Friday, October 31, 2014

Every Moment is ALIVE!

Every moment is Alive! Feel this. Feel your Self. Connect. Here. Now. Breath by breath flowing. Freeing the Fire You carry. Living the Passion. Opening. Surrendering. This moment Dancing us into the Next. This IS Life. Orchestrating events. Unfolding surprises. Bringing what we need but don't always want. Trusting Life. Receiving the Love within always here. Always there. Hope springing revealing possibilities. Lifting You. Again and again. Facing the shit storms allowing the grace to awaken you and transform you into the Butterfly. Cycling with Life. Beginnings and endings. Ebbs and flows. Letting the tides turn You poetically. The stripping. The pruning. Absolutely necessary as each of us is ever-growing and evolving. Some get thrown in deep end. And learn to swim. Some take swim lessons. And learn to swim. Each of us experience Life uniquely learning to swim. To Ride the waves. Sinking. Struggling. Kicking. Letting Go. Leaning into the Moments. So Alive! Leaving the familiar shore. Moving toward the new shores calling. Awaiting. Your brave heart pulsing with Possibilities. Not knowing. Knowing it is gonna be F*cking Awesome. Feeling: Anything is Possible. Believing! Grabbing the Moment. Rising. Riding It. Seeing where it takes You. All roads lead you back to You. More of You. More Alive than you knew was possible. Tasting the Goodness. Life ripening You sweetly. Even in the bitter. Remembering who You truly Are. Refusing to give Up. Giving your Self the Love and Unconditional understanding You crave from others. Holding your own hand. Leaping into What's Next. Jumping with Joy. That Can't Wait Feeling washing through you anticipating the Good that is sure to come. Come what may. The rhythm: effort and grace. Life dancing You. You dancing Life. Going for it! Wanting what you want. And Living Open in the "We'll See." You are so badaasssss Brave with limitless Courage. Go kick this days ass. Moment by moment. Be Alive. Consciously participate. Awake to this Dream Life Is. Love it All! Being You. Doing You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)))!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Abiding Love

Believe in the Miracle of YOU! Receive the abiding Love that lies within You. Pour this Energy through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Breath by Breath. Feel the Power of the Universe pulsing You. Stoking your inner Fire. Remembering YOU are the Miracle. This Love You are! Aligned with your human Self and Higher Self, the seas part and all obstacles clear. The letting Go makes space for the Truth and Beauty of YOU to flow effortlessly. All that you Truly are. All the possibilities for your Life. All of your Dreams exist. You step into them. Pull them down. Materialize your spirit claiming the Miracle You are. Untangling from Victim consciousness and freeing higher consciousness that Knows the Life you came here to Live. Go ahead and Acknowledge the sucky things. All that has rocked You. Disappointed You. Kept You caged fearing to show Up trying to keep the Hurt, the Sting of Life at bay. Kick and scream. And LET GO! Step into this moment. Fully. Drop into your Brave Heart where the Truest Fight abides. Love is the weapon to slay all the dragons holding You hostage. LOVE. Beyond sentimental. The Heart is Fierce. Life will cut You open to reveal YOU. Showing You are far more than You can even imagine. And the more You let go of preconceived ideas of who You are and how life should be, the More of You will emerge roaring with the Fire. Passion fueled. Kicking the days ass come what May. Being You. You ever-growing. You ever-blossoming. You evolving. You living this Life plugged IN. No bullshit Living! Claiming who You are. Creating the Life that reflects You. Now. Beyond an idea. Stay Open. Let Life Ride You into the Amazing. Believe in Your Self. Believe You are guided by the Soul Force of the Universe every moment. Believe You are worthy of a Life You absolutely Love. Dare to BELIEVE!!! And watch the Miracle You are come Out and Play Big. Watch the Universe Show Off expressing through YOU in ways that leave You clutching your Heart saying THANK YOU for this dance. MORE Please. It is damn Good to Be YOU! Believe this. Happyass Dance FREE feeling the miracles. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Awaken to the Beauty Washing Through

Awakened by Life. The moments come and go never to come again. Right here. Right now. Letting the Beauty wash through You. Take you on a Ride within Your Self, within this world. Welcome The surprise. LIFE!! Ever-flowing, opening You. Me. All. Revelations swoop in revealing Truth. Amazing Grace was blind but Now You see what you didn't know was always there. What an adventure Life Is! Knowing what you know and knowing there's more. Always More! Being excited by the awakenings. Who you are in this moment Not who you will be. Letting Go. Going where you didn't know you could go, feeling as if you were always meant to Go here. Go there. Go everywhere. The human journey aligning with the Soul riding into the Amazing. Limitless tasted. You Rising with Life. So sweet. Holding your own Hand as You navigate new terrain. A solo journey feeling supported by the Universe within. Daring to Trust your Self living from your Center. Authentically expressing. YOU. Feeling ALIVE! Delighting in all the Light you could not see. Seeing It. Sipping IT in. Using It. Knowing how to Live. Doing You. Simply being You. Choosing from a Sense of Self. Remembering. The veils lifted. What was concealed has come out to Play. Ohhh...Play Wildly! Dance with Infinity. Believing what you cannot see. Knowing what You know but cannot explain. Consciously participating. This is Your Life. Smile with All of You anticipating the Good. living the "We'll See" allowing Life to Unfold. The events and the experiences are All Sacred. Be present to your Self. Enlightenment comes in the moments of Living. Shining the Light on what Is, inviting higher consciousness, your Soul to stir You from the slumber again and again. New depths of Beauty and Truth echoing in the Not so pretty. The shattering moments that break your Heart gift You. Touching your truest Power. This Love. A force beyond measure. Your Brave Heart won't let you do or say or think what no longer serves. You roaring. So fierce. Stirring. The Eternal Fire You carry engaged. Passion pouring. Loving You. Loving All. Loving Life. Knowing this Love is the Miracle and makes You Rich in every way, materializing your Spirit. Receiving the Abundance Life Is. You are. Live the Life you came here to Live and You are Free even in the shit storms that come. You stand whole. The perfection life Is beautifying You breath by breath. Stripping what is inessential. Revealing YOU. So wondrous. Be Happy. Be Wise. Be Healthy. Be You. Be where You are with sheer Joy. Let your Playful Soul Happyass Dance All Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Live Free in the THANK YOU!

