Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let Go! Ride this Life moment by moment.

Ohhh Let's GO on a Ride! Daring to Show Up consciously choosing. Cultivating Joy. Being Intentional focusing Your Energy. Participating not just letting Life Ride You. Meet this Moment. This is Your Life. Right here. You are a Sacred Vessel housing the Love of the Cosmos. The Power that lies within You is Uncontainable. Moving through Life with a Sense of Self makes You Braver than You Believe You are. Occupying your body fully feeling your Feet on the Ground anchoring You here on Earth. Channeling the heavens as You breathe into every inch opening your Self to the Day flowing with Life. Letting go of Resistance created by the Mind tangled in Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety. Connecting to your Higher Self. Feeling Centered. Vitality Springing. The Chi animating You. Touching Infinity. Being danced. And dancing Wildly. Inviting More of You to come Out and Play. Expressing authentically liberating All that Heart and All that Soul. Feeling Alive with a Sense of The Possibilities unfolding. Declaring what You want Now. Asking Your Self: "What do I want Now?" and reviewing what You say You want. Living this Inquiry every Day not grinding this Out mentally or answering this with the Same response. Drop below the Surface plunging into Your Self. Tapping into the Wisdom Of the Universe to echo Truth from the Depths of You. Inviting This Creative force field, this Energy of Love to bring more Consciousness, more awareness. Sensing the Evolution of You. Allowing the Changes. Making it Safe for You to Want what You want NOW! No Shame. No explaining Your Life and Your choices. Being You. You are You. Ever-growing. Ever-liberating the holy longings within You that fill you with a Sense of Joy, Peace, Hope, Love. All the Goodness You are and Life Is. Beyond an Idea of what Good is! This resonance so Pure that pours from You aligned. Spontaneity spiraling through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Ohhh, the Surprise of You and Life revealing Beauty that will steal your Breath and leave You clutching your Heart all day long. Saying: THANK YOU, More Please! Giggling and Delighting feeling the Abundance of Life opening You. Happyass Dancin' with every step. Wanting to Be YOU! Feeling the Amazingness of YOU. Shouting with All of YOU: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Power of Connection!

The Power of Love. The Power of Connection. The Power of You. The Power of Me. The Power of All Life. At play. This Day dancing You. Me. All. Into more Life. More Love. The desires in Your Heart are fueled by this Force of Love. The Cosmos echoing through Your very Breath. Riding You where You need to Go to Open You to the Magic You are. Receiving the Miracles that come without ceasing if You dare to connect to this Love fierce enough to Free You from limitations. Beliefs either keep You flowing with Life or Block you. You truly are the Mountain to Move. And accepting this Truth plugs You back into the Power of You partnering with the Universe. Co-creating this Life expressing your Joy in being You. Liberating All that Heart and All that Soul. This Passion, Your sense of Aliveness launches You into the Moments feeling the Possibilities. Your Passion is Contagious as others experience this Field of Love, the Pure Vibration of Your divine Essence echoing Out into the World. Enter this New Now dawning. BELIEVE in You and Your Dream for Your Life. Hold your Self and Your Wants SACRED. Feel this LOVE spiraling and assisting You. Grounding Your Spirit longing to Fly you out of the Cage into All that Awaits. Letting Go and Reaching for More! Assessing Beliefs, observing Your Self, noticing your Energy, your sense of Excitement for your Life. LOVE creates the Miracles! It Parts the Seas. This Energy of LOVE within You materializes Life in ways You could Never plan. It is Amazing Grace at Work. The winds of Destiny blowing You Home to this Love You are; this Love you House as a Vessel sailing Your Ship to Shores You MUST explore. Following the Call! Going Boldly. Claiming this Life you came here to Live that Fits You Now. Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. Meeting the Moments. Listening to the guidance, the messages that come. Extracting the Wisdom consciously participating in Your Life. BELIEVING in this Love! The truest Power. Ever-Growing You and Life. Let Go. And Let LOVE take You on a Surprise Ride. Be Present. Befriend Spontaneity. And Live this LOVE! Feel your Heart flooding You with this LOVE. You are Alive. Happyass Dancin' this Day. Jumpin' for JOY that You Get to Be You and Live this Life. Singing from the depths of YOU: woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Be Afraid. Be Brave. Be You. Let it Be!

We're All Afraid. And we're All Badass Brave Beyond measure. This personal Odyssey. Our holy entry into this World. Our holy exit. The final letting Go. Leaving this Physical Experience so Rich in the blossoming of You. Me. All. Life is Extraordinary even in the Seemingly Ordinary moments. Going about your Days. Doing what you Do. Being You. Discovering More of who You are Truly are. Letting Go of limitations. Flying from cages liberating Your Self. Using All this Amazing Grace You embody to Fuel your Dreams and Live the Passion. Expressing All that Fire that Lies within You for your Joy in being You. Consciously participating in this Sacred dance welcoming All that Heart ever-awakening, remembering what You are made of and daring you to Play as never before Possible. Ever-evolving. Ever-growing. Absolutely necessary. But it ain't always easy. Even when you Know at the level of Soul that this New Life dawning is Destiny unfolding. Even when you want the change longing for the Dream that's coming True, being Realized; your Spirit materializing. Fear swoops In. Anxiety. Doubt. Worry. Insecurities. Unconscious and conscious Resistance. You create a drag in your energy, blocking the flow, putting on the Brakes based on Fears from Core Wounds that You came into this Lifetime with and Hurts experienced in this Lifetime. Your Awareness is The Key! And Be Aware that no Matter, the Fear will come again and again as You Step into the More manifesting. Breathing into Your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Tuning In. Asking your Spirit ever-Free to fill You with The Confidence to Keep on Keepin' On. Invite the Courage to move You forward Step by Step. Meeting the moments. Meeting Your Self. Not repressing or denying All you are Feeling. Taking your own Hand and acknowledging the Fear. Assuring Your Self. Connecting to All that Heart and All that Soul. Feeling Grounded in the Infinite Power within You. Letting it wash through You. Seeing the Fear is Match for the Creative Forces that lie within You. Experience the Miracle of You parting the seas, moving the mountains, liberating your Self. The greatest Legacy You leave the Next Generation is the ability to be Human. Making it Okay to Not be Okay. Feeling the Fear that surely comes as it is a part of this Life. Being human is a stretching out of comfort zones. Letting Go and reaching for More which is both exhilarating and terrifying. One moment you are walking on water doing what You never imagined You could, feeling on Top of the World. And the Next moment, You are Falling in, wondering where the Wind in your sails went. This is our Shared Story. No Bullshit living! The Fear buried will kick your Ass. The Fear brought Up and Out will set You Free. It is human to Forget what lies within Us. It is divine to Remember. Welcome wherever You are. Let go of judgment. Be Present to Your Self feeling the Love of the Cosmos holding You. Love is the Miracle. Love lights the Way in the darkest of Dark. Love lifts You beyond the Circumstances where You See, the Fear Truly cannot Stop You. Where You Experience the Power of You; Your Truest Self leading You into Your Truest Life. Be Afraid! Be Badass Brave! Be You. Let it Be. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All of YOU: Heart and Soul!

The Power of You! All that lies within You. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. These Cosmic Forces animating You. Ever-shifting. Ever-opening. Ever-flowing. The Ride that is Life. This divine Pull calling You into the More, to Show Up and Dance with the Moments. All that Heart and All that Soul won't give Up on You even when You want to Throw in the Towel. Each experience strengthens You. Leads You into depths of Courage freeing You. Seeing who You truly are and what You are Made of. Finding Gears you never knew existed. There they are. Here You are. In this New Now. Sensing your Self. Letting Go. Doing what You Must. The choiceless choices where You touch the Fire deep inside bypassing the limited Mind caging You in Old Beliefs. Doing What You never imagined. And simultaneously Knowing EVERYTHING led You Here. The Sacred blueprint unfolding You. The Timing perfect. Into the Wild. Untamable You. Uncontainable You. The burning Desires delivering You. Living the Passion. Preparing You for next Round! Always More until the Final Bell when this Life is no More. Stand in the moments. Be in Your Body. Occupy every inch. Sensing the Aliveness. Vitality Springing. Ground your Self connecting to the Earth. Be Here. Feel Supported. No Matter how weary or tired. You Still have Your legs. Ohhh, the Strength of You is immeasurable. Beyond the human scope. And You still have All that Heart and All that Soul. Infinity pulsing through You. Remembering the Adventure Ain't about Settling or Playing Small. Daring to Want! Knowing You came Here to express Your Self for your Joy. Daring to let go and reach for More again and again. Believing what Only You See. Jumping for Your Life. Into what's next?! Letting the Magic bring the Surprises. The More You never could have planned. Say Yes!!! To You. To Life. It Feels Good to Feel Good. Rise with the Goodness all damn Day. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You are The Miracle You are Waiting For!

