Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life BEYOND Reason!

I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my MOVE into More Life, MOVING to Nashville. People have Asked "Why?!" I moved to Nashville? And I would say "No reason." Mystical. Wondrous. Ohhh Life. The Prayer Life Is. Always answering the Question of Me. You. All. My soul led me here. Choiceless. No making sense. The truest part of Me, my Spirit knew what I could not explain. Beyond Reason, there lies the Miracle of this Human Journey. I am Home in my Life as never before returning to my Own Nature. Seeing my Self in Full View. A Woman. A Girl. Fully Human. Housing this Spirit that just won't let me Go. Amazing Grace at Play. Echoing through my very Breath. Haunting me. Making me stand on my Own two feet. Nudging me Here. Where I Never knew and yet KNEW in the depths of Me I would Go. Receiving the Power of the Universe within Me. Trusting my Higher Self, this Soul Force as I make my way, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day come what May. The Growing Conversation within my Self, with You, with All of the World. Coming Alive. Meeting Life. What Is. And leaning into It. Dancing with It. Giving it attention. Making it All Sacred. No Pretending. Tears and Laughter are Alive not a measurement of Positive or Negative, Good or Bad that makes me judge my Pure Experience of this Life. No SHAME in tears or laughter or whatever comes. This is FREEdom from the BS. The human part of Us Tryin' to Be Perfect and do it Right and Be Good. No More!! I cannot walk in Shame or guilt anymore that strips the Joy that Is. This resonance of Joy that is innate in us All. My Life makes Perfect sense NOW that it makes No Sense. The Wow. The Surprise of Life is destiny. All my Life I Felt like I was wrong for being Me. I tried to become who others needed me to Be. All roads led me back to Me. Not possible to Not be who I truly Am. Only possible to Forget who I Am and pretend to Be what I am Not. But it is ALL necessary to reclaim the Truth and Beauty of YOU. Me. All. This letting Go of the constructed Self and Liberating our Self and the Life we came here to Live is a hard fought LOVE of the Heart and Soul. Claiming and Declaring, I wrote this Poem in January of this year: "Who I Am may Never Be Enough. But I Must Let it Be. I want to Be Here. To Be Me. And this Wanting so Sacred sets Me Free." Letting my Self be enough. Wow!!! Only possible touching my Spirit that always Knows and flies me out of the Cages. Thank YOU!!! Each person reading this for Being You. For connecting with me each Day. The Growing Conversation we share each morning. The Growing Conversation we have face to face or via text, email, Facebook messaging. We are in this Journey Home, this Liberation walk Together. Hand in hand. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Knowing your Story. You Know my Story. Knowing how to Love your Self unconditionally. You Know how to Love Me. Knowing who You Are. You know who I Am. Happiness is our Destiny alive with a Sense of the Sacredness You are. Knowing the World needs your HappyAss out there KickinAsss being YOU. Be true to YOU. Badassss Brave Beyond Reason. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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