ice cream for dinner. They were Out of my regular selection forcing me to Open and choose something NEW. Seems small but It's Big. It revealed to me what a creature of habit I am and invited me to Let Go and Sent me on an Adventure within My Self and the World. I walked into Stores just browsing and began trying on Hats. What a Surprise! Spontaneously, I grabbed a Hat. I was simply Wandering the City in Wonder enjoying the Beautiful weather, Roaming Outside. I have said all my life: "I love hats but I am Not a Hat Person." Then, I tried on hats and a new world OPENED! It ain't about the Hat. It's about the OPENing which Frees energy and Possibilities. It begs the Question: What else have I (YOU) Closed my Self OFF to speaking in Absolutes saying: "I will Never" or "I NEVER!" instead of Exploring. Life has a way of taking us into NEVER. We NEVER really Know until Life brings us into circumstances what we will do or how we will React and Respond. The Invitation to Never say NEVER. Consciously tune In and listen when you Say "Never" Aloud or are Closed OFF to experimenting. Letting GO of NEVER's is Big Shit! Absolute statements LOCK energy. Living in the "We'll See" keeps You Open allowing for Shifts, Change of Heart in the Great Reveal of YOU and this Life Adventure that's Yours. Who You are NOW is Not who you will Be as Becoming YOU is a Lifelong Liberation Walk. Following your Joy into New Life. You evolving and emerging and birthing. Letting GO and Reaching for More. More Life Blossoming from the Seemingly little Openings. You Willing and Enjoying the Discovery. Oh what FUN! FREEDOM is Knowing your Self but Not knowing your Self to the point of caging your Self with Preconceived ideas of what You WILL or WILL NOT do or say or be. The WOW! The Shock! The AWE of Life springing from You Spontaneously at Play. Alive in a Moment. Daring to try on a Stupid Hat and liberating Energy Stuck in an Old Belief. Opening the Flow of Life that you had no Idea You had dammed. Walling Off instead of Opening Windows and Climbing into YOU. There YOU ARE walking into Your Self, Believing what You didn't before and Seeing your Self with Fresh Eyes. Breathing new Life into YOU: Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. MAGIC. In an Instant, You feel the MAGIC of YOU! Supa Dupa COOL. Be You. See You. Open YOU and the World OPENS! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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