ANYTHING is Possible! It is. It is. It is. BELIEVE with All that Heart and All that Soul. Let it Fuel You. I wish You the experience of YOU tapped into the Infinite Potentials within You. Let the Burn of Passion deliver You. Set More of You Free! Ready to Play. Ready to Go. Declaring: Here I Am. So Alive. With Everything to Give. Feel that Ache to Do what You MUST in order Express Your Self. Let the Pain of withholding You, All that Fire, All your Gifts Inspire You into Action. Appreciate Your Uniqueness, grounding in a Sense of Self, Feeling Bigger, Badder, Bolder, Braver. Stoke All that Creative energy! Owning Your Specialness. Claiming what You Want. Talking to Your Self as You would a Beloved Friend receiving Your Self and How the gods brewed You. Breathe In this Life so Damn Sweet. Let it wash through You the purest Love. Lifting you Higher and Higher. Opening You. Inspiring you. Taking you on a Ride. Magically. Mystically. Poetically. Feeling the Wildness of Life grow connected to The Universe, to All of Creation. Feeling The Power that lies within You. Limitlessness. Life ever-Blossoming You. Moment by Moment. Day by Day. Cheering You ON and ON. Celebrating You and Your Life. Step into this New Now anticipating All of your heart's desires being realized. Materializing your Great Spirit. Believing in your Hopes and Dreams! Daring. Having the audacity to KNOW what you KNOW is possible not from arrogance but from the Infinite Wisdom You House. The sacred vessel of YOU sailing into the unknown exploring shores that others don't believe exist. You SEE!!! You See the Possibilities. Setting Sail. Experimenting. Playing with Life. Planning and Letting It Unfold. Holding your Vision, invite Life to Open you and Open new worlds. I stood in the City of David in Israel where they had created plumbing thousands of years ago out of necessity, out of Survival so the enemies could not cut off their water supply. The heavens spiraled through me opening locked doors within me; and I KNEW without a doubt from the depths of my soul: We are Creators, gods in the flesh here to live this adventure riding into the More. We are infinite. We are the Miracles we wait for! Anything is Possible. And our desires to Create are holy longings. Dreams we are here to pull down. Living Prayers. Daring to follow the Call. Holograms channeling the soul Force. Letting go of limits. Remembering who we truly are. Forgetting and Remembering. Ohhh, Holy Shit!!! The liberation in awakening from the human slumber is Badass. You aligned with ALL that Fire and using it to Create the Life you came here to Love. To experience for your JOY in being You. YES! For Your JOY. Bring On the JOY. Expect It. Invite It. Welcome IT wide Open. Singing: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)! Knowing: It is Badass Beyond to Be YOU!

Monday, January 26, 2015

How Are YOU This Day?

Tell me. Tell You. And Listen to what echoes from the depths of You. How are you this Day? I want to Know You. Can you feel the Joy of You? Be with it. With You. Wherever You are. Hold your Self. So Sacred. In the Truth of this moment. The moments that come. Allow. No pretending. No bullshit. Let all you are Feeling come Up and Out. Being Danced. Letting go. No judging. Only Love. Daring to Love what you want to judge. Let go! You are perfect. Let the wholeness you are hold you. Free you. Again and again. Let this Force of Love fill the fractures cauterizing wounds. This is living. Step into this New Now. The Point of Creation is here greeting You in this Moment. Breathe Life In and Out. Feel this Exchange giving and receiving. Appreciating who You are. Opening Your Heart to You. Coming Alive. Feeling unstoppable. Aligning with Your Sacred Self, the Truest Self leading You Home to the Truest Life that You came here to Love. Remembering You are Here to Free the Joy riding this Life ever-blossoming You. Growing this Wile Life! Not knowing yet Knowing it is gonna be Great! Unfolding this personal Odyssey. Inviting Your Dreams to Awaken You from the Slumber. Being You is Badass. It Feels damn Good to Let Go and Let More of You come out to Play. Expressing your Self as never before Possible. Surprising Your Self. Shocking Your Self. Believing at a Depth you have never dared. All that Heart and All that Soul cannot be contained. Craving the Life that nourishes You. Delighting in the Thirst for More. Wanting! Wanting is You Creating. Wanting what You want. Wanting to Be You. Plunging because You must. Following the Call. This Song of You so Sweet you Taste the Joy. Flowing with the Untamable Fire. Unleashing the Passion. Burning with a sense of Life. Delivering You. More of You. Always More. Ever-growing. Laughing as the Truth echoes through You. Revealing the Beauty of You. You didn't come here to Play it Safe. No way. No how. And the Greatest Pain in Life is Caging Your Spirit that longs to liberate You. And share the Joy of You with the World. Go into this Day with Your Brave Heart roaring. Happyass Dancing with a Sense of Limitlessness. Feel the Possibilities. Shout with All of You: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Expressing All that Heart and Soul!

Our shared Story of being Human: We're All Afraid. And We're All Badass Brave beyond measure. We are so ashamed of being Afraid that we will pretend and repress the Truth instead of acknowledging It, Expressing It and Liberating the Energy so we can Use It. Repression holds You and your precious Life Force hostage. The moment You let the Fear come and wash Through, You Flow with Life. And as Creators ever-growing and ever-evolving, The moment we have a New desire, a New Idea, the Excitement bubbling Up from the well of Vitality is quickly replaced with Worry, Doubt and Anxiety. Lean into the Fear And you will See Your Heart so Brave, Fierce enough to Free You. Let go of the Conditioning that it is Negative or Bad to be Afraid and adopt the Attitude that Fear is a Part of this Earthly journey. Let it Come. No need to analyze It. Be with It. Breathe into It and Let it Go. And repeat as often as necessary. Talking your Self down from the ledge. Soothing Your Self. Taking your Own hand and Loving your Self up with Kind words, affirming who You truly are. You remembering that You are unstoppable and uncontainable. The Fear is no match for Your Brave Heart that will kick ass for You, moving the Mountains that your Mind creates. The Obstacles are an invitation for You to drop deeper into Your Self letting that Fire Roar. What You are Made of, All that Heart and All that Soul is your Kryptonite. The Power of You revealed from the Shitstorms. Ohhh, The Beauty that Rises in The Not so Pretty. The Truth of You Known in Your Bones. The Truth of You Experienced: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Not just intellectualized. Stuck in your Head that thinks You have it Figured Out because You Understand conceptually keeps You from Touching your Limitlessness that can only be unleashed In the Heart and Soul. The moments You think You cannot Go on, GO into Your Self feeling the Cosmos Alive within You, connecting You to this Force that is the Essence of You. Let Go and Reach for this Amazing Grace that will Ride You into Your Truest Self where You See Life ain't about eliminating Fear; Life is about Living the Moments. Allowing what comes. Tasting the bitter and the Sweet. Your Spirit ever-Free holding You and nourishing You so You can walk Through this Life. Facing the Day with a Sense of Self. Living each moment. Not bypassing what has come to Free You. Loving it All. Seeing it is All so Sacred. The Pain and The Joy. Breathe with Life. In this New Now. Knowing YOU are the heavens made manifest housing the Wisdom of the Universe. Dare to Use this Power within You. Dare to Stop spinning the Story mentally and drop into the Brave Heart. Dare to Listen. Dare to Go deeper and deeper instead of staying Stuck on the Surface, tangled in the Stories, held hostage by the Circumstances. Let GO! Feel the Possibilities at Play with the Infinite. Believe! Believe! Believe! Do Not Stop until You find Your way to BELIEVING. Return to this Magic of BELIEVING. And come Alive in the Liberation of You. It is Damn Good to be You even in the Suckiest moments. Yes. It. Is. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

BELIEVE: It is Built!