In the THANK YOU! you Live Free. You Live Open-Hearted connected to the Flow of Creation. Courage lighting the darkest of the dark meeting what IS. Life. Your Self without conditions. You Dancin' in the rain. You Dancin' in the Sunshine. Experiencing the moments fully. Welcoming Life. Loving what Is. Living it All. Saying THANK YOU feeling grateful for each breath even when events steal our breath. THANK YOU! So powerful is the song of the Soul that Loves beyond human capacity. The soul houses the wisdom of the Universe, this higher perspective that lifts the veils and contains it All. Allowing Life. Revealing the Beauty that abides. Always here. Always there. Just do it! Say THANK YOU over and over. Let the Magic blow through the shit storms AND the peaceful waters. Sip THANK YOU into your bones. The good medicine of Gratitude lights the way Home into the well within You. This Ocean of Love. The truest power that pulls You through the crap you would never wish for and shows You that You are far more than You ever imagined. You embody the soul Force of the Universe. You are infinity at Play. You are no match for the shit storms. You are the Miracle. You are. Choose to say THANK YOU for the things you want to wish away and the things that excite the hell outa you. In the THANK YOU possibilities exist. You ALIVE! Engaged. Living from your badassss Brave Heart that will NOT quit on YOU. The truest Fight. Unstoppable. Strength of the heavens blowing You into More Life, more of You ready to Express. Trust Life. See the Perfection. Say THANK YOU! All day. Blessing your Self. Blessing this day. Holding it All Sacred. Remembering there will never be another day just like this One. And there will never be another human being just like YOU. BELIEVE in what You cannot See. FEEL your way Free. You have EVERYTHING right here within You. Now Go kick this days ass being You. Fierce. Brave. The Miracle-maker. The Dream weaver. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Monday, October 27, 2014

Unlock this Day with LOVE!

Unlock this Day with Your Love of Living. LOVE BIG! Love Opens. Living Open is essential to Freeing more of You, more of Life beyond what You know is possible. Open to All that Is Opens All that will Be. Wherever you are this day, Be there. Meet the moments with great expectation. Excited to be You. Feel the Aliveness, your Vitality springing through each breath. Breath is Life. Use it to Connect to Your Self so you can engage fully in this dance. In Harmony with Your Self experiencing the rhythm of the Universe stirring You. Letting go of yesterdays. All that was. All that has been. Inviting the Now. Infinity playing You. Liberating You. Dropping into Your Brave Heart ever-calling. Daring You to Roar. Being You. Igniting the Fire within. Always there. Always here. Holy moments dancing You. Leading You Home. You living this Life you came to Experience. Believing You Matter. Expressing who You are for the Joy. Loving your Self, loving Life for a million reasons and no reason at all. The Power of LOVE is absolutely Miraculous! Love. Love. Love creates more to Love. You riding this Amazing Life wide Open aligned with the Soul Force of the Universe. Not knowing exactly what will be but knowing with all of You: it's gonna be F*cking Awesome! Embodying the Passion. Feeling the Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! Celebrating this Life all damn day. Happyass Dancin. Ohhh Life. Declaring your Self the Luckiest person Alive because You know this Love You are. Your very existence Lights this world Up. And you Loving the Life You Live is your greatest gift to the humanity. Open Wide. Free your Heart. Feel the Love.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ohhh Life! Meet it All. Greet it All.

Amazing! This Grace swirling through You. Me. All. The Grace Rises from all Life experiences. The storms come and your ability to ride out the seas allowing what is to be, trusting Grace is at work, believing More of who you truly are will be revealed is Everything. You rising with a sense of the Sacredness you embody Alive in every moment, echoing from the depths of You, animating You and all of Creation. Letting the experiences of Life be what they are, you dance Free opening. Illuminating the darkest of the dark. Acknowledging what is and all you are feeling brings the Light. Truth is Beauty. Bullshit chokes you cutting off the flow of Life. You become Deadened by the Pretending. Repression steals your breath. Let go! Come Alive in the honesty. Dancing in the moments. Letting them be. Being Present to all that comes. Life humming. Live Spirited. Free. At play In the direct experience. Dare to Let life Touch You. Piercing your Brave Heart that holds the Truest Fight. You so Fierce. The limitless Force you embody Ready to take you on a Ride. Here. Now. Into You. Exploring the untapped potential. Raw. Wondrous. The Possibilities rising. Knowing the Passion. This Abiding Love pouring from your Breath into the whole. This moment. All moments. The point of Creation. Come into your Self fully. Step into this life wide open. Stretch your arms out inviting the Amazing Grace to do what it does. You rising! You the Hope. You the sacred vessel containing All the Light You cannot see. You riding this Life moment by moment fueled by your Gratitude. Smiling and nodding at everything, every experience absolutely Perfect ever-guiding You Home into More of You for your Joy. You knowing the Goodness of You. Knowing wherever you are in the midst of the storm or on the other side GOOD will surely come. Again and again and again. Ohhh Life! Meet it All. Greet it All. If you want to LIVE, let go! If you want to die, let go! Come into the Now. This is YOUR Life. Live it! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Magic of YOU Coming Alive this Day!

