Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REACH for The Stars!

Reaching for the Stars! Go ahead and Reach further than You can Think. Let all that Heart and Soul Speak. Feel your Self bursting through the lines You have Drawn in the Sand that Limit You. Birthing Your Self. More of You. The Great Reveal of You! Daring to let go of preconceived Ideas and Reach for the Stars that have Pieces of You ready to Shine here on Earth. Beyond your Comfort zone, There YOU are. Beyond what feels Safe and makes your Belly wrench as the heat of Fear grips and lets GO, There You are. Living your Dreams. Experiencing a Richness in moments that once seemed Ordinary as You Receive EXTRAordinary YOU. Truly, You ARE a Force of the Cosmos in the flesh. Seeing that Anything is Possible even when You Feel Afraid. Fearing that You may be a Fool for Believing what only You See. What only You Know at the depths of You. Being okay in the Not Okay as You Stand on your Own two Feet allowing the feelings of inadequacy to wash through. It is a Purely human response to Feel Afraid. It's our Nature. But the Flip side is the Badassss Brave Heart that Remembers the Power within. Ohhh YES!!! Soak It Up. Receive this divine Elixir breath by breath. Invite the Joy of being You. Living for the Love of Experiencing this Ride that's uniquely yours. Letting Go of the Bullshit Beliefs that have residue of a Punishing God instead of a Creative Partner ready to Catapult You into the Stars you Are as you Live here on Earth. Channeling the graces. So AMAZING!! These graces are YOU encoded in the blueprint of your Soul longing to Blossom You Up and OUT. Reaching You in the Quiet moments and in the Cloak of the Dark echoing Truths. Whispering: "Be YOU! It is ON. Expect Miracles! Welcome the Surprises of Life as this is You Letting Go and Letting your Soul (where the Universe is housed) lead You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Believe: ANYTHING is Possible! You are The Magic. You are Made of Stars - REACH for the More awaiting..." Holy shit!!! Are you as Stoked for this Day as Me? Take your hand in Mine and let the other Hand REACH for the Stars. HappyAss Dance at Play with the Infinite. Welcome the HappyGasms found in the moments for No Reason and a Million Reasons. Letting GO! Ahhhh...Feeling ALIVE! More and More. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :) It IS F*ing AWEsome to Be You. Yes. It. Is!

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