Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life ain't always Pretty. But it's Pretty damn COOL!

Life ain't always pretty but it's pretty damn COOL! Yes. It. Is. And when you can Sit in a moment with your Self fully Present with Appreciation for the crap you would Never have wished for and See how it All led you here, you Live Free. No way to undo what's done. No way To erase Time lived. But learning to Love it All is touching the fight of the Heart and Soul that will lead you Home. Unafraid of being Fully Human. Making Peace with the Past and your Choices. Accepting the Unacceptable. Loving what you Hate. Letting All of Life touch you deeply. Revering your Life. Making it All Sacred. The pain and the joy. Seeing the Pain cuts life into You and Joy springs through as constant as your Breath. Liberating YOU. Feeling the Poetry you have Lived. Living You. This answered Prayer Life Is. Answering You. Mystically. Wondrously. Cool shit. Soul Shit. Love this Day for All it Is. Receiving the Abundance ever-flowing. Live it All for it is YOU. Yes. It. Is. The moments are All ALIVE with You. Dance. Dance. Dance. Free the Wild expressing the Truth of your Own Nature. In the Pretty and Not so Pretty, YOU connected to your Sacred Self bring the Beauty to It ALL. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is damn COOL to Be So damn Pretty. Yes. It. Is. BeYOUtiful YOU!!!

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