Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrap Up the Gifts of 2014!

Wrap up the gifts of 2014! Reviewing all that has been with a deep sense of gratitude, you take your Open heart into the New Year lighting the way for The Good that is sure to come. Counting blessings! Feeling a sense of Awe that You are living this Life. Celebrating Life. All of it! Mining for the gold that lies within all experiences. Seeing the wonders of You revealed in the Living of Your Great Adventure facing the days come what may. Focusing on the Good that has risen from the depths of You even in the shit storms. Extracting the Beauty of You and Life in the not so Pretty. Finding your way to Laughter, allowing your humanness and being entertained by your fallibility and stumbles. Remembering that Falling down shows you that You are Truly Unstoppable. Picking Your Self Up again and again only to Discover You grow Taller each Time. Strengthened by the Use of your Inner muscles being stretched and pulled. Releasing the Perfectionism that strips the Joy of being You. Refusing to waste energy on criticizing, you choose to befriend Your Self loving your Self no matter what. Making the conscious choice to LOVE your Self! Knowing Your LOVE is the Miracle. Seeing that there is enough LOVE in this moment to fill the cracks created in the moments when You could Not feel the Love. Feeling Lovable! Falling in Love with your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Holding Your Self Dear. Scanning your journey so far to appreciate Fully how you have not just Survived the crap but You have become stronger feeling confident and capable BECAUSE of the crap. Being You is Badass. Seeing evidence of Your Brave Heart so fierce that kept You Going where You did Not want to Go; where You had to Go to Meet more of Your Self. Evolving in the Face of Life. Staring down the monsters in order to experience the Power that lies within You. Embracing the Unique ways the heavens express through You. Being authentic instead of trying to be a version of you in order to fit some idea of what makes a person good or perfect. Accepting who You are! And inviting more of who you truly are to emerge as authenticity is a life-long exploration not some goal to be achieved. Receiving the Miracle You are and Life Is. Letting Go of limiting beliefs and flying free from the cages that contain You as You are an Uncontainable Force. Letting GO makes space for the Miracles! And the Miracle is You aligned. Tuning into Your Higher Self, the Universe within You and Consciously setting intentions. Daring to Speak your deepest desires that spring From your Heart, claiming the Life you came here to Live, freeing the Passion and coming Alive in the Joy. Trusting your Self and letting each moment of each day awaken You to the Possibilities. Tapping into sacred longings that Call you Home in the quiet nudging You, whispering guidance, reminding You: THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Live IT! Step into it, leaning into the Fear, pushing through comfort zones, Believing YOU Matter! Believing YOU can do Anything! Believing with All Your Heart and All Your Soul fuels the Life you came here to LOVE. BELIEVING in Your Dreams. Dreaming Your Ass off and walking into the Dream breath by breath, FEELING it, Tasting it, Knowing it exists and is waiting on You to show Up and Play BIGGER than your mind can fathom. Ohhh, GO kickass this day being You! And keep kicking ass every moment of every day in the Year ahead. 2015: Bring It ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). I BELIEVE in You. Yes. I. Do!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Time to TRUST.

TRUST! You are where You need to Be. Breathe. Stay in the Moments. Let Go. And Let Your Soul that houses the Wisdom of the Universe usher You into A Depth of Living that Frees All that Heart and All that Soul. It is a Time to Be Brave! To Come Alive as Never before Feeling the Fire Inside You roaring. Feeling the Passion flowing as You meet Your Self and Life with a Sense of Possibilities beyond the Cages of Limitations. No longer able to Go Along to get Along. Believing in the Power of Your Life. KNOWING YOU MATTER! Refusing to Play by the Rules that confine and strip the Joy. You Dream Wildly! You are Stoked navigating this Life from Divine Sight following the Inner Compass that will Not allow You to Over-ride the Joy you came here to Express. Being You. Not some version of You disconnected from your Heart and Soul. Feeling Your way instead of Numbing Your Self cut off from your Sacred wants and desires. Daring to BELIEVE in the Magic of Being YOU. Know Thyself! Inviting More of You to Come out and Play with abandon. No going back to sleep when You Know You are here to Express Your Self authentically and passionately. You evolving. You growing. You LIVING! You Liberating Your Self again and again. Remembering this Creative Force within You that Parts the Seas and Moves the Mountains. Trust is a Matter of the Spirit. Your Spirit ever-Free is Your Truest Self guiding You into your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. Awakening You to your Heart's desires calling You into New Life and New ways of Being that changes everything. Your Spirit is Ageless. You Trusting is a Return to Innocence where You experience the Faith of a Child completely connected to the Universe, to the heavens. One with the One. Steadfast. Aligned. Knowing what You Know. What Your Soul has always known: YOU are the Miracle! YOU are the Change-Maker. YOU. Yes. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Your Life Tells Your Tale of Courage!

The Story of You is Magnificent! You are the hero of Your Own Life. Your life tells the Tale of Great Courage in facing personal Challenges. The Power within You revealed again and again. You facing that which you would never have wished for in the crushing disappointments that took your Life in another direction. The heartbreaks that caused You to lose faith only to Discover a depth of Belief made possible from the Pain cutting Life into You. Feeling Broken one moment only to experience the cracks filled by a Force that fueled You with the Fire of the Universe. Knowing what lies within You beyond a mental construct. Knowing who You truly are. Touching the heavens as You walked through personal hells. Awestruck. Seeing it is Possible to stay the course, step by step, meeting hell head on as this Love of the Universe holds You. You are fractured by external events and made whole by the Miracle of Life breathing through You. The Paradox. The assisting Forces always at play. Amazing Grace spiraling through You. The Magic You embody is undeniable. It is your Treasure. The Abundance of You excavated. The Mystical dance leading You onto new shores, into to Worlds within You ready to Sing. Letting Go of how you wanted things to be. Letting Go of how you expected Life to Be. Letting Go so You are Free to Reach For the More that awaits. Untangling Your Energy from the Past. Coming into the Moment. The Point of Creation. Cursing what has broken You! Feeling the hurt. Honoring the Sting. Grieving what You have never Grieved, freeing your energy stuck in the Muck of the Story. Letting Go and Allowing Grief to do what it does. Washing through. Making the pain Sacred. Feeling what You could Not before but NOW, You must in order to Release Your Self from Victim consciousness that holds YOU and Your Dreams hostage. Jump off the hamster wheel. Step fully into Present Time. Consciously Align with the Power within You. Feel the Possibilities. Feel Hope rising. Remember All the Mountains You have already Moved since The beginning of Your Story. Remember the Seas You have parted aligned with the Divine Partner echoing through your very Breath, animating You, Lighting the Way Home. Always there. Always here. Within You. A Wow moment. Receiving Your Self. You are Unstoppable. You are Uncontainable. You are a Miracle. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. And EVERY step along the way was Purposeful leading You Here. You may have forgotten the Power that lies within You. But it has been there all along. It will Never leave You. It is YOU. Supa Dupa COOL! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Say YES! To Life even when You want to Day NO.

The Tempo of Life varies moment by moment, day by day through seasons that come to awaken More of You. You Birthing your Self again and again until this Life is No more. The challenges you face in order to See your Self are Necessary. Pruning You. Stripping what is inessential. Hatching seeds of Promise. Cultivating your potentials ready to dance You into what's next. All that is to Be. You must Trust your Self, Trust Life at a new depth. It ain't easy. Growing Up and Out of a Life you have lived. A Cycle complete. More Life calling You. It requires effort on your part to consciously meet what comes and allowing the graces of the Universe to Assist You. Letting Go. Freeing the Wildness. Your Heart Untamable. Uncontainable. Has songs to Sing. And the songs grow Truer. Along with You. Mirroring who you are Now. You authentically expressing. You evolving. You saying YES even when You want to Say NO. Leaning into the Unknown knowing it is going to Be Great. The Fear is no match from Your Brave Heart that houses the Power of the Universe. Your human grip no match for the divine Pull. You muster the Courage dropping into Your Self. Feeling the Fire. What feels as if it will Kill you has come to Free You. The heat of terror washes through You. Evidence that You are Alive. And kickin! Tapping into new gears that will launch You into the Surprise of Life. Meeting You. Experiencing the Power of You. The heavens met in the hell. Your divine nature revealed in the shit storms shaking things up and out. Clearing what must go so You can Go where You never knew you could Go. Flowing with Life. Untangling the knots that come as to be human is to be insecure, to court Fear. Worrying and doubting and feeling anxious is a part of being alive. Take what comes by the hand and jump into the moment. Being with it. Being with Your Self. Loving what is. Loving Your Self. It ain't about being Perfect. It is about Being You. Meeting You. Tuning in to the Music within. And Dancing as only You can to the Sounds echoing from the depths of You that only You can hear. Understanding Your Self. Knowing Your Self. Listening to the guidance. All that Heart. And All that Soul. Aligning with Your Sacred Self. Believing anything is Possible. Seeing You are the Miracle-maker. Creating from this Force of Love. Stepping into Life. Receiving the Blessings. Pulling Down Dreams. Remembering who You truly are. Feeling the Joy resonating. Being Alive. Daring to be Young and Foolish no matter how old You are. Knowing your Spirit is Ageless. Reaching for More. Delighting. There is Always More. As long as this Life lasts, obstacles will come. No way to Bypass the Twists and turns and forks in the Road. Embracing them includes cursing them. And as You curse the Darkness, your Laughter will bring the Light. What an Amazing Life you are Riding! Ride it All. It is All leading You Home. All roads lead back to You. And it is Damn Good to be You even when it feels otherwise. Say YES!!! Opening the valves of life wider and wider. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo! 2015: Bring It On!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

We Are Cut from the Same Cloth!

We are cut fromThe same Cloth! Each of Us is a piece of the Heavens dancing here on earth. Briefly. Poetically. Living Prayers. Divine Holograms. The Significance of You. Me. All is immeasurable. Each of us is holy no matter how fractured, no matter how lost, no matter how disturbing. On the Surface, it looks one way and we judge based on what we see. But the Truth is no matter how F*cked Up someone appears, their life is as Sacred as Yours. Our stories playing out differently. Each of us distinct Expressions of the Universe embodying a Love so Great that what we can Do, what we will Do in our Lifetime will Surprise us again and again. Amazing Grace lifting veils. Illusions letting Go. Blind one moment. And Seeing the Next. Transcendent experiences. Revelations come sweeping through You and You Know what You didn't know before. Faith fueling You beyond a concept. Living Faith. Believing even when Fears and doubts swoop in. Fear is no match for the Force You are. Feeling aligned. Connected to the flow of Life. Tasting Limitlessness as we evolve and grow. Sometimes fated interventions come knocking to Awaken Us to the Power within Us. Illness. Death. Loss of what was. The ground you once stood on is gone forcing you to Discover new ground. Life which was familiar turned upside down forcing You to navigate new territory, go into the Unknown Trusting Your Self as never before. We must Grieve what was feeling the Hurt, the Sting, the Bite of Life. And drop into the Brave Heart where Courage roars with the Fire of the Infinite Revealing Truth: You are Unstoppable. You are Uncontainable. You are a Miracle in the flesh. Your Spirit Ever-Free is the True Self housing the Divine. Returning to your inner compass, Your North Star guiding You Home to More of You ready to come Out and Play. Enlivened by what we would never have wished for. Pulling the Magic out of the hat life dealt you. Creating New Life from the rubble. Knowing what Truly Matters and what doesn't. You feel Rich. You receive the Abundance You are and Life Is. Always! Clarity revealed from the Fog. All experiences are Purposeful. You are Purposeful. Beyond the roles you play. Beyond the positions and job titles. Beyond Measure! You are a Child of the Cosmos at Play. Be Joyful. Live for the Love of it. Being You. Doing what You do. Letting your Happy guide your choices. Your Heart is the Heart of the World. And the World needs Your LOVE singing On and On and On. Be stoked to Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 is Knocking!