Stand in the Magic You are Moment by moment. Consciously enter This Day, Standing on your own two feet Grounding in a deep sense of Self. Letting your Breath wash through You clearing residues of worry, anxiety, doubt, fear and opening you fully to the Power that lies within You. Connecting to this Ocean of Love. Letting Go and Letting Life dismantle all Obstacles created by the limited Mind caged by History, by what has been, attempting to keep you Safe from pain and the bite of disappointment. Caging You. Holding You back. Keeping Life at Bay. Kinking your energy that longs to flow and lead You into your greatest Joy and highest Good. Fly Free. Feeling Your Spirit soar in the possibilities, all the dormant potentials within You ready to hatch. Come Alive! Knowing You Matter and you are absolutely Significant beyond measure. Taking a Stand for Your Self, for your Life, for all your Heart desires. Here. Now. Willing to face your Self. Seeing the Magnificence You are! Receiving the Truth of You, All this Light You cannot See. So Beautiful. So Mystical. Appreciating All that makes You YOU. Delighting in the unique expression of You. Accepting what you used to judge. Loving who You are. Seeing clearly it is badasssss to be You. Truly! Be stoked that You get to be You. Focusing on All that you Enjoy. Giving thanks for this Sacred Dance. Staying in the moments unfolding perfectly understanding the point of Creation is Now. What do You want Now? Living this inquiry as You wander through this Day. Walking into more of Your Self calling. You ever-growing. You ever-blossoming. You watering your Self with the essential nourishment of Love and Appreciation. Allowing your Brave Heart to take You on a Ride into the Magic you embody. Always there. Calling You Home. Living the Life You came here to Live. This is the Dream come True! You meeting your Self in the quiet moments and in the noisy moments, smiling and nodding from the depths of You; You whispering: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For this Life. Take your Self by the hand and Live this Day like it is your last. Ain't no time like Now. Dance Wildly! Feed your Happy. FUN is always the best idea. Spontaneity is a Friend. You Uncensored. Unplanned. Wide Open. Be at Play with Infinity. Experience the Miracles! Ask for More. Dare to BELIEVE in You. Believe this Day holds EVERYTHING you have been waiting for. No more waiting on someday for it may never come. No more looking outside of You. Wave your Magic wand. Sip in the pixie dust. Believing is seeing! You create the Magic. Yes. You. Do. YOU are the Magic. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Friday, October 24, 2014


Embrace Your Self. This Day. Be in the direct Experience touching Life. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. Letting Life touch YOU. This Sacred Dance. Remembering who YOU are! The Essence of You, this Creative Force, the Universal field animating You. This Aliveness springing through You. Opening. Freeing. Each experience awakens You to this deeper sense of Self. Abiding Purpose beyond the external, beyond all the roles you express. Sitting still. Being You. At Play with Infinity ever-guiding you Home. All experiences serving You, reminding You who you are inviting You to Rise higher and higher. Clarity comes. Knowing what You really want through experiencing what You don't. Knowing who You are from experiencing You Tryin' to be who others need and expect You to be. Knowing that finding Your Way includes getting Lost. Embracing Your Self and your personal Odyssey consciously participating. Here. Now. This is Your Life! Be with It. Be with Your Self. The very thing You seek is here and Now. You. Life. This unfolding Adventure. You flashing through eternity. Let go! Flowing. Trusting. Believing. Lighting the Way with You.This is Your Life. Drop into It. Experience It. Exercise your Power of Choice understanding All that lies within You. Obstacles will come. Challenges will come. And They are no match for You. Within You lies the Soul Force of the Universe, this Ocean of Love. Receive Your Self. Connect to It. It is You. Part the seas. Move the mountains. Use the Power of the heavens as You walk this earth Experiencing You. Experiencing Life. Living the Life you came here to Live. You expressing Authentically. Excavating the More ready to Play. Allowing the More. It is You. Birthing new Life. Again and again. Freeing the Passion, this Love of living, being You. Shedding preconceived ideas and beliefs that limit You and bleed your precious energy. Seeing the cage door is always Open. Flying Out. Living beyond your wildest Imaginings. Riding this Amazing Life. Remembering: You are the Dream. You are the Dreamer. Awakening. Experiencing the Joy of being You. Living Simply. Simply being You. So Badassss! Now GO kick this days ass. Okay. Okay? Happyass Dancin with All of You Feeling the Wonder and sense of Excitement. Hearing the Music Echoing from your Brave Heart. Celebrating the Possibilities. Living Spirited! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ohhh...The Power of One. You. Me. All.

