Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PLEASE...Can We Dance?

Please! Please! Please! Can we Dance as never before. Open your Self here and now. Breath by breath. Consciously connect to the rhythm of Life ever-flowing. Feel the Harmony. You dancing with the Universe within You animating All Creation. Taste the sweetness of life. It is You. Me. All. Yes! Even your harsh judgments beating your Self Up cannot keep the Beauty you are and Life is at bay. It is always calling You home. The Truth longing to set You Free. To lift You beyond old beliefs that make you feel cursed as if you F*cked this Life Up and are paying for mistakes from the past. Stand in this moment. Be in present time. And Let Go! Untangle your Self from shoulda, coulda, woulda. Acknowledge regrets. Give them space to breathe. And Let Go! Fly free. The Cage door is always Open. Do what ya gotta do to Go into this Day with a sense of Your Self. The Magic You are. The Significance of You. And your Life. Use your breath to bring you back into the moment again and again all day. This moment is the point of Creation. You creating from your Heart's desires! Daring to want what You want Now! Not letting the Fear and disappointments create More of the same. No more settling. No more surviving the day. Be Here. Command your energy. Take charge of your Life ruling it from your Brave Heart that is Fierce and will Kick Ass for YOU. When you feel powerless, you are given the opportunity to claim the truest power discovered right here within You. This moment. Aligning with your Higher Self that knows You came here to Live the Passion. To Free the Joy. To pour your Love of living into this world. To breathe your Fresh Air, the essence of You into this stale world. Go ahead!!! Feel the hurt. Feel sorry for Your Self. Allow the pain to come Up and Out. Make it safe to Feel. To Cry for You. This is You being Brave. Experiencing the amazing grace of the Universe holding You as You stop trying to Control and Let Go! Allowing honest moments without judgment. Showering your Self with Compassion and Love. This is Badass Living. Feeling the Hurt, You FEEL a depth of Joy unparalleled. You see. All moments are Alive. Meet them. Meet Your Self. Dance Free in the Beauty ever-springing from within You. Open your Heart to You. Open your Heart to the World. BELIEVE with All your Heart: YOU Matter. Your Pain is my Pain. Your Joy is my Joy. We are One. Take my hand. Let's PLAY this Day. Wildly! Singing our Self Home. Again and again. Being the Change. Living from Inside OUT. Happyass Dancin with each other Feeling Alive. Ohhh Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Monday, September 29, 2014

You Bring the Light!

What a Wonderful World! Yes. It. Is. Filled with Amazing people. Each of you a unique expression. A part of the whole. We are One. We are. Your Passion is your offering. This force of Love echoing from your Brave Heart lights this world Up! Yes. The Love in Your Heart is the Hope. You embody the Heart of the World. Always there. Always here. You bring the Light of the heavens into the moments being You. Touching your divine essence. Knowing YOU MATTER. Remembering what lies within You. Receiving the graces You embody. Aligning with the Universe. Grounding in a sense of your Higher Self. Seeing clearly that You are the Offering. Yes. You. Showing Up for your Life this day. Each day. Daring to Believe that You make a difference. You are the Sacred vessel going about this day doing what You do. Your willingness to Live Open tuning into Your inner guidance. The Universe within You awakening You to more of You. Calling You into Your Brave Heart. Feel Your way. This moment. This day. Every day. Listening to the nudges. Not dismissing the Wisdom that speaks to You mind, body, heart and soul through energy. Energy Doesn't lie. No Bullshit. It is Either flowing or not. Mustering the courage to do what You must to Free your Joy. Climbing the mountains that come. Riding the choppy waters. Trusting the obstacles are leading You into the Wonders of You. Walking in certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Holding your own Hand feeling the Hand of the Universe within your own hand. Ever-connected. In thy Hands! Plugging into the Source of All. Being brave. Going into new depths of You. Exploring. Imagining. KNOWING: the power that lies within You to move the mountains and calm the waters. Finding Your way. There. Here. Within You. Walking in Faith. Centered. Moving with immeasurable strength sipping from this well within You. This inner foundation where you Rise to heights you could never have imagined. Being You. Bringing the Love. The Hope. The Light into the world. Reminding All: What a Wonderful World it is! Life is Wondrous. Discovering the Wonders of You. Pouring your JOY into the Hearts of All. Now, this is Fierce living. Being the Change. Creating your Life from JOY not Fear. Letting Go again and again. Going within. Badass Brave! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Now. That's Living!

Now. That's LIVING! Open your Heart wider than You feel is Safe. Meet this Day. Meet Your Self. Let Life touch You. Feel the moments. Be in the direct experiences remembering this is Your Life. Come Alive! Enriched by the Ordinary. Made Extraordinary by You. Your Presence. You dancing free in the Beauty. Always here. Inviting your Heart to lead the way. Letting Go of the worry, doubt, anxiety, fear that washes Up taking you Out of the Magic ever-springing breath by breath. Stop! Sip In this abiding Joy calling You to Celebrate this Day. You being You. Wherever You are. Be there. Be here. Feel you way. Connected to Your Self. Connected to the moments playing with Infinity. Living this Adventure. Smelling the roses. Always here. Tasting the sweetness of Life. Placing your face in the sun. Watching the clouds shape-shifting. Bantering with a friend. Singing a song you love at the top of your lungs. Petting your cat or dog. Fixing a sandwich. Grabbing a cold beer. Cheering on your favorite team. Be present to the experiences. All moments are holy. Communing with Your Higher Self. Knowing: You are Sacred. All of Creation is Sacred. Feeling the Power, this Force of Love pouring through You. Me. All. This day. In the moments that Rock you, breaking your heart and the Moments that lift you beyond what you knew was possible. Opportunity knocking. Always. Present to Your Self. Holding your own hand Believing in the Miracle life is. You are. Saying over and over: ANYTHING is Possible. Calling Your Self Up. Awakening to this Dream. Following your Bliss-this resonance experienced when you flow with Life. Allowing. Letting Go of resistance that keeps life at bay. Feeling the Hope. The wonder. Ever-Present. Appreciating your Self as a unique expression. So Magnificent. Truly. Receiving the Amazing Grace you are so you can share your Self with All. For Your Joy. Simply being You. Living the Passion. Aware. Fully engaged. Remembering what it Feels like to Play beyond some idea of that. Letting Go of control and rigidity that keeps life contained. Befriending Spontaneity! Be Brave. Ever-Exploring new depths of You. Life. Saying THANK YOU all day. More! More! More! Please. As you live in the Abundance. Touching limitlessness. Flying high. Now. That's LIVING!!! Experience this Day as if your Life depends on its nourishment. Feed Your Self. Give Your Self what you want. Go Ahead. Discover the Pleasures of being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Go Ahead! Get Your Hopes UP. Please!

