Monday, April 13, 2015

FEAR: Lions and Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

What If ALL You want is on the other side of FEAR? Trying to pretend Fear doesn't exist is Repressing Energy that will Hold You and All your Heart's Desires. Trying to Stop Fear is like Trying to Stop a Train. PLEASE let go! Let it Be. It is Badass Brave to Accept Fear as a Part of Being Human. There's Fear we can explain and subconscious Fear that is deep seated from our Soul journeying Lifetimes. Fear brought up and out of the shadow is the most Powerful act of Faith in your Self. Standing in who you truly are connected to the Universe within, remembering you move the Mountain in the Moments when they Appear; and You are the Only Mountain to Move creating this obstacle from Fear rooted in History trying to protect your Self from Pain. Coming into Present Time and mustering the Courage to Face the Fear liberates You again and again. All change happens from within. The inner shift opens You and the flow of Life ushers you Through All Obstacles and Challenges. Fear Allowed, Recognized, Acknowledged and Befriended neutralizes the Energy. Making It Safe to experience Fear. In the moments of your Life when Fear floods through, You are the only one who can make it Safe. Seeing You are SAFE Now. Understanding the only way Out is walking Through the Darkness step by step, breath by breath. Walking in Faith, Feeling supported by the Universe within in the midst of Terror washing through. Knowing it is Okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Releasing the Tension by moving Deliberately through Fear. Taking your Self by the Hand and nourishing your Self with Compassion. Loving what You Hate instead of shaming your Self for this Natural response called Fear that is Primal in all humans. The sword that will slay the Dragons guarding the gates to All you want is your Brave Heart that has the Fight of the heavens that will Free You moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day as you LIVE this Adventure called Your Life. Feel the Fear and See: It is No Match for your Brave Heart! KickAsssssss. Touch the Warrior within You. Know you are Made of The Cosmos. And remembering this: ANYTHING is Possible! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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