Ohhh...The Power of You. Me. All. One. Connected to your Self, this abiding sense of Purpose beyond the idea that what you do is who you are. You aligned with your Sacred Self pouring the Creative Force you embody into doing what you Love is living the Abundance. You at Play with Life. Vitality springing. You delighting in awe to be You alive in this dance experiencing the Joy. Within You lies the Power to face whatever challenges come Your way and they will come as this is Life. Claim this Power and use it this day and All your days to Stand present to your Fears instead of avoiding them or letting them grip you and cage your precious Life force. Tune into this limitless well of Courage and Change your Life in an instant! You grounded in a Sense of Your Self knowing whatever comes Your way you can handle it. Trusting there is Gold to be mined from the lead, all the heavy crap you do not want to deal with. Believing even in the darkest moments, YOU are the Light. You. Tapping into your Self beyond the victim that has been kicked around by life and YES!! You have. We all have. It Sucks! It is our shared story. AND You are the Hero! You are the Miracle. You opening to the possibilities springing from the challenges. You daring to DO it differently. You mustering the courage to kick ass for your Self fighting for Your Life as you would a beloved friend who was backed into a corner. Fight for YOU. Let your Brave Heart reveal YOU. Life will bring experiences around again and again until you STOP! The madness. Jump off the merry go round and see that the events cannot Kill you. Present to what comes, you take the power out of the external and see how powerful You truly are. Fear will send you running! This is a natural response. But You have a choice to Let Go and Be with what comes. This simple act will show You the Power of You. Do not wait! Life Is Now and some day may never come. Breath by breath FEEL the Universe Alive within You. Remember: You have Life to Live. Passion to Free. Joy to taste. Right here. Right now. Do not go asleep at the wheel of Your life. You Matter. You do. You being YOU and going all the Way where you didn't know was possible is badass living. Let go of limitations! Let Life surprise the hell out of You. Be excited to be You. Focus on All the good. It is damn GOOD to be You. Let the GOODness grow beyond what you ever could have imagined. You deserve a GOOD Life. And Your GOOD Is my GOOD. My GOOD is Your GOOD. Rising together. Fueled by the Brave Heart. Happydance:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Somethin' to Believe In: YOU!

YOU are somethin' to Believe IN. BELIEVE! Feel the Magic of Believing. Let this mystical energy of Believing open you wider to the Possibilities within You. Invite this Force of Faith, the essence of You to Free more of You, more of Life. Here. Now. Believe in your Self. Believe in this Life. Believe You Matter. Believe that you are worthy of all the Good, all the Beauty, all the Grace life is. Ever-flowing through You. Me. All. Let the wings of your soul lift You Up. Knowing. Trusting. Remembering. Believing. Showing UP for this Sacred dance moment by moment. Daring to feel the fear and the pain. And dropping into your Brave Heart ever-revealing the Power that lies within You. Touching your fierceness, your fire, your FIGHT. No way to stop You. No mountain is unsurmountable! You are a Miracle embodying the Universe. Limitless. No way to contain You. This Creative force field pulsing through You. Always here. Always there. Ready to take You on a Surprise Ride. You rising! You Believing. You Seeing YOU. All that You are. So Magnificent! Amazing Grace in the flesh. This life is your Poem. You are a Prayer. Perfect as you are. Wherever you are. In the darkest moments, YOU are the Light. BELIEVE! Light this Day with YOU. All the Light You cannot See. Receive it. Receive You. Honor it. Honor You. Fuel this Day breath by breath BELIEVING!!! Watch the Magic spring in unexpected ways connecting You to the abiding JOY. Your Joy is my Joy. My Joy is your Joy. Free it. Live it. Love it. Be it. BELIEVE. I believe in YOU. I see YOU. I love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Go within. Faith. Trust. Certainty.

Breath by Breath. Heart Open to the heavens. Connected to Life. You. Me. All of Creation. Walk into this Day inviting Faith. Trust. Certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Go within. Ground in a sense of your Spirit knowing everything is perfect as it is. Moment by moment, be present to your Self, to Life ever-flowing, ever-guiding You home. You on this Adventure exploring new depths ever-calling, leading You into your highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! The Paradox: Everything is Okay even when Nothing feels Okay or appears Okay on the Surface. Transitioning into a new Life cycle is not easy but it is necessary as Life truly is a living exploration. The More awaits! The pull undeniable yet rarely convenient. We wanna hang on to the familiar. To the Known. Coming into the moment, Letting go! You choosing consciously to participate in the Dance welcoming the changes, embracing this sense Wonder as you show up for Life wide Open. Letting Go! Letting Go! Letting Go! Again and again. Trying to control the uncontrollable is exhausting. It drains our precious life force. Yet it is part of our human journey to come to See what we have power over and what we do Not. There is an Ease to Life even as you experience storms and turbulence when You understand fully the Power that lies within You. You engage this energy to create a Life that reflects You in the truest sense flying out of the cage door always open remembering: YOU are Free! Declaring: This is the Life I came here to Live!!! I am Not living someone else's life or someone else's version of my Life. Knowing Your Self! You, fiercely intimate and protective of this Sacred Life that is Yours. Holding your Own hand. Daring to Love You. Letting go of what your used to judge and accepting your Self. Receiving your Self. This force of Love You are. The Beauty of You. This divine expression so Magnificent it makes me weep. In AWE of You. Me. All. You F*cking Matter. I F*cking Matter. We All F*cking Matter. Remembering this. Standing in this Power. The Mountains move and seas part. The grips of the mind going going GONE. Sweet surrender. All obstacles clear. The Path. Your Life right here. Right Now. The Possibilities springing through You. You so holy. You the Miracle. Nothing ordinary about You! You are extraordinary. You being You. Allowing More of You to come out and Play for your Joy in living in being YOU. Never settle for anything less than AWEsome! See you and your Life through the eyes of Awe. Appreciate who You are and this life you were born to Live. Go! Kick this days ass with your Brave Heart that came here to Play BIG! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Beauty of Life Grows and Grows