Go ahead! Get your Hopes UP. Please. Please. Please. Don't hold back your sense of excitement. Be Stoked! Be Pumped! Feel as if You might Burst from All the JOY and anticipation for Your Life. For All that is and All that is to come. Dare to Believe with your Brave Heart that Your Dreams are unfolding. Here. Now. Be Fierce knowing what only You KNOW. Expect Miracles this day. LOOK for the Good. OPEN to the Wonders ever-flowing. Happydance with Infinity at Play in the moments allowing Life to Surprise You. Receiving the graces within You, within the moments of this day. This Force of LOVE. Always here. Breath by breath. Awakening You. Churning Up the possibilities. Graciously stripping all the Fear that cages You. That residue of disappointment from stops along the way, from delays that broke your heart, from the pain that keeps you from throwing caution to the Wind and GOING for IT. Let Go! Let Go! Let GO! Make space for the Joy of wanting what you want; creating a Life you absolutely Love that You wouldn't trade even on those shitty days that come. Yes! Life can absolutely Suck. This is Life. And it can leave You clutching your Heart in AWE Saying THANK YOU! Wow. Wow. Wow. What a Magic Life! What a Wonderful Adventure I get to experience. With Pom poms in hand, I am cheering for YOU. I am so excited! For You. For Me. For All. Open Your Self to the excitement. Let Go of beliefs that keep all this Amazingly delicious excitement at bay. Receive this vitality springing from the depths of You. Here we Go into this Day. How exciting. So exciting. To see what amazing surprises come your way. And in being so excited for your Life, you cannot help but share this excitement for All. Be sure to let friends know how excited you are for all the GREAT things life is bringing your way. And let them know how excited you are for them. The energy of excitement pouring from your Spirit lifts all around You. Invites the excitement within them to awaken. You are a living prayer at Play in the world. The vibration of You affects all. Excitement breeds more to be Excited about. Say all day long: I am so excited! You have so much to be excited about. You Do! Start with this New Day dawning. All the wonderful things to come. Anticipating all the good. Excited! Knowing this is your Life and you get to have Fun being You. Excited! By those you share this life with who inspire You and make your heart Happy. Excited! By the possibilities. Excited! You are here living this Dream wide awake. This moment. This Day is Your Life. Create a sense of excitement within and watch a life that excites the hell outa you materialize. Yes... Be excited! Jump around. Sing. Dance with the Universe for the sheer Joy. It Feels Good to Feel Good. Yes. It. Does. Shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Because just saying woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Will make you Laugh. And Laughter is powerful medicine freeing this Joy, the heavens bursting through You here. Now. Open wider and wider and wider feeling the Magic within You. Me. All. This Day. Ohhh...wondrous Life.

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Know! I Know! I Know!

You matter. You matter. You matter. I know! I know! I know! What a magical feeling it is to Know with all of your Heart that You Matter. And When someone affirms You, reminding You that You matter offering you encouraging words, this resonance echoes through You: "I Know." And Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! You dare to say out loud with the truest confidence that comes from a sense of Self, the claiming of Your gifts, the receiving of Your graces: "I KNOW." Smiling with all of You. Nodding Yessss! As you stand tall, look the person in the eye receiving their kindness and saying: THANK YOU! (For noticing. For seeing me. For cheering me on. For assuring me that I Matter.) Know Thyself is the wisdom of the ages. Your Journey here on earth an adventure into Your Self at Play with the Universe as you show up, live, do what you do, being You and discovering More. Always More! As You are ever-growing. Your Soul came here to experience Life freeing this Passion, this Love flowing from within where you are aligned with your Higher Self expressing uniquely for your Joy. Beyond survival. Beyond enduring. Letting go of these old paradigms that bleed your precious Life Force and Steal your Dreams, your Hopes, your Wonderment. Creating a Life from pleasure Not pain. Giving the Hurt, the Fear space to breathe and releasing it with each exhale. Letting go. Opening. Rooting in this flow beneath the chaos. Riding this abiding wave of Grace ushering You into your truest life. Connecting to the Power within You that parts the seas clearing obstacles, beliefs that must Go. Remembering what you KNOW. Who you are. Following your Bliss. Returning to this Innocence. This essence of who you are. Knowing what you Know grounding in this Self reverence and reverence for All. In Awe of You. All. Seeing the Beauty that Is. This Life is Wonderful. It Is! You are Wonderful. You are. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! Be Brave. Go Boldly into this Day with Your Heart wide Open. LOVE this day with All of You. Not because You should. Not because I say. Because it FEELS GOOD to feel good. Living Open. Loving Big. Believing your JOY in being You changes this World. Your Joy is my JOY. My Joy is your JOY. Happydance. Be at Play being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today is a Good Day! Yes. It. Is.

Today is a Good Day! Yes. It. Is. Feeling the Goodness right here. Right Now. Breathing it In. Feeling your Happy Heart. Feeling the Light of the heavens blow through You. Lifting you. Opening You to receive the Good. Filling you with Possibilities. Flooding You with a rush of excitement. Anticipating all the Good that will surely come this Day. Ohhh Yeahhh! Today is a Good Day. Yes. It. Is. Let it Be Good. Expect Miracles. Welcome Surprises that make you Happy Dance:). Spontaneously Play. In the moments. Alive. So Alive. Feeling this Goodness You embody. Feeling this Goodness in others. Connecting to Your Goodness, you want All to taste the sweetness. The abundance of Life ever-springing through You. Me. All. Claiming it! As if your life depends on it. Because it does. This Goodness is essential nourishment. Food for the mind, body, heart and soul. All of You. Sipping In the Good from the well within and sharing your Good with the world. Now, that's badass. That's fierce. That's brave. That's heart-based living and loving. Tuned into the Force You are. A Force of Good. Unstoppable. Miracle-maker. Game-changer. The effect of You. Immeasurable. Believe in the Power You wield to catalyze the energy of others mirroring the Good that lies within them. You doing what you do. Going about your day. Being You. Carrying the Good. The Vibration undeniable. So damn Good. Without saying a word, You echo: Today is a Good Day! From your Heart into the Heart of the world. Feeding You. You feed All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

C'mon Be Grateful. Be Brave. Be YOU!

Be Brave. Be Grateful. Let Your Heart dance Free in the Beauty of this Day, this Life. Gratitude is the act of Receiving this Force of Love ever-flowing. Here. Now. Always there within You inviting You to welcome the graces of the Universe to do what the mind stuck in worry, doubt, fear, anxiety cannot do. Use your breath to drop You into your fierce Heart and experience this Powerful energy lighting you Up, filling You with sheer Joy and excitement for all that Is and all that is to Be. Knowing the abundance of Life alive within You. Believing in the Goodness within You knowing the Best is yet to come. Sip in this moment. Fully. Breathe. Feel THANK YOU echoing through You. Expanding You. Freeing you. Enlivening You. Awakening You. Letting Go! Letting Gratitude carry the Light of the heavens into the moment so You can see and feel the Possibilities. Visualizing your sacred desires and knowing you are assisted, supported by the Creative forces of the Universe within You. Step into this day. Wholly. Ground in a sense of Your Self. Limitless. Unstoppable. Infinite potential expressing for your Joy. You the Offering. The Sacred Vessel journeying on Earth. Pulling down the heavens living this Dream. YOU! So Big. So Brave. Stop identifying with experiences of the past that Leave you fractured living in fear trying to protect your Self from Life. It is Time for You to Live beyond the hurts, the disappointments, the heartbreak that keep you from showing UP. Acknowledge the Hurt Self. LOVE it Up! Be Compassionate assuring Your Self, Trusting Your Self and These new wings stretching from your Brave Heart. So Badass. Take Your Self by the Hand and Jump! Free fall. Let Go. Remember: the Passion You came here to Free that makes you come Alive as nothing else can. Remember: playing it safe will kill your Spirit caging You and causing pain far greater than disappointment. Cutting your Self Off, disconnecting from Your Self causes a slow bleed. Dare to reconnect. Plug into Your Life. Let your Heart lead the way. Feeling the Joy in wanting what you want. Feeling the Gratitude pour through that You get to do this Life. Being You. Discovering You. More and more of You. This Wondrous Life ever-surprising, ever-delighting, ever-singing You Home. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BELIEVE: Within You Lies the Love of the Universe.