Build it and They will come! Start here. Step into this New Now. This New Day daring to Want. What do You Want?! Truly. Wanting is Creating. This moment is the Point of Creation. Enter this Moment, Letting Go of Yesterday. Letting Go of spinning Worry about Tomorrow. Letting Go of HOW! Reframing: How the Hell do I get THERE from HERE?! into It is Done. Believing it is Unfolding. Knowing it is Built. Breathing in Life. Flowing with the Possibilities. In your mind's eye, Build it! Imagine your Dream realized. See Your Spirit materialized. Feel your Heart's desires manifested. Experience your Team assembled. Each a spoke in the hub of the wheel doing their part to bring your Vision to Life. Invite Assistance from the Universe ever-guiding You into moments where You meet just who You need to meet; where You hear messages that Open worlds within You that You didn't know were locked; where You find the book that Inspires You into Action; where You meet new Friends who share Your sense of Passion and stoke your inner Fire ready to Roar as never before. Show Up for this Day and every Day expecting Miracles! Say to Your Self: Everywhere I Go, I meet the most Amazing People! And Everyone's eager to Help me bring my Vision into the World. Know what You Want. Say It. Claim It. Ground it in Your bones. Anchor it. Be Stoked! Remembering this is the Life You came here to Live, to Express for Your Joy. Acknowledge the Pain of all the Delays where the Rug was pulled Out from beneath You where your Dream was in Reach one moment and gone the next. Feel it. Grieve it. Cut it Loose. Fly FREE! Reclaim Your Energy Consciously pulling It OUT of the Past. All that Pain is no Match for Your Brave Heart. Let Go of the disappointment from the Past when You wanted before and things didn't turn out as You planned. It is Time. Everything led You here even the Crap you would Never have wished for. Everything is Purposeful even the shit storms have revealed More of You, the Beauty of You and the Truth of Your Unstoppable Spirit. Let go of the Fear caging All that Heart and All that Soul ready to Play BIG. It is So ON! Let Hope fill You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. And Letting IT Go. Surrendering your Dream. No need to Control or Force. Trusting your Self and the Universe to Line it Up. Knocking on doors. Standing with a renewed sense of Self. Doing what You must and Allowing the Graces to blow through taking your Dream to another level. Plan and let Life unfold it! Ohhh, Life. This is Your Personal Odyssey awakening dormant potentials within You. Using All that Fire You carry. This Force of Love is limitless. Plug In. Love Your Self! Love this Day! Love the moments! LOVE at a depth You have never dared. Go share this LOVE and watch it multiply. Feel this LOVE lift You for it is the Wind beneath Your Wings. LOVE is the Miracle Alive within You dancing with All Life. It is damn Good to be You and to Ride this Life into your Dreams. Happyass Dance in celebration! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :) BELIEVE in The MAGIC of You.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sweet Song of YOU!

Your Authentic Voice is ever-revealing, ever-expressing YOU. The Chinese Proverb: "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer it sings because it has a Song," speaks to the essence of You, Me, All. Your own Nature. Who you are revealed in the Living of your Life. What You do naturally simply being You. Not worrying if you are doing "it" right. You are You. Being You. Freeing You. Because you must! You cannot Not be You. And the funny thing is that because what You do is so natural You don't realize how extraordinary You are. You are just singing Your Song! But pause to listen and receive the kind words from others experiencing YOU. Observe Your Self moving about this day living your Life. Witness the way you show up in the quiet moments alone and out in the world. See the Beauty of You and how the gods wired You. See the heaven in your own nature Singing the Truest Song of You. All that Heart and All that Soul singing silently and Out Loud in the World. The Amazing Grace of You. This song of Love pouring your Passion into the world. Your Life Force echoing in All you are. Stirring All that Fire You carry into the collective Flame. Knowing You Matter! Remembering You are the Offering, You are the greatest Gift You give this World. Creating a Life where You feel aligned: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Materializing your Spirit feeling the Possibilities. Allowing the Surprises of Life! Following the Call into more Life, into what's next. Letting Go and Reaching for More for your Joy in stepping into New Adventures that come knocking. It takes your whole life to grow into who you truly are. Who You are is ever-growing. Let Go of old paradigms around aging and drop into your Spirit which is Timeless and Ageless. Live All of Your Days open to Who You are Now. Dance with the New Now inviting More of You to Play. Be Open refusing to box your Self into some fixed idea. Believe that Your Life is Never finished. You are Limitless potential hatching until the final Letting Go. Your participation is required! Check In with Your Self asking what You want Now. The point of Creation is here and now. Going to the edge again and again. Jumping! Trusting your Wings. Focusing your energy, your precious Life force, Be intentional partnering with the Universe within You guiding You moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day. Let the Song of You ripen Sweetly beautifying You. The Truth liberating you in ways You can't Imagine. Be stoked! The Best of You is Beyond Magnificent. Life expressing Uniquely as You. The Masterpiece of You. Your holy entry into this Life. The in between. And your holy exit. Sing! Sing! Sing! In a flash, your Brave Heart will Sing no more. But the Songs You dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. You are So Badasss! Woo woo Woofrickinhoo:)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It is All F*ing Good! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Feel the GOOD in this moment. Feel the Good in this Day. Feel the Good in All experiences. This is Your Good Life! Let Go of judgment. No labeling Good or Bad. Being Present to You and All you are Feeling makes You come Alive. No dividing lines cutting life into Negative and Positive. Your Fear of something being "negative" will keep Life at bay. Let go of controlling and feel Life flowing through YOU in all moments. You trying to Be positive strips the Beauty of the Dance. Your Human Self will measure and compare and manufacture. Your True Self, Your Spirit ever-free knows it's ALL GOOD. Aligned with Your Spirit, You can Dance in the Rain instead of just getting wet. You can Taste the sweetness in the midst of the Bitter. You can spin the Gold out of the Lead alchemizing the Heavy into Light. You can Rise Higher than ever before when the Shitstorms come and swallow You whole, dismantling the familiar Life and leave You feeling Lost. Perception is Reality. Call on the Amazing Grace to lift the veils so You can See the Goodness ever-present. Life is Damn Good even when it sucksass! Let it Be. Curse the crap you would never wish for and find your way to Blessing It. Trust the Good will surely Come. Let it Come. Invite the Good! It is Damn Good to Be You. Feel the Good pulsing through You breath by breath. Tap into the Hope within. Believe in the Miracle of You. Rest in the well of Peace and let the waters renew You and Hold you. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! As if your very Life depends on It because it does. All that Heart and All that Soul must be Freed creating a sense of Play with Life come what may. Say over and over: It is All GOOD! A Good CRY. A Good Shit. A Good Laugh. A GOOD Meal. A Good Conversation. A Good friend. It is ALL f*ing Good! This is Your Good Life. Live it! Be it! Free it! Love it! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let your Life Speak: All that Heart and All that Soul!

Let your Life Speak of All that Heart and All that Soul! Remembering You are the Greatest Song ever-Singing. The Power of You ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-expressing is immeasurable. You plugged into your sense of Self. Inviting your Joy to guide You and your choices. Following your Bliss. Noticing what makes You come Alive where you Feel All systems GO: mind, body, heart and soul. Woo!!! The true excitement for Life is uncontainable. The Buzz of being You. High on LIFE! What are you doing? Who are You with? Experience the Vitality springing as You step into this Day feeling a deep sense of Freedom. Letting Go of all the problems, all the external circumstances gripping You, overwhelming You and Draining You of your Power. Calling on the Amazing Grace of the Universe Alive within You, Alive in the Moment to lift You where You can See the Opportunity knocking, where You can See the Cage door is actually Open if you Dare to Fly out into New Life. Using Your Breath to Bring Life into You opening You to the Possibilities even in the midst of feeling lost. Letting your Breath make space for the Miracle. Grounding You. Inviting the Wisdom to show You the Way. Letting Go, exhaling OUT, clearing All the Fears, anxieties, worries, and doubts. Connecting to Your Spirit which is the Truest Self, this Force of Love fierce enough to take You by the Hand and Jump into the Unknown Knowing it is going to be Great! Using your Energy, focusing your precious Life Force into what You Truly Want and doing what You Must to Create a Life You Love. This is Your Life! Ain't no Dress Rehearsal. Being stoked about Your Life feeling All that Heart and All that Soul SPEAKING to You. Whispering and nudging and urging YOU to make different choices, to act on your own behalf, to fight for You and the Life You came here to Experience. Being willing. Being open. Being your own hero. Being honest with Your Self getting Clear about what You truly want. Daring to want again! Daring to Believe the Dream is waiting for You to Show Up! Daring to untangle your energy from what you have always done and stepping fully into this New Now. Stretching your Wings. Knowing You have limitless gears within You ready to launch the More awaiting.The point of Creation is Here pulsing through this Moment and You. Feel the Fire. Let Go. Let your Truest Song SPEAK all day Long. Feel All that Heart and All that Soul expressing the Magic of You at Play with Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FEEL Your Way this Day!

