Sunday, June 30, 2013


Open to life
We face
Moments that
Bring the heat of terror
Feeling exposed
With no shade of protection
Burning from the inside out
And then
We find our way to Safety
To the Well of rest within
Remembering the truth
That everything is okay
Even when it doesn’t feel okay
Being with the experience
Tuning in to our Self
Making choices

At this point in my life, 2 years, 7 months and 12 days since John died, I travel comfortably in this world unescorted, standing on my own two feet, asking for help when I need it and trusting my Self and life.  But there are moments of sheer terror, when I feel exposed with no shade of protection and the heat surges through my body burning me from the inside out.  Vulnerability is a part of this life as we are open in any given moment to experiences that shake us but we find our way to safety, remembering the truth that everything is okay even when it doesn’t feel okay.  We tune in and make choices that free us.

Yesterday, I got a call from the guy I had hired to wash and wax my houseboat.  He had quoted me one price last week but told me another price.  Before giving him an opportunity to explain where the difference in his fee came from, I snapped at him letting him know that I was only paying him the original fee agreed upon (period).  He backed off and said that he would see me when I arrived at the boat. 

I was afraid that he was trying to take advantage of me because I am a woman so I called my friend who had referred him.  She listened to me, not telling me what to do or not to do and held space for my moment of crazy as I vented about feeling frustrated and vulnerable without John handling that crap even though John was more of a pushover than me which made me laugh out loud. 

After I hung up with my friend, I took a pause, sitting down, closing my eyes and breathing consciously in and out through my nose which allowed me to tune in to the enormity of all I was feeling and the sensations gripping me.  I acknowledged all that bubbled up, letting it come and letting it go.  I grounded in the moment and made the choice to call the guy back. Hearing him out, I understood where he was coming from as a business person and we agreed on the amount.

I didn’t try to explain where I was coming from because the information was for me.  I love that wherever I am, I can be with it.  This makes me feel safe within my Self in this world where fear will absolutely send me into moments of crazy where I get hooked and like a fish on the end of a reel, I begin to swim, fighting for my life.  This energy is a gift because I can stand up for my Self and challenge others in order to assure I am not being a doormat.  Speaking bitch fluently when necessary has been a saving grace over my lifetime so I am grateful that I can use my voice and exercise my power of choice.

The invitation this day is to recognize when you feel vulnerable in life.   How does vulnerability feel in your body?  How do you process this?  Can you be present to it not judging yourself or pushing it away?  Can you make the choices that free you from the grips of the experience?  Use your voice without apology, understanding that kindness starts with how we treat our Self and then, we can extend this out to others including those we hire to perform various services.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Some say Fake it till you Make it
And I don’t disagree
That this is useful
But confidence
In its purest form
Is resting in a knowing
Of all we truly are
 And all that lies within us.
It isn’t inflated by false bravado
Rather by silent waves of inner strength
That is a constant flow.
It is the recognition of our Higher Self
Expressed physically
Which bows in awe
And claps
And sings
As it moves through us
In this sacred dance.

If we waited until we were completely confident to do the things we must do or want to do, we would miss opportunities for growth paralyzed by the fear of entering the unknown.  We are all afraid of something.  The instruction:  Fake it till you make it!  can be useful reminding our Self of what already exists deep within, touching that well deep within that ushers us in to more of who we are, awakening potential ready to come out and play as we chant like The Little Engine that Could:   I think I can…I think I can…I can…I can until we crest that mountain top.  We shock the hell out of our Self and become confident in our ability to meet the challenges we face.

Being a young business owner, I can remember dressing the part as I stepped into my new role.  The clothes I wore sharp, polished and androgynous announced:  I am in charge.  I am woman hear me roar but see me as a man.  I was not confident and was deeply afraid of not being taken seriously because I was a woman and because of being young so I needed the clothes to project all that I wanted to be.  It worked.  In time, my inner Self matched my outer Self.  As I relaxed into my Self, I stopped needing the costume because I was no longer playing a part so I began to wear things that were simply me.