Right here. Now. Be Courageous! Invite the Peace, the Joy, the Beauty, the Hope to companion You this Day. Close your eyes and just Breathe. Inhale is receiving this Love, the support of the Universe, the Cosmic Heart within your very being, pouring this Life Force through your Breath; and exhale is giving it OUT to the whole world. You receiving, fishing from this limitless Ocean of Love within allows You to Give. You must receive in order to give. This is dancing with Infinity. You plugged In to the Source being nourished by this Energy that animates all of Creation feed the whole. You have such a depth of feeling and empathy that the global events create chaos within You. The Hurt you see all around can overwhelm You feeling the heart break and pain. Pray for All. Place the whole World in your Heart and shower it with Love. You cannot carry the burdens of this World. Your heavy heart serves no One. Let Go! Give it to the Universe and breathe deeply feeling this Love flow from you to All. Connect from the depths of You. Breathe. Feel the magic. Yes. The world is changed by YOU being the Love and the Peace. Embodying the love and peace of the universe. You being the Light for them. Lighting the Way with Your Hope, Your Joy, Your Peace, Your Beauty made Possible by the Miracle, this Field of Love that lies within You. Stirring their hearts with Yours. Lifting their Hearts with Yours. And as we Grow, we must go deeper and deeper to receive more Universal Love to hold us as we carry the Light living this dream being Us. In Awe, we are Open flowing with Life. In Overwhelm, we are cut Off from this Amazing Grace. Dance in awe and dance in Overwhelm. Being human, we experience Both: Awe and Overwhelm. Find Your way to Rest within You. Feeling the Significance of You as an individual expressing, creating a Life you Love that reflects You and echoing this into the Collective Heart. Love! Love! Love! Your Self. In moments of Terror that steal your breath. This is Your Life. Allow it. In moments of Awe that leave you clutching your Heart in gratitude. This is Your Life. Allow it. Love creates the Miracle. Allowing You to be Present. Alive! Fully engaged in the Direct Experience dancing with whatever comes. Feeling the Beauty. Held in the Truth. Knowing: You Matter. Your Joy is my Joy. My Joy is Your Joy. One Heart. Ever-connected dancing this Sacred Dance: LIFE! Believing. Walking in Faith receiving this Love that Parts the seas within You. Within the World. You Matter. Yes. You. Do. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Receive the Grace within All Moments!

Feel the Joy! Touch this Magic within Your Heart. Experience the Light of the heavens pouring through You. Right here. Now. Let it Open You wider and wider. Wonder this Day anticipating the Good to come your way. Meeting just who you need to meet. Connecting to your Self knowing this is Your Life. Daring to want what You want and Believe in the Dreams calling You. Knowing it ain't over 'til it's over! Breathing through resistance that will surely come as worry, doubt, and fear are a part of this Human dance. Letting Go and letting this Force of Love within You do what it does Miraculously: moving the mountains. Following inspired ideas for the Joy of exploring the possibilities. Trusting your Self to act on your own behalf doing what ya gotta do for You as you would do for any friend. Talking to your Self all day with nourishing words that empower you, take You beyond your Hurt Self into your Higher Self, your Soul on Fire untouched by life's pain. This Passion ignited frees your sacred desires and elevates You so you can see: You came here to kickass! Being You. Going where Only you can Go. You are a Force embodying the Wisdom of the Universe. Faith is receiving this Amazing Grace; aligning with this infinite Source and allowing it to guide you moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by day into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Wherever you are, BE THERE fully. Observe your Self with compassion. Notice when you hold back and don't do or say what you want to. Pay attention to what you are avoiding. Do and say what scares the shit outa You! Break free. The moment You stand in your Power holding your own hand, knowing you have the support of Your Self, the Universal field within You; Everything shifts. You are flowing with Life into your Truest Self and Truest Life. Abiding Joy springs no matter what Life brings when You show Up, ALIVE in the dance, feeling this Song of Love from within You leading You Home. To You. To authentic Living. Liberating You. Again and again into More amazing Surprises that surely come When You Go Boldly; living from Your Brave Heart that simply cannot let You rest in a life that confines and cages You. You have Dreams to hatch. You have seeds of Promise to Blossom. You have an Adventure to experience as You Live this day and Love it All. Delighting in the moments no matter what. Giggling within. Whispering through All of You: This moment is My Life. Be present. Feel the moments fully. Let them dance You. All moments are precious. Holy. Communion with Your Self. With the heavens within You ever-guiding. Ushering You into the Life You came here to Live. BE the Change. Being You. Freeing You. Loving You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What makes your Heart Sing: YES!!!?

Let this Day blossom You. Delight You. Surprise You. Let Go! Go right into your heart Center and pour your breath into it opening You. Releasing any resistance. Nourishing You with a sense of your Self. Remembering You matter. Receiving this Love You are. Connecting to the Universal Heart. Feeling So Brave! Echoing this Truth: I am so Brave! Saying this over and over, all day long. Affirming the limitless well of Courage that lies within You. The courage to show Up for this Day daring to be You. Do You. Play wildly. Let your Heart lead the way. Do something just for You! Anything. Be spontaneous. In the moment, take your Self by the hand and Jump! Do something different. Do something you haven't done in years. Do something you have always wanted to do. Live this day for the sheer Joy of living! Just do You. Be true to You. Whatever makes you say YESSS! and feel excited that you are alive and get to experience this Life. Honor Your heart's desires consciously choosing to do or not do. Be Free! Feed your Self connecting to this inner Fire, the Passion. Always there. Always here. Inviting this energy to dance You into new depths of Happy ever-springing. Leading you Home. Laughing out Loud feeling your Light Heart opening You to You; to Your Life. Tasting the Fun. The pleasure known in the sweetness of You following your Heart. Sing out loud! Happydance:). Welcome the HAPPYgasms all day: ALIVE! Fully present in the direct experiences feeling the overwhelming sense of wonder and awe and pure Joy in being You. Living a life You absolutely Love. Knowing this Love experienced is EVERYTHING! And you deserve a Life that leaves you clutching you Heart echoing THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You! For this Life. This day. Go! Go! Go! Follow your sense of excitement. Give your Self the gift of You Engaged in this Life wide Open to the JOY:) that lies within your Heart. Be Brave! Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Go! Be the Adventurer You Are.

