Friday, April 10, 2015

Your JOY Inspires!

Imagine Amazing Grace swirling through the air like Sparkly pixie dust. The Invisible made Visible. The Magic that animates all of Creation and is Alive within You can be Seen by You Believing it exists. Breathing Life In and Out. Feeling Completely supported by the Universe. Receiving the Love, this Cosmic Force. Remembering who You truly are and what You are made of. Consciously communing with The Truth and Beauty of You. Touching your divine Essence. Feeling the Stars that hang in the Sky aligned within You. Feeling your Self blossoming with the Trees and growing Greener with the fields Springing new Life. Ahhhhh...YES. The Winds of Change are Ever-blowing. Time lived in the Great Reveal of You. This is a Constant. Who you are Now is Not who will End this Day. Some days you experience the Unfolding of You and Your Life with an undeniable Intensity. External events shaking things Up and Out. The Shifts come washing through You and You know with All of You life is Opening. Wow! Wow! Wow! You aren't the same. Nothing is the same. In a moment, the Letting Go happens in ways you Never could have Planned. No way you could have Forced or Orchestrated the Happenings. The Magic lies in the Mystery of Life. Seeing Everything Happens in Perfect Time at the level of Soul which can leave you feeling as if you've done something wrong at a human level. You must Challenge this Thinking and BELIEVE in the Good that Is and the GOOD that is Sure to Come. Wanting what You want. Making a Planning. Believing every Moment, every Experience is leading You from where You are to where You want to Go. Showing UP. Going for IT. Participating with a deep Sense of Purpose being Present to all that comes your way. Meeting your Self in Meeting Life. Dancing your dance To the Music within. Moment by moment. Step by step. Choice by choice. Day by Day. Trusting the Timing. Daring to say YES! Seizing opportunities which Open You and the Possibilities in ways that you can't Always See. Not Knowing what will Happen. But KNOWING with all of You: It's going to Be GREAT! Your Beliefs bring the Magic. Great Experiences come from You choosing your Attitude ahead of Time. Letting the Fear come. Acknowledging It. Whispering to Your Self: "I've GOT This! It's gonna Be GREAT!". Opening your Heart and Feeling Free. Flowing with gratitude for your Life. Being at Play wherever you Are. Making the Fun instead of waiting for your Idea of how things SHOULD BE. Being you. Simply living. All moments Matter as they are Your Life. You Matter! Sensing the Power that lies within You. Creating the Life You have Imagined from the Inside OUT even when It looks Different. Your Excitement in Being You stokes the inner Fire. Materializing your Spirit in Being True to You. Knowing You are the Dream and the Dreamer. Weaving this Dream that is Your Life. The Joy is Not in the completed Web, the Dream Realized. It is within You. Free the Joy! This resonance beyond an Idea that Springs from your inner well. Joy abides. Your Love of living and being You for NO Reason and a Million reasons. Please. Please. Please. Invite Joy. Your Joy is my JOY. My Joy is Your JOY. JOY Inspires! The World needs MORE JOY! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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