Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Do You Want and Need?

Knowing who You are. Knowing what You Need and what You want is honoring your Self, holding your Life Sacred. Understanding what makes You "YOU" and Appreciating how you are distinctly wired, you connect to Your Self at a depth that Grows You all of your days as you Explore this Wondrous journey. Your connection to Your Self creates your Relationship with All. It is Essential to nourish your Self honoring who You are in order to Truly feed others in a Healthy way. Your Health is you standing Whole: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul as You Dance with All. I am a Loner by Nature. Always have been but didn't know how to honor this part of me for many years as I was worried about Offending others in Being True to Me. I have an introvert/extravert Axis that is Non-negotiable. I Love being Out in the World at Play. But If I do Not have alone Time carved Out each day, I shut down Disconnecting from All due to overriding this Need. As a part of Tribes, it is Easy to Try to be who others need us to Be and want us to Be playing the Roles assigned. But eventually, You must go on a Solo Flight within and Look at who You are Liberating the parts of You ready to come Out and Express NOW. Life ever-unfolding in the Great Reveal of YOU. Making it Safe for You to be Who you Are and come Out of Hiding. No more making your Self Wrong for being You. Freeing Your Truth and Beauty. Seeing from the Safety of Present Time where Others made You feel Ashamed for Being you. Giving your Victim Story room to Breathe and offering your Self Compassion. Loving from this moment what You were taught was Unlovable. Picking up the pieces of You that you buried along the way in order to Survive. Seeing in full view that it was truly out of necessity that you Agreed to Be who You are Not and repressed parts of You that must come Alive. Allowing the Fear to wash through as You come Out of the shadows into the Light. Holding your Own Hand standing on your Own two feet grounded in the Earth feeling the Power of the Universe breathing You and animating all Life. Living the answers to the Question: Who Am I? Letting Go. Trusting the dance. Daring to show Up and Live. Following your Joy as Energy doesn't Lie and this Resonance abides. Touching this Pure Vibration within aligned with the Sacred Self. Understanding more is always Revealed. Creating the Life You Love from this Love you Are. Letting Go of who you believed your Self to Be as More surfaces. Letting Go of a Life you wanted and created but the Call into More is prompted by your Holy Longings. Living your Way Home to Your true Self and True Life, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day come what May. Loving it All especially what you Hate remembering it All is YOU. It is All Life. Trying to wish Away experiences is wishing Away YOU. Blessing what you Curse is possible from your Higher Self that sees only Beauty with the Eyes of the Soul. Enjoy Being You. Believe You Matter. Fight for your Happy with your Brave Heart. Your Joy is my Joy. And my Joy is your Joy. Your wings extended flying Higher than you knew was Possible reminds me of the Miracle I Am. Be You. Love You. Grow ALIVE! Happy Dance in the Rain and in the Sunshine. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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