Go! Go! Go! Live the Adventure of this Day, this Life. Enter this New Day remembering: This is Your Life. Your Great Adventure! Step into the moments fully. Invite the Exploration. Dare to wander from your routines inviting the Wonder of You and this Day to dance You. Free your Spirit calling You into More. What's next?! The person you are Now who enters this day with Open eyes and Open Heart will Not be the one who climbs into bed at the end of the Day. You living Open will take you into new depths of You within your Self and within the World. Let Go! let Go! let Go! This Journey into "Knowing Thyself" is truly never ending as we are ever-growing, awakening energies, aspects of Our Self ready to Express for our Joy. You standing here, knowing who You are but Not locking your Self into some fixed idea that cuts off the flow, the Creative Force, the Universe Alive within You eternally dancing You into limitlessness. Hear the music within You echoing your truest Song: This Love. Feel connected to Your Self. To the whole. Let this Day reveal what has been concealed. More of You. Gloriously at Play. Delighting You. Bringing organic shifts within as your Passion pours from You. Your Love of living cannot be contained. Soul fueled. Going beyond the comforts your hurt Self constructed trying to keep you Safe. No More! Go. Because You Must. Because life is Calling You Home. Waiting for You to greet your Self with Open arms. Your fierce Heart brave beyond measure roaring as You live Present to Your Self. Engaged In the Direct experiences of this Day excited by the Adventure You came here to Live. To know. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Look at You. And there's more. Always More. What a feeling! Being Alive is. Such a stark contrast to merely sucking air, surviving, stuck in old paradigms that "life's a bitch and then you die," checked out, dragging your body around stripped of the Beauty you are and life is. Life has handed us all our asses. This human odyssey is the great leveler. We are all Hurt. And the Miracle is that we keep Going! This vibration of Hope within picks us Up again and again even when we wanna Give Up. We are creatures of Soul. So powerful. Let the gods loose this Day as You show Up with All of You. Open. Willing. Excited. Enthusiastic. Inspired. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Life is as Good as You let it Be.

Be Excited! Touch the Hope that lies within You. Happydance from the inside Out. Find your way into Your Brave Heart ready to Go where You have never gone before. New Day. New depths. New You. New choices. New experiences await You for Your highest Good and Greatest Joy. Shout: Bring IT on! Feel Inspired. Dare your Self to break free from patterns and beliefs that leave you feeling stale and unplugged. Stoke your inner fire remembering Today, this moment is Your Life. You expressing uniquely in the world. Understanding the Beauty of You dancing your dance; singing your song. Believing in You. Loving and appreciating who You are. Reminding your Self all day long through Self-talk how amazing You are. How Brave You are. How Good You are. Letting go of "trying" to be and simply being You. You being You ALIVE!!! participating as only You can offering your voice, your authenticity; breathing You, fresh air into the moments at Play with the world. Connected to Your Self flowing with Life enjoying the Magic of being You. Discovering the Wonders of being You. Saying THANK YOU for your life and looking for more reasons to say THANK YOU all day. Do what ya gotta do to make this Day great! You deserve it. Receive this Great day here and now. Consciously befriend Your Self tapping into the full support of the Universe that lies within You. This Force of Love you embody. Breath by breath freeing You leading You home to Your truest Self. Feel the miracle of unconditional Love and acceptance. Your relationship with You creates your relationship with All. Your inner shifts opening You to the Joy of being You creates outer shifts. Open your Self wider than what feels safe. Lean into the moments allowing them; knowing the Power that lies within You. Be fierce. Kick this days ass being You. Freeing You. Loving You. No matter what! Remembering YOU MATTER. And life as GOOD as YOU let it be. Life is as Fun as You let it be. C'mon! Let's Play! Woo woo woofrickinhoo;)).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

KNOWing with All Your Heart!

What have you always Known? In the depths of You beyond reason, beyond programming or conditioning. Sit with this. Let Go. Don't try to figure this out. Don't spin this in your mind. Let this organically wash up, echoing Truth, reminding You who you are and what You really want. Beyond shoulds and oughts buying into some idea of what makes life good. What's the life you came here to Live for the Joy of expressing You? Each of us is a unique expression. So sacred. A part of the whole. Your Joy is my Joy and my Joy is your Joy. The vibration of You expressing JOYfully! living authentically changes the world. Freeing Your Passion. Loving your Self and creating a Life you Love lifts us All. Awakens the possibilities that stir within all of Humanity. The universe is intensely shaking us Up inviting us to Let Go of old beliefs built from Fear around controlling our Self and our Life. This model of Control contains and limits. Drop into the space within remembering: YOU are Limitless. Welcome the surprise of You and Life. It is an opportunity for us All to evolve, to go beyond what we know is possible. Breaking free of paradigms and patterns that have played out and must GO so we can reach for New life. New ways of being and showing UP. Heart based NOT controlling life based on mental constructs. The Heart is Fierce. Steadfast. Courageous. Daring. Wide Open. Trusting Life. Our Self. The Universe within US. Liberating us from limitations into our Dreams waiting for Us to align to the Good we are. Life IS. Even when we cannot see it. The fear of Change will make us block all Life cutting off Flow including BLESSINGS. Abundance. Goodness. Let GO! Again and again. Breathe. Love your Self no matter what. When Fear and Judgment washes Up, give it space to breathe and Let it Go! Love frees. Fear holds US hostage!!!! Fly out of the Cage. Laughing with Excitement over the GOOD that is and GOOD coming your way! PLEASE Believe. Believe with All of your Heart beyond what feels Safe. Permission to Jump. Leap. for Your Joy. for Your Love of living and being badass YOU. This Force You are housing the Universe. This Love You are. The Power to part the seas liberating You and Your Life. BELIEVE in Your Self. Believe in what You Know that others do not know and cannot know because they aren't You. You Matter! Your Joy Matters. Follow Your Heart and let it Happydance YOU this day and every day to a life Over the Rainbow. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!! Do you. Be YOU. Free You!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let Go of What You're Holding!

Breathe In this moment. Breathe In this Day. Breathe In Life. Deliberately. Deeply. Inviting your breath Into every fiber of your being. And beyond. Expanding your sense of Self. Making space. Energizing You. Connecting You. Awakening You. Sip by sip. More Breath. More Life washing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Feeling aligned with the Universe. Fully supported. Letting Go of resistance to Life, to what Is in this moment. Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety releasing from You. What you are consciously and unconsciously grinding On. Holding Onto. Bleeding your precious Life Force. Leaving little energy to fuel You. Your Dreams. Your wants. Your desires for this Day, for this Life. Whisper sweetly to Yourself and hold your own hand as you Breathe: "I got ya! It's okay to Let Go. And Trust Life at another depth." Living Open. Wider and Wider. Letting Go! Again and again. Receiving as you Inhale this Love You are. The heavens Alive within You. Letting Love, the Universal Flow of Life free You from operating unconsciously from the wounds, the pain of the Past. Gripping You. Draining You. Robbing You of the Joy in Living. Being You. Doing All You wanna Do. Today. Tomorrow. This Lifetime. Make it Safe for your Self. LOVE your Self in every moment. Let Go of judgment! Stop shaming your Self! Let Go of trying to be "Good" and acknowledge: You are Good! Always. No matter. Accept your Self. See the best in You. Bless your Self especially what You curse. When you Let Go and Allow, You Live fully. Aware. Making it okay to be Human. It is Fun to be Human. Fallible. Flawed. Alive in the direct experience. Present. Saying what ya gotta say. Being You. Doing what ya gotta do. Doing You. Letting IN the Love ever-pouring through You. Letting Your Heart be LIGHT. Enjoying who you are. Entertained by your unique perspectives and observations. Laughing. Smiling from the inside Out appreciating You. The world needs You. All of You. Walking Your walk. Being You. Doing You. Freeing your Joy. Loving Life. And it is Fun to be You:)). Let more of You come Out to PLAY this Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be The Change: You Dancing Free, Free Me.

