Monday, March 23, 2015

Let's Talk Practical MAGIC!

Let's talk Practical MAGIC! And KEEP the Conversation Growing within You and with your Circle of Friends. Step into this Day Knowing the Power that Lies within You and All. This Adventure is Your Walk on the Moon appearing to Be one Small Step but It is Actually a Giant Leap for Mankind. You being You. Evolving Your Self lifts the Whole as We truly Are ONE. The Butterfly Effect of You. Touching the Magic within You and Grounding It in the World. Growing Great Ideas for Your Life from the GREATness of YOU! Not Trying to plug your Life Force into some Idea squeezing Your Amazingness into a Box that simply doesn't Fit. It is Necessary to Experience the Squeeze and Drain of the Boxes to motivate You to Break Free. Sit with Your Self going into the Hush listening to the Wisdom instead of the Mind locked in Limitations. Appreciating your Specialness. Seeing What You DO organically BEing You. Living your Truth and Beauty following Your Bliss connected to Your Essence. Freeing the Fun in being who you are and using the graces of Your Life for the Joy. BELIEVING You can Materialize your Spirit! Going deeper than feels Safe having the Conversations With Your Higher Self that echoes POSSIBILITIES. Mining All that Gold you House and casting it Out into Dreams. Trusting Life, your Inner Compass, this Force you are to Guide You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. The Resonance of this beyond an Idea. Letting your Sense of Goodness and Joy in Being You lead You Home to More of You. Revealing the MAGIC of You to USE in Practical ways living the Dream of Being You. A life Awake mirroring who You are. Energy doesn't Lie! Wanting is divine as it is tapping into the Creative forces. The Sacredness of WANTING lights a Fire under our Asses to dig deeper, to Fight to Free the Desires and Shake Life UP. The Spell of limitations is Broken and You See beyond what Is, what has been, RECEIVING the Power as the Flow of Life Opens You. Channeling the graces and Spinning the Gold of You in Practical ways. Enter this Day with your Feet planted on Earth and Your Head in the heavens. Feel the MAGIC! Breathe it In. Let it Ride you through All obstacles and challenges. Expect the seas to Part and Mountains to Move as you Live deliberately moment by moment, choice by choice BELIEVING. Ohhh MAGIC LIFE! MAGIC YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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