The Beauty of Life Grows and Grows. Life is Big moment by moment. Yes. It. Is. Letting Go. Present to what Is. Allowing the Grateful Heart to scan for All the Good. Always here. Always there. Within Us. Mirrored Out in the World. Abundance. Simple and Profound. Awe moments. Yours for the claiming. Present to Your Self. The Wonders of You. Dancing with Life. Breath by breath. Being Played by the Infinite. Ever-calling. Ever-expanding. You. Alive. Eternity flashing through Time and Space. Riding this Life. AMAZING! Yes. You are Amazing. Life is Amazing. See You. See Life. Wider and Deeper. Magnificent. You are a unique expression of the heavens blowing through this Day. Wow! Let your Brave Heart remember. Say THANK YOU! Hold your Self dear. Hold all dear. Invite The eyes of your Soul to Open windows within You. This Light You are ever-shining. Illuminating the darkest of dark. Revealing You. Life. The Beauty. "Be. You. Tiful." You being You. Doing what You do. Beautiful beyond measure. Let it be. Let the Beauty be. Be with it. You in the direct experience is tasting the sweetness Life is. No seeking. All you desire is here. No chasing. Come into this moment. Sip it In. Drink from the Ocean of Love within You. Receive the Miracle you are. Feel the significance of your Life connected to all Life. You. Me. All of Creation in Harmony. One within the One. Knowing the world needs Your Beauty. "Be. You. Tiful." The blessedness of You. You Matter. You are the Change-maker. All the Beauty you Embody echoes into the whole. You. The Vibration of You. Your truest Song, this Force of Love, lifts the Collective. The Miracle you are waiting for is YOU. All this Light You cannot see. Animating You. Me. All. Call it Up. Let it do what it does. Amazing Grace, was blind but Now, You see. The Beauty of Life. Life is BIG moment by moment. YOU ever-growing. Seeing what always Is. What always has been. Liberated from the Cage. Flying Free. Knowing the Possibilities of YOU. This Moment. This Day. This Life. So F*cking BIG. Feel it. Feel You. Live it. Love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Celebrating Me. You. All!

Today is my Birthday! I celebrate who I am. I celebrate You. All who I have met along the way. Following my Yellow Brick Road. Here I am. Home within my Self. There's no Place like Home. It cost me everything to be this Free. And I must say: I would walk through the Fire again and again to know this Life that is mine. Mine for now. Eternity flashing though time and space as Kathy McHugh. Hand in hand. Heart to Heart. Connected to You. One Love. Dancing Together. Tasting More sweetness. Letting Go and reaching for More. Always More! The Letting Go never easy. But necessary until our last breath. Greeting our Self. Embracing our Self. New energies ready to express and play. All was stripped away as I lived through my own death 4 years ago. What was inessential the heavens pruned and clipped. My rebirth terrifying and exhilarating. Both. Holding the paradox. Trusting. Walking by Faith. Illuminating the darkest moments with my Brave Heart fierce enough to stay the course. Finding my way included getting Lost. Claiming pieces of my Self. Standing whole. "So Nice to meet You!" As I delighted in discovering me. More of me. No one could have told me? And yet my soul containing this sacred blueprint has carried me into this new Life. Kicking and screaming AND letting Go. Letting Life ever-flowing and guiding do what I alone could Not and would Not have allowed. The ego locked in fear always Trying to Control would have kept all this Beauty, Truth, Love at bay. How could I have ever have known? The soul knows and the Heart remembers. I enter this Day not knowing exactly what it will bring, Knowing it is gonna be F*cking AWEsome. Some Amazing Life I am riding being me. Dancing Free. I make a wish to Use all this grace bestowed upon me. I ASK! For all my heart desires. No longer afraid of YES! Or NO! Trusting My Self. Trusting Life. Guiding me Home to More. My heart is Brave enough to Sing my Truest song: LOVE. Peace. Joy. I stand here with my arms stretched to this Day breaking and say: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! More Surprises. Please! Please! Please. Ohhh...Wondrous Life, this Sacred Journey leaves me clutching my heart spilling over. No way to contain my Self. This Life Force I embody springing from me into You. Take my hand. Jump! Let Go! Let this New life ever-cycling, calling you home, shock the hell outa YOU. Let faith in Your Self touching the Universe within You launch You into This Dream Life is wide Awake. Wide OPEN. Ask! Believe! Receive! And surrender It. Let All the Light within YOU guide you. Choice by choice. Moment by moment. Day by day. Come what May! Happyass dance:) Woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is DAMN GOOD to be You. Yes. It. Is!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Light You Are!

Celebrate You. Light a candle and watch the Fire mirroring You. Stir your Self into the Flame Life is. You being You. The Light You are. The Light You embody. All the Light You cannot See. Always there. Always here. Your offering.This Force of Love alive within You animating all of Creation. Beyond an idea or concept. This vibration echoing from You into the world. Connect to the essence of You. Feel the Magnificence of You. One within the One dancing through Time and Space. Breath by breath experience your Self. The energy of You. A thousand stars shining through You. The Sun. The Moon. The clouds. The skies. The waters. All of Nature at Play with You as You. The significance of You is Immeasurable. You Matter. You F*cking Matter. Light this Moment with You. Light this Day UP being You. Letting Go of worries, doubts and fears that wash up blocking the Abundance of You. Let them come and let them Go. To be human is to experience insecurities. No resisting what comes up. No need to analyze. Just consciously LET GO. Breathe. Let your Breath Open You. Let life ever-flowing take You into MORE. The sweet surrender into the Beauty of You. The Joy of You. The Truth of You. Celebrating All that You are. To forget the Amazing Grace You are is Human. To remember All this Light You cannot see is divine. Remembering, You feel this Greatness, this sense of Self, this Power pouring through You and Life is a living celebration. You being You. Doing what You do. Appreciating your Self. In Awe that You get to Be You! Ripping your Brave Heart wide Open going to depths calling You into more. Delighting as You live the Passion, freeing All this Light you cannot see but FEEL. Stirring Your Self into the Collective Flame because You Must. Because it feels damn Good to Not hold back all this Aliveness, this Radiance, this Brilliance You came here to express. It is ON. Let it be ON. Be stoked. Only You. No one like You. Today is the Day. There will Never be another Day just like this One. There will never be another Human Being just like You. Go! Go! Go! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is damn Good to be YOU. Yes. It. Is.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Be Brave = Be Happy