Be the change. You. Me. All. Being who You are. Me being me. You evolving. Me evolving. As individuals. Unique expressions of Creation pouring into the Collective. Awakening to All You are. Again and again. Freeing more of You. Dancing with infinity plugged into a Greater Sense of Self. Ruling Your life from the Inside Out. Authentic action guided by your inner compass that is raw. Uncensored. Wild. Pure potential ever-hatching for Your Joy. Living On Purpose. Deliberately moving through the days moment by moment tuned into what makes You feel Alive and what doesn't. Remembering You excited by Life being You is EVERYTHING! You connected to the essence of You. This Love You are. This Goodness. Soul fueled. Abundance ever-flowing. This Creative force field expanding You. Ever-Blossoming You until your last breath. The Seasons of Life cycling through. All necessary. Amazing Grace stripping what must go now. Pruning You. Clipping what is inessential. You cannot carry what is dead into New Life awaiting You. Trusting all that comes. The bitter. The sweet. It is All part of the Adventure. Living Heart-based is Extraordinary! Welcoming the Surprise of life. The Surprise of You. Ever-exploring. Ever-experimenting. Ever-wondering. Fierce. Courageous. Grateful. Hopeful. Joyful. Loving. Passionate. Limitless. Open. ALIVE! In ways You could never have known is Possible. All this Magic from daring to Show Up. Be You. Honor You. Do You. Love You. Free You. Understanding at the level of Soul that always Knows: WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! When you HONOR You, you Honor me. When I Love Me, I Love You. Receiving this Grace You embody. Living from THANK YOU. Feeling the Vitality of Life Springing through You. Aligned with the Source. You are a Force. The Vibration of You rising lifts us All. You Being the Change. Change me. Change All. How AMAZING this Ride is! Let go of worrying if You are doing Life right and Just Do You. Be You. Living simply. Simply being You. Remembering this is Enough. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Remember: You are The HOPE. The Love. The Miracle.

Breathe. Feel the flow of Life wash through You. Take You into Your Fierce Heart that can contain all experiences. That which we Bless and Curse. Feel this Flow Open You. Fortify You. Remind You that you are ever-guided, ever-assisted by the Universe. This higher wisdom that You house. This Love You are. The essence of You and All. This Creative Force that You embody. Heaven within You ushering You into your highest Good and greatest Joy. Awakening You. Aligning You with the Life You came here to Live. Home within your Self within this world. You receiving the Amazing Grace feeling worthy of the Good. Trusting You deserve the Joy you experience in living your Life. Being You. The greatest act of service to the Whole is to create a Life You Love. Ever-evolving. Ever-growing. Freeing your Passion. In awe that You matter. Your life is significant. You Rise and take All with You. Your connection to the Soul force of the Universe open and willing to let It Dance You beyond what You ever believed was possible dances the Collective. We are One. A shared Heart. All of Humanity. On a human level, You can feel overwhelmed trying to fix and control what cannot be fixed and controlled. At the level of Soul, you Know letting Go into any moment. Untangling from the Chaos. Breathing. Going within. Returning to the Truth and Beauty. Liberating Your Self to do You. Live your Part. Heal your Self. Love your Self and experience the Miracle of You. The Hope of You. The Power of You. Alive. Fully engaged. Letting this universal force Field, this well of Love, Amazing Grace cauterize the wounds so Life's blood can pulse fully through You. Your Life. Standing whole, you stand on this earth letting the heavens shine through You as You go about your day being You. Living your truest life. Clutching your heart in gratitude for the privilege to be You. Seeing the Perfection, the divine orchestration of your ever-unfolding Life. Everything led You Here. And there is More. More Good. More Magic. More Wonder. More Joy to come. Just say THANK YOU all day long. Lift your sails confident that You Matter. Daring the gods to show off through You. Being You. Enthusiastic. Believing in the Infinite Potential of You. Believing with every fiber of your Being that ANYTHING is Possible. Bring It ON. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Your Joy is My Joy. My Joy is Your Joy.

Let your Joyful Heart guide You this Day. Moment by moment. Choosing consciously. Untangling energy, your precious life force from things that truly don't matter. Aware that You Matter! Your Joy in living Matters. Your Joy feeds the Soul. Lifts the Heart of this World. LIVE inspired! Drop into your Self and move from your Center. Allowing the flow of life to carry You into the Life you came here to live, to experience this sense of Self. Authentic and Free. Expressing the Essence of You that cannot be conditioned by the external; that is incapable of living from expectations imposed by others; that only wants you to taste the Joy of being You. Sharing your Self, the gift of You. Lighting the way for All. Remembering: You are the Light. You embody the Light of the Universe ever-guiding You Home to Your Self. More and more of You. Ready to Play. To bring through your Heart's desires ever-calling. You blossom in the white spaces on your calendar. Jump off the crazy train of doing incessantly and sit with Your Self. Be Still. Just breathe. Be quiet. Listening to the wisdom of the Universe that pulses through You. Let your heart whisper the Truth, the Beauty of You. Dare to acknowledge the Life You want and plug your energies into creating that. Take charge of your Life! Willing to disappoint others who need you to be who they need you to be. Your fierce Heart can handle the fear, the stress, the uncomfortableness that washes through when you make changes without approval from others. Your Brave Heart will lead the way for All. Reminding them of the power of choice and the Good you open to when you exercise it. Deliberately living. Eyes wide open and opening wider through amazing grace. Seeing the energy you spend on things that don't serve you anymore. Seeing your resistance to letting go of patterns, habits, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs that bleed you blocking the river of creation longing to carry you into new worlds calling you Now. Seeing you are putting on the brakes not some external forces. You are the mountain to move. Seeing clearly the Life You want is waiting for You to align with it. Step into this Dream awake, experiencing this Love ever-nourishing You, ushering You into this Joy of living. Being You. Doing You. Willing to do what ya gotta do to come Alive being True to You. Please! Please! Please! Jump into this day with Faith in your Self. Trusting you cannot possibly F*ck this life Up. Make choices. See where they lead. Make another choice exploring new roads. Trust Your Self to navigate your Life. Knowing the heavens within You are cheering You On. Saying: ENJOY THE RIDE! This is Your Life. Your Joy in living it makes You Rich. And changes the World. Truly! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sing a Happy Song in Your Heart!

SING a Happy Song in Your Heart All Day:)! Happydancin:) come what may. Inviting the HAPPYgasms invoked by You Being present. Fully Alive in a moment connected to this Love you are. This universal field. Life. Abundance Ever-flowing. Longing to usher you Home to Your truest Self and truest Life. Dance to the resonance of Joy always there. Always here. Pulsing through You. Yours for the claiming. Smiling with All of You. Feeling your Self wide open to the possibilities. Hope springing from the depths of You. Dreams stirring. Sacred longings ready for you to Play them into existence. Birth what's next?! Free the Passion. This Love of living. Being You. Remembering there is more to Life than checking off "to do" lists. Do what ya gotta do. And make time to Play. Dance. Sing a Happy Song in Your Heart. Because one day this magnificent adventure will end. And the only thing you leave behind is your Love. This vibration of pure joy in being You. Living. The shitty days and the days that leave you clutching your Heart in awe. Love them all. Meet life. Open. Your mind resists this healing energy of Goodness. Your divine essence. Drop into your fierce Heart. Allow the Happy to bubble up. You are living this Dream wide awake when You experience this Love. Connected to this Love. You experience the Truth. The Beauty. You are. Life is. This is EVERYTHING! When shitty days come, look 'em in the eye and say with All of You: I am not gonna let you steal my Joy! And laugh out loud at the absurdity that You who house the power of the Universe would ever give up, lay down, cower to life circumstances. You deserve to Happydance! You are worthy of the Good that lies within You. Heart-based living is badass. Sing your Happy song because it Feels Good to Feel GOOD. And feeling Good brings more Goodness your way. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

