Friday, March 27, 2015


The Key to Happiness is FREEdom! Living Free. Being who You truly Are. Letting Go of who You are Not. Observing your Self in the moments of your Life. SEEing what's behind your Choices. Are you Being True to You? Or are you acting out of Fear trying to be or to say what others expect or need from you. Your Awareness of where Fear and Shame of who You are grips you is everything. You shining the light on the moment have an opportunity to make a different Choice. To do or to say to to Be You! A new You living in the New NOW. Living Spirited dancing in the moments Trusting who You Are and Growing More of you as you live In the Flow of life. Not letting your History, what you have always done before dictate what you will do or say NOW. Going where it scares YOU Most to Go will bring More of You out to Play. The Happiness that Springs in Being True to You is living heaven on earth. Trying to Be who others need you to be or creating a Version of you to fit In is HELL. Your energy is stale and congested in the bullshit. And energy NEVER Lies even when you try to BS Your Self pretending it's Okay. Self-Respect comes from standing on your own two feet in your Life knowing who You are. Making peace with who You are. Experiencing freedom in being True to You even when others judge you and Project onto You. You being You will Not always please others and will offend Others. Be YOU anyway! That's the Challenge. That's the work. All day, every Day to Dare to Be You! That Hard Fought LOVE of Heart and Soul that FREES You. Your Happiness Matters! Your HappyAss dancing through this World sings your Song of JOY into this World. People FEEL You! You stir and Remind them what's possible for All in Returning to our Own True Nature. Ain't no amount of Stuff or material possessions or external Adventures can Fill You as HAPPINESS can and does. Your Light Heart OPEN frees the Possibilities bursting in the Direct Experiences. The Great REVEAL of You Ever-Blossoming. The Spring of YOU! The Rebirth as Life cycles through You bringing The More you are here to Express that's part of You fulfilling your Destiny. Letting Go. Letting Go some More. Liberation comes so Sweetly and so Bitterly. Some of what You must Let Go feels as if you will die. And you Do. Who you were is No Longer. And who You Are emerges dancing you into the Wild of YOU. Untamable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. Badassss. Bold. Braver than you can Imagine. Happiness SPRINGING from the Well of Life within You without Ceasing. Coming ALIVE! Living the Passion. Feeling your Self. Knowing who You Are. KickinAss for YOU and this Happy Life you Deserve and are Worthy of Receiving. Here. Now. You. Me. All. Take my Hand. Let's PLAY:)). Whoever has the Most Fun WINS!! I double-dog DARE You to FREE your HappyAss! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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