HAPPY thoughts are balloons uplifting You. The Magic of Happy thoughts is undeniable. Smiling with All of You in Gratitude. Appreciating your Self, others, this Great adventure. The thought of YOU makes me so HAPPY! The thought of You out in the World being You, doing You creates a sense of Happiness. My heart dances with Your Heart. Happydancin'! Scanning reasons to be Happy and feeling your Self experience the Power of your Heart ever-singing the Joy of You living this life. Your Heart is Brave enough to Sing its truest song: LOVE! Let it. Let GO. And let your Brave Heart be Happy. Breathe right into it. So Lovely. So Vast. Uncontainable. Flooding You with Aliveness. The Fire within You. This Passion so pure springing from this Love You are. The essence of You. Always here. Always there. Deep inside. Yours for the Claiming. Stop to reach inside and meet Your Sacred Self. The Heart: Open. Over-flowing with Hope, Joy, Grace, Peace, Love. The Vibration of The heavens echoing Through You, animating You. Within you lies the power to Do whatever You desire. Aligning. Allowing this well of Love to Nourish You. Usher You into worlds within You for your Joy. Sip it In all day Long. Place your hand over your Heart Center as you Breathe consciously tuning In to You at Play with Infinity. You flashing through Time and Space ever-connected to the Universe. Be Happy. Be You. Think Happy Thoughts. Think of People who Make you so Happy that you cannot Not smile at the thought of them. Think of the TIME of your Life stirring Up memories that make You laugh out loud. Make a Play date with a Friend who is Not afraid to be Young and Foolish. Being Silly is truly a gift! Skip down the street arm and arm. Make Up songs as you have conversation. Play On and On and On as if Your very Life depends on It. It does! It truly does. Your Happy makes your Life Rich. And funny enough, the Happier You are with your Spirit wild and FREE, the material Riches come. Loving Big. Living Open. BRAVE Hearts = HAPPY Hearts grow and grow blossoming You and All who experience You. GO SEE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). I am HAPPY for You. Me. And All. Rising Together Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart. Step by Step.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Own Your Miracles and Watch them Multiply!

Own Your Miracles and Bestow them on the World! See the Best of You and Believe the Best is Yet to Come. You. Ever-growing. Ever-blossoming. Evolving your Self. Grounding more and more of You ready to Express. Dancing with Infinity. Living this Life You came here to Live. Letting Go of beliefs that there is a right way and wrong way to live. Letting your inner compass guide You and your choices. Discovering what's Best for YOU. Seeing the Miracle of YOU. Claiming the unique treasures You possess and sharing your Self generously for the Joy of it. Creating Your life from Joy that flows abundantly without ceasing from the well of Love within You. Letting Go of snags and energy drains that come from outdated beliefs that you are here to Sacrifice and give from obligation. All those beliefs riddled in guilt and shame that leave you feeling you aren't worthy and aren't good if you don't live by the rules and expectations of others. Place your energy into creating a Life where you Feel the Miracle of You and your Life. Eternity flashing through space and time. Here and Now. As You. This Journey is Brief. Focus on the Best of You and Life and watch the Surprises spring gloriously:)). You are Sacred. You are Holy. You are Rich. Fully Human and so Divine. Appreciate Your Self. Love Your Self UP! Hold your Hurt Self dear as you stand in Present Time assuring that part of You still bleeding from wounds of the Past that fester and threaten your Joy stealing your Life Force. Give the Hurt space to Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Let it Go. Let Love do what it does bringing the Miracles. All the hopes and dreams waiting for YOU to show up and Claim them. You are the Miracle. You are the Miracle-maker. You pulling the heavens down connected to Your Brave Heart ready to Fight that part of You that doesn't Believe cut off from the Source. Your Brave Heart is fierce enough to Free You. And lead You Home to Live the Passion. All this Love you embody that will fuel your days with a sense of the Best. So Alive in this dance! BELIEVING. Standing whole. Knowing what you Know. Living from the Inside Out. Your heart echoing: WOW!!! This Life. The Best just comes and comes. The Miracles multiply nourishing Your Soul fulfilling your Destiny being You. Receiving Your Self. This Love You are. The Miracle. The Best. Hell Yeahhhhh! It is damn Good to be You even in the suckiest moments. Remember this. And shout it Out: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let Life Be and Dance Free.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Let it Be. Whatever You can't Be with won't let You Be. Whatever you can't be Present to won't let You rest. Your Presence to what comes your way parts the seas and moves the mountains. Standing with a Sense of Your Self in the Direct Experience of This sacred dance is You living your LIFE. You ALIVE! Consciously Moving from your Center aligned with your Higher Self, your Soul, the Universe within You always ushering You into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! Trust this. Trust Life = Trust Your Self. You are One with the One embodying the Power that whispers: Let it Be. Let Life take You into this Adventure You came here to Live being You. Freeing You. When Life experiences knock You around, you can't just stay on the surface or you will just get knocked around more and more believing Falsely that Life is against You as if You are being punished or doing something wrong. When Life stings Say OUCH! Acknowledge the feelings. And plunge deeper to discover the Wisdom of the Experience mining for the silver lining, spinning the Lead into Gold, being the alchemist. Let the amazing grace ever-flowing open You navigating this Day allowing the Magic to Spring through. Let your Brave Heart shine through the dark moments illuminating You and Life with a knowing that YOU Matter. Each of Us a piece of the Whole. The Collective dancing as individuals. Unique expressions so Divine and fully human. No way to bypass the crappy stuff. Avoiding will keep bringing the crapola around and around. Jump Off the merry-go-round spinning You in circles. Ground your Self. Receive this Love You are. Say over and over to Your Self: This LOVE I am is the Miracle. This LOVE I am Frees me. This LOVE I am is the Soul Force of the Universe fueling me, allowing me to be Present to what I must. Letting Life Be. Witnessing it as it is. No longer fighting against Life, against our Self. Cursing what breaks our Heart AND Asking: How will I USE this Grace? Believing the GOOD rises from what feels Not so Good. Believing you are assisted by the heavens blowing through your every Breath. Believing within You lies the Power to Let Go. Let it Be. And take the Next Step moving with Life not Knowing for sure what it will bring but KNOWING with All of You: It is gonna Be F*cking AWEsome. Yes. It. Is. You Know this. You FEEL this. Yes. You. Do. Go on with Your Bad Self and KICK this Days ass with your Brave Heart that ain't afraid of disappointment, hurt, pain. Your Brave Heart will take you to depths of Courage where You SEE the Force You are; where you taste your Limitlessness; where you weep in AWE over the Miracle You are. No longer swallowed by the storms. You simply LET GO! Let it Be. Remembering the Truth of You and sipping from this infinite well all damn Day. Soul fueled. Hell Yeahhh! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Can't Wait!!!