There was a petite female doctor with the face of a cherub caring for John who looked 16 years old and will be the eternal girl even when she has grey hair.  He immediately began to tease her because this was just his way saying:  Look!  It’s a girl Doogie Howser.  Girl, how old are you?  Where’d you steal that lab coat from?  She was lovely, smiling as she connected with John and even laughing along with him as she physically examined him.  As she walked out of the room, I followed her into the hall to discuss some of my concerns and being who I am, I just had to let her know that her physical stature and youthful appearance is a gift.  Doctors can be intimidating as most people see them as larger than life.  Patients are in such a vulnerable state when they are sick and hospitalized and doctors can add to the anxiety.  Her gentleness brought a sense of calm in the midst of the health crisis.  She thanked me saying she worries incessantly about being taken seriously.  From my past experience, I assured her:  When you take your Self seriously, when you know who you are, others will take you seriously and see all that you are.  She nodded with a knowing that it all starts with her and it is a process to stand confidently in this world.

I believe it was Emerson who imparted the wisdom of his experience declaring:  The Universe is against me, I have lost confidence in My Self.  When we forget all that we are and the power that lies within us, it definitely feels as if the universe is against us, the weight of the world is perched on our tiny shoulders and taking us down for the count.  We talk to our Self and collect evidence from the past reminding us that we are courageous and fierce warriors of life, slaying dragons in the outside world and demons born of imprints from the past that dwell within our psyches.  Ultimately, all roads lead us back to our Self to rest in and connect with the silent waves of inner strength that are a constant flow; to recognize our Higher Self expressed physically which bows in awe and claps and sings as it moves through us in this sacred dance.

The invitation this day is to do what you must:  fake it till you make AND tune in to the truth of who you are in order to live a life you absolutely love; that reflects the beauty and magnificence that lies within you and fills you with such joy that you walk around all day mumbling silently and smiling from every fiber of your being:  Thank you, thank you, thank you for my life.   

Only One YOU

Appreciate the talent others possess
Be happy for their successes
Wish only good for them
Knowing with all your heart
That you possess talent unique to YOU
And the success of others does not take from YOU
And the good others receive
Is the same good available to YOU
Because this abundant universe
Is truly limitless
Not stingy
Not jealous
Not greedy
And wants you to remember
All that you are
So you can share your gifts generously
With the world.

I was working with a young artist who is scattered in a million directions as he takes on Nashville as a recent college grad and a rising star.  He is interning, producing, writing, and trying to find time to play his beloved guitar.  He shared with great enthusiasm what it felt like to play in a stadium full of 40,000 fans and how this experience keeps him going and doing whatever he has to in order to get back onto the stage.  His confidence wavered as he spoke of all the talent out there in the world.  I agreed with him that there is so much talent AND assured him:  There is only one YOU.

We began to discuss the power of acknowledging:  there is only one YOU and grounding in this truth.  He is a skilled musician, writer and producer who has put in countless hours honing his craft and there are others who have done the same; but each has something unique to put out in the world.  It isn’t about competing with others.  It is about standing in all that you are, owning the gifts and sharing them generously because it feels so damn good to do so and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, there will be auditions where he has to “compete” against other talented artists in order to be selected for more opportunities.  But all he truly has to do is show up as himself, know he is good enough, stand in all he is; playing his heart out, trusting that if it is a fit where his talents merge with that of the group, and if it is for his highest good, everything will line up.  It is so simple but not easy.  As humans we are so conditioned to believe life is about competition, instead of knowing each of us has so much talent to offer and there is enough room for us all; and each of us will find the place where we get to share our gifts in this world.

American Idol and The Voice are incredible TV programs that showcase great talent and give opportunities to those looking to break into the music biz.  Some try to imitate their favorite stars but each is uniquely talented; and when they touch that place deep within expressing their authentic voice, magic happens.  The artists who are contestants competing on the shows have such a sense of joy in getting to sing and perform that they remind us that getting to do what they love is everything.  We all win when we realize that living the dream is loving the life we live.

