Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meet the Miracle of This Moment. Meet YOU!

The Miracle lies in This Moment. Here and now. Not someday. This is Truth. Abiding and unwavering. Breathe this Miracle that is You In. Breathe this Miracle that is Life In. Receiving the Abundance that Is beyond The tales of When or If this happens, life will be Good and you will be Happy. Untangling from the Stories bring your Self into Present Time. Alive in the Direct Experiences! Letting go of the Conditions that keep the Good at bay chasing an Idea instead of allowing the moments to Fill your Sails. Touching your Sacred Self. Holding your Self dear. Listening to the Wisdom echoing and guiding You Home. Remembering who You truly are and what You are made of. Knowing You are the Miracle! You have the Power to open the valves and feel life Flowing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Being Happy is Being You! The only way to Find Happiness is to Find your way to You. It sounds so Simple but it's not easy as the lines blur between who You are and the roles you play as a part of a family and groups. Seeing Who others expect You to Be verses who You truly are. Begging the question: Who Am I? and allowing The Growing Conversation within your Self. Observing your Self at play in the World with others. Can you let go of Trying to be and be You? No judgment. Using your humor in acknowledging when you hide parts of you to fit in or withhold your Voice holding your Self back instead of Trusting: All I gotta Do is Be ME! Connecting to your True Self. Open to You. Opening to You. Again and again. Discovering More of who you are through living the inquiry: What Now? What do I want? What fits? What doesn't? What is aligned with who I am? Recognizing You are evolving and growing which shifts your Relationship with All the world. Outgrowing what was and daring to go into the Wild, the Unknown calling new Life up and out for your Joy. Consciously Creating your Life. Wanting calls the Creative Field within to show You the Way from where You are to where you want to Go. Choosing what's Fun. Letting go of what's not Fun. Surrounding your Self with people who LOVE You. Knowing what Matters and cutting loose what doesn't. No More waiting! No waiting for fated interventions to awaken You to the Miracle you are and always have been and always will Be. Fly You Must. Freeing your Spirit. Rising. Touching the Skies within You and riding them over the Rainbow. Liberating you. Meeting the Moon and the Stars. There You Are. Look at You. Magnificent. Magical. Mystical. Miraculous YOU! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)).

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