2015 is knocking. One year ending. Another Beginning. Take the Time to pause and reflect. Look back to look ahead! Consciously entering this New Year. Grounding in what You want. Daring to step Boldly into Your Life listening with Your Heart calling You to new depths that will nourish You. Following the Signs that Your Soul brings in to remind You who You truly are. Awakening You in ways You don't even know You are asleep. Evolving the Self for Your Joy! Expressing authentically as the Songs within grow truer. Delighting in the Discovery of More of You ready to Play. Loving All that makes You "You." Seeing how purposeful all experiences are. Letting Go of shame and guilt that's so pervasive in our culture addicted to Perfection. Experiencing your Self through the eyes of the soul that allows ALL of You; divine sight that sees the Perfection in every step and misstep. Falling down teaches You to get back Up. Losing Your way is a part of finding Your way into what's next?! Accepting what You want to judge as unacceptable. Being fully human standing in this Life. Remembering your divine nature; the essence of You is the Power of the Universe. This Creative Force pulsing through You breath by breath guiding You Home. This Fire You Carry. Ever-guiding You and Assisting You. All Roads lead You into unexplored worlds within You.The One True Thing: This LOVE. Heaven within Us. Expressing as Us. The only Thing that Matters. The One thing that makes Life Rich. Opening Your Self wider and wider. Receiving this Love. The Abundance of Life that is You. Me. All. We must BE the Change. Be the Love. It's who we are. Yes! We are human so we tangle in Bullshit. Be with Your insecurities and fears. Acknowledge whatever comes up. And Let the Courage within You roar. Fear is No match for the Brave HEART! Liberating your Self again and again. Coming Alive in the moments so Rich with You. Seeing You are the greatest Gift you can possibly give. Asking How will I used this Grace?! All the Amazing Grace made possible from Life cutting new depths into You. All the pain. All the Joy. Grace at work. Truth echoing. Revealing You. Beautifying You. Inviting the Surprises that lie ahead knowing the Power that lies within You. Meeting More Life. More of You. Be stoked! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! It's Damn Good to Be You. Yes!!! You.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa Brings the SURPRISES!

Santa! Santa! Santa! Ohhh, The Surprises of the Season reminding You to Live Open. Expect Miracles. Love Big. And watch Life Ride You into the Dreams waiting for You to Show Up. Dance Wildly. Play with abandon. Free falling into the moments. Letting Go. Letting the Magic lift the Veils. You SEE the Truth and Beauty of YOU. And All. Clarity. Revelations. You know what You didn't know what You couldn't know before. Now is the Time. Here is the Gift. The Present. Being in the moment. This moment. And the next. Unwrapping You. More Life. Laughing with Pure Delight. Returning to Innocence. Viewing Life with the eyes of a Child filled with Curiosity. Wandering in Wonder. Truth whispering: YOU just can't plan the best things in Life. The Surprises are the Best of Life! Dancing to the Song within Your Heart echoing LOVE. PEACE. JOY. All your Heart and All your Soul stirring into the Collective. You being You. Doing You. Bringing the Change. Ohhhh, BELIEVE!!! You are the Love of the heavens in the Flesh. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. You are Amazing Grace embodied. You are the Stars twinkling on this Earth lighting the Way. All the intangibles are the BEST of You and Life. The Beauty that must be Felt. Experiencing the Surprise of YOU coming Alive. Feeling Your Way! Following Your Bliss. Awake. Happyass Dancin' 'cause it FEELS good to FEEL good. And it is Damn GOOD to Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Merry Christmas to YOU! I Love YOU❤.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Breathe In the Moments!

Enter this Day wide Open. Lift Your Heart to the heavens and Receive the Abundance of You and this Life. Connecting to Your Self grateful for All the Life You have Lived. And All the Life that is to Be Experienced. Just Breathe In the moments. Let the warmth of All the Good spiral through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Feel the Peace. Feel the Hope. Feel the Grace. Feel the Joy. Feel this Life filtered through Your Brave Heart that Dares to Love taking You into depths of Your Self where All You can taste is the Sweetness even as the Bitter washes through. The Courage that lies within You is the strength of the Universe taking You beyond the human story where You Experience the divine. You Loving this Life even when things aren't going exactly as you wanted them to go or had planned. You Loving your Self even the parts you want to judge. The Perfection of You. Life. All of Creation seen through divine Sight. Your Spirit does Not demand things to be a certain way. It meets what Is. It Loves without conditions allowing the Peace, the Joy, the Hope, the Grace to Be. These energies within You abide. All You have to do is Plug into them. You dance Free in the Beauty and Truth of You. The Journey from the head to the Heart worth the effort. Inviting the assisting forces, the Amazing Grace to do what it does. Letting Go of Beliefs and thoughts that choke Off the Magic. Focusing on the Blessings that come without ceasing even in the midst of Heartbreak and Challenges. Pouring the Light into the Darkness with Gratitude. Not denying the Feelings. Acknowledging what comes up. Being with It. Ohhh, the Miracle of Letting It Be. Loving what Is. Holding your Self with Compassion. Giving your Self the Understanding. Making the Pain as Sacred as the Joy. Honoring the Tears as You do the Laughter. Being Alive! Uncensored. Allowing the Direct Experiences. Cutting Nothing Out. Life touching You. All that Heart and All that Soul creates the Magic. Celebrating the moments. Meeting Your Self with Awe and Reverence. Remembering who You Truly Are. You are badass Brave! Yes. You. Are. The Pain of Life. The Challenges that come are no match for the Power that lies within You. Knowing You have EVERYTHING to Give: YOU! You are the Offering. You are the Gift. Being You. Living the Life You came here to Live. You expressing Authentically. Believing in the Miracle of You and Your Life. Walking in Faith. Birthing Dreams. Living the Passion. Growing Rich in the Receiving of You and the Giving of You.The Greatest Legacy: YOU. Go sprinkle Your Self all over this Day. Feeling Your Heart at Play. Lighting the Way for All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Are a Light!

You are a Light of the Universe! Your Light is Always Good. Plug into this Goodness. The Abundance of You. Your Light is inextinguishable. Let the Lights aglow all around your home and your city remind You of the Essence of You. Me. All of Creation. You are here to Illuminate the World. You are the Light of the World. The Hope beaming from within You pouring this Energy of Love into the World. Receiving Your Self, The Truth of You, This divine Substance you embody. Standing Whole in a fractured World, You fill the cracks with Your Heart on Fire. Lighting the Darkest of Dark with You Ablaze. You Daring to Believe You make a difference. The Power of One. Connected to this Limitless Ocean of Love echoing through You breath by breath. Not buying into the ego's tale that You are Not enough. The Why Bother? Attitude forgetting who You truly are. Apathy comes from sheer overwhelm. The All or nothing story casting spells of doubt, worry and fear that swallows You and strips You of the Significance of You. Ohhh, You are a Force. Make no Mistake! You are a Change-Maker. You are an Expression of the heavens in the flesh. You Matter. Feel this! Your Soul knows. Your Heart remembers. Living the Life You came here to Live. Creating a Life You Love where Joy echoes from the depths of You. All that Heart and All that Soul guiding your choices. The Passion of You so Alive reminds others the Power of that lies within them. Believing You Matter. Your Heart and Soul stirs others Awake. Nothing to Do. No forcing others to See what they just don't. You being You singing Your truest Song. Consciously participating in the dance of Life Spirited and engaged, You breathe fresh air into the Collective. Your liberation lifts All. This Life lit from You returning Home again and again. It ain't All easy. Life breaks Our Hearts. It just does. The Dark necessary to Bring through More Light. With Heart Break, You find More. More of You. More of Life. More Compassion. More Hope. More Peace. More Love. More Joy. More Passion. Remembering the Pain of Life is no match for Your Brave Heart. Letting Go. Going deeper than ever before. Going within to be Nourished. Drinking from the Infinite Well within You as Life on the Surface leaves You feeling empty. You Reconciled. Life. Making Sense in the Senseless. Matters of the Spirit are Mystical and Magical taking You into Your Self where the Possibilities, All the Seeds of Promise lie for You to sow being You, freeing You. You are the Offering. All this Light You cannot See. Always there. Always here. Within You lies Amazing Grace spiraling, cauterizing wounds so Life's Blood can flow, opening You to the Beauty of You and All. Light this Day with Your Heart open wider than ever before. Give your Light away and watch the effect of You. Wow! You are the Miracle. Yes You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Monday, December 22, 2014

Jingle Bells...Oh, What Fun it is to Ride this Life!

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle all the Way..Ohhh What Fun it is to Ride this Life Each and Every Day. Wooo! Dropping into the Adventure. Inviting the Magic. Moving deliberately towards New Life Opening. Pulling down Your Dreams. Welcoming the Surprises. Dancing in the Mystical to the Song of Your Soul Ever-Echoing in nudges and whispers. Following the Signs ever-guiding You Home to Your Truest Self and Truest Life. Your Soul knowing. Your Heart remembering: Life is Fun especially when You don't know what's next but Feel with All of You it is gonna be F*ing Awesome! The Great Unknown. You at Play with Infinity. Trusting. Stretching You More and More every day. Unfolding You perfectly. In a flash, You See your Self as You never have. The Truth and Beauty of You mirrored by Nature: the Skies, the Glorious Sunshine spraying through You, emanating from Your Heart Out into the World. Affirming words That come along just when You need them to stoke your inner Fire and fortify Your Faith in Your Self and in this Life ever-assisting You. The Outer signs are gifts from Your Soul. You magnetize, You bring in what You need to Claim who You are and receive Your Self. This Force of Love within You is the Power of the heavens partnering with You to Come Alive and Free all that Heart and all that Soul. Ohhh, the World needs All of You. Be the Change! You living the Passion. You Freeing the Joy. Being You. Authentically expressing who you are. Your Life is your Art. And You grow Rich in the Living. Present to the Gift You are. Unwrapping the gifts that Spring in the seemingly ordinary moments that are absolutely extraordinary. Touching the holy. Feeling Whole. You Owning Your worth. You knowing You are worthy of these Blessings that come without ceasing when You dare to Let Go and Believe in the Miracle You are and Life truly Is. You having the audacity to Live from your inner sight, your deepest Knowings. How exciting! How Fun! The human grip is no match for the divine pull. When the Soul calls you into the Hush, You will find that nothing makes sense and yet it makes Perfect sense. You can't adequately explain your reasoning because it is beyond Reason. Your choices become choiceless. You do what You Must. What was no longer fits. You let go and go into new worlds within. You follow the Signs living from the inside Out. Aligning Your human Self with Your divine Self, the Journey into Limitlessness begins. Old beliefs and paradigms that held You are shattered as You are Liberated. You flying free. You feeling connected to this Sacredness remembering it is You. It is me. It is All of Creation. You house the Light of the heavens. Let the Light illuminate You and show You who You truly are and what You are made of. Feel this. Hold your Heart and know you are holding the Heart of the World. Feel this Love so Vast pulsing through You. And Give it away! Because it is Fun. And it Feels damn Good to Feel Good. Passing On the Hope. The Joy. The Peace. The Grace. All that lies within You. You rising taking All with You. BELIEVE with All of Your Heart: You are the Miracle! You Are. How Cool is that shit. Bring it On. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tis the Season of Laughter and Tears!

