Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Best of Life is YOU!

The Best is Here and Now. Grab It. Reach for It within. The Best of Life is YOU. Receiving THE BEST is an inside Job. Remembering who You truly Are. Holding your Self Sacred. Knowing you Deserve The Best. Never Settling for less than You actually Want out of a deep Sense of Self. Understanding that behind your choice to Settle is a belief wrapped in your Worth. Looking deeper than the surface seeing that you have bought into a Belief that Wanting what You Want, wanting The Best is Selfish and feeling guilt and shame around your Heart's desires. Letting Go of that limiting Belief seeing that The Best of Life is Truly You Opening the Valves within You and Flowing with the Possibilities to Create a Life where You Feel connected to The BEST of You. Only THE BEST will Do is not arrogance. It is Living the Abundance that Is. The Riches that lie within You ready for you to Claim and Spend for your Joy. Welcoming the Upgrades. Materializing Your Spirit. Stuff just for the sake of having stuff cannot fill the Emptiness, the Craving to know who You are and Grow Alive. But touching your Spirit and letting It guide your Choices frees the Joy in Being You, in All you Do, in All you Manifest. When Stuff is Void of Spirit tying our Worth to It, the buzz is fast and fleeting. No right or wrong. Becoming conscious of your energy tuning into your body's Wisdom, you Feel when you identify externally attempting to feed that Hunger that can only Be nourished In fulfilling your Destiny. Returning to your Own True Nature. The essence of You. Living Soulfully. The truest Play. Happiness known in knowing You. Abiding Joy experiencing THE BEST no matter what. The Best met within In the Worst of Times. The Best sustaining You through the Storms. Raining Hope. Seeing The Hope of You meeting the moments come what May. You Being The Best and living The Best give others permission to join the Dance daring to Want more than feels safe. Touching limitlessness. Breaking FREE! letting go of All that dams the Dreams awaiting your arrival. Seeing You beyond the convoluted stories and conditioning. Meeting The BEST, The Truth and Beauty of You. Me. All. Ever-Blossoming. Living The BEST moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day. Yes!!! The BEST is YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)))

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  1. I just came across you blog this morning. I have been doing some back reading to catch up. Our lives are parallel stories. I lost my hillbilly zen master 15 months ago. I am enjoying your blog and hope you will continue to share