There is a writer that I recently worked with who emailed to share that he had a huge affirmation in regard to life expressing uniquely through him where he saw clearly, beyond concept: There is only one YOU (really!!!).  He had been writing copy regularly over the past year for an on-line magazine but due to vacation and other demands, someone else working on his team at the marketing firm where he is employed was assigned to write it.  He was never credited for the copy so it wasn’t a column where people could see a photo of him and his name in order to build a relationship week after week.  But people noticed that something was different.  Subscribers wrote in commenting on the copy and inquiring what had changed.    

We are human but we are vibrational in that our energy is infused into everything we do.  Our very presence in this world is profound.  Because of our energy, the vibration we put out, we connect with some and don’t with some.  This is okay.  It is not about judging those we don’t connect with as bad or less than us.  It is neutral in that it is what it is.  The people we are drawn to whether they are the Starbuck’s barista, the plumber, our attorney, our doctor or an artist comes from a resonance; and if we trust this inner guidance, we find our way to connect with those who make us feel joyful and feel easy to be with.

The invitation this day is to remember that the talent in this world is vast but there is only one YOU.  Challenge the cultural conditioning around competition and appreciate the talent others possess and be happy for their successes, knowing this same goodness is available to you.  This abundant universe is limitless and YOU are a part of this abundance expressing uniquely in this world.  Have fun!  It is damn good to be you.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Size Does NOT Fit All

There are prescriptions for living
Espoused by so called “experts”
As to how to create a good life
What to do
And what not to do
What works
And what doesn’t
As if one size
One way
Fits all.

I love to run.  I do.  I am one of those people who smiles as she runs down the road, feeling alive, feeling connected to my Self and all of creation, feeling as if there is no place I’d rather be or nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I understand that many of you are cringing as you read this because you loathe running and thought of it sends you reeling with dread.  I get it!  I feel the same way about many things that I choose not to do simply because I don’t enjoy them.

We all want to create a good life which includes maintaining our health but often, we are bombarded with information that confuses us, causes us to not trust our Self as prescriptions for living espoused by so called “experts” flood us with what to do, what not to do, what works, and what doesn’t as if one size, one way fits all.  One size does not fit all.  It doesn’t.  And there is definitely more than one way to live a good life.

Several years ago while speaking to a running group, I shared that I don’t believe running is for everyone and would advise anyone who hates it, not to do it because there are so many fitness options to explore that will bring joy to their lives.  There was a collective gasp by the group as if I just told them to fu%& off and die. 

When we are motivated by shame, doing things because we think we should because our friends are all doing it and it works for them or so called experts say it is best for us instead of listening to our Self, we are drained instead of enlivened by our actions.  There is absolutely something for everyone but not everyone will like something.  Thankfully, we have the power of our choices which is the best exercise of all because it frees us.

I remember having a moment of clarity around this.  A few years ago, there was a group from the yoga studio where I practiced regularly doing a 30 day cleanse.  Immediately, I jumped on the band wagon thinking I should.  Then, I paused and tuned into my Self having an honest conversation as to why? I really wanted to do this.  And in that moment of truth, I knew that I had fallen into old patterns motivated by shame instead out of Self-care.  I had thoughts of losing 10 pounds in just 30 days which used to be my constant self-beat:  I need to lose 10 pounds as if my worth depended on weighing 10 pounds less.  At the time, I felt good and had lots of energy so this wasn’t about achieving some higher level of health.   I love to eat as in chew food and swallow it so 30 days of juicing would be hell on Earth for me; and knew myself well enough to know that I might drink the juice AND eat regular food on top of it. 

The invitation this day is to pause and tune in to your Self before being swept away by the craze of the day.  While it is fun to experiment, dip our toe in to test the waters, be mindful of how you are feeling and trust this.  There is a distinct energy difference in being motivated by shame instead of making an empowered choice to do something in order to enhance our lives.  And remember, if you jump on the crazy train which we all tend to do from time to time, you can always jump off.  Be mindful:  One size does NOT fit all.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Life holds us
Where we feel stuck
In between where we are
And where we want to go.
Life rushes in
Where we experience
The alignment
Of our hopes and dreams.
Life comes
Ready or not
In its own time.
Sometimes we simply aren’t ready
And this is okay.
We can’t possibly miss our life
As it is Here and Now.
Everything falls into place
Moment by moment.