Tis the Season of Laughter and Tears! Awaken to the Beauty of this Dance Life is falling into the Experiences moment by moment. Being with All that Comes. Let the Music within You fill You with a Sense of Magic. The Living of this Adventure makes You Rich. Letting Go. Riding this Life Open. Allowing the Surprises. This is a Season of Heart! Feeling the Love at a depth that leaves you in Awe. Feeling Grateful for the Gift of Life. Being in the Wonder. Remembering the Miracle You are and this Life is. The Human Spirit is absolutely Divine. Celebrating. Playing. Cultivating Joy as laughter rises from You so connected to Loved ones. Enjoying rituals that stoke Your Fire for Life. Touching all that Light You cannot See. All that heaven You House. Tasting the Sweetness of Life through your favorite Treats and People. And the Heart indeed has a Memory. The Bitter swoops In. Let it Be. Traveling back in Time visiting Life lived. The Past calls You. Acknowledge all that has been. All Memories Hold treasures. The Dearly departed bring an ache for what was but is no longer. Grief rings your Heart out. Melancholy comes knocking. Let it Be. Let the Love that Is hold You. The bonds of Love Unbreakable Remain. Sip them In. Welcome the Tears as You do the Laughter. Love Your Self whole in the Moments where You feel Broken. Come Alive. Uncensored. Expressing not Repressing. Tears are as essential as Laughter. Tears are a mark of Strength. You Courageous enough to live Free. Not buying into the Control model that causes emotional constipation. Be Brave. Please let Go of that Old Belief! And let life flow from the Hush within You. With All of my Heart, I Believe we will miss tears when we die and leave this physical world. Evidence we are Feeling Beings. Tears contain our stories that spill from the depths of us. Unspoken pain. and Joy. Tears Speak. No bullshit. Uncontainable Truth. The Sensation of tears washing Up. Burning. So Alive with Heat from the inner Fire. Touched by moments. Life ringing us Out. And watering Us. Pain cutting Life into Us. Freeing Us. Wow. I am weeping. And this makes me Smile. Tears make me Happy. Imagine that! Who'd a Thunk it? But this Feeling is undeniable. Fresh air blowing through me in the Truth and Beauty of this Experience. All of it! Perfect. The Joy. The Love. The Hope. The Peace within You abides. Have Faith in Your Self fortified by All that washes upon your shore. Cut nothing Out. Trust Life. This is Your Life. So precious. Unwrap the Gift. Believe You Matter! Believe in the Power of Love! Happyass Dance through the Laughter and Tears singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is Damn Good to Be You.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nothin' More Powerful than an Open Heart

No Holding Back. Let Go. Rip Your Heart Open and Give Your Self Away at Play, All Day. There is Nothing More Powerful than an Open Heart. The Force within You roaring gently and fiercely fueling Your Days, guiding your Life. Lighting the Way come what May. Tapping into new depths discovering You truly are Unstoppable. Your Pain, Your Hurt, Your Heartbreak is No Match for your Brave Heart. Within You lies everything You need to Navigate your Journey. The Courage to face your fears and let go of Limiting Beliefs in order to Go into the Unknown, to do what You must. Again and again. Crossing through thresholds into New Life not knowing exactly where it will take you but You Trust it is All Good. You Trust this Power within You to See You through all challenges, obstacles and disappointments. Seeing what You are Truly made of, You Believe in the Miracle You are. We are All Miracles! Feel the Miracle You are. What You can do remains to be seen. Who You will become is the great Surprise. The Gift of You ever-growing. Ever-giving. Freeing You. More of You. All this Heart. And All this Soul. In the flesh. Living Open daring Life to Dance You. Welcoming the Changes that come. Peeling the Onion. Experiencing the Joy of being You living this Adventure. Tasting the Juice of Life as Passion pours through Your Presence and All that You do. Your Love of Living is contagious. Others hear the Song in your Heart echoing this Love and remember they too have a Song. Wow! The Power of You. One with the One. Connected to the Truth and Beauty. Knowing You Matter. Leaving a Trail of Joy everywhere You Go. You are the Greatest Gift. All that Light You cannot See is the heavens Shining through You. Illuminating the Darkness. You are the Answer. You are a Living Prayer. You are the Hope. You are the Peace. You are The Love creating the Miracles. Be Brave. Be You. Free You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, December 19, 2014

You are the Miracle: Live You. Love You.

Live! Feel Alive in the Adventure that is Your Life. Letting Go of the Rules tryin' to be Perfect. Live Imperfectly and See the Miracle Springing from Your Authentic Expression. Being who You are. Standing in your Self. Wild. Courageous. Brilliant. Bold. Coming Alive in the Daring. Going to the edge again and again. Delighting in the Fear as it floods through You. Understanding it cannot Stop You. Only You can Stop You. And the moment You take Fear by the hand instead of Resisting it, pushing it Away, pretending it doesn't exist, you Free it. Flowing with what Is. Allowing this energy to wash through you. Neutralizing the Fear through befriending it. Being Present to it. Feeling your Higher Self, the Universe within You engaged, diffusing the Charge. Fear is no match for this Force within You, the heavens holding You as You walk this Earth. Finding Your way within. Again and again. Drinking from this Well of Love, You feel the Force You are. You Believe in The Strength of You that meets the moments, avoiding nothing, knowing the Power that lies within You intimately. Tasting it with All of You. Connected to the Fire. Your Brave Heart will kickass for You so You can Go Boldly into the Days with a sense of Self. Remembering You Matter. Listening deeply to what You want and need. Not dismissing Your Self. Not allowing Busyness to numb You and disconnect You stripping the Joy of being You. You Matter. Caring, tending to Your Self is Not Selfish; it is essential nourishment so You can Serve Your Self Up. Give Your Joy to the World. Offer Your Abundance breath by breath. Pour Your Love into the Heart of this World knowing You are the Greatest Gift You can possibly give. Awakening this Passion, You Feel the Sacredness of You and All dancing individually and collectively. Growing in the Love. Fed by the Joy of the Moments. Evolving. Inviting What's Next? Knowing More of You is Calling You to Play. There is Always More to be Revealed as the veils lift through effort and grace. You showing Up. Open. Let Life Ripen You. Beautify You in the Living. Loving Your Self. Loving Life. The Magic of this Love You embody clearing All obstacles as You face what comes. Just to be Alive is Amazing. But to Feel Alive is Miraculous. Dance with this Day freeing the Truest Song in Your Heart echoing: Peace. Love. And Joy. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is Damn Good to Be You. There will Never Be another Human Being just like You. Live YOU. Love YOU.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ohhh Life.

Ohhh Life. This Life Calling You. Inviting You to Come Out and Play. To Stand Up and Be Counted. To Believe in the Magic of You and Your Life. To Remember the Power of the Universe, this Cosmic Force of Love that lies within You longing to Dance You into the Wild. Where on a human level You didn't know You could go. But at the level of Soul always knew You would go. Standing On this earth in this Life pulling down the heavens. Stepping into the Dreams. Aligning Your human journey with Your soul journey. Your Brave Heart remembering what Your Soul knows. Letting go. Shedding what blocks You from flowing with Life. Receiving Your Self. The Abundance of You connected to this Fire. This Mystical fuel that animates All of Creation spraying the skies with shooting Stars and Breathing You. Me. All. Your Heart Beat no less Magnificent than the night Skies Twinkling. Connecting to the Inner rhythm, this Song in Your Heart, in Harmony with the Universe ever-opening You. Returning Home to Your truest Self. Living the Passion. Expressing Your Self authentically. Moving consciously through Your Days. Experiencing Your Life awake. Feeling Your Self Alive. Participating fully in Your liberation walk. Enjoying every step come what May. Knowing: This is Life. This is My Life. Sensing Your Significance as You touch the depths of You that came here to Dare. Coming Alive in the Daring. Being Stretched out of your comforts that dull You. Your Hero's Journey fueled by the heavens within You. Some will call You Brave. Some will call You Foolish. You fly Free. Attaching to neither. Tuned In. You are Undefinable. You are Uncontainable. You are Unstoppable. You are a Creator in the flesh. Here to Bring Your Special Magic. The Essence of You. You are the Offering. You are the Hope. You are the Answer. ALIVE. Being You. Doing You. Believing You Matter. Following Your Bliss that won't Let You Rest in a Life that no longer fits no matter how beautiful it appears. The Wisdom of the Soul reveals what lies behind the Curtain: It Looks like this at first glance. And the Truth Is this. Amazing Grace lifting the Veils. Divine Sight trumping the Illusions. The Call of Life Into More for your JOY. The World needs Your Joy! Your Joy is My Joy. My Joy is Your Joy. Take my hand in Yours. Let's Happy Dance Stoked to Be Alive Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Magic Sprinkles the Moments!

The Magic of Life Sprinkles the Moments. It Simply does. Without Ceasing. Wow. Wow. Wow! Let it Be. Be with Life. Even in this Year ending. Remnants of the Old Life just don't fit. It is complete. This in between Time. This Space both Empty and Full. Exciting and Frustrating. Allowing It All to ebb and flow. Everything is happening. And Nothing is Happening. New Life has begun. And is Not Yet Realized in the physical world. This Soul Journey is a Trippy One. Stoked! Feeling the Possibilities One moment. Sure-footed. Steadfast. And then Anxiety swoops In. Flashes of Terror. Energy Plummeting and Soaring. Bouts of Insomnia and Sleeping More than Usual. Unattached Is where we Rest. Letting go into the moments. Present. Is always the Way Out. Life is a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell. Holding it All is badass Living! Feeling that Everything is Okay when Nothing on the Surface appears Okay. Your Soul carrying You through. Your Higher Self infusing You with Certainty that All is Well. Letting Go of judgment using your breath to soothe You. Trusting Your Self. Believing in the Perfection of All Moments. It ain't All Fair. It ain't All Pretty. It ain't All Glamour. It is All Life. And this acceptance, meeting what Is, life on life's terms which are Non-negotiable is flowing from Your Spirit. To accept the Unacceptable.To Love the Unlovable. So Divine. Your Soul at Work doing what only It can. Liberating You. Your human Self gets stuck in the Story. You dance Free being in the Direct Experiences. Noticing when You are putting on the Brakes trying to Stop the Unstoppable. Laughing at Your Self. Being Human is Funny. And So cool. Expect the Unexpected. And allow the Magic ever-Present to Rise from within You. Watch the Magic Pull the Beauty out of the Hat that appears to be Filled with Shit. The crap You would Never wish for bearing gifts. Invite the Magic. Believe with All of your Heart especially when You don't want to; when everything seems to bury You and You have no Reason to Believe. Curse the shitty things. Go on. And BELIEVE!!! Drink from the Inner Well. Connect to Your Brave Heart and Let it Bring the Magic alchemizing the Lead into Gold. Seize The opportunity in the Challenges to Grow, to Awaken, to Come Alive. Every Step Leading You to the Good that comes. And It will come. Believe this! The Joy within You abides. Let it Be. Let Go of the conditions you place on Life. And Dance in the Wild where You Discover More. More of You. And More to Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color the World with You!