Feel the Fire within and let it Roar at another depth. Feel your Fight igniting gears you never dared to touch and Go kick ass for You. Feel your Fierceness willing to Do what You Must. Feel the Possibilities exploring new Paths and knocking on Doors trusting One will Open. Feel the Surprise of Life leading you into the More awaiting. Feel the Fear and anxiety and doubt as you let Go of familiar shores and navigate new waters. Feel your Breath and the Breath of the heavens supporting You and infusing You with Hope. Feel the New Worlds ready for You to Discover what You can't possibly Imagine. Feel connected to the Truest Power this Force of Love within You that will Move the Mountains and Create the Miracles. Feel aligned. All Systems GO! Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Feel stoked about being You and being Alive this Day. Step into this New Now feeling the Frustration, kicking and screaming, cursing the gods and Letting IT GO! Come into the moment, the Point of Creation and Use that Amazing Grace pulsing through You to muster the Strength to return to the Faith of a Child. Remembering who You Truly Are! Daring to Believe in your Dreams again as if You have Never been disappointed or heart broken. Trusting Your Self and Trusting in this Benevolent Force ever-partnering, ever-guiding You into You Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Believing in You and this Life you came here to Live, to Express for Your Joy. Throwing caution to the Wind. Ain't no Time for Playing it Safe and Holding You back when Your Adventure is here and now. Your Sacred desires tugging on You refusing to let you Go, causing unrest. Your Dreams await You the Dream Weaver. No settling for a Life that leaves You discontent and stale. GO! GO! GO! Into this Day living as if You have EVERYTHING to Give and nothin to Lose. You are You! You have You to Give. Rip All that Heart and All that Soul wide Open giving Your Self away. Happyass Dancin' at Play with Life! Ohhh, It Feels Good to Feel Good. And it is Damn Good to Be You. Do You! Free You! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Monday, January 19, 2015

Being the Change!

Be the Change! Be You. Be More of You. No holding You back. Dare to Be engaged in the direct experiences of your Life. Remembering the Power of you Being You and the effect of You on the World. You are the Greatest gift you give. You are the Offering. Be the Kindness You wish to See. Be the Smile that lights the Day of another. Be the One to connect to Another eye to eye sincerely asking: "How are You?" and listening to their response. Be the Appreciation mirroring how You See another, reminding them what makes them Special. Be the Joy consciously tuned in to a sense of Self breathing Life in and Out into this Day. Feeling the gratitude. Being in Awe. Touching the Essence of You connected to the Whole of this Universe. Inhaling Life at another depth and exhaling Life pouring your Fresh ideas and perspectives Out into the World. Receiving the Abundance of You and Life so You can Share this Goodness in All you do. Following your Bliss. Freeing the Dreams that won't let You go. Going where You didn't know You could. Feeling Alive! Happyass Dancin' and inviting the World to Join the Celebration. Believing Anything is Possible. Stoking the inner Fire. Walk through this Day holding the Vision of Your Heart and Soul. All your Sacred Desires perched within You singing Your Truest Song echoing through You moment by moment. Love this Day Open to what Comes. SPEAK the vision of your Heart and Soul! Hear the Song a Singin' the Truth and Beauty of You. Let it dance You Wildly feeling the inner rhythm taking Form. Being the Change. Experiencing the Miracle of You calling more of You Home. The Organic Shift. The Harmonious union of soul and flesh. Creating the Life that Expresses You. The new Now bringing the Change. Let Go! Reach for More. Wave your hands in the air inviting the Thrill of Riding this Life. Feeling the Sense of Adventure as You awaken the Passion. Being the Hope you have been waiting for. Being the Change you have longed for. Cheering your Self ON this Day and All your Days: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)! It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is. Believe in You!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

JOY Matters!

Joy Matters!!! Your Joy Matters. Joy is Not a state of mind. Joy springs from The Well of Life deep Inside You. This resonance that comes from a sense of Connection to All that Heart and All that Soul. You plugged into The essence of You. Feeling so Free flowing with the Joy that abides. Always there within You. Always here in this moment. Joy is the Truest Smile echoing from You at Play dancing with the moments come what may. You Present to the Direct experiences. Life breathing into You. And You breathing Life sensing the Miracle of You. Reflecting on the whole of your Journey. Sitting with Your Self. Appreciating All that has led you here. Honoring the ass kickings and the Victories. Remembering You are here to Free the Joy in Living this Adventure. Discovering the More awaiting You. The Sacred longings daring You to let go of limitations and let the Fire of the gods take You on a Ride over the Rainbow. Imagining the life You came here to Love. Believing in the Possibilities that lie within You. Letting Go of disappointments. Letting Go of conditions. Coming into this New Now, the point of Creation, Birthing new Life. Pulling the heavens down onto the Earth. Materializing your Spirit. Stepping into Your Dreams that picked You the Dreamer. Navigating the Fear that surely comes. Fear is reconciled in the moment as You bring it Up fully aware it is there. Breathing into your belly fluttering. Letting the heat of terror wash through. Taking the Powerless Child within You by the hand and walking in Faith. Trusting your Fierce Heart and your Fire. The Power of You Experienced. This Force of the Universe clears the Obstacles as You face what comes Up. Allowing instead of Trying to Control the feelings. You See that Fear is a part of Living. No dividing lines. Coloring your Life with Laughter and Tears welcoming it All. Holding it All Sacred. Pain is as essential as Joy. It is Not negative to feel afraid or feel the bite of Life. The expression of Pain and Fear liberates the Joy. The Repression deadens You and Emotionally constipates You clogging the Natural flow. Letting Life touch You bringing You to Tears and causing Laughter enlivens You. You are Made Rich in the Living of Your Life. Here's to Badass Brave YOU! All that has been. All that is. All that is Yet to Be. There is a depth of Joy made Possible from the Pain cutting Life into You. All Life experiences reveal YOU. Go! Live it All. It is All Good. It is all YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Walk Tall!

Walk Tall into This Day. Meet the Moments so Alive with a Sense of Your Self. You are You. And it is Damn Good to be You. Yes. It. Is. The song of YOU echoing into this World. The music of YOU expressing All that Heart and all that Soul. You Carrying the Fire feeling the Joy of freeing It all day living this Life You came here to Experience. No waiting for a Magic moment! Creating the Magic at Play with Infinity as You go about living this Adventure. No waiting for a Special Occasion to celebrate this Life. Celebrating right Here for no other reason than You are Alive. Receiving the Gift of You blossoming this Day. Being the Hope you are. Being the Light you are. Being the Love you are. Being the Force You are. Happyass Dancin' from the Inside Out. No containing the Excitement for Life. Believing in the Possibilities. Sipping them In breath by breath. Igniting your sense of Passion. Imagining the Day leading You into new depths of You. Discovering the Joy in being You. Wow moments! Mirroring how Cool it is to Ride this Life as You. Seeing your Self so Badass Brave and inviting More of You to Roar. Daring to lean into what makes you uncomfortable. Awakening the Potentials ready to Play. Shifting your attitude. Letting go of Beliefs. Opening the valves of Life flowing instead of resisting. Remembering: YOU are the Change you are waiting for! The good news is YOU have the Power to Change what no longer serves You. And the bad news is No One can do this for You. Soooo, Muster the Courage calling on the Amazing Grace of the Universe and Move into the Life awaiting You. Walk deliberately tuned into the Power. Drinking from this Ocean of Love ever-nourishing You, ever-strengthening You. There is More Life, More of You Calling! Listening and Acting on your own Behalf. Doing what scares the crap out of You. What seems small is actually Big! Taking your Self by the hand and Jumping again and again for the Joy of Being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Breathe Your Fresh Air into This Day!

Breathe In the Fresh air of this Moment. This Day. Connect to Your Self. Remember: There will Never be another Human Being just like You! Never. You are You. Be You. Breathe your Fresh air into this Day sensing the Possibilities, feeling the Hope in the Sunrise, letting go of Yesterday. Being present to Your Self and this Day smiling with All of You experiencing the Joy of Life. Loving Life for a million reasons and no reason at all. Making this Day great no matter what, knowing You Matter! Staying in the moments ever-opening You and Life. Sipping in the Miracle of You ever-blossoming fed by the Moments so Alive, bursting with Potential, sowing your seeds as you go about this day being You. Simply Living. Doing what You do. Tasting the Richness of You. Making the Ordinary absolutely Extraordinary! Wow. Wow. Wow. Holding your heart in gratitude. Receiving Your Self. Receiving this Day. The hum of your Heart connected to the Heart of this World. Feeling this sense of Awe echoing: There will Never Be another Day just like this One! Enjoy it. Seize the Day. Live with Gusto. Savor every Bite. Make Yum sounds. Grounding in this Truth: Your Life is Now not Someday! Choose You. Infuse this Day with All that Heart and All that Soul grounding the Passion. All the Fire you are Carrying deep Inside. Let it Roar. Let it Grow you Wildly! Set it Free for the Joy of Expressing your Self. Shock your Self. Ohhh, the Surprise of You is never-ending if you Dare to lean into Life and let it Open You. BELIEVE!!! Especially when you don't wanna Believe. Let your Badass Brave Heart light the Way. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Who I am May never be enough But I must Let it Be And I may never be wanted By the world But I want to Be Here To be Me This wanting So Sacred Sets me Free.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Go ON. Dare to LOVE!