Last evening, I was speaking of my life and how I never could have planned it as magnificently as it has unfolded.  Looking back, I clearly see how plans I had made derailed causing necessary delays that gave me exactly what I needed to get where I was going.  There were things I knew I wanted for my life as far back as I can remember but my life is grander and more wondrous than anything I ever imagined.  At only 44 years old with lifetimes ahead of me, I trust the timing of life and there are definitely moments when I kick, scream and curse it for not bending at my command. 

Timing is a topic of conversation every day for me, reflecting on my own life and in discussions with friends as well as one on one sessions with those I get to coach.  As humans, we are wired to want what we want when we want it.  It is in our nature to push and do whatever we can to make things happen; and some of us are wired with more yang energy where we drive our Self and others crazy as we attempt to force life to comply with our time.  But try as we might, none of us gets to choose the timing of how our life unfolds.

All of us have experienced life holding us where we feel stuck in between where we are and where we want to go.  All of us have experienced life rush in aligning all our hopes and dreams.  Life comes whether we are ready or not in its own time.  And sometimes we simply aren’t ready and this is okay.  We often worry that we will miss our life but this isn’t possible as it is here and now.  Everything falls into place moment by moment.  This is why being in the moments of our life is essential. 

Being in the moment is our part in the participation with life’s timing.  This is us being present, consciously dancing with the universe which allows us to use each experience, to seize opportunities and to make choices that free our spirit to enjoy this adventure in new and exciting ways.   Life comes and we meet it right here and now.  There is no right or wrong choice.  Choices move us forward, taking us into the next moment where events unfold that line up with where we want to go or don’t want to go, informing the next choice. 

The invitation this day is to not live in regret or in the misperception that you have missed opportunities and there won’t be more.  Remember, this moment is your life bringing forward opportunities; it is unfolding in ways you can see and in ways that you can’t but you truly cannot miss your life. Consciously enter your life right here and now, letting it tell you where you are (the inquiry being:  What is life trying to tell me?), revealing possibilities, infusing you with hope and a sense of vitality.  And be patient with your Self as you want what you want in your time and find a way to trust the timing of life that is a benevolent force working in partnership with you for your highest good and greatest joy even when it doesn’t feel this way.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Challenging Old Beliefs

Why do we believe what we believe?
Where did our beliefs originate?
Someone says something
And we take it on as absolute truth
Or we hear something
And interpret it as bad or negative.
Old beliefs still dictate patterns
Imbedded deep within
Our subconscious
Wreaking havoc on our Sense of Self
Limiting us
Holding us hostage
In ways we don’t even recognize
But in a moment
When we assess why we believe what we believe
And let go of what insults us
We are free to reach
For beliefs that honor us
And the life we are here to live.

Last Friday, I was heading into a block party so they were checking i.d. (Yes!  Even mine…LOL!!!) and putting wrist bands on those of us over 21.  As the guy placed the band around my wrist, he said:  You have the tiniest wrist.  I’m gonna’ have to double this up.  When he said this, I flashed back in time to my childhood.  I was a big girl, both tall and fat, so I obsessively wished I was tiny like my mom and the other girls at school.  My mom, trying to reassure me would tell me:  Kathy, you’re just big boned. 

Until I was in my mid-twenties, I honestly believed there was such a thing as big boned and that I was this amazon woman with giant bones which I deemed less beautiful than the petite women and girls who had tiny bones.  It took my late-husband, John, to convince me that I am not big boned and there is no such thing, as he wrapped his middle finger and thumb all the way around my wrist laughing at the absurdity of this belief. 

Now, I understand that on the surface this big boned belief may seem benign, but it actually wreaked havoc on my body image and sense of Self.  The dismantling of that belief allowed me to see my Self with fresh eyes, no longer comparing my Self to others; Miraculously, I could fully appreciate my body and the way it is uniquely proportioned with shoulders wider than my hips, small breasts, flat bottomed with muscular thighs and arms, sturdy wrists and hands, skinny calves with large flat feet that ground me.