You are Significant Beyond Measure

Dare to Believe with all your Heart that your life, YOU, are significant beyond measure. The seeds You sew benefit the Whole. Believe Anything is Possible! That all the delays you have experienced were perfect. Trust the divine Timing of the Universe. Unfolding You. Blossoming You. Magnificently. Poetically. Let go of ideas that You have done something wrong. And focus on everything you are doing Right. Right Now. Today. This Moment. Pull your energy out of past wounds and open you Heart wider than you feel is Safe. The world needs You and your brave Heart offering your Self fully. Freeing the Passion that lies in the depths of You. Loving life with All of You. You being You. Doing You. Inviting the Universe to show off through You. You the Sacred vessel. You the Offering. Being You. Not who you think you should be. Not who others expect you to be. Boldly moving through this day, this life opening windows within You ever-revealing what was once concealed. The surprise of You. Beyond the constructed Self. The fixed identity that is limiting and confining. Liberate Your Self. Cut those old beliefs, patterns, Attitudes and programming loose. Be free. Body. Mind. Heart. and Soul. Enjoy the discovery of You. Your secret desires. Aligned with the Creative Force within You. The universal field Alive within You connecting you to your Truth. Your Beauty. This Love animating all if Creation. Oh...the Joy of wanting. This palpable feeling that lifts your Heart and stirs your soul and awakens dormant energies ready to Play. Here. Now. This Day. Notice your resistance. Your reluctance to Dive In. To plunge into this Dance with Infinity. Willing. Opening. Believing. Allowing. Grounding. All the Dreams you came here to Express. Birthing Your Self. Again and again. Feeling the Magic of You. Riding this Amazing Life with sails wide Open to the graces of the Universe Ever-assisting You. Leading You Home to more of You. Making you whole. Filling the cracks from wounds of the past. Flying You over the rainbow. Following your Bliss. Letting go and letting your fierce Heart pave new paths. Knowing with All of you that you are worthy and deserving of a Life you absolutely Love. Believe! Believe! Believe! Faith in your Self = Faith in Humanity. Together we Rise. AWEsome! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Move Mountains. Being YOU!

Remember: all ya ever gotta do is be YOU! In any moment when overwhelm swoops in, remind your Self whispering gently: "All I gotta do is be me!" Rest in this knowing. In awe of You. Appreciating who You are. You came here to Live a Life expressing You. Uniquely. Freeing your Joy. Pouring your Passion into the world. The greatest gift You give this world is You. Creating a Life aligned with the Truth of You. Your divine essence echoing this Love you are. To be human Is to be insecure. To court fear, doubt, worry. Feeling unworthy. Undeserving. Inadequate. Our fractured Self Longing for the Good attempts to find this connection In things. Plugging into the external. Our Joy in living contingent upon circumstances and conditions. This ever- shifting. Ever-fickle world. Giving our Power away. Believing we are who others say we are. Placing faith in perceptions not In Truth. This Beauty You are. Always! This Good can only be received Within. This Love You are. Fish from the Ocean of Love. The infinite well. Ever-nourishing. Grounding in a sense of Self. An inner foundation. Knowing the Universe lies within You. This river of Goodness ever-flowing. Cauterizing your wounds so Life's blood can pulse through You fully. Wholly. The invitation to Let Go! again and again all day long. Worry not what you don't want. Worry not about who you aren't. Nothing to fight. Nothing to defend. Nothing to Avoid. Let Go! Muster the Courage. Let your Brave Heart move the mountains. Recognizing You are the only mountain to move. The moment you stare down the monsters, these ever-growing illusions of the mind, they vanish. Disappear. Like magic. Poof! Be present. Claim who you are. Dare to want What you want. Tap into the Joy of wanting. Be stoked. Peeing your pants excited to be You. To live this Amazing Ride. Love your Self Up. Hold your own hand assuring your Self: "I got ya!" You are truly Unstoppable. You are a Force. Dare to show Up with All of You ready to Play. Happydance:) for the sheer Joy of It. Let your heart be Light and FIERCE beyond measure. BELIEVE this: Everything You need lies within You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn Good to be YOU.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Receive the Good Ever-Flowing. Ever-Growing You.

Receive the Good. Life is. Right here. Right now. Breath by breath. Open your Heart. Sip in the Good. Abundance ever-flowing. Ever-growing You in this moment. Every moment. Every day. Let go of the projections that The Good will come someday. Let go of the belief that You will know the Abundance of Life when you Materialize this dream or experience some specific event or when the Stars all align as You want them to. You are delaying Your Good. Cutting off the divine stream ever-nourishing You. You are denying your Self the Riches of Life that pour through You. Me. All. Here. In this moment. Pull your Self into Present Time. Using your sacred breath to release the grips of your Mind that is stuck in Ideas of what makes life Good. Defining abundance placing conditions on Life. Mentalizing instead of riding the waves of grace pulsing through You. Missing the opportunity to Play with the Infinite. Universal Force Field animating You. Me. All of Creation. This Love ever-springing. Ever-flowing. Eternally singing. Echoing this Vibration. Harmonizing You. Leading You RIGHT here into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Hatching potentials. Awakening seeds of Promise. Guiding You into the Beauty. You are. Life is. Untangle your Self. Call on assisting forces, your Higher Self, this Love that lies within You. Receive the Good. Feel it wash You. Purging residues of grief, heartbreak and disappointment. Cleansing you of limiting beliefs that cage You. Liberating you from your wounded Self that hijacks the Good. Drop into Your Heart. Fierce. Courageous. Unstoppable. Do what ya gotta do. Say what ya gotta say. Act on your behalf. Live Open. Knowing this is Your Life. It is a Good Life. All you have to do is be willing to Receive this Good. This Love. This Abundance. Open your Heart. Watch the seas Part. Welcome the Miracle experiencing the Truth of You. It matters Not what you materialize if you don't feel your Spirit aligned with the heavens. You will feel empty. Hollow. Starved. Longing to connect to the Source as You are surrounded by everything you thought would bring the Good. This Love. The Abundance. Claim this Good. Accept the Riches. Connect to the Abundance. Now. And go enthusiastically about your day, your life materializing your Spirit. Pulling dreams down for the sheer joy of expressing Your Self. Living the Passion. Your magnificent Heart setting the world on Fire. Because it feels Amazing to be Alive. You. Being You. Doing You. Plugged into the Beauty of Life dancing Free. This is EVERYTHING. It is. Hell Yeah!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Know Thyself: This is who I AM.

