Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Matters MOST is You!

Knowing what matters to YOU! Building your Life from the Foundation of YOU. Not an Idea of You and what You "should" want. Creating a Life that Matters to YOU. Filling your Days remembering Every Moment is YOU at Play with the Infinite. Discovering the More of Who You are. Letting Go of who You Are Not. Coming Out of Hiding. Making it Safe. Accepting all of who You are and holding Your Self Dear. Liberating the Shame and the guilt and the Not Enoughness and the Too Muchness and the Fear that Drains your Precious Life Force. Seeking You. Excavating the Best Kept Secret: YOU!!! You are the Traveler and You are the Road. You are the Weaver and You are the Dream. Consciously creating your Life Lights the Way even in the Lost that happens before the Found comes and It Will! I Promise, you will Find the Great Surprise of You. The Letting Go into the Unknown is Necessary. Grounding in a Knowing that You will Arrive. You will get from Here to There. What seems impossible leads you into New Depths of Your Self. Tapping into your Power and Using It. Receiving the Life You came here to Experience BELIEVING in the Matters of your Heart and Soul that don't always line Up with the Convention. Seeing the Life that's You when no One else shares your Vision. Fulfilling your Destiny in returning to the Truth and Beauty of You: What Matters MOST! It matters Not how Pretty life looks if who You truly are is missing from the Picture. Passion is the Essence of You expressing for the Joy of being You. Plugging your Energy, your Creative Force into what Matters Most. Deliberately walking into the Life where You feel at Home within Your Self. Growing what Matters Now as You are ever-blossoming until the End. The Wild of You is the Heart and Soul that cannot be Contained and pulls You Up and Out of your Comfortableness to Free the More whose Time has come to Be Revealed. Live the Inquiry: What Matters Most to You? Watch your Awareness open You. Amazing Grace was Blind but Now, YOU SEE! You See YOU. You create a Life you Absolutely LOVE that fits. Resting in What Matters MOST even when Challenges come knocking because they Will and they Do. This is Living. This is Becoming. This is Life mirroring YOU. You F*ing MATTER! Live it. Be it. BELIEVE it. YOU Know it. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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