Looking back at old photos, I chuckle with disbelief that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me, and it saddens me that I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of my body blinded by a belief.

The invitation is to observe the things you say silently to yourself and aloud to others.  Challenge your beliefs asking:  Where did that belief come from?  Does this belief hold me hostage or free me?  Does it limit me or expand me?  Does it honor me and my life?  Bringing beliefs into consciousness gives us the opportunity to challenge and dismantle them so we can reach for new beliefs that affirm the beauty that we are:  mind, body, heart and soul.  Beliefs that insult us on any level rob us of precious life force and a healthy sense of Self.  We need the whole of who we are to show up for this life with a sense of awe that fuels the passion within us that came here to live out loud.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lifetimes within a Lifetime

Life itself
Is a constant ebb and flow
Beginnings and endings
Some are subtle
With ripples of change
Some are new chapters
With clearly marked lines
And some are entirely new lives
Where a lifetime dismantles
And our very life depends on
Entering a new lifetime within a lifetime.

While at the houseboat, I was visiting with friends that I haven’t seen since the end of last season marked by Labor Day weekend.  Even before John died, I felt the shift into fall to be bittersweet because it is my favorite season but the summer fills me in ways that no other season can; and there was a knowing within me that not all of us who left the dock, closing our boats up and heading to our homes would return to our beloved Lake Cumberland to begin the new season marked by Memorial Day weekend.  Over the years, I have watched boats that were once dreams come true for families change owners due to illnesses, to deaths, to events that brought in new chapters and new lives altogether.  What a reminder that nothing stays the same in the course of our lifetime.

Catching up as we sat on the front of the boat, I was explaining that my soul came to live lifetimes within my lifetime and I am truly in a new lifetime.  This can be difficult for people to wrap their head around which I completely understand so I do my best to share my experience.  I went on to say that when John died, that lifetime ended.  That life was gone and my very life depended on entering the new lifetime I am living now.  I knew distinctly that if I continued to plug my energy into that lifetime trying to keep it alive it would kill me, squelching my life force and my soul would not allow this.

It isn’t as simple as saying:  I made choices that led me here and yet I did make choices that were informed by my soul because I became so tuned in to this higher wisdom.  The process has been organic, unfolding with each passing day in ways that surprise me and I could have never planned; and the choices have been choiceless in that I don’t talk my Self into anything.  I am doing what I must, what frees more of me and life and living truer than I alone, at the level of my personality could have ever allowed. 

The best part of my life is living in the unknown and the most difficult part of my life is living in the unknown.  This is why I refer to my life as the divine comedy.  It makes me laugh all day long to see what life brings my way and how there are moments when I try to figure it out but truly can’t.  The newness fills me with wonder as I don’t know exactly where I am going yet I completely trust that I am guided and will get where I need to go throughout this lifetime.  And it cost me everything, a life I loved and got to experience over a lifetime, to be this free – surrendered to life moment by moment.  This new lifetime has been birthed from the old so I live with reverence for it all, the totality of my journey thus far.

The invitation this day is to embrace the ebb and flow of this life – the beginnings and endings:  the subtle, the new chapters and the new lifetimes understanding that your very life depends on this.  Sometimes, we kick and scream and grieve what was because this is necessary as we transition into the new.  Sometimes, we are effortlessly transported as we ride the waves of grace that usher us into the new ever so gently.  Hold your Self dear though it all.  Look for the opportunities.  Dwell in the possibilities life is offering you.

The Damsel in Distress

Each of us
Is wired uniquely
Expressing life through
Distinct energy
And characteristics
And this is what makes us individuals
Living in community
Connected to all
Who bring forward
Life as only they can
Possessing flavors
We enjoy
And flavors we don’t enjoy
But this is the melting pot we live in
So we find a way to appreciate
Our Self
And others
For who we are
And how we show up for life.