Daring to LOVE this Life is a True Act of Bravery! Entering this Day dancing with the moments so Alive. Feeling the Song in your Heart singing THANK YOU all day. Knowing Great Things are happening. Even when it Feels otherwise. Walking in Faith connected to Your truest Self, the Spirit ever-Free Rooted in Trust and Certainty. It is human to want what we want when we want it! It is human to Wait for The Outer World to shift before Seeing the Possibilities. Always waiting. Waiting for the Green Light to Go! Waiting on People to See Us and Believe in Us and give us Permission to Live this life we came here to Love. It is Divine to Step into our Life Feeling the Aliveness! Expressing the Passion that lies within You for the Joy of this sweet Release. It is a Great Act of Power to LOVE LIFE. Choosing to Love Life no matter what brings the Miracles! How do you ever Love this life so messy, so full of chaos, so heartbreaking, so uncontrollable and unpredictable? You allow it. You let it be. Being present to it All. Your heart wide open rising, riding waves of a amazing grace Alive in the moment, all moments. Breathing IT in. Letting it do what only it can. Lifting You Where you can see the Beauty. Where you can feel the Love. This Cosmic force that animates All of Creation dances You Free beyond the Fixed ideas of how Life should be. Life Beyond conditions is a Life of Love moving the Mountain created by Beliefs that have caged You. Liberating You. More of You. Playing with the Infinite. More Heart and More Soul pouring through You enlivening You, enriching You, Receiving Your Self, Remembering this LOVE is You. And Knowing You are the Miracle You are waiting for. Always You. Not outside of You. The Power of Your Brave Heart is immeasurable. Touching the heavens as You stand here on Earth. Grounding the Possibilities. Believing there is So Much Life to Love. Here. Now. Day by day. Daring to Love wide Open. Happy Dancin' to the Song within. Bursting with anticipation for All the Good that is Sure to Come. Stoking that inner Fire. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)). Knowing with All your Heart and All your Soul that it is Damn Good to Be You.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life: One World Letting Go. One Emerging.

You are You. And all that You are Remains to Be Seen. The poetry of you ever-singing the Song of You day by day. Enlivened by All moments if You dare to Dance with them. The crap you would Never wish for and The Amazing that graces You. What Life does to Beautify Us revealing the More, opening Us Pedal by Pedal ain't always Pretty and ain't always easy. But it is Necessary. And there is No way Around it as what we Need comes again and again Until we Face it. Trusting all Experiences are Purposeful beyond our human scope. This human journey is filled with moments of Awe feeling the Net of Life holding us with Great Love expecting Great Things. And moments of Terror as we Free Fall into the Unknown and cannot Feel or See the Net. Life is a constant letting go and reaching for More pushing Us out of comfort zones bringing Up old Fears, the Powerless child You thought was long gone shows Up kicking and screaming. You must take that Part of You gently by the hand and Jump! into Present Time. Breathing. Acknowledging the Feelings. Being with them All. Being with Your Self. We become Flyers on the Trapeze mustering the Courage to do new tricks and building the Strength to carry us through. Believing in Our Self at New Depths. Remembering the Heart of You is Badass Brave even when You feel Otherwise. And Letting Your Brave Heart Kickass for You fighting for You and the Dreams You came to Live. It is a Cool moment in Life when You don't know who You are anymore. Hangin' by a Prayer on Repeat. Living the In Between. One World letting go. One emerging. And the gods breathe into every inch of You. Stretching. Opening. Revealing. The More. And there You are. Shining like a Star on the Darkest night. Hung for All to See. The Tune of You echoing pure Poetry. Stirring you At a Depth that weeps the True Nature of Life. The hush of the Secret World a Nest. Holding even More. Breaking You Open. Hatching the Unknown. The residue of Pain stays with the Breath that Now sings so Sweetly through You. Ahhhh, Receive the Miracle of You appreciating All the Pain that has Cut Life into You. Freeing the Joy in Living this Adventure. Carry an Abiding THANK YOU! In your Heart for All that has been and All that Is and All that Is to Come. Surely, the Best of You will Come and Come. Yes!!! Count on It. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Opening YOU Opens the World!

Opening YOU Opens the World! Standing in this Moment Open the valves Wider and Wider. Liberate the More within You. All that Heart and All that Soul. See the Doors Opening You to new Depths of You. See the Doors in the Outer World Opening. Holding the Vision for Your Life. Your Dream Realized. Feeling Life Flowing. Remembering who You Are. Believing in the Power of Your Life. Calling on the Graces Of the Universe to Do The Amazing. Assisting Forces partnering with You in The Form of Earth angels and Invisibly as The Connection so Divine infuses You with the Energy of Hope. Infusing You with Possibilities. Yes!!! Sings from All that Heart and All that Soul as You experience the Riches of You. As You know the Miracle of Your Life. Beyond reason. Beyond explanation. YOU MATTER! And the resonance of Truth and Beauty Alive in these Words Opens You in ways You had No idea You were Closed. No waiting to Live. Living this Day. Open to what IS. Open to what Comes. Open to the Magic. Open to the Surprises. Consciously Staying Open. Asking to See where You have closed Your Self Off with Limiting Beliefs and Patterns. Banging your Head against the Same wall trying to Make a Door Open that isn't there. Letting Go. Living Open. Knocking on New Doors. Looking for the Doors with Excitement. Counting Blessings all day Long. Your Grateful Heart Opens You and Opens the World instantly. Shifting Your Focus onto the Good. Always there. Within You. Always here. Within the Moment. Waiting for You to Open the Gift! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Reveals YOU!

Life is so Revealing if You Dare to Look! To Be in the Moments experiencing Life. Consciously observing your Self and All that washes through. Open to what comes Up and Out showing You: YOU. You at Play with Life. Frame by Frame. Reviewing and Replaying your Choices. Looking at what's behinds Your Choices! Going deeper. On the Surface, it looks like this. And the Truth Lies in the unconscious stuff. Buried Treasure waiting for You to Open it and bring it into the Light. Your Willingness to Reflect and observe will OPEN You and Liberate You from Old Patterns that keep You stuck. The Movie of Your Life: How You truly think? What you Believe? How You value Your Self? Where Fear rules your choices? What dramas are you participating in? and What are those dramas/chaos telling You about You? Be compassionate to Your Self. Remember: EVERYTHING serves and being human, we need the chaos and drama to Wake us Up taking us into our Power. Connected to Your Self as You move through your Days. Doing what You Do. Being Aware of how you truly feel in your exchanges with others. Knowing who Enriches your Life and choosing to surround your Self with People who Feed You. Friends who Inspire You to Be You inviting More of You to Dance Wildly. Friends who See You, Hear You and Appreciate who You Are. Noticing your Energy. Energy doesn't lie! Feeling Alive or feeling bored with a sense of staleness where You simply don't match vibrationally. There's simply nothing there. No villains. No bad guys. Just no Match. Knowing You can't force True Connection. And there is an ease, an effortless Flow with those companions who come into our lives to take us on a Ride deeper into Our Self. So Cool! So Awesome! So Elevating! There are Energy Vampires that Feed off your Precious Life Force. You are zapped from the exchange and wonder what the hell happened. Feeling Good makes life Good. Having Fun makes life Fun. Remembering this is Your Life and You came here to Express Your Self for your Joy. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by day. You are Creating your Life. You have the Power within You to live Free experiencing the Beauty ever-Present even in the Not so Pretty, even in the experiences you would never wish for. But HERE they are. Be with Life. Live Open! Let LIFE Reveal YOU leading You Home. Awakening the Miracle of You. In AWE! Your hand on your Grateful Heart remembering: YOU are YOU! So Magnificent. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anchoring Your Dreams!