The paradox of Life. Understanding You. Building a strong Ego and surrendering It. Letting Go! Letting the Amazing Grace of the Universe dance You into Life. More Life. Again and again. The new Shores calling You. Until the end Of this poetic Journey. Bitter and Sweet. Appreciating You. Loving You. Creating a strong sense of Self. The inner foundation ever-nourishing You. Knowing who You are uniquely. Seeing what You being You do. The effect You have on the whole. All necessary to stand in this world with an Ego that can express the Soul. Offer the gift You are. Truth. Beauty. Echoing from You. This is who I AM. Moving from your Center. Navigating the moments day by day. Ever-growing. Seeing the pieces click together. The Sacred blueprint within. The invisible thread connecting You to who You need to meet. Leading You to where you need to go. Next. The web of Life. At Play. Dancing with Infinity. Following the flow. Grounding in Your Self. No wandering aimlessly. Being where You are. Fully. Tuned In. Plugged In. To your Self. To the Universe. Feeling this force of Love guiding You. Home. Surprise! Destiny. You experiencing You. More Magnificent than You ever could have imagined. Pure. No manufacturing. No Trying. No Controlling. No gripping the reins cutting Off the Flow. Getting in the Way of the divine orchestration unfolding You. Taking You into Your greatest Joy and Highest Good. Pause all day long. Check In. Align. Integrate. Be Here. Engaging All of You. Breath by breath. Freeing your Self from the cage of the mind spinning. Limiting You. Draining You. This precious Life. Make this Day Great knowing the GREATness You embody. Have Fun being You! Ohhh...it is damn good to be YOU:). It is. Remember: within You lies the Power to part the seas and move the mountains; and the Courage to take the First Step into New Life. Right Now. Be BRAVE! Be BOLD! Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bless the Mess: Yours. Mine. Ours.

Trust Life. Trust Your Self. It is All Perfect. It Is. Always. Bless the Mess. Yours. Mine. Ours. You. Me. We. Need the messes that come. The shit storms that shake Us up. That shake Life Up. Feeling as if it will Kill Us. Like we cannot possibly make it through. A stripping away. Again and again of what is inessential. The storms. The challenges. The death cycles forcing us to Let Go. Actually come to Free Us. More of Us. Ready to Play. Now. Here. This moment. This Day. Bigger. Bolder. Stronger. Braver. The Gift of the Chaos. The Drama. The Devastating events. The crap we wanna wish away because it Sucks ass and we wouldn't wish it on anyone. Stop! Pause. Bless it All. It All has led You here. To who You are Now. You navigating Life. Whatever comes. Believing Good things will surely come even when you feel swallowed by the hurt. The Pain. Let the skies Fall. Grieve what was. Feel the loss. Let new skies come. Muster the Courage from Your fierce Heart to do what ya gotta do to plug Your Self into Now. Be vigilant. Direct Your attention to what You want to Create. Breathe. Inhaling this Love. This Universal Field within You. Let it part the Seas. Walk. Be Present. Be Alive. As never before. Trusting Your Self. Trusting Life. Extracting the Wisdom. The Beauty. Ever-Present. Always Here. Exhale. Let go of Fear. Worry. Doubt. Anxiety. Acknowledge It. Give it space with Your Breath. And like a balloon. Let it Go with the winds. Sail Your Ship. Know what you want. And Dare. To do things differently. Make different choices out of Love for You. Because You Must. Because it is Time to pull down Your Dreams. Waiting on You. To let go. To align with Your truest Self. Calling You Home. Setting the world on Fire with Your Passion. Your Love of Living. Because it feels Good to FEEL Good. You are worthy of the Good the heavens blow through You. This Day. This Lifetime. Say THANK YOU! As you walk your path. Leaving Your Mark. Knowing You are the Offering. Rip your Heart Open and Pour Your Self into the World. Wider and wider and wider. Hell Yeah! Look at You. Celebrating Life. All of It. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dance Your Dance!

Let the Energies of this New Day dance You. Free You. Lift You. Reveal You. Lead You Home. To a deeper Sense of Self. Who You are Now. What you want Now. Grounded. Feeling the Power You embody. Listening to the Music of Your fierce Heart singing Your truest Song. Standing on your Own two feet connected to this universal Force, this Love within You. Trusting your Self. Knowing You are assisted and supported all day, every day by the heavens echoing through your very breath. Seize opportunities that come your way! Experiment. Explore. Say YES! To things that scare the shit out of You. Whatever you are resisting, lean into It. Do it. Let your Brave Heart break you OUT of old patterns and programming that no longer serve. Act. Do. Move. Dance Your Dance as if no one is watching. Dance Your Dance as if Your very Life depends on It. Let Go! Come into the moment. Tune in. Let this new Rhythm springing from within harmonize You. Balance You. Center You. Lead You into your truest Life. What Feels Good. Here. Now. No settling. Honor your restless Heart. Aching. Longing. Breaking You OUT. Emboldening You. Ain't no time for living tucked away in the Safety of the familiar. Protecting your Self from Life. The disappointment. Creating life from Fear. Carrying what is dead around. Plugged into the past that is done. No way to fuel, to animate your Dreams Now. Consciously clip the past imagining scissors slicing away, untethering You, liberating You to Dance in Present time. Occupying your Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. Wholly alive. Engaged. Deliberately walking into this Dream life is. Awake. Tasting the Beauty. Feeling the Possibilities pulsing through your Breath. Dancing You. Home. Beyond the Story that keeps you small. Be Inspired. Living from the Inside OUT. Remember: This Love you are. This Love experienced Is the Dream. Receive this Love. Sip it In. Let it move the mountains constructed by your mind. You are worthy of all the Good in this Life. Dance. Happy:). Dance. Joyfully:). Do You. Be You. Love You. Be in Awe that You get to Dance this Dance as You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Be Passionate. Be Fierce.

Go straight into Your Heart. Fierce. Brave beyond measure. Longing to Free You. More of You. Ready to Play. Express. Risk. Explore. Leap into what's next?! Your Heart's desires are Sacred. Hold them dear. Hold Your Self dear. Let go of Shame. Let go of judgment. Let go of what others might say or think. Want what You want. For this Day. For your Life. Keep your eye on the Prize. Believing. In You. In the Universe. Walking hand in hand with assisting forces. Within You. Unwavering. Steadfast. Living Open. Seizing opportunities. Experimenting. Dipping your toe In. Plunging into new waters. Allowing the Fears to wash up. Befriending worry, doubt and anxiety. Knowing you are Held by this Love You are. Nothing can stop You. You are the mountain to Move. You are the sea to Part. Dropping into Your Sacred Heart that houses the Heart of the World. Receive this Love. Breath by Breath. Let it Free You. Let Go of mental constructs. Analyzing Your Self. Trying to Figure Your Self Out. Judging your Self. Stop trying to Change! Within You lies EVERYTHING You need to Live the Life You came here to Live. Let Go. Let This force of Love release the grip of the Mind stuck in beliefs that no longer serve You. Patterns that keep You stuck. And old subconscious programs that hold You hostage and wrap You around ideas that there is a right and wrong way to Live. This Fear of F*cking up keeps You from Showing Up! Listen. Your Brave Heart is calling You Home. To experience new depths of Courage. It is one helluva a Ride breaking Free. Letting the Passion pour from You. All day. Being You. Loving You. Doing You. Feeling the Joy. This abiding Love ALIVE within You. Within all of Creation. Dance! Dance! Dance! Let Your Heart sing its truest Song: LOVE. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

JOY looks Good on You!