You are Here to Color the World with You. Simply Being You. Claiming who You Truly are. Receiving Your Self. Remembering the Only Thing that's Real: This Fire You came to Free. Awakening this Untamable Force of Love. Pure Passion echoing the Colors of You. Aligning with the Truth and Beauty. Your Soul will Not let You forget this. Your True Colors. The essence of You. Absolutely Magnificent! This Aliveness. The Poetry of You Expressing. The Living Prayer of You Blessing this World. You are the Hope ever-blossoming. You are the Answer. You connected to All that Heart and All that Soul Dancing with the Whole. Daring to Follow the Flow. The Art of You is Uncontainable. Ever-Growing. Arriving and Letting Go into the More. Into what's Next. You Creating Your Own Masterpiece: Your Life. Your Personal Odyssey. Your Hero's Journey. Your Life Speaking the Colors of You breath by breath. Made more Brilliant by You Living. Showing Up. Playing Spontaneously. Looking to the Skies mirroring this Mystery unfolding. This Wondrous Adventure. So Much Magic. The Tale of You. Me. All. Twinkling with the Stars as they Commune with You. Illuminating You. Primal Energies stirring. You are Roaring. Animalistic-ly Alive. Howling at the Moon. Knowing the Moon is Fed by You as You are by it. Such a Raw exchange. Falling into the Moments. Letting Go. Liberating You. Always More. Stoking the Colors of You radiating the Perfection of You. As You are. Where You are. Trusting. Touching a Depth of You that You didn't know existed. The limitless Soul Tasted. The Colors of You So Delicious. Celebrating this Day. Living Open. Believing what You cannot See. Feeling the Possibilities. Your Life calling You. Appreciating You and honoring every step, every fall, every Rise that has led You here into this Moment. Beautified by this Love You embody. Saying THANK YOU for the Privilege to Be You. To experience the Amazing Grace ever at Work. The moments that kick you ass and make You curse this life. And the moments that steal Your Breath in Awe. Your cup spilling Over the Colors of You. Do Not let the Colors of You become Dulled by Boredom. You are Not here to do Time. You are here to come Alive. You come Alive in the Daring! Take my Hand in Yours. Take Your hand in Yours. Jump. Just do it. Don't wait. Life is Now. Someday May never Come. Be True to You Living In Color. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Monday, December 15, 2014

This Quiet Echo Within

There is a Quiet Echo within. That's where You Meet the heavens. Your Soul. One with the One. The Truest Self ever-guiding You Home to This Well of Love You came here to Express. The One True Thing. This Force so Great. It Must be Felt. Experienced. Tasted. As it is beyond Human Comprehension. Undefinable. Uncontainable. This limitless field of Pure Potential ready to Dance You. Surprise You. Take You on a Ride to Worlds within You Ready to Sing. Our Cultural Addiction to Perfection is so Pervasive, You forget the Truth and Beauty of You. Life on the Surface. Noisy. Dense. Staticky. Stripping the Joy. This abiding Resonance. The Vibration of Your divine Essence. Disconnected from this Sacredness, the Universe within You So Alive. This Power within that Parts the Seas and moves the Mountains that surely come. It ain't about being perfect it is about being YOU. You do you perfectly. It isn't about being Good. It is the call of Passion. This Communion. So holy. Receive Your Self. The Abundance of You. Here. Now. Always There. In the Stillness, the Fire Roars. Stirring You. Calling You. Awakening You. The Repression Burns You. The Expression Nourishes You. The Soul knows. The Heart Remembers. Letting go of the Idea. Living the Life You came Here to Live. Fulfilling Your Destiny to Share All this Love, this Passion. Your Energy doesn't lie. It is No Bullshit. The distinction so Clear tuned into Your Body's Wisdom between Being Alive and Feeling Alive. Dulled versus Plugged In. Your Vitality Springing. Your Fire Stoked. Feeling the Juice. Believing You Matter. Believing what You Want for Your Life Matters. Your Joy in Being You Matters. Knowing this Life is Yours. You are Here to Play with Infinity Coloring this World with You. In the Joy of living you feed your soul Which can never be satisfied by the ego's quests for merely the material. And yet it isn't Not about the Material. Materializing Your Spirit creating A Life You Love. Being You. A life that fits You. Inspires You. Liberates More and More of You All of Your Days. Reflects who You truly are. The Abundance flowing. You live Free. Clutching Your Heart in Awe, so Grateful, You get the Privilege of Riding this Wondrous Adventure. Letting Go. Letting Love. Remembering: All this Heart. All this Soul. It is YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Living FREE.

It's a Funny Thing. This Life. To Be so Free. And Yet Held. Still More. Know Thyself. Living the Way! New Heights. New Depths. New Widths. Life Expanding You. The Call into the Wild. The Unknown. The Unexpected Life. You May forget the Poetry You Are. But it will Not forget You. Matters of the Soul. Divine Timing. Orchestrating Perfectly. The Unfolding Adventure. Always More of who You Truly Are to Liberate. Flying out of the Cage Door again and again. Discovering New Wings Opening You to the Wonders of You. More Life. Meeting Your Self along the Way. Meeting People along the Way just when You need them who Take You into Your Self. They swoop Into Your Life appearing out of Nowhere. Unafraid of Your Glorious Wings. Reminding You There are More Songs to Sing. No way to Plan this Celestial exchange. The Relationship so Distinct ushering You into the Life awaiting. Knocking on Your Door. It is an unexplainable Homecoming. Giving You Permission to Come Alive. To Be Foolish. To Free the Dreams. Smiling. Nodding. Assuring You. Holding a Mirror Up to You. Seeing You. Knowing You. Beyond the limited idea of friendship rooted in History, based on Common interest, Soul companions come to play with You Human to Human at a Depth You didn't Know was Possible. The Connection like No other. The Truest Friends who Simply Love You in the purest way. No agenda. No Strings. No Conditions. Freedom to Be You! All of You. They Clap and Applaud celebrating You. Wanting EVERYTHING for You and Nothing from You except the Joy, the Love Experienced in the Exchange. They Believe In You in a Way that bellows the Fire within You Freeing the Passion You came to Express. They Grab ahold of You Flying You on their Wings until You are Ready for Your Solo Flight. Trusting. Allowing these New Gears to Ride You into Life Over the Rainbow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing Grace is ever at Work guiding You just where You need to Be. Meeting just who You need to Meet along the Way in order to Meet Your Self. Be Present to All who Pass by You this Day. Soul Messengers come in a Variety of Packages. And come and go like the Winds. Ahhhh...Life is Mystical. Magical. Wondrous. Absolutely Delicious. So Alive. Receive the Abundance. And Give it Away Breath by Breath. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Impassioned. My fist beating the Table. Words pouring from me like Hot Lava Exploding. Fighting for the Only Thing that's Real. The Only Thing that Matters: LOVE. This Force. This Fuel. This Magic Elixir. I will Kick ass with My Brave Heart. I will Kick My Own ass when I wanna withhold My Self. Not sayin' or doin' what I long to say or do Outa Fear of how I will be Received. My hurt Self fearing I am too much and will Not be accepted, liked Or loved. And I will Kick Your Ass to take You into Your Brave Heart. Daring to Love. Daring to call Bullshit! When the game playin' begins creating rules around Expressing who we Truly Are and how we Truly Feel. Honest Moments are Alive. Full of Fire. And leave us enriched by the Exchange as Fresh Air blows through Us. Heart to Heart. Human to Human. Soul to Soul. Feeling Connected with Our Spirit Free to Dance Wide Open instead of the Usual Stale socially acceptable Rules of engagement. Repressing Our Self. Draining Our energy Tryin' to Say or Do what we Believe will Please others. Cutting Off the Flow. Manipulating. Playin' a Role. Censoring our Self. Tryin' is Lyin'. Being YOU is Badass Brave! And the World needs Your Brave Heart Impassioned. Sayin' and Doin' and Bein' and Freein' YOU. More and more. Showing Up. Leaning into the Fear and dropping into Your Fierce Heart roaring HELL NO! Letting go of what Deadens and Dulls You. Letting Your Heart ablaze take You into Depths that ignite All that Fire You Carry. The Juice of Life pulsing through You. Simply being You. And you living the Passion freeing Your Joy invite All to Join You. Boldly going into the Wild. Ordinary moments become absolutely Extraordinary. Spontaneity. You LIVIN Open. Showing Your Self. Naked. Raw. Bare. Stripped of the Cultural barriers that Fence You and your Precious Life Force In. Ohhh... Let Go. Go! Just Go. Feel Your Way into Your Brave Heart. Have the audacity to Be You in a World that wants You to Conform to some Ideal. Addicted to Perfection that Chokes Life Off. You become a shell. A Corpse walking this Earth void of Heart and Soul. Stand in Your Truth. Speak It. Do It. Live It. Be It. Free It. Letting Go. Experiencing Your Self at Play with Life falling into the moments and meeting Your Self. More of You. Always More. Call BullFrickinShit! On all the Pretense and Rip Your Heart Open Wider than You Feel is Safe. Further than is Comfortable. Daring! Going Boldly. Setting Fire to the RULES with Your Courage. Remember: In a Flash, Your Brave Heart will Sing No More. And All the Songs You Dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. Yes!!! The Great Legacy of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Free the Possibilities!

Come On a Ride with Me into Your Self. Here. Now. Breathe. Feel the Possibilities! You Ever-Blossoming. You Delighting in Being You and Experiencing this Amazing Adventure moment by moment with Humor and Grace. Enter this Day Open to The Power of Your Beliefs and Thoughts. Subconscious and Conscious. What You are aware of and what You aren't. Know Thyself. Observe Your Self as You walk through this Day. Pay attention to what's behind Your Choices. Are You Ruling Your Life? Or Are Your choices Made by Old Beliefs? Be Mindful of Conditioning, What You were taught by others giving authority over Your Life instead of ruling Your Life with Choices that align with Who You Are. Just consciously Observe. Be Compassionate making it Safe for Truth to bubble Up and Out. No need to Control What springs! Just be Present to Your Self noticing your thoughts and beliefs and how they inform your Life and the choices You make All Day. Every Day. Dictating EVERYTHING! From What You wear to what You eat to what You Say to where You live. The Lifelong Living Inquiry: Knowing Thyself!? What is You and What is Not. Letting Go. Meeting Your Self. The Beauty revealed. Joy washing through knowing this Is the Life You came here to Live. The evolution of You. Me. All. Assessing Beliefs and where they originated. Letting Go of what limits. Dismissing what insults your Soul. Standing in Your sense of Self. Inviting Higher Wisdom. Rising to Meet Your Life. Shedding the Cages. Flying FREE! Woo:). Ohhh...Make No Mistake: Thoughts and Beliefs create Your Reality. Your inner World reflected in the outer world. Yesterday, I was Walking down the Street and the thought flashed In: If I am Fat and don't know It, Please Don't Tell Me. Haha! A moment of Clarity around the Power of our Thoughts and Beliefs. If I Never lived in this Modern world, Thoughts of Fat and Skinny would Not Exist. Ignorance is Bliss. I would Not Believe my Self to be Fat or Skinny. I would Simply Be Me. Imagine: Just Living. Being in Our Bodies. Alive in them with No Shame or Judgment. Feeling only the Pleasure of this Human experience made Possible by our Flesh. Knowing the Body truly Is the Vehicle for Your Spirit here to Express. Touching the Divine Essence. Remembering the Magnificence You Are. Wow! Sweet Liberation. Tasting Your Self. Receiving Your Self with Love. Awe. Gratitude. Embodying Truth. Living OUTside the confines of Cultural Beliefs and Thoughts. YOU Choose. I Choose. We get to CHOOSE! Let's Dare to Exercise Our Power of Choice Calling Bullshit on what strips The Sheer Beauty of You. Me. All. This Wondrous Life. Just say HELL NO! And GO! Grab a New Thought and Belief that Makes You FEEL Alive. Letting Go. Feelin' Your Self. The Power of You as Co-Creator partnering with the Universe within You. Coming ALIVE as Never Before. Unbuckle Your Safety Belt and Enjoy the Ride that is Your Life. Hands in the Air. Letting Go. Shouting: Weeeeeee:)! Watch the Miracles Dance through You. You are Free. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jump Aboard: Enjoy Your Ride!