Believe in the Magic! Feel the Hope humming. Connecting to the whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Write DOWN All of your Wants for your Self and this Life. Yes. Pen to Paper. Pause and Close your eyes going within tapping into the Abundance, into your Limitlessness. Letting go of conditioned responses tangled in old beliefs of Scarcity. Breathe. Let your Breath Free you and the Possibilities that fill you with a Sense of Play dancing with the Infinite. Invite your Sacred Longings, All your deepest Desires to Come Up and Out and Be Heard. Using your Mind to Focus the energies pouring from your Heart and Soul. Using your Body to physically Anchor All the Creative Energies. Anchoring your Dreams. Grounding your Vision for this New Year, for this Life You came here to Experience expressing All that Heart and All that Soul. Living the Passion. Following your Bliss, this Sense of Aliveness with Vitality springing. The Creative Forces within fully engaged. Igniting a Wild Fire from your Divine Spark. Stirring your Self into the Flame of Life. Feeling that inner Roar! Taking whatever Steps are Necessary. Seeing. Facing what comes. Trusting the unfolding. Steadfast. Believing it is ON right here and now. This moment. It is ON. Step deliberately with Intention to See the Magic in ALL moments within ALL meetings. Willing. Allowing. Not controlling outcomes. Letting go of the reigns holding You Back. You are the Mountain You MUST Move. The Obstacles You create from your Old Beliefs and Paradigms. Be Aware. Assess your Beliefs. Set Your Self FREE. Reframing your Thoughts so You Flow with Life. No blocking the Blessings that Come without Ceasing. Riding the Waves of Amazing Grace. You are Ever-Changing, Opening, Growing. Seeing Your Self evolve. Your Soul guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Standing confidently with a Deep Sense of Self on your own two feet feeling the earth supporting You. Rooted in your Spirit ever-Free Trusting your Self. Walking by Faith Letting your Breath Clear All worry, anxiety, doubt and fear. The Fear is No Match for the Brave Heart. Feel the Hurt. Free the Brave Heart. Live the Passion! This New Now is the Point of Creation. Each moment is Here. Calling You to Show Up and bring More of You to the Party. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! There You Are. Here You Are. Expressing Your Self! Letting Your JOY Sing You Home. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clearing And Opening...

Dancing with The Universe includes Sitting Still. The gods Calling from the Cloud of my Exhaustion echoing Let Go. Just Be. I Surrendered. Letting Go. Being with My Self. Being Present to Life. Clearing my Day OPENED a new world. It is a Funny Thing in this Life to be so Free and Yet Held. As there is always More to Liberate. You and I may Know this intellectually. But we Arrive at places in our Life settling in finding a rhythm to our Days filled with Rituals and Routines. When Suddenly, new Worlds within are Ready to Sing in the outer world. Everything is shaken Up and we must ground the Possibilities tuning in to the ever-guiding whispers, Trusting our Self, asking for help from those who See us and Get us and encourage us as we navigate Great Change. Step by Step. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Making effort and Allowing the Graces to guide us. Being intentional asking the divine intelligence within to show You the way into What's Next? To lead You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy in expressing Your Self and living this Life You came here to Love. Breathing through Fears that certainly Come in The midst of the Unknown. Experimenting. Taking Action. Sitting Still. And finding rest in Certainty rooted in the Spirit ever-Free that Soars in Faith without Ceasing. Knowing All that Heart and All that Soul creates your Truest Life that mirrors You. More of You Knocking. Inviting the Surprises that Make You Come Alive. Sharing the Passion. The Fire You Carry that is this Force of Love fueling your Dreams. Parting the seas as it calls You into unfamiliar waters. Holding You as you Face what You must in order to Clear Obstacles. Lighting the Way as you walk through the Dark Tunnels. This Inner Compass is your Truest Partner as it is Amazing Grace blowing you onto New Shores. Assuring You to Stay the Course. Reminding You that You can't Possibly F*#% this Life Up. Every Moment. Every Experience is Purposeful. Focusing on All the Good that comes. Counting Blessings. Refusing to let old Beliefs grip You that You are being Punished or have done something wrong. Following the Signs. Welcoming the Messages. Nourishing your Heart and Soul connected to Your Self and to All Seeing: WE ALL MATTER. Seeing the Significance of Your Life and All Life. Seizing the Day come what May. Living with Gusto. Believing what You Know but Cannot See. Receiving the Fruit each Day Bears. Biting into Life so Delicious. Making Yum Sounds. Happyass Dancin' to the Song within. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo))! Feeling the Magic. All Wonders unfolding Life and You. It is Damn Good to Be You!

Friday, January 9, 2015

You are a Sacred Force!

This Force of Love. Ever-humming In the Quiet of Me. You. All. Ever-connecting Us. We are One. Yes. We. Are. Beyond Reason. Beyond sentimental. Beyond emotional. This Cosmic Source animating All of Creation is Fierce. Mystical. Miraculous. Wondrous. Rooted in Universal Truth. Dancing us Individually and Collectively. Ever-evolving each of Us, awakening our Souls, Higher Consciousness as we Experience this human adventure. Every step is purposeful beyond explanation. Each of us is Significant beyond Measure. The holy entry into this Life. The in between. The holy exit. You are Sacred. You are. You just are. Receive this Truth. Breath by Breath. Close your eyes and engage your inner Sight. Feel your Soul stirring. Feel your Spirit springing with the Vitality of Life flowing Open. You connected to this Love, the Divine Essence of You. You liberated from All that blocks the Abundance. Remembering who You truly Are. Believing in the Beauty of You and Your Life. Seeing the Beauty in All. Even those you don't like. Even those you don't care to spend time with or give energy to. Letting Your Self Be where You are. Letting Others Be where they are. We all Speak different Languages at the level of Soul. The Vibration of You ever-growing suddenly doesn't match others. And Trusting the exchange was Perfect. But knowing it is complete. It is done. No villains. No bad guys. Your relationship served Your Soul's Growth. Give Thanks for the Privilege to Love another to Dance with them. And let it Go. Make space for New connections and relationships to lead You Home into more of You ready to come Out and Play. At the level of Soul, our Higher Consciousness, the Wisdom of the Universe within Us Prays new people into our Lives. Welcome this Exchange! Let the Surprise fill You with Awe and Wonder. Yes! Your Soul knows what You need. Always! The inner Map unfolding Perfectly. Trusting The divine Timing which is the Field of Creation within You. Not outside of You. Not withholding from You. Not punishing You. The Power of Listening with Your Heart that is Ever-stirring You From your Slumber. Guiding You with Signs. The whispers, nudges, gnawings, flashes of Energy rushing through your Body. This Wisdom Ever-Speaking until You Listen. And Act on Your own Behalf. Doing what You Must! Taking the Fear by the Hand and walking with It into the Blessings calling You. The More Awaiting You. Ushering You into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Into the Passion Living the Life You came here to Love. Inviting the More. Allowing the More. The zen saying: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear states this Simply and Profoundly. You are the Student. And You are the Teacher. As am I. This is You. Me. All at Play. You being You infuse me with Hope. Me being me pours Possibilities into You. The Liberation walk is life-long surrendering what is not in alignment with this Love we are. It is Not narcissism. It is Understanding at the Depth of Soul that You Matter. You Free All in expressing this Energy purely untangling again and again from the Human crapola that confines This Force of Love into Rules and Conditions. Take my hand. Lets enter this Day filled with a Sense of Self. The Joy of being You. Sip it In. It is Damn Good to Be You. Feel this: WOO WOO WOOFRICKINHOO:))!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Life, More You to LOVE!

Look In this Moment: More Life To Love. In the Quiet of Me, I rest. And Move into the Days Deliberately. Tuned Into My Self. Come Along. The Hush within Us. Our Truest Self. The Still point. This Moment. The Now. A New opening. A Closing. Life Cycling. The Energy of Love pulsing through Breath by Breath. Life. Here. Ohhh Life. Right Here. You. Me. All of Creation. In a Vibrational Dance. The Free Flow. The divine Essence. This Presence. Within. Connect to the Wisdom of The Universe that You House. Trusting what You Want and what You Need. Reflecting. Feeling guided by your Inner Compass as You make Your way. Assessing Beliefs scanning for How certain Beliefs you have agreed to Limit You and Keep You Stuck in an Energetic Loop. Reprogramming through Affirmations. Committing to Your Self building new Mental and Spiritual Muscles. Reframing thoughts to Open the Potentials within You ready to Burst. Adopting New Beliefs that Empower You and Fuel Your Dreams. Bringing into Your Consciousness how You get in Your Own way. Seeing Clearly how You cage Your Self. Bringing your Fears into Full View. Shining the Light on All the Darkness. Being with it All. To be human is to be Afraid and Insecure. Let it Be. And do what You Must. Remembering Fear cannot Stop You. Fear is No Match For Your Brave Heart fierce enough to fight for You. You can't GO where You wanna GO dragging the Same Old crap around. Cut it Loose. Liberate Your Self. Letting Go of what No longer Serves You. Choosing from a Sense of Self. Knowing this is Your Life. Daring to Look within Your Self and This Moment. And See: More Life to Love. Yes!!! No waiting. See Your Self. Meet Your Self. Hear Your Self. No waiting for others to See You. Hear You. Or Give You what You MUST give Your Self. Life is Now. And Someday May Never Come. Take a Stand for YOU. You are Deserving of All this Love. You are Worthy of a Life You Love. No Settling. Feel the Promise of This New Year. This New Day. This New You. Welcoming the More of You. The More of Life to Play. Wildly. As never before Possible. Nourish Your Self with Compassion. Feel the Sting of Life's Betrayals. At the hands of Others. At you Own Hands. Grieve. Weep for Your Self. The Lost Child powerless. And Be in the Power of Present Time. Made Possible by Walking your Yellow Brick Road. Discovering pieces of Your Self. Becoming Whole. Acknowledging the Fractures that have Stripped the Joy, the Peace, the Hope, the Love. Lifting the Veils. Seeing the Truth and Beauty of You. And Life. The curtains drawn. You See the Illusions. No one has Power over You. You are Free. Feeling the Soul Force within Ignited. Grounding the Possibilities. Embarking on a Journey into More Life, More You to Love. Badaassss Brave LIVIN' and LOVIN'! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Are All Afraid!