I can't wait!!! Oh, the Joy of that "can't wait!" Feeling. Saying "I can't wait!" And being excited stokes your inner Fire. This is You flowing open. You creating your wondrous adventure not knowing exactly what's coming your way but knowing it is gonna be Great. This is ALL systems GO living: Mind. Body. Heart. and Soul. You pumped Up for your life, for this day, for the seemingly ordinary moments that are absolutely extraordinary when You breathe your enthusiasm into them. Don't wait! Right here. Right now. Engage your sense of Play listing all that You "can't wait!!!" To experience this day and this Lifetime. Paint pictures with your imagination that LIGHT You Up! See it. Feel it. Taste it. Believe it. Know it. Be there in the experience. Ohhh...your "can't wait" feeling will spiral into More that you can't wait for. Jump up and down Happyass Dancin with anticipation. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Play with abandon. Dare to Go within and want what You want for Your Life. Choose from Pleasure and Joy instead of Pain and disappointment. Break Free! Ruts are dangerous to your sense of Aliveness. And You are here to Be Alive. Living the Passion that springs from your Brave Heart that will walk You through the Fears and kick ass for You and Your Dreams and Your Sacred desires. All there within You. All here in this moment. The point of Creation. That can't wait feeling is You Believing in You. The Magic of You. Asking life to Dance You into more Joy! More Love! More Hope! More Wonders! More. More. More. Always More. Ohhh Yeahhhh!!! This is Your Life. Remember?! This is Your Day. Yes it is!!! Fist bumpin'. Hands in the air. Twirling around. Skipping out the door. Ain't no Time for reeling your Happy in! Go into the World moment by moment, choice by choice remembering YOU MATTER! This is some Amazing Life you are Riding. I can't wait to hear about ALL the wondrous Surprises that come your way today! I can't wait to see your smiling faces on the streets sharing your Joy! I can't wait to celebrate this day with you connected heart to heart, human to human, soul to soul. We are in this Together!!! Your happy feeds my happy. My happy feeds your happy:). Take my hand. I can't wait to FLY higher and higher with YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Change is in the Air: Breathe it IN!

Change is in the Air! Breathe it IN. It is time. The More is here. And there is More to come. Always More. Can you feel it? The in between can be frustrating. You must dig deeper than is comfortable to find rest in the midst of Winds, in order to Ride the gusts and bursts that jolt you. The old life is done. Complete. The new life Not yet in place. Feeling out of sorts. Ungrounded. Uncertain. Chaotic. Afraid of the Unknown. Breathe into the moments. Lean into what is. Go within. Trusting life, the universe Alive within You, animating You, guiding You onto new shores awaiting. Say to yourself assuringly: I don't know what's to come this day. But I KNOW it's gonna be Great! Feel your energy shift opening you to the Possibilities. Connected to your Higher Self, this Cosmic perspective that lifts You beyond the circumstances that grip You with Fear, stealing your Joy; blocking the flow of Life, this Abundance You are, Infinity at Play. Wings of Glory that lie within your Brave Heart. And whenYou rise above the muck, you take the Collective with You. This is how much You Matter. Your challenges are uniquely yours but remember each of us is challenged. Challenges are necessary. They reveal You. The magic of You. The Force you are. The Beauty and Truth of You. This Power you wield. Heaven within walking this earth. Remembering who You are. Truly. Beyond the external identifiers that are fleeting. Fortifying the Inner foundation where You are always Home, at rest through whatever Life brings. Consciously tuned in. Making choices that come. Not avoiding. Not waiting for fated interventions to kick your ass swiftly. Meeting Your Self and the moments with abiding Love and Compassion. Evolving The Self. Freeing this Passion, your Love of Living, being You, Singing your Truest Song and Remembering Change is a constant dance. Letting Go! Finding the inner rhythm. This sense of Harmony found in the sweetness of Surrender. Doing your part. And allowing the Graces to lead You into the New. Effort and Grace. Grace and Effort. Dance your dance. Knowing this mystical human odyssey is an adventure. So sacred. Hold your own hand and Dance Wildly as only You can. As if no one is watching. As if your Life depends on it. As if the whole world needs You to show Up and Be YOU. Because it does. This is how much YOU Matter. Be Excited. This is Your Life. Play on and on and on...Happyass Dancin' singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feed Your Heart!