BELIEVE. Believe. Believe. Say to Your Self Over and Over: I Believe. Sip this Into Your bones. Feel this Energy pulsing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Fueled by Truth. Anything is Possible. C'mon! Jump Aboard. Wherever You Are. Right Here. Right Now.This is Your Ride. This is Your Great Odyssey. This is Your Own Personal Hero's Journey. This is Your Story. This is Your History. This is Your Mark. This is Your Life. Love Each Day for What It Is. And Live It All. Experience the Moments. Fully Present. Engaged. Feeling the Joy of Being You. Feeding Your Heart and Soul with Things that Matter Most to You. Essential nourishment. Non-negotiable. The MUSTS of Life! No matter how shitty the Day or the Circumstances KNOWing what Matters MOST to You lessens the Turbulence and Lightens Your load. Your Spirit Dances Free connected to the Abiding Beauty You Are celebrating this Ride come what May. And Remember the Wise words from The Polar Express Conductor: "Life ain't about Trains. It doesn't Matter where You are Going. It is Deciding to Get On." This Day. Each Day. You standing in the Magic that animates You and All of Creation Believing in Your Self. Feeling the Power that lies within You. Knowing You Matter. Drinking from this Well of Love being Strengthened, Discovering New Gears, New Depths of Courage Ready to Ride You into More Goodness than You can fathom. Consciously Choosing to Participate riding This Life that is Yours. You Daring. Showing Up. The Gift of the Moments. Letting Go. Meeting Life. Your Self. Always More. How Exciting!! It is Damn Good to Be Alive even on the Suckiest Days and it is Damn Good to Be You. One moment You forget the Magic. And the Next, You Remember what the Soul Always Knows. Your Heart echoes THANK YOU! You Believing. Whoosh! The tides turn. You Feel the Wind in Your Sails. Opening wider. Flowing. Waves of Amazing Grace carrying You. Picking You Up. You Believing what You cannot See. The eyes of Your Soul navigating You Home. Higher Perspective. Faith Lived. Sweetness Tasted. The inner Light shining Brighter than Ever before. Wow! In Awe of this Life You are Privileged to Ride BELIEVING in the Magic. Feeling It. Living It! Tuning In. Dancing to the Song within You Ever-Singing. Listening. The Choir within. Perfect Harmony. Your Spirit is Ageless and Lives the Magic All Your Days. "The Bell still Rings for Me. As it does All. Who truly Believe." Ohhh...BELIEVE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reclaiming The Magic You Are!

What is It about an Open Road. The Sun Spraying through the Clouds. And Soul Stirring Music that makes Me Feel So Damn Alive? Beyond reason, Beyond explanation, the Experiences We Crave that are non-negotiable and only make Sense to Us are Matters of the Soul. Soul Shit! This inner Pull that takes Us into Surprise Adventures where no words can adequately language the Magnificence touched. Try as we might. The Poetry Lived is our Own. Essential food for this holy hunger. Communion. Life tasted. A Thirst Quenched when we didn't even know we were parched. Ohhh...Life is Wondrous. And Spontaneity, Letting Go, Dropping into the Moments, Daring to Follow the Amazing Grace flowing through Us Frees the Magic. Always There. Always Here. This Cosmic Dance felt with All that Heart. And All that Soul. You Awakening to the Greatest Song ever-Singing: YOU. Receiving Your Self. The Abundance You Are. Have Always Been. And Always Will Be. Feel this Truth echoing through You Breath by Breath. This moment. This Day. Return Home to Your Self, Your Truest Self again and again. Remembering All that You Are. And Connecting to the Abiding Joy in Living. Being You. Allowing this Ride to Reveal More of You. Discovering: Getting Lost Includes Finding Your Way! My Spirit loves a Road Trip. I Play Get Lost and Find jumping off an exit and Getting Lost to See what I Find. Unexpected Joys. Hidden Treasures. Trusting My Self. Leaning In. Excited by the Unknown knowing it is gonna be Great. Each moment is Alive. Take it by the Hand and Dance. Play. Sing. Let Go! Know Thyself. But never lock Your Self into some Cage, a Fixed Idea of Who You are and who You aren't. Invite ALL that Heart and ALL that Soul to Express through You. Believe in the Magic You Are. Claim this Miracle You are Living. Love this Day wide Open to the Wonders of You ever-blossoming. Just Say THANK YOU! More Please. Smiling with All of You. On Fire for Your Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beginnings and Endings: This is LIVIN'!

One Moment ends and the next begins. One Day ends and the Next Begins. One Month ends and the Next begins. One Year ends and the next begins. Life: Every Ending is a Beginning. Every Beginning is an Ending. Throughout your entire Life, You are Crossing Bridges from what was into what will be. Walking Your Path into More Life calling. Making Your way, stepping Out of Old Life into New Life. Life ever-cycling in service to the Evolution of You. Me. All. Stripping Us. Pruning Us. Growing Us. Blossoming Us. The winds of Change come. Sometimes swiftly and unexpectedly, You feel as if a Twister has sucked You in, ungrounding You, taking You from All You have known and loved like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. And just like Dorothy, You must make Your way following the Yellow Brick Road that You find your Self On. The Journey into the Unknown to claim the parts of You ready to Play, to Express and lead You Home. It is human nature to assume the Worst when the storms of Life visit feeling as if You are being punished or F*cked something Up. But this is Life. The transitions and transformations are You LIVING Life. Meeting Life. Greeting Your Self. Letting Go. Reaching for More. Letting Go of who You believed Your Self to Be only to discover what You could Never have known without the Uprooting, the Upheaval: YOU are Far More. And there is ALWAYS More to explore. New depths of You emerging. Just keep On walking. Remembering: This is Life. You may Not want to move forward and face what has come. BUT You can. Within You, this Brave Heart lies possessing limitless Courage, the Power of the Universe. Plugged in to This, the Mountains Move and the seas part. All obstacles fade. This is Living Faith. Believing what you cannot see. Trusting Life to carry You to the other Side come what may. Being Certain in the midst of Uncertainty. Feeling your way connected to the Truest Power that animates All of Creation. Daring You. Guiding You into What's Next?! Lean into the moments Open and Receiving. Flowing with Life so Abundant. Dance! Sing! Play! Welcome the gifts that Surely Come as You Fear You can't go any further, as You drop into your Self and Find gears You never knew existed that ignite More Fire to Go where You must. And There You Are! Supa Dupa COOL:)). More of You than You could ever Imagine. The Beauty and Truth of YOU lighting You Up. The Joy of Living it All. Experiencing what You would Never have wished for, what You cursed and thought might kill You. You coming ALIVE. Freeing the Passion. The Miracle of You felt. This Force of Love no longer an idea but a Companion to assist You in Creating a Life You absolutely Love. In times of transition, Your Kindness and compassion toward Your Self is essential Nourishment. And Belly Laughing and Booty Poppin' is Divine medicine keeping Your Heart Light even in the midst of the Heavy. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Go into the moments. Be there. Be here. Do what ya gotta do. This is LIVIN'! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of Words: HEART and SOUL

Heart and Soul. The exchange of Words expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings. Ohhh, How I Love Words. And Believe in The Power of Words. Words Change the World. Words are Alive. Echoing vibrationally from the depths of You. Me. All. Words touch Us. Words evoke feeling. Words liberate. Words stir. Words call us into Action. Words lift veils taking us into higher consciousness lighting the way for deeper understanding. Words Open us to More Life that lies within Us. Words awaken the Beauty and Truth You are. I Am. All of Creation in Vibrational Harmony connected. All this Heart. All this Soul. Animating You. This FIRE! The One True thing. What we are here to FREE. This Body without Heart and Soul feels dense and lifeless. No Energy to Plug into What Truly matters to You, what makes You come Alive, what Makes Your Heart and Soul Sing Out Loud. The disconnect from the Sacred Self, this Inner Spring of Vitality causes Anguish, overwhelming heaviness and life can feel meaningless. Lost in our Own Life trying to find our Way Home. Imprisoned. Stuck in the Mind. The Cage. Self-talk feeding Your Self affirming words, reading words that Inspires You, listening to Music, conversation with a Friend who lifts Your Spirit resuscitating You with Words. Words take Us into the Journey of Heart and Soul. These Cosmic Forces. This Love so Fierce it parts the seas and moves the Mountains.The Juice of Life that makes every moment unconditionally Joyful beyond Reason. Beyond the idea of Joy. Joy abiding. Washing through. This Intrinsic Rhythm. Palpable. Delicious. Sweetness of Life Only tasted from The Heart and Soul. Keep plugged into that Fire. Feel it. Find Your way into your Brave Heart ever-roaring that Always Remembers who You Truly are and what You are Made of: ALL this Heart and ALL this Soul. You are Pure Passion in the Flesh. Yes. You. Are. Go kick this days Ass Being You. Freeing You. Loving Life Wide Open. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Got Joy? Joy! Joy! Joy to You! How much Joy can You Feel this Day? Let the Joy that lies within You lift Your Wings and send You into this Grand Adventure with You Heart leading the Way. Applaud Your Self stoked to Be You at Play. Toast to the Day come what May. This is Your Joy Ride. Your Heart Lighting the Way. Feeling All that Joy. Always Here. Always there. Within You. Within Me. Within All. This resonance echoing from the depths of You singing Your Truest Song of Love. Joy abides. It washes through naturally. Let Go. No Tryin'. Let Your breath connect You to this Energy. Smile with All of You. Feeling the Joy in Simply Being. Being Alive. This Day. Sensing the Magic unfolding You at Play with this Life You are Living. Wondrous. Amazing. Ever-surprising. Stand here in this moment. Experience Your Self Fully. Be in Awe. It is damn Good to Be You. It is damn Good to Be. Receive Your Self. Receive the Abundance You are and Life Is. Remember You are Worthy and Deserving of All the Good. Being Received by others Feels so Good. Being affirmed by others who See You and Mirror the Beauty of You is divine medicine. Let it In. Let their words feed You. Feeling Your Life acknowledged. Knowing You Matter. Having Your Work Received by others is Amazing as You feel Appreciated and recognize how You Touch others being You. You Feel Significant and Understand the Effect of You on the World. But do Not wait, do Not deny your Self the Joy of Receiving You. It will Change the energy of this Day. It will put a bounce in your step and send You skipping down the street to the Music of Your Heart. Feel Moved! Feel the Celebration. Applaud Your Self. Silently. Or Out Loud. Let the Clapping Just come slapping your hands together slow and deliberately. Feel the Applause within. Echoing. Beauty. Truth. Dive IN. Lean IN. All IN. This is the Life You came here to live. Yes. It. Is. Receive it. Receive Your Self. This force pulsing through You into Form. Your Spirit ever-Free flooding You with the Joy that Lifts the Veils so You can See: YOU are the Miracle! YOU are the Heart of this World in the flesh. YOU are the Change-maker. YOU. Yes You. Sprinkle your Joy all over this Day. Your Heart Calling this Day and Everyone You meet: FRIEND. Be Courageous! Experience the Power of You and Your Brave Heart. Supa Dupa Fun and Supa Dupa COOL! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Be Daring. Be You.