Listen with All of You! Be Present to Your Self. Let the Moments awaken You to the More ever-knocking. Feel the Light wash through You bringing revelations, new understanding, awareness that simply wasn't possible before. Patience with The Self loving your Self wherever You are is essential nourishment. Shaming your Self and punishing your Self is the natural tendency as our culture's addiction to Perfection breeds Self-loathing. And perpetual Not-Enoughness. No matter how Evolved we Are, this Energy is a Part of Us. It simply Is. And the Impact of this is far reaching. Dreams derailed. Hopes swallowed by the Hurt each of Us carries. Your awareness is the KEY! The Moment You SEE the Cage Door Opens. Amazing Grace at Work and Effort, focusing Your Attention. Standing Whole with Your Fractured Self, the Pain that Owns pieces of Your Soul, Your Consciousness, Your Life Force. Unplugging. Untangling. Acknowledging the Hurt, the Powerless Child within your Consciousness, soothing this wounded Self breath by breath. Cauterizing the wound with this force of Love, the Truest Power again and again so Life's Blood can Flow freely. Refusing to be Asleep at the Wheel. Sailing Your Ship through the Storms and the Calm. Always Being aware that you have subconscious Fears of stepping into Your Power. Fears of the Life you have Imagined and longed for all your days. It makes No Sense. It isn't logical. It is Core wounds deep within at the level of Soul from this Lifetime and Lifetimes. Even those You look at and Believe to be Fearless must Dance with Fear. No One gets a Pass on this Experience. It is our Shared Humanity. Our Shared Story. Our Yellow Brick Road making Our Way Step by Step, moment by moment, choice by choice into Our Power. Again and Again. Always More! This underlying energy: "What If I am Not Enough?" " What if I am being Foolish?" "What If I Really get what I want?" The grip of Fear is No Match for the Brave Heart. But Fear and Insecurities are a Part of being Human. Hold your Own Hand showering Your Self with Compassion and facing the Fear. The gift of the Moment. The New Now. Daring. Dropping into your Limitlessness. Leaning into the Sword remembering it won't Kill You, it will Free You. Jumping. Acting on Your own Behalf. Doing what You Must to Free Your Self. Each of us Knows what we Know. And the Evolution of the Self is a constant throughout our Lifetime. This Journey To be wizened by Life. Living long enough to know You know nothing. Knowing EVERYTHING. Seeing Your Self: Fully Human and Divine. The veil lifted. The divine Comedy that is this Life discovering the Magical effect of Humor. Laughing at Anything and Everything. Even as You are Crying. Especially when the heat of Terror is blazing through You like a Wildfire. Being Entertained by Your Self instead of judging and shaming. Letting go. Making Space for the Truth to Rise, for the Not So Pretty to Reveal the Beauty. Enlightenment is Shining the Light on a Moment, All that Light within You that You cannot See. But it's always There. Higher Consciousness. Amazing Grace...was Blind but Now, I See. Wow! Wow! Wow! We are All Afraid. And We are Badasss Brave. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Life of Destiny.

You Nourish Your Soul by Fulfilling Your Destiny. Starved for Life. Longing to Taste the Sweetness. Knowing there is More. The staleness speaks. No Temporary buzz can fill the void within. Appearing to Have-it-All and the Truth is Not as Pretty as the Picture. Living a life of Destiny is the Truest Richness knowing the Abundance of You at Play with the Infinite. Letting the Soul manifest the Life. Trusting. In a World that dismisses this Sacredness cutting Out the Heart And soul. The TRUTH and Beauty of Life held hostage by the grips of control. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Of how You think Life should be. How you expected life to Be. How you think a Good life looks. Instead of Aching for what has been or how things should Be, Ache to Live. To Come Alive with a deep Sense of The Power of Your Life. Receive the GRACE in All moments in All experiences! Be with the Fears and the Hurts. To be human is to walk through Life WITH the Fear as You touch the divine within. You are Unstoppable. Uncontainable. Invite the grace to RISE through you Breath by Breath. Let go of analyzing. Let go of Trying to make sense of the Senseless. Trying to figure out WHY you are Feeling what has come. Be with Your Self In the Direct Experiences. The Soul Does Not slice Life into Good or Bad, Negative or Positive; it Allows the Flow of Life. Cutting nothing Out. You Live Free. You come Alive in this Human Dance with a sense of Purpose that springs from this Ocean of Love within You connected to the Source of All Creation. You stepping into the New Now, fully in the Moment with a Sense of Wholeness surrendering to the Soul; This Power moving through You which is Heaven within, Higher Consciousness. The Soul takes You Deeper into the Darkness to Free the Light, stripping what is inessential. Your ego desires purely human become meaningless and You must search the Soul for Meaning, letting Truth, divine wisdom emerge. Illusions lifting as You live in a World Veiled. The Real World is within. And once You awaken to this, You cannot go back to Sleep. You see the Amazing Grace of Life at Play through You and All. The outer World mirroring your inner World. Each experience inviting You to Step into Your Power and untangle your precious energy, your Life force from the chaos and drama so You can Create a Life of Passion. Ohhh, This LOVE lived. Freeing All this Fire for the Sheer Joy of it. Coming Alive each Day from Knowing the One True Thing: This Force of Love. The Vibration of You plugged into the Cosmic Heart from Your Heart. Freeing the Miracles from within You. Your Secret World where You Meet the heavens within as You stand on the earth in the flesh ensouled. The Wow of Life. Tasted. Nourishing You as No Thing can. And from this Sense of Self, this Depth of Living All Things, All moments are Joyful. Doing in Service to Being. Being in Service to Doing. You Empowered. Whole. No longer projecting Power onto the External. Remembering: YOU are Free. Liberating your Self and taking the collective with You. So Simple. And Profound. Life is so Damn Juicy! Bite In. Savor it. Be fed. Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Monday, January 5, 2015

Go! Go! Go! With All Your Heart.

Go into The Heart. How does life Love through You? It simply does. The Poetry of You is Alive. Without ceasing. Love pulses through You Breath by Breath. It is an Echo. A Cosmic Vibration. The Force of the heavens that is intangible. This Beauty must be Felt. Your Heart Receiving what Is. The Abundance Flowing. Opening You. Awakening Possibilities. The Passion within You. All that Fire You carry Expressing in the quiet and Out Loud. This Sacredness. You. Me. All. Infinity at Play. Love is the One True Thing animating All of Creation. Beyond an idea of Love lies the Experience of this divine energy. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. Making Space for More Life. Connected to the Truth. You Remembering: Love is All there Is. Your Spirit, the True Self is this Love. Calling You. Singing You Home. Materializing Your Spirit. Knowing: This is the Life I came Here to Live. This Love mirrored in the physical World. Ever-growing. Ever-cycling. Ever-evolving. Riding You into the More. Into "What's Next?!" For Your Joy in Creating. Authentically expressing who You are Now. The New Now. Daring to Want. Dreaming Wildly. Believing in Your Self. Partnering with the Universe. Taking its Hand and Dancing as Never Before. The Whole of the Universe Lies within Your untamable Heart that calls You to Remember: You are Here to LIVE this Love. LISTEN to Your Heart So Divine. Not rooted in the Human limitations. Not controlled by limiting Beliefs and Paradigms created by Man throughout the Ages. Fear is No Match for Your Brave Heart Ever-roaring, guiding You into this sense of Badassness fueled by Love. Feel your way experiencing the distinctions between Love and Fear governing your Choices, creating Your Life. Energy doesn't lie. Discontentment. Staleness. Boredom. The holy Longing for More. You can be Grateful for All that Is. And desire the More calling You. Go Boldly into this Day, moment by moment, choice by choice, with Your Heart leading the Way. Expect the Surprises to Come! Be Stoked. Within You lies the Power to Move Mountains and the Courage to take the First Step. Go! Go! Go! Enjoy the Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The New Now.