I got to my houseboat ready to play and visit friends who I haven’t seen since last season.  I uncovered my ski boat and tried to start it but the battery was completely dead so I began to look for a portable charger like the one John always used to trickle charge to ensure I wouldn’t experience this.  There was no sign of anything remotely resembling this so I took a deep breath and went to Plan B, asking my neighbor, Mike, for help.  As I thanked him, he assured me that it was no problem at all and laughed out loud saying:  You are not a good damsel in distress! 

There is no doubt in my mind that none of us do it alone, that we are interconnected and live as individuals in community in ways we clearly recognize and ways we don’t that are energetic.  Mike acknowledging that I am not a good damsel in distress was about how I am uniquely wired and the damsel in distress is not a part of my make-up.  I am not wired to rely on others.  I am a take-charge kinda’ gal who is uncomfortable waving her scarf from the tower waiting to be rescued.   And this does not make me better or worse than someone who is comfortable waving the scarf.  It is simply distinctly different ways of being in the world.

As a numerologist, I get to reveal the individual soul’s journey, showing each person their thumb print and how this weaves into the collective.  I am an “8” life path so the highway I travel is one of the queen not the damsel.  The queen energy in balance knows she is in charge of her own life, grounded in a sense of Self that knows she is worthy of the abundance of life that lies within and without, wielding her power in the world as she chooses – never complaining and never explaining, infinite potential connected to the whole of the universe.  Out of balance, the queen energy is bossy, over-bearing, bull-dozing, controlling with an inflated sense of Self that believes she is superior to others.

It was such a cool experience for my neighbor to mirror who I am back to me and to be at a place where I see my Self, in balance and out of balance, moments of crazy and moments of grace; showing up for the dance each day and delighting in how life expresses through me as me and keeping my heart light through the lens of humor.  This allows me to value each person and how life expresses through them as them. 

The invitation is to listen to others tell you their experience of you (You always do this or that…You are an athlete, artist, cook, sage,dreamer, queen, entertainer, comedian, badass, princess, foodie, mom, warrior, friend, free spirit, possess a child’s heart…You are someone I can count on…You make me laugh…you have the best ideas…you always give the best advise…you really listen and make me feel heard…) so you can recognize how uniquely wired you are, how life expresses through you as distinct energy and characteristics that make you an individual, living in community connected to all, who bring forward life as only they can, possessing flavors we enjoy and flavors we don’t enjoy.  But this is the melting pot we live in so find a way to appreciate your Self for who you are and others for who they are and how each of us shows up for the dance.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Art of Keeping Promises

Sometimes we let our Self down
Unable to keep promises
Try as we might
With clenched teeth
Breath held
We make choices
That betray
Our wants and our needs.
But sometimes
Keeping promises to our Self is effortless
As we stand taller than we have before
With a sense of Self
That cannot allow betrayal
Of our wants and needs.

We have all had dramatic moments like the famous scene in Gone with the Wind where Scarlett O’Hara makes a promise to her Self:  As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again and she sets out to create a life where this past experience will be a faint memory.  Our promises may be different but definitely spring from the intensity of an experience that we vowed never to duplicate.  But then, we find our Self in a moment where we have the opportunity to make a different choice and don’t.  With teeth clenched and breath held, we betray our Self overriding our inner guidance that is shouting instructions:  Do this!  Say this!  We pick up the bat and begin to beat our Self up mentally, spinning over and over the questions:  Why didn’t you just do that?  Why didn’t you just say that?  Why?  Why?!  Why?!!  Scolding and shaming our Self:  You knew better!  WTF???!!!!

But sometimes, we stand taller than we have before, surefooted and grounded with a sense of Self that simply cannot allow the betrayal of our wants and needs, and we make choices that are best for us.  There is an inner happy dance that takes place with music in the background of our mind as we celebrate this victory in keeping a promise to our Self.  This is the feeling of being the mountain, unshakeable, able to stand with unparalleled strength that can’t be knocked over in order to become the hill that others may need us or want us to be.  We know who we are and we know what we want and need and we understand that honoring our Self is everything.