JOY looks Good on You! This energy undeniable. Connected to your Heart. Feeling the Light within You. Loving Life. Being You. Appreciating this Ride Life Is wide Open. All of it. Accepting every moment for what It is. Every Experience is Your Life. Be there. Be here. Present to You. And Your Sacred Dance. Acknowledging the disappointments. And Letting them Go! Washing Away breath by breath. Allowing Fears, doubt and Worry to come Up to the surface and be counted. Letting them Express. Giving them a voice. And letting them Go! Saying F*ck this. F*ck that. F*ck them. And finding your way to Bless this. Bless that. Bless them. No bypassing the Honest moments. Raw emotions bubbling up. Allowing. Not wallowing. Not letting the victim consciousness to hijack your Joy. Your Life. Keeping Your Eye on the Prize. Your Joy makes You Rich. Let nothing Tangle You this day cutting off the Flow of Joy. Knowing what You want. Daring to Dream. Believing Anything is Possible. Taking Charge. Ruling Your Life from the Inside Out. Grounded in Faith knowing this Love that is the Universe Alive within You. Grounded in Trust knowing You are supported every moment by the Soul Force ever-guiding, ushering You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy in every matter. No exceptions. Being Certain of this benevolent Energy, the heavens pulsing through You even in the midst of Uncertainty. Love Your Self Up all day. Every Day. Speak kindly to Your Self. Hold Your own Hand. Offering Your Self complete understanding. Unconditional Love. Stop beating Your Self Up with judgment and criticism. Put the bat down. Let GO! Invite the JOY. Happyass Dance:). Shake Off the troubles. Literally! Jump around. JUMP for JOY:). Today is Your Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Do You. Be You. Love You. Live Free. Weeeeeeeee!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Life You Came to Live.

This. This moment is Your Life. Grace-filled. Possibilities hatching. The Dream experienced. Feeling this Love You are. Always. Come fully into This Day. Here. Now. Use your breath to connect to the whole of You. Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Let go! Opening. Flowing. With the assisting forces ever-guiding You home. to Your Self. The Truth of You. The Power of You. Stand on this earth rooted in this human journey knowing you are a creator in the flesh. Participating. Dancing with the Great Creator. Within You. Animating You. Me. All. Remembering: You are The Love of the heavens embodied. You are holy. You Matter. You are here to Live the Passion. Free the Joy in being You. You Know You Are aligned with Your Soul. Your Sacred Self When You See The ever-present Beauty. The Extraordinary In what most dismiss as "ordinary" stuck in the limitations. In the victim consciousness so pervasive in humanity. The higher Self gives us a bird's eye view perching us in our Soul that knows every experience brings opportunity to evolve and grow and lead us into our highest good and greatest Joy. Amazing Grace lifting veils. Clutching your Heart Feeling the Abiding "Thank You" Echoing Free. You. Exquisitely Alive. Home within Your Self. Connected to the whole. One with the One. The heavens nodding: YES! Assuring You. This is the Life You came Here To Live. Let go of beliefs around a Punishing universe. The old paradigms that you are here to suffer and sacrifice. Unworthy of this Abundance Life is. Invite the Universe to blow through You dismantling core beliefs that strangle your precious Life force. Keeping you small. Caging You. No more! Know: Anything is Possible. Dream wide Open. Dare to Believe what you have Never believed before. Be emboldened. Let your fierce Heart kick ass for You this Day. Bravely fighting old Fears that wash Up. Standing with All of You ablaze. On Fire for life. Letting this Fire nourish You instead of destroying You in the repression. Trying to contain this Creative Force ready to Play. Be stoked. This is your Amazing Adventure. Live IT! Love IT! Let it Surprise You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You. Exquisitely Alive!

Feel the Morning echoing this Love. You are. The Truth You embody. The essence of All. This Stillness washing through You. Wondrous. Lovely. Sip it In. Let your breath open You wider and wider. Engaged. Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Enter this Day whole. Remember this Sacred space within You. Always here. Holding You. Moment by moment. A Place to Rest within You. No matter the external circumstances. The Truth. The Beauty. Springing from this well of Love. Peace. Joy. Nourishing You through whatever comes. No matter how chaotic Life can feel. This Haven within. Heaven. The constant stream that waters You. Sustains You. Leads You Home. Again and again. Clearing Obstacles. Releasing Tension. Freeing Overwhelm. Balancing Energies. Returning You to Harmony with the whole of the Universe. Awakening Your Heart. Taking You by the hand into new depths of Courage. Unstoppable. Limitless. Ever-guiding. Ever-opening. You. Life. All of Creation. Your liberation lifts All. Your freedom frees All. Revealing possibilities. Reminding All: We are Miracles! Connected to the Source. Soul powered. This immeasurable Force. Beating Your Heart. Lighting the Skies. Animating the Whole Cosmos. You. Me. All. At Play. Embodying infinity. Dancing Fire. Living the Passion. Wild. Open. Raw. Exquisitely Alive as never before possible. Knowing the Joy of being. Amazing. Awesome. Magnificent. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Divine Thirst.

This Thirst. So Divine. To know Your Self. Unquenchable. Always More. Exploring. Discovering. Embodying. Integrating. Becoming Whole. Feeling a Sense of Self. Now. Letting go. Allowing the New. Inviting energies to Awaken. Fear in the knowing. Fear in the Not knowing. The longing. The calling. A gift. Discontentment. Unsettled within your Self. No rest. Not able to ignore the Sacred nudges from within. The Soul trumps your human desire trying to keep everything the same. To stay Safely tucked in the comfortable. Leaning into the uncomfortable. Allowing the feelings to wash through. Resistance. Anxiety. Doubt. Worry. Mustering the grace to Go where you have Not gone. Where you didn't know You would ever Go. Receiving this Love from the well within You. Feeling the forces of the Universe supporting You. Step by step. Moment by moment. Day by day. Living. Becoming. Showing Up. Knowing Your Self as Never before. Again and again. Always more. Meeting who You are Now with a sense of Awe and Wonder. Curiously exploring the energies Alive within You. Making choices that align with You now. Redirecting Your Life deliberately. Consciously steering Your Self into what fits now. What feels Good now. What brings you joy. What makes life Fun. Present to Your Self fully aware that this Life is Yours. Do You. Be You. Love You. Tuning into your Self. Knowing your Love of Living this Life makes You Rich. This Love experienced is the Dream. Let Your Ever-guiding Heart lead You home to the Beauty you are and Life Is. You are worthy of All that is Good. Believe this! Let the Good of the heavens Alive within You pour through this Day. Ushering You Home. Making Your Wings even more Glorious. Riding the waves of Grace. So Amazing!!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September!

Welcome September. A New Month. A New Day. A New Time. Here. Now. Awakening You. Stirring You. Calling You into New Life. Within You. Within the world. Opportunities knocking. Inviting More of You to Play. Opening Your Wings wider and wider. Riding the Winds of Life. Trusting. Believing. Knowing. You are ever-growing. Ever-blossoming. And challenges are a part of the Unfolding of You. Life. No one gets a pass from the events that cause us pain. You. Me. All. We are in this Together. Each of our stories playing Out. These human experiences that make You want to run the other way. Keep your head buried in the sand attempting to avoid what it is Now time to face. Not to punish You but to reveal You. Show You what you are made of. All that lies within You. So divine. Even in the midst of shit storms that engulf You. Swallow You. Threatening to take You Out. But you Rise. Again and again. Taller. Stronger. Braver. More Alive than you knew was possible. Shouting BRING IT ON! Remembering all You are. Remembering Life is Fun. Feeling the Abundance of You dancing with infinity. This makes You Rich. Grateful to be You. Do You. Living Your Life. Loving it All. Even what you curse. Extracting the Blessings. Always there. Always Here. Wisdom pouring through the most shattering events. Making You Whole. Feeling a Sense of Abiding Purpose. Acknowledging this Love You are. And giving Your Self freely and generously for the Joy of It. Singing the song in Your Heart. Love. Peace. Joy. Hope. Echoing All of You. More of You into the Heart of the world! Because you must. Because it feels damn good. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!