The New Now. More Life Knocking. Calling in the Silence. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. Howling at The full moon aglow in the Wild Skies. The winds are Whipping. Stirring Me. You. All. Communing with these Primal Forces. Feeling animalistic-ly Alive. This Dance of Soul is Vibrational. Breath by breath. Connecting to the Energies awakened from within You from this Moon Dance. Expressing potentials ready to Play. Extending You beyond your comfort zones into the Juice of Life. Freeing the Passion longing to Ride You into a Life of Surprise. Opening portals within You. Allowing the Graces to wash away limitations plunging you into a depth of Strength and Courage. Welcome This New Now! Let go. Let the moment take You. Now. This point of Creation ushers You beyond the confines of who You were. You rising Beyond your history, the soul aligning, you Sense Your Self as never before. Whole. Infinite. Sacred. This New Now. So holy. The Hope of You at Play with the Cosmos. Celestial influences opening doors within You reminding You of the Miracle You are. Life Is. The abundance cycling. The heavens echoing through You as you stand on the Earth. Tuning In. Daring the gods to Show Off! Believing with All of You that ANYTHING is Possible. Seeing the Universe as a benevolent Partner. Creating what has never been. Opening You. Surprising You. Flowing with Life into the New Now. Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Oneness experienced. So electric. Enlivening You. You are plugged into the Source of All Creation. Remembering the One True Thing: This Love. This Soul Force. All this Fire You Carry within You. Rip your Heart Open and Stir Your Self into the Flame of Life. Untamable. Unstoppable. Undefinable. Uncensored. YOU. Here. In the New Now. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Be Ready for a Great Year!

Be Ready for a Great Year! Freeing more of You to Come Out and Play Big. Ohhh, The Power of Showing Up each day Present to Your Self and Life. Tuning in. Listening to the ever-guiding whispers. Nudges. Gnawings. Trusting Your Self and the Wisdom of Your gut instincts. Observing your Self. Aligning your actions with your Truth instead of pretending in order to be polite and amiable. Paying attention to how You Really feel and Not Sacrificing Your Self, Not betraying Your Self. Loving Big! Truly Loving. Starting with Your Self. Remembering Love is Not rooted in Pain and Fear, going along to get along causes resentment and bitterness. Tangling your Self in knots instead of allowing your Truth to free You. Noticing what You enjoy, what is fun and what is Not. Knowing your Joy Matters. Choosing consciously how You spend Your Life. Remembering that You have Choices. Taking care of Your Self, honoring Your wants and needs. Letting Go of what You must to make space for All the Good that awaits. Flowing with Life instead of Fighting against It. Allowing the Organic shifts instead of Resisting your Very Nature. You ever-Blossoming. You ever-Evolving. You the Dreamer. And the Dream. The Sacred blueprint of Your Soul nourishing You in fulfilling Your Destiny expressing this Love, this Cosmic Force for Your Joy. Breathing Your Passion into the World! Your Aliveness awakens All. Your Love of Living is absolutely infectious. Daring to Plunge into the moments engaged fully letting Life touch You, open You, reveal You, surprise the hell outa You, You embrace your True Nature. Your Truest Self experienced as your Heart and Soul light the Way. Heaven tasted here on Earth. Breath by breath. You know You Matter. You know your Worth. You Receive the Abundance of You. You awaken to the Truth that Love is all there Is. You are the Love of the Cosmos dancing here briefly. And your Greatest Legacy is You. The Beauty of You being You. Living the Life that makes you clutch your Heart in gratitude saying: THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You! More please. You Expecting Great things! Ever-Ready for a Great Year. A Great Day. A Great Moment. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Believe in the Magic: Be it. Live it. Share it!

Believe in the Magic: Be it. Live it. Share it! This New Year experienced and lived is Your Greatest Gift. You consciously inviting More Joy and More Surprises that Open You in ways You could Never have imagined. You. Right here. In this moment. Day 2 of 2015. Feel the Excitement of Being You! Ground in your Gifts and breath by breath, connect to the Power within You. Know the Possibilities are Infinite. Let Go of the Mind's grip, allowing the Doubts, Worries and Fears to wash through. No need to analyze WHY?! The fear comes. It simply does. It is a part of this Human journey. But tapping into the Well within You, experiencing the Universe supporting You, just let your breath Free You, neutralizing instead of tangling in Fear that limits and cages You and Your precious Life Force. Acknowledge it. Observe it. And Let your Brave Heart nourish You with the Courage to Create the Life You came here to Live, allowing the Amazing Graces to liberate You, expressing the Beauty and Truth of You instead of recreating from old patterns and beliefs rooted in hurt, pain and disappointment. Take Charge! Focusing on what You want to Create and the Joy you want to feel in living. Keep feeding Your Self with All those Good thoughts and mantras and words! Write messages and one-liners on Sticky Notes posting them on your bathroom mirror so You awaken and immediately tune in. Post them where You can See them. You literally reprogram beliefs, subconscious and conscious beliefs that hold You back, through repetitive thoughts. Empowering your Self with affirming words all day, every day until it becomes second nature. The Fear is NO MATCH for the LOVE, this Cosmic Force, the essence of You that parts the seas and moves the mountains that will certainly come. The difference is when you see the mountains, You FEEL certain you can Face it even though you don't want to. You stand in the Miracle of You, Your Higher consciousness instead of the Victim consciousness. The Magic of who You truly are is ever-revealing. Plan and let Your Self and Life Unfold. Stay Open. Believe! Receive the Abundance of Life echoing from the depths of You. Materialize Your Spirit. Let your pure Heart, the Passion you are here to Express take You on a Surprise Ride. Expect Miracles. Look for them all day anticipating the mystical Openings mirroring the Magic. Share your Miracle stories talking Magic with Friends. Pass On the Hope that lies within You and All. Light the Way for All with Your Brave Heart on Fire for Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: LIVE and SEE!

Live and See! 2015 is Here. Show Up for Your Life. Enter this New Year wide Open to the Possibilities. Each Day expect Miracles. Yes!!! EXPECT MIRACLES. Dismiss nothing. Tune into the Amazing Dance with Life moment by moment. Follow the Signs that Come revealing the Magic of You at Play with the Infinite. Affirmations of who You Truly are beyond the limitations you have unconsciously agreed to. Break Free! Go into Limitlessness. RECEIVE your Self. No matter how difficult or uncomfortable, pause to take in the heartfelt words others offer You. Let your Heart be Touched with the Light of the heavens. Feel the Power of Love in your Exchange with Others. Soak Up How people experience You and the Joy of experiencing them. The Beauty of You mirrored by those You meet along the way. Connect Human to Human, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul. Feel inspired as Your Spirit dances Free with Theirs. Just say THANK YOU! And Allow the offering to Gift You. Ohhh, and Look to nature silently speaking to You from the Skies and the Winds and the Birds offering you Mystical Medicine for Your Soul. The Vibration of the heavens echoing purely through your very Breath. Pulsing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Amazing Grace ALIVE within You. Within All of Creation. The Miracles flow without ceasing. It is Up to You. Me. All. To stay Open. Consciously meeting the moments experiencing Life fully all day long. Now, this is LIVIN'! Live and SEE! Don't wait to See. Life is Now. And Some Day may never come. Be Spirited! Dancing Free. Spontaneity. Not locked into preconceived ideas of who You are or how life should unfold. Letting Go. You Trusting everything is Perfect. The timing is Perfect even when you grow frustrated and want it Now. Be with IT. Let your feelings wash through You. Being with your Self honestly. Welcoming the Laughter and the Tears. BELIEVING in what you cannot see. Divine sight. Knowings. So sacred. Connected. Whole. The outer world brings Signs to stoke your inner Fire. This Creative Force is You and won't let you Go. You are here to express You. Authentically. Passionately. And this sense of Aliveness makes You rich. The Abundance of Life pouring through You. Materializing Your Spirit! Knowing You Matter. Knowing what Matters. LIVE and SEE! Anticipating all the Wonders. Imagining. Feeling the Love of living. Being You. Discovering More. Again and again. Wow!!! This is the Dream. Experiencing this Love You are. Living and Seeing YOU! At play with the World. Singing the Song in Your Heart. LIVE. SEE. LOVE it All! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! The Magic of 2015 is YOU. Open Wide.