There is an art to keeping promises to our Self as we live our life moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day.  This dance with our Self includes not keeping promises to our Self and tuning in to what that feels like, letting go of perfection and putting down the bat so we can allow our humanness in all its Glory that will fu#% up, that will betray us, that forgets it is the mountain.  Analyzing the crap out of Why?! we do or don’t do something perpetuates the shame, the beliefs that we aren’t doing things right, that we aren’t good enough and that we should know better.  On the other hand, Self-awareness frees us in our ability to observe our patterns, our behaviors, our beliefs so we can make choices that feel good.  It is essential to keep a sense of humor about our human fallibility on this journey as this lightens our heart instead of gripping us with fear of inadequacy.

The invitation this day is to see your life as a work of art with some brush strokes appearing more brilliant than others but seeing the beauty in it all as it is all you.  To deny any part of your humanness is to deny your Self.  To be present to your Self with humor, grace and compassion brings more of you out to play and live.  Remember:  Nobody is perfect! especially those pretending to be and how exhausting to try to be what we simply are not.   

Friday, June 21, 2013

YOU are Courage in Motion

Some days we leap out of bed
Ready for whatever comes
Feeling as if we can take on the world
Cheering silently:  BRING IT ON.
Some days we peel our asses out of bed
Wishing we could take a pass
Dreading anything and everything
That needs our attention
Sighing to let out the angst.
But wherever we are
On any given day
We find that next gear
We muster the courage to do
What we gotta do.

After my morning run, I peeled off my sweaty clothes and threw on a dry T-shirt and shorts.  I grabbed the next T-shirt in the pile giving no thought as to which one I wanted to wear while writing.  Looking in the mirror as I washed my face, I read the words printed in white letters against the black shirt:  Courage (Find it).  These words and this shirt took me back in time remembering when I had bought it 8 years ago after my brother, Michael, died; and I got one for his wife, Jeanne, telling her that she was Courage in motion, as she met each day doing whatever was necessary to take care of herself in the midst of the grief.

Shortly after Michael died, I gave a talk to a group of runners training for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, the largest half marathon in the world which is held annually in Indianapolis.  They had trained for 4 months and were about to line up and go on a 13.1 mile journey that would challenge them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I invited them to view the race as a personal odyssey that would show them more of who they are, sharing that my experience has been that the person who lines up to start the race isn’t the one that crosses the finish line. 

I shared the story with the group of when I qualified for the Boston Marathon running 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 37 minutes shocking the hell out of myself, shaving 26 minutes off my best marathon time prior to this.  I immediately thought to myself:  What else?  What else have I doubted I could do but now, I am ready to do?  How else have I limited myself but now, I know there is always more? When we shatter our personal limits, we free more of our Self to come out and play and live.  It makes us bolder as we stand in a sense of strength that we forget is within us.

Breaking down the mental aspect of completing 13.1 miles, I spoke of staying in the moment, mantras, self-talk and reminded them:  YOU are courage in motion!  As you take each step, remind yourself:  I am courage in motion…I am courage in motion…I am courage in motion and watch yourself find that next gear that you didn’t even know existed.  Feel the energy surge through your body, mind, heart and soul as you shock the hell out of yourself, discovering that there is always more.  And when you cross that finish line, take a bow and celebrate your Self knowing: YOU are courage in motion.  Let this be a springboard for more exploration as you stand taller than you ever have before inviting life to Bring it on!

Out of every talk I have ever given over the past 10 years, there has never been a one-liner that caused more feedback than YOU are courage in motion!  I still get emails from people saying that this has become their life mantra and all it inspires in their life. 

We all know the drill:  Some days we leap out of bed ready for whatever comes feeling as if we can take on the world cheering silently:  BRING IT ON. Some days we peel our asses out of bed, wishing we could take a pass, dreading anything and everything that needs our attention, sighing to let out the angst. But wherever we are on any given day, we find that next gear we muster the courage to do what we gotta do.

We are creatures of soul and this is where we find the next gear, the well of courage that shocks the hell out of us, revealing the more that bubbles up throughout our lifetime. Emily Dickinson said it best with her poetic verse:  No cowards soul is mine.  The invitation this day is to remember:  YOU are courage in motion.  YOU are.  No debating this truth.  Accept it.  Own it.  Be it.  Live it.  Say thank you.