Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's ON! Yes. It. Is.

It's ON! This Day. This moment. This Life is Yours expressing who You Are. What matters most to You. What is essential for You in nourishing your Soul through fulfilling Your Destiny of returning Home to your True Nature. Living your Happily Ever After story meeting Life on Life's Terms. Letting Go. Letting the Universe guide You into this Dream Awake. Trusting you are being led into what is for Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy even when it feels otherwise; even when you feel as if Nothing is going your Way; even when You can't see past the Sting of all the Delays and Stops along the Way. Staying the Course. Believing when You are Afraid to BELIEVE. Asking when You are Afraid to ASK. Receiving the graces of this Life that's Yours when You are Afraid to RECEIVE. Having Faith in Your Self and the Universe aligned in your Truest Power walking Step by Step Not needing to See past this New Now. The point of Creation is Here within You and in this Moment. Breathing in the Possibilities. Breathing out the Stale energy of lingering Fear, Doubt, Worry and Anxiety. Declaring what You want. Daring to Want when You have been disappointed and let down. Dreaming when things haven't Unfolded as You had Planned. On January 9, 2015, I wrote my Self a note: "It's ON 'cause I Say it's ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Taking my Self by the hand and walking into the Days owning the Gold within Me and using It. Letting it Grow the Wild of my Spirit. Knowing who I Am. Not waiting for someone to Know me. Seeing My Self. Not waiting for someone to See Me. In this deep sense of Self, it is ON! Remembering I Am the Dream and the Dreamer. All I have to Do is BE Me. Expecting Magic. Experiencing the magnetic pull that comes from Aligning with the Soul that always Knows and my Heart that Remembers what my Mind has Forgotten stuck in the Muck of Circumstances. Hear Me: You are MAGIC! What lies within You is the Power of the heavens channeling through You and your Life. Tune In. Say it Boldly: It's ON! And feel the Charge of being Plugged into Your Fire. The one True Thing. This Passion you came to Free for the Joy of Expressing the essence of You. You are the Riches. You are the Gold. You are Made of Stars. As Above so Below. Kick this Days Ass with your Brave HEART fierce enough to liberate You from the BS that limits you and cuts off the Flow of Life. With Pom poms in Hand, I Jump for JOY and Cheer your HappyAsses ON. Shouting out Loud shamelessly Being Me: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :). Be YOU. Be Badass. LOVE being You!

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