Be Daring All Day! And Experience the Miracles of You Being You. More of You. All of You. Dare to Say what You want to Say. Dare to Do what You want to Do. Dare to listen with Your Heart letting your truest Thoughts Inform your choices. Dare to Consciously enter this Day awakening and aware of what brings You Joy and what doesn't. Dare to Say NO. Dare to Say YES. Dare to Be Afraid. And Do what You Must discovering that even Fear cannot Stop You or Rule You. You are in Charge of Your Life. Only You can Stop You. And Today, Don't You Dare let Anyone or Anything Keep You from Jumping into Life. Please. Please. Please. Dare to be True to You. Dare to give Your Self Permission to Live Free exercising Your Power of Choice. Dare to express Your Self authentically instead of mindlessly going along to get along, doing what is expected of You or doing what You have always done without checking In with Your heart to See if You truly have the desire. Dare to Observe Your Self with Nothing but Love and Understanding as if there is an angel on your shoulder. Notice what it Feels like in Your body, mind, heart and soul when You make choices that honor You and your sense of Joy. Tune In. Energy never lies. Feel the Truth. Experience Living whole-heartedly instead of half-heartedly or with No sense of heart at all cut Off from this Passion, the Abundance of Life, this Vitality ever-springing that is always here. Within You. Alive. Within each Moment. Let Go. Feel it Flowing. Dare! And watch Life Open in Ways that will Surprise and Delight You and remind You of the Power that Lies within You. This World needs You. Your Joy. Your Passion. Your Love of living. Your Heart that is Vast enough to Hold the Heart of Humanity. Yes! Feel this Truth. Receive It. You are the Change. You Matter. You opening Your Heart to You Opens the Heart of this World. The effect of You. The Butterfly effect. You are an immeasurable Force! Be You and GO all the Way into More. Always More. You evolving and growing made possible from You DARING. Notice when You resist the urges to Live differently fearing the responses of others. Be kind to Your Self. When You choose Not to be True to You, LOVE Your Self. Own the choice and Be Compassionate to Your Self. When You choose to let that Fire roar daring to be True to You, LOVE Your Self. Just BE Alive in the Dance fully Present and consciously participating in Your Life. When You Dare, You take me with You. When I dare, I take you with Me. Our Brave Hearts connected. We are One. Truly In this Together. Let's DO this. Daring to Be who we truly are and feel our Hearts Singing Fiercely and Sweetly: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, December 5, 2014

You've Got This Day. You've Got Everything.

You've Got This Day! Go Play. Be You. Do You. Stay Open inviting more of You to awaken and join the Party. Feel Your Heart Winking and Nodding greeting You in the Moments connecting You to All those You pass by This Day. Each of Us is given this Life to Live for as long as it lasts Expressing our Self Uniquely in All that we Say, Do and Think. This Life is Truly Your Gift Not Punishment. Not some Pass/ Fail Test. No Right or Wrong Way. It ain't about some Idea of Perfection that Strips the Beauty of Your Humanness and the abiding Joy of this Dance come what May. You do YOU Perfectly. You do! Focus on How Fun it is to Be You and Do All the things You get to Do. Feel Your Heart swell Receiving Your Self, the Abundance of You that Is Life Ever-Flowing until your Last Breath. Trust Your Self above All. Enter the Day with a Sense of Self. Just Breathe letting IN All the Good thoughts, Feeling the Gratitude and Letting OUT the worry, doubt, anxiety and Fear with each Exhale. Stand in this Moment. Feel the Strength standing on Your Own two Feet. Step by Step feeling the inner Rhythm. You in Harmony with the Universe One Moment at a Time. One Day at a Time. Do Not Pass Go! haha! Show Up and remember: You've got this Day to Love. No need to look any farther. Here. Now. You. Me. All of Creation. Evolving. Returning Home. Participating in This Grand Dance. You have Everything. And this is Everything. Living the moments. Meeting what comes. Allowing. Not Avoiding. Sipping it Into Your Marrow. For tomorrow holds for You nothing more than You Receive right here and Now. Abundance. Life is Abundant. You are the Abundance of life ever-expanding and growing wildly. This Creative Force is You. Your Life Playing Out the Song of Your Soul. Truth echoing. Home. The Power of the heavens, this Force of Love you house. Each day brings opportunities to Receive what Is. You. This love You are. Letting go. Receiving. Yes. More and more. What you cannot receive in this moment will wait for you in the Next. And this is Living until this inextinguishable Light leaves this body and dances in the Realms beyond. Pure Consciousness Alive still without the Sacred Vessel that is Your Flesh. Invisible yet Palpable. Call On those who have gone before You and Connecting to them Soul to Soul, Ask for their Assistance and Feel their Guiding hand in your hand. Feel the nudges. Hear the whispers. You are Not Alone. Within You Lies the Power to Part the Seas and the Courage to take the First Step up the Mountains that come. Go kick this Days Assssss being You! You are So Brave. REMEMBER this again and again. Celebrate Life All damn Day for a million reasons and no reason at All. And watch Life Celebrate YOU right back. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Story of YOU: Look Back. Look Forward.

Look at You. Look at Your Life. Look at All the Life You have Lived. Look at All the Life that Awaits. Look Back with Appreciation for All You have experienced, Acknowledging the Hard Knocks, the Heart Break, the Hurt and Be in Awe of Your Self standing here in Present Time. Look at the Creative Survival where You found gears within You that You didn't know existed digging deep to walk through the personal hells. Look at the earth angels who appeared to light the way for You in the darkest of dark moments. Look back to Look forward. Look at how Brave You have been the whole of your Life to remind Your Self that there are Depths to your Brave Heart ready for You to Reach for More. Can You Feel IT? Can You Feel The Magic of You and Your Life? Another Year is coming to an end. And every Ending is a Beginning. Life Cycling. Moment by Moment. Day by Day. Each Beginning an Ending. Each Ending a Beginning. You Showing Up present to Your Self wherever You are engaged in Your Life with Great Anticipation is Everything. Be Stoked to Be You! Feel the Love wash through You: Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. LOVE is the Miracle. Return to this Feeling of Loving the Life You Live being You again and again. Take time to pause and reflect writing down your Heart's Desires, All You want to experience in every area of Your Life. Ground Your holy longings daring to Believe in the Power of You and Your Life. Let Go of "How" you can make this happen and Go into Your Wildest Dreams feeling the Possibilities. Let Go and GO Boldly into Your Self Broadening your horizons. Shifting Perspective. Opening. Flowing. Trusting Your Self and Trusting the Universe to Carry You into every experience necessary to lead You into a Life You Love. Materializing Your Spirit that is truly limitless calling You, Liberating You All of Your Days. Life is but a Dream. Dream Your Ass OFF. Dream! Dream! Dream! And surround Your Self with those who dare to Dream. This is a Life of Beauty. See it. Be it. Create it. The eyes of the soul revealing what the human eyes Veil. Be Dangerous. Be Wild. Be YOU. More of You. All of You at Play with Infinity. Receiving the Abundance of Your Life and Enjoying the Amazing Ride. One day this Journey will End. What do You want Your Life to Say? How do You want to Be remembered? Keep showing Up. Believe with All of Your Heart. Do what You Must to Free You. Make the tough choices that will disappoint others who expect You and need you to be other than You are. LIVE True to You. And Let it Grow. Welcome the Surprises. Shock the hell outa Your Self. This is Your Magic Carpet Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)))!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Live the Poetry You Are...

Live the Poetry You are as it is Still Being written. You writing Life. Life writing You. Creativity. This Infinite Force ever-expressing. The Magic caught. Springing. Spiraling. Pulled out of thin air. Spontaneity. Open the window within. Further than you can See. Deeper than what feels Safe. The poetry always here. It is You! The moments Alive. Nothing is ordinary. No one is Ordinary. We are Creatures of Soul. Extraordinary. This Truth echoes. Ride The waves of Grace You are. Connected to this Sense of Self. Live Deliberately. Knowing who You are and Living Open. Not speaking in Absolutes. Living the We'll See. Never saying Never. Not knowing what You will or will Not do in a moment. Being here. Being there. Jumping In. Letting the Passion dance You into the Surprises ever-calling. The Point of Creation is Now. Arriving. Meeting Your Self again and again and again. Stretching Your arms wider and wider letting go. Letting Life. The Surrender to Your Soul, to the Universe within an act of Faith receiving Your Truest Self ushering You into Your Truest Life. The Control model cuts out the Heart and Soul creating more of the same from what is known. Rooted in History. Replaying the Song. Rewriting the Poetry that has been written. As Magnificent as what has been, there is More. Always More. You evolving the Self. Nourishing Your Soul by fulfilling Your Destiny. You living the Life You came here to Live. This is the Dream experienced. To stand in this moment of Your Life. To Stand in any moment of Your Life and See so Clearly: "This is the Life I came here to Live." You touch the heavens within feeling your limitless Soul washing You Up onto New Shores here on earth. You churning Up. Organic changes flowing from inner shifts. Divine Timing. Dormant energies awakening. Your Soul is scheduled. The map within guiding You into New Life. Trusting the Sacred Blueprint unfolding You. You the Poetry. You the Poet. No talking Your Self into Things. No choices rooted in external expectations giving others Authority over Your Life. Choiceless choices. This unexplainable Ease. Following the Call. Compelled by what makes no Sense to others but what makes Perfect Sense to You. That MUST Do feeling pulling You into What's Next?! Into The Life You came here to Experience for your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. No following the herd. You are here for Your Amazing Adventure. Trying to Be who others need You to Be, living a Life that does Not fit, being other than You are is to know hell. The Soul's Journey. Anything but dull. Welcoming Change. Unattached to fixed Ideas. Liberating Your Self. Daring the gods to Show Off. Believing ANYTHING is Possible. Smiling with All of You dancing Free in the Beauty of Life. Ecstasy. The sheer Joy of Being. You unafraid to Walk on Water. You unafraid to Fall in the Water. Living it All. Engaged. Plugged In. No waiting for Permission. Going to the Edge again and again because You Must. Leaping. Trusting the Net. The Source of All Creation. Always here. Always there. Holding You. Assisting You. Your Brave Heart Remembering what the Soul Knows: YOU Came Here to Live as No One Else. YOU Came Here to Go where Only You can Go in order to Bring through Your Unique Verse. The poetry of You a Part of the Collective Poem. YOU Being You. Inviting More of You to Play. Living Simply. Simply Living. Soooo Badasssssss!!! Beyond Measure. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This is Your Life. The Candle is Lit!

