Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Joy Makes your Beauty Sing even Louder!

Joy makes your BEAUTY sing even louder! I saw a photo of a Friend and these words sprang from me. She is always Beautiful but her Joy lit her UP. No matter how much we Do with Hair and Make Up and Clothes (the external) which is ALL so Fun. Nothing beautifies as JOY does! Connecting to a sense of Your Self at a depth where the resonance of Joy abides washing through All of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Nourishing your Self with choices that feed your Joy. Knowing your Joy, this truest Smile from the Inside echoing Out fills the Heart of the World. Honoring your Self. Giving Your Self what You Need and Want. Choosing You. Believing You Matter! Your dance. My dance. This collective dance so Sacred. Dancin to One Song. Made of Many Voices. Singing Us HOME. Sharing your Love with the World expressing the Truth of You. Authentically You. Moving from your Center. Your Own Nature awakening You to the Divine Nature of All. Returning Home. Remembering who You truly are and All that lies within You. Using the Power to Create your Life. Owning your Life with a sense of Awe. Meeting the Creator within your Very Breath. Feeling the Strength of the Cosmos spiraling through You. Holding you as you make new Choices that cultivate your Joy and keep you flowing with the innate Goodness, the Abundance of Life that Is. Untangling your Life Force from the Past so You don't Recreate your History. Facing what has been from the Safety of this Moment. Making the Pain as sacred as the Joy. Allowing the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety to come Up and Out. Letting It Be. No resistance. Being Present to Your Self. No waiting on the Stars to align Outside of You. Aligning the Stars within YOU. Dancing FREE! Trusting your Spirit to guide you moment by moment into All your Heart's Desires. Believing what only You can See. The Blind Surrender of Faith, knowing what You are Made of. Letting Go and letting your truest Self guide You into the Joyful Surprise of You. Drinking from this Ocean of Love within You. Feeling the Soul Force of the Universe kickinAss for You. Lifting You where You can SEE and FEEL the Possibilities ready to Actualize. Liberating You from Limitations. Materializing your Spirit. Receiving the Dream awaiting your Arrival. Saying THANK YOU! More JOY, Please. Please. Please. Knowing there is Always More. Expecting It. Welcoming It. Daring to Follow Your Heart. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! This Life is for YOU. It is for you to ENJOY!

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