Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Water Your HEART!

Water your Heart this Day! Rain or Shine. Touch your Spirit Ever-FREE and Play come what May. Dance in the Rain. Dance in the Sunshine. Both are a part of this Human Journey. Accepting this. Receiving what IS. Knowing this is YOUR LIFE. Here. And Now. Breathing it All In. Being Present to Your Self and the moments with a Sense of Joy, this Abiding resonance. Growing Alive! Growing the conversation with Your Self. Asking what You Want and Need? Not waiting for someone to Give You what You want and need. Not waiting for Someday. You have the Power to Choose. Choose YOU! Listen to your Heart and Soul echoing and whispering. Going into a Depth of You Not answering this from the Surface doing what You have always done creating More of the Same instead of Letting GO! Freeing You. Being You. Flying out of the Cages created by Controlling and Gripping and Trying to manufacture Greatness instead of touching It within and Letting it Surprise the hell outa You. Revealing YOU! Who you truly Are. Where You are FREE no matter what. Where you are Okay when NOTHING is Freakin' Okay:))! Spontaneously at PLAY. Not knowing what You will or Will Not do in any given moment. Giving your Self Permission to Live Spirited following your Bliss. Doing what you LOVE. Believing your JOY loving this Life is worth the Fight to Free YOU from conditioning that "Life's a Bitch and then you die!" Or tryin so damn hard to PROVE Your worth that you override your own wants and needs. There's a Flower in your Soul ever-Blossoming until your last Breath. You are here to GROW ALIVE! Water your Heart and grow the Wild within You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

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