This is Your Life. The candle is Lit. The Season of You. The holy entry and exit. Your Life is Now. Each Breath is Sacred. The moments Dancing You. Revealing You. Surprising You. You showing Up. Receiving the Abundance You are, the Goodness of Life; experiencing the Sweetness even in the midst of the bitter. Discovering through the eyes of your Soul that there is a Depth of Sweetness that can only be Known in the wake of the Bitter. Life Opening You. Beautifying You. Touching You. Cutting You. Ushering You into new Worlds within. Life is Purposeful. Always. Every Step is Necessary. Feel this Truth and walk your Path deliberately sensing The Magnificence of You being You connected to Your Heart and Soul. Ground in All that You are. Enter this Day consciously tuned In to the fact that there will Never Be another Day just like this One. Sip this In. Let Joy guide Your Choices. Find your way back into this Ocean of Love within You when Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety swoop In threatening to take You Out. Acknowledge what comes Up. Let it Be. Be with It. Let it Go feeling the inner tide turning. The ebb and flow. This is Living. Being the Captain of Your Ship sailing through the Days come what may. And this is essential All of your Days as You are Ever-growing until Your Last Breath. Challenges are necessary. The bite of Life means You still have a Dog in this Fight. And you wouldn't have it any other Way as This IS Your Adventure ever-unfolding. Standing outside the Fire attempting to play it Safe keeps the Juice of Life at Bay. Feeling Fear is Enlivening! You know You are entering new life within Your Lifetime when the electricity shoots through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Sheer Terror washes through breaking You Free from Cages. Be Present to It delighting in the Awakening. Knowing it is Time for the More. Boredom. Dulled by Your own life is the Death of Your Spirit. Remember this is Your Life. You Matter. Live the Poetry You Are as It still Being Written. Life writing You. You writing Life. Amazing Grace doing what It Does. Your Life is a Mystical Dance experiencing the heavens and hell as You walk this earth. Stay the Course. Live Beyond the circumstances. The Surface of Life will beat You Up. Plunge into the Depths of You. Move from Your Brave Heart into the Known and Unknown. Keep that Fire within Aglow. Smile from your Heart and Soul Out into the Whole. You are the Change! Believing In You. The evolution of You affects the Collective Soul. My Heart is Your Heart. Your Heart is My Heart. Our stories Play Out differently. Yet We Are One. Reverence for My Self creates Reverence for You and All of Creation. Go! Go! Go! Kick this Days Ass with All that Fire. Always there. Always here. Touch it. Free it. Feel Alive in Your Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

Monday, December 1, 2014

You Are The Answer. The Hope.

Believe. Believe. Believe with All of Your Heart: You are the Answer! You are the Hope. You are a Living Prayer in the flesh with seeds of Promise ever-blooming. You loving this Life You are living, harvesting the Bounty of You being who You truly are is the Greatest act of Service to All. You following the Call within saying Yes! to what others believe is foolish; saying YES! to what only You see is possible. Daring to Stand in Your Life knowing the Dream unfolding You and this Life is the Universe expressing through You uniquely. I am a Dangerous Woman, a Believer in Miracles, who lives from this Soul of Mine standing Fully in the Muck, the Ugliest of Myself and Humanity KNOWING: I Am the Answer. You are the Answer. Sowing seeds of Promise feeding the Whole with the Bounty We Harvest. Daring to Harvest More and More. Inviting the heavens to SHOW OFF and remind All we are The Miracles we are waiting for. Believe in the Power of You receiving this Love You are, opening and allowing the Amazing Grace of the Universe to lift the veils revealing the Truth and Beauty of You: The heavens gave YOU a Bounty to Harvest like no other. There will never be another human being just like You. Wow! Sip that In. And Believe the significance of You is immeasurable just like All of Creation down to the tiniest insect and bodies of water and grass springing from the earth. You are Infinity at Play. You are part of the Divine Orchestra dancing in harmony, playing your part. You are the Greatest Song ever-singing. And reverence for Your Self and Your Life makes it possible to revere All of Creation. Holy communion with Your Self brings communion with All. The soul Knows. The Heart remembers: We are One. The Limitlessness you embody is Alive within each of us. You transcending old beliefs that insult your Soul that came here to Live on the edge. Jumping. Testing Your Wings. Flying Free from the Cage again and again. You rising because You must. You being You. You doing You awaken us All to the dormant potentials within Us ready to hatch and blossom for Our Joy. Never! Never! Never! Underestimate the Power of One who has the audacity to Believe in All that lies within. Do not Settle. Do not sell your Self short. Do Not play Small when this Big Life is calling You into More. Believe in Your Self and watch this force of Love take you on a Ride into More! More! More! You are so Sacred. You Matter. This is Your Life. Be F*ing Stoked! Let your Joy guide you and your choices. Live Open. Invite the Abiding Hope to companion You. Anticipate the Surprises of your Life this Day. Giggle with Delight and shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Call of Your Playful Soul!

Feel the Call of Your Playful Soul! Ohhhh YES!!! Dare to Be Young and Silly and Feel Your Self come Alive. Play On and On and ON. Playfulness springs from being Open, dancing in the moments, allowing spontaneity Not knowing what You will or will Not say or do; letting go and being out of Control without Fear of looking Foolish in the eyes of others. Simply being You. Following your sense of Joy. Remembering Life is Fun and It is Fun to be You doing things that You love. Uncensored. Going into the Innocence. Wild. Free. Smiling and giggling with All of You where the resonance of Joy is palpable. Yesterday, as I walked downtown, I just had to skip down this Street so Skip I did. The Urge to skip came and I dared to lean into this with no regard to what others might think. Wow! This is living. It is. Later that night, I got a video from a friend that made me belly laugh over and over delighting in her Play. She and her 7 year old son were staying at a hotel away for Thanksgiving. The clip is her swan diving from one bed onto the other in her PJ's. I urged her to post on Instagram knowing her Joy is contagious and will Inspire. What an amazing legacy of Play she is passing On to her little man. She is simply being who she is and in that, she shows him it is okay to be who he is. He will have his own journey in life as we all do around forgetting to Play, grinding away day after day, disconnected from what we need. Play is essential. It is soul Food. Non-negotiable. If you want to taste the sweetness of Life celebrating the moments. Turning on music in the car or at home and dancing wildly opens You. Singing along at the top of your lungs Not because You have a good voice but because it feels good. And damn! It feels Good to FEEL Good. Feelin Alive. Sipping in the Goodness is living for the Love of Living instead of feeling burdened by Life. There are heavy times that absolutely will swallow you. But don't forget to lighten your Heart with Play in whatever way You can. Stop! Nourish your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Looking for the humor and laughing at whatever You can. I remember instead of simply being offended by stupid comments well-intended people made as I stood at my late-husband's casket; I made a TOP 10 List of Dumbass Shit People said. Haha! The Power of Play and Humor is Amazing. It is Not denying the feelings of anguish and sadness that wash through. It is welcoming All you are feeling. Not cutting Off the Joy that is ever-Present. Living Spirited in the moments dancing Free in the Beauty that IS even in the Ugliness of Life. Soooo take your Self by the hand and GO Play! Please. Please. Please. Do your Self a Favor. Give your Self the gift of Play. Do You. Be You. Booty pop. Twist and shout. Grab some pom poms. Cheer Jump. Hula Hoop. Go for a drive or hike. Invite one of your favorite playmates out for coffee or a beer. Say: I wanna PLAY with You! Let's Go Play. Sing the truest Song of Your Heart: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This Force You are that animates All of Creation. Stretch Your arms Wider and Wider feeling the Flow of Love breathing YOU, washing through YOU. Ohhh...Passion is Yummy! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!

Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Today is Here. Now. And this is Your Life. Pause to Connect to Your Sacred Self. Ground in your desires, all that You long to manifest. Be intentional asking for guidance and expecting to be led to those you need to meet, into experiences that will liberate you and usher You into New opportunities whose Time has come. Imagine Doors closing that need to close. And doors Opening that are Ready to Open You and the New life within this Lifetime. Follow the Signs (ALWAYS here. ALWAYS there.) that your magnificent Soul, that divine Spark within You that IS the Creative Force of the Universe ALIVE within You, magnetizes to Remind You who you truly are. I awakened this Day so fed by a text sent from a dear friend on a Journey. Inner and Outer. He is literally on an Open Road traveling across country into what's next, walking by faith not by sight and being called within into new Depths discovering the Well, assisting Forces ever-Present holding him through it All. He saw a Shooting Star LIGHT UP the night Sky. He had never seen one and was in Awe feeling his Spirit stirred. FEEL this. Sip in this Experience of the skies ablaze. Feel the fire inside You. All that Power You house visible in the shooting Star; Illuminating You as You walk through the darkness, the Unknown, this Bridge from old life into New. You are Made of Stars. The Star is You and You are the Star. Oneness tasted so sweetly. You launching into new creative gifts from the heavens, the breath of divinity echoing through You. Your eternal connection to the Source of All. It is Time! The Divine Timing that asks you to Trust the Will beyond your human will. Wanting what You want and surrendering to the Universe, allowing the Unfolding, the divine orchestration. No forcing. No pushing against Life. Flowing. Wide Open. Feel The Star showering You with Mystical Blessings. Stand in the moments and Receive the Love, the Abundance of Life. Feel All your Wishes for Your Life coming True as You are aligned, READY at the level of Soul (beyond human wanting what we want:))) that is scheduled for All that is emerging. Life over the Rainbow beyond your Wildest Dreams. You Touching limitlessness. The Hope streaking across the skies and through You. Feeling the Oneness with All of Creation. Yes!!! Knowing anything is Possible. Truly. Remembering who You are. Seeing the Perfection in every step of this Sacred Dance leading You Here. Now. Jump into the days Not Knowing; KNOWING it is gonna be F*ing AWEsome!!! Go. Go. Go. Kick this days Ass being You. So Brave. Bold. Grabbing the Fear by the Hand and Leaping trusting the net is there. Always. Freeing You from cages that may feel safe but are killing your spirit. Let Go! Expect Miracles claiming the Miracle You are. Believing in the Significance of Your Life. The evolution of You, your Soul, in service to the Collective. You liberating You frees All. You rising lifts the whole. Your Heart Open to the Joy and Love of living, being You Pours into the Heart of the World. You are the Change. The effect of You connected to the Magic You are, Life IS speaks vibrationally to All. Awakening All to the Truth: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE aligned with the Universe within leading You Home to Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! Even when you cannot see it. Even when it feels as if You are getting punished which is Old OLD paradigms letting GO! The Universe within You is ever-assisting Not punishing You for "right or wrong" choices or behaviors. Or for being "good or bad." This is human bullshit that we have been fed for lifetimes and in this Life. Let it Go. Let the GOODness of the Universe wash through You. You are a Light of the universe and your LIGHT is always Good. No matter. Without ceasing. Be You. Do You. Love You. Love Life. Drink from this Ocean of Love all damn Day and let it nourish You and fuel You launching You into MORE. Oh, The Blessings that await. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just say THANK YOU, more more MORE please. Be stoked! This is Your Life. Your Amazing Ride.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Let Nature SING The Heaven You Are!

Let Nature SING the Heaven You Are! Ohhh...The Views. The Breath-taking views of Life through the lens of the Heart that Sees the Ever-Present Beauty. Opening You to the Truth of You mirrored Gloriously through Nature. The Hope of the skies. One look Up and All is well. Sipping In the Possibilities stirring within You. The clouds Floating by, shapeshifting into Unicorns and cowboys and puppies and You Feel the Abundance of You and This Amazing Life You are riding. Believing in the Wonders as the Stars appear when Night comes greeting You and reminding You of All that Light You embody but cannot See. Always There. Always Here. You hold your Heart connecting with the holy night. In Awe. All is Right within You. Within the World. The moments unfolding You. Me. All. Breath by Breath. Amazing Grace lifting the veils. Clearing what Must Go and making space for New Views made possible from the inner shifts. A bird swoops by taking You on a flight out of the Cage of Limitations over the rainbow where You mine for the Gold within You. Perching on a Branch with Your Heart lifted living in Faith, a Higher perspective revealing this Ocean of Love. The Miracle of You. Me. All. A sea of bare trees reflecting the changing Seasons inviting You to Surrender to What Is. No way to Stop Life from Cycling. The ebbs and the flows calling You Home. Their Presence echoing the Power within You. In a flash, You are Awakened by Communion. Experiencing the Oneness, knowing You are the trees and they are You. Standing at an Overlook watching the winds push the waters creating patterns ever-swirling, changing directions, You feel this Mystical dance with Your Self and Nature. The Sun doing what it does sprays the trees and the waters revealing shades Not visible just moments before. Wow! Wondrous Life. Wondrous You. Returning to Your Self. So Sacred. Returning to this Sense of Life that the grind of daily Life can strip. Our Human Journey, forgetting and remembering. The Views you Feed Your Self Matter. Tune in. Give Your Self what You need and Everybody Wins. Your Relationship with Your Self creates your Relationship with All. Every day a walk of Liberation. Letting go. Freeing You. Being who You are Now. The Evolution of the Self. You ever-growing. Water Your Self. The Care of You pours into the Collective. Essential Nourishment for the Soul found in Nature echoing and whispering. The inner compass carrying You into New Adventures ever-calling. Feel The Hush. The Hum. The Resonance of Love that Springs eternal within You and All. Let the Song in Your Heart so Brave and Vast sing You Home again and again to the Magic of You being You. You doing You. Living for the Love of Living. Saying THANK YOU all damn day for a million reasons and no reason at all. Live. Dance Wildly. Love. Be Stoked. Laugh. And Laugh some More at Play with Infinity SINGing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is damn Good to be You. I love You. You F*ing Matter. Yes. You. Do.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! Just say THANK YOU all day long and Feel the Magic of You at Play with Life. Gratitude is a Powerful force shifting You instantly into your Heart that echoes the Abiding Love and Joy beyond reason. This resonance. The Truth of You. The Vibration of Your essence. Lifting You Beyond circumstances. Living unconditionally. Open. Flowing. Receiving the Abundance of You and All of Life. Dancing with Infinity into Life here and now; and More Life calling You. Ohhh...This wondrous Adventure is Mystical and Miraculous freeing your Heart to Light the Way on your Journey. Your Gratitude spills into All. Pause to Appreciate who You are. All that makes you distinctly YOU. And tell others All day what You Appreciate about them. Face to face. Text. Email. Call. Just Say It!!! Share your Heart and the Effect will leave You in awe. Tender moments made possible by Love. Always here. Always there. Years ago, I worked with Junior High students on Self-Esteem. We would begin our time together in a Circle. Each student would stand in the middle and the other students would say what they appreciated about him/her. The student in the middle was instructed to simply Receive all the Goodness with their arms at their Side standing Tallw with their held high and their Heart Open. I would ask the student: "Tell me How you FEEL?" after All the Love poured through. Each was astonished and many got choked up crying as they were touched deeply. We spoke of the Energy of Love felt through the Power of Gratitude. Wow! Imagine how touched I was to get a Facebook message from one of those students Thanking me and reminding me of this "exercise" which was actually an act of letting In the Amazing Grace ever-Present within each of us and All moments. She said that this a part of her family's Thanksgiving ritual and when they gather for Special Occasions. She wanted to Thank me. I Receive her Love Feeling the Connection Heart to Heart that knows No Time or Space. My cup Runneth Over into her into You into the Heart of this World. Go! Be You. Do You. Feel You. Feel this Love You embody and Set it FREE. Love this Day with ALL of You on Fire for Life. Celebrating all that Is. All that has been. And All the Good to Come. Thank You for being YOU. I Love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Lucky ME!!! Happyass Dancin to the Music of my Heart.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving Thanks for All that Comes!

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat. Drink. And let your Heart be Light. Ohhh the Power of living the energy of THANK YOU! The holiday season has begun inviting each of us to stretch our Hearts Open even wider; to Cultivate our attitude of gratitude. Count our Blessings; to Appreciate this Life, Our Self and those we share this Journey with. What's Not to Love about a Holiday that is Heart-based reminding us to Give Thanks? Actually. The Holidays create a lot of chaos uprooting us from our grounding rituals and routines; triggering old family pains where wounds remain festering. People say to me over and over "...But I love my Family!" and I assure them that I know they do. Loving family from a far is one thing and being sucked back into dramas and shit storms as you walk through the door as if a portal takes you back in time. There you stand grown ass. And yet You are a child again reliving history. The vacuum suction is fierce leaving You saying: "WTF?! What just happened?" You were sincerely looking forward to seeing those you love and miss Not anticipating the Triggers that appear on the surface to be nothing but are deep rooted in Pain. All that Hurt still there. The ghosts of the past come to haunt You. And I URGE YOU: let them come. Let them Be. Let the moments Be. Give Thanks!!! Yes. Give Thanks for the Crazy that You would never wish for, that you tried to prevent. This is a Gift from the Universe bringing the Perfect Storm to Clear old crap whose time has come to Let Go! The opportunity to Free energies plugged into the Past stealing your precious Life Force. Feeling the Hurt. Acknowledging the grief of the Heart breaks you experienced. Finding your way into Your Brave Heart that will Kick ass for You helping you LET GO! And Let LOVE, this Miraculous energy You embody do Mystically and Magnificently what only it can. The Amazing Grace echoing through. All the Light illuminating the Dark that surely comes knocking. Ohhh, the Liberation of You, more of YOU ready to plug into Life flowing In the Here and Now. Living the Passion. Untethering from the Story. Letting Go of Victim Consciousness and becoming the Victor. Surrendering the Need to make the past different than it was. Accepting the Unacceptable. Laughing out Loud as You say: "WTF does FAIR have to do with this Human Journey?!" Haha! Seeing through the eyes of the Soul: It's ALL Perfect. Wow. Every moment. Every Experience. Purposeful. Leading You Here. Home to your Truest Self and Truest Life. Appreciating with Higher Perspective that F*cked Up Shit Serves in the evolution of Us individually and collectively. It ain't easy but it is necessary. Place your Self in Your Heart and feel the Abiding LOVE breath by breath. Use your breath to ride the waves of emotions that will surely come. Your Love is the Healer. Love your Self Big. Love is always the Best idea. Yes. It. Is. Hold your own hand and give THANKS celebrating who You are, wherever You are. Happyass Dance to the Song in Your Heart ever-Singing. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fill The World With LOVE!

I awakened with Petula Clark's song "Fill The World With Love" singing through me. And knew it was a sign from my Mom whispering to me from the heavens. This song was sung at her funeral 5 years ago and I haven't heard it or thought of it since that day. Even as a little girl, this song evoked great emotion for me. Cutting me so deep. I would stand there in church weeping uncontrollably. Unexplainably. No story of Sadness behind the tears; it was my soul knowing the Power of Love within me. Within All. Stirring. Calling. Echoing Truth and Beauty. This Force of Love beyond the human idea that is no less than the Creator alive within your very being, springing through your breath, connecting your Heart to the Heart of the World. This invisible thread. The Vibration of You, your divine essence pouring out silently. And Out Loud. All this Passion you embody. Ohhh, this Love. Yes!!! Feel this. Your Love of living this Ride of being You is everything. You Blessing your Self with Love every moment no matter what. You unconditionally Present to Your Self with Compassion instead of judgment. You Blessing your life each day when Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety swoops in and kicks your ass. Love where you are! Lean into what comes remembering this Love You are. Your Faith heals You and Lights Up the darkest moments as You stand whole, returning to your sense of Self. This LOVE! You cannot give others what you cannot give your Self. Liberating your Self from limited beliefs and thinking. Letting go of your History. Pulling Your precious Life Force out of the Past. There is enough Love in this moment to Fill the cracks when You could not Feel the Love; when Life shattered You. Be here. This is Your Life. No bullshit. Dare to stand in this LOVE. Feel life flowing. Allow the waters to carry You. Trusting. Claiming: You Matter. Opening your Brave Heart wider and wider filling Your Self with Love. And in doing this, You fill the world with Love. Living simply. Simply being You. You fill the World with Love. Following your Heart, Believing in your Dreams, Manifesting these Sacred Desires because You must. This is filling the world with Love. No holding back your authentic expression as this is death of the Spirit. Be Alive. Dance Free with Your Self moment by moment. Inviting the Surprises. Befriending spontaneity. Living in the now creating your truest life that reflects your truest Self. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Wow. Wow. Wow. Go be You. Sing Your Song without apology. Be in Awe of You. This Life so holy. Go kick this days ass filling the world with Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). I am FEELin YOU. All that LOVE. Woooooo!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Look for the Cherry on Top of Life!

What a Time of Miracles the Holiday Season is! Thanksgiving calls us to consciously Look for the Cherry on Top of this Amazing Ride. Look for the reasons and things that make your Heart Light. Think of those who make your soul blossom. And it is your Focus expecting to see the Good, cultivating your Heart with Gratitude that creates the Magic that is always here no matter what. All day long, every day Giving Thanks opens your Heart to the Ever-present Beauty. The Abundance of Life Ever-flowing. Stoking that inner Fire nourishing your Self, drinking from the Ocean of Love within You, Receiving All that Is, Remembering what You are made of and who You truly are. Counting Blessings. You Appreciating Your Self, others you share this Journey with and Life itself for what it Is. For All it is. Feel this: YOU are a Miracle. YOU are the Love of the heavens in the flesh. YOU are the Magic you seek outside of your Self. YOU are the hero of your own Life. YOU house the wisdom of the Universe ever-guiding You; calling you home into what's next into new life awaiting; daring you to listen to the inner nudges and whispers inviting You to Let Go and Trust your Self and Life. Facing Fears. Holding your own hand and feeling supported by this Abundant Universe. It ain't easy to Let Go of the familiar even when it ain't working for You and is stripping the Joy of living and being You. Seeing that You are the mountain to Move. Being compassionate to your Self instead of judging. Knowing your Love is the Miracle and your judgment is the Hell. Choosing to drop into your Brave Heart and live in the moments, making choices from the inside out, shining the Light seeing what was once concealed. Amazing Grace echoes through your very breath. Feel this. Feel your power. Feel your Self. Do. Be. Do. Be. Receiving is essential! Show Up for your Life, each moment is precious. Acknowledge the Hurt Self that is trying to keep you safe that creates from the limited Mind and Be Brave! Drop into Limitlessness where your Sacred Desires are waiting for You. Let Go of beliefs around scarcity and lack and a punishing universe that keeps score. Abundance Is. You are the Abundance of Life. Open your Self to Receive what Is. Ask your Self: What will I allow my Self to Receive? Notice feelings that arise. Let them come and let them Go. Be present. Celebrate the Abundance. Harvest the Bounty of Life. Say THANK YOU!!! And feel the energy of these words connecting You to the abiding Truth and Beauty. It is Damn Good to Be You! What's not to LOVE? Not a damn thing. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :)).