Feed your Heart all day gathering the Blessings! Looking for the Good. Expecting Miracles. Tasting the Sweetness. Feeling a sense of Excitement for Your Life. Experiencing Your Self from the depths of You. Seeing You and Your life from a Higher Perspective beyond the circumstances that can overwhelm and swallow your Joy. Gratitude is the Magic! The moment you drop into your brave heart fierce enough to count blessings even in the midst of storms that wash up on your shore; you are uplifted! What you Appreciate "Appreciates!" Your appreciation stokes your inner fire, your Passion, the resonance of Love that is the universe within you, this infinite well. And opens you to the Beauty you are and life is. Always! If you dare to invite it. If you are determined to Love life ever-opening and growing. When the storms engulf you and take you under, acknowledge the fear, anxiety, worry, doubt. AND breathe! Connect to your Heart. Find your way to the Courage ever-roaring, this Cosmic Force that will reveal the Power that lies within You. This energy will fuel You to stand in the moment and realize you have the Power of Choice to create the Life you long for, a Life that leaves you clutching your heart saying THANK YOU! This IS the life I came here to Live. Even on the shittiest days. Even when the event of Life knock you to your knees. You KNOW the gift Life is, the abundance YOU are. Always! The mind will Not let You see this caging You with fixed ideas of how things should be. Travel straight into your Badass Heart and kick this days ass with LOVE. Loving what you curse! Starting with F*ck IT, F*ck THIS and feeling the sting, the bite. Making your way to BLESS IT, BLESS THIS. Bless your Self where you are. Love your Self in the moments you want to Judge. Your Heart heals you. Your Judgment shames you. Choose LOVE! Watch the Magic spring through YOU. Believe! Have Faith in your Self. Trust the Perfection of each moment. Stand Tall with your Heart ablaze walking through this Day consciously choosing to sip in the Joy, the Love, the Grace ALIVE in every moment pulsing through You and All of Creation. Wow! Moments. Yours for the claiming. Oh Yeahhh! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is damn GOOD to be YOU. Yes. It. Is.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hope is The Best!

Hope is the Best of Things! Alive within You. Me. All. Can you Feel the Hope you are? Can you Feel the Hope you embody? Hope springing from the depths of You. Even when you give Up, Hope never gives Up on You. Stirring You. Reminding You: This Life ain't easy but it is an Amazing ride worth every hard knock. Hope picks You Up. Brushes You off and holds You as you walk into the Unknown. As you experience the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety that will surely come. And just as swiftly as You fall. Hope lifts You. Beyond! Where You didn't know you could Go. Where You never imagined was possible. You the Hope. Me the Hope. Standing individually and collectively. Rising! Our shared humanity and shared divinity. Hope bringers! Shining our Light, this Fire within each of us into the World being who we are. Living. Doing what You do. Nothing ordinary about You. Pause and see the Extraordinary! You living Simply. Simply being You. The Hope. Connect to this energy. Welcome it. Feel You! All of You. Exquisitely Alive. This moment. This day. Breathe your Hope into this World. No Tryin'. Just be You. Invite the Hope You are to dance You into new depths of You, of Life for Your Joy. Celebrating You! Celebrating this Life. All of It. Let your Brave Heart Sing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! Daring to Believe: it is damn Good to Be YOU:).

Friday, October 10, 2014

All I SEE is the Possibilities

All I see is the POSSIBILITIES! I see the Possibilities bursting through You. Me. All. This Day. Every Day. This moment. All moments. Life! Magnificent. Amazing. Wondrous. You. Me. All. The Miracle. Each expressions of the Whole. We forget. We remember. This is our human dance. We hold the new baby so Fresh from the heavens and say: what a MIRACLE. And each is! But that baby will grow into adulthood like Us. If we want the Baby to remember the MIRACLE he/she is, we Must remember we are Miracles. Not just say this. But LIVE IT! Showing up for your Life. Here. Now. Claim the Miracle You are. Act from this sense of limitlessness. Move through this day moment by moment, choice by choice fueled by Faith, knowing YOU are the Amazing grace of the Universe embodied. You are a Creator in the Flesh. You house the wisdom of the Universe. Receive this Love, this Force You are breath by breath. Open your Heart so damn Brave and Fierce to You, knowing this is how you bring the Change to the World. You Loving YOU. You believing in the Beauty of YOU. You seeing clearly: YOU Matter! You are the Miracle. You being YOU, wielding this Power within You, Possibilities pouring from You into the Collective. Let GO! Let GO! Again and again of bullshit beliefs that leave You feeling small, unworthy, undeserving, not enough. Take a Stand. Be Alive! Let your Passion, this Love of Living Open You to the Possibilities for You. Faith in YOU=Faith in Humanity. Knowing the Miracle You are, You help others remember they too are Miracles. No matter how messy or F*cked Up! It may seem. In the Not so pretty of Life, in those Ugly moments, BEAUTY and TRUTH spring eternal. Infinity at Play as YOU. Me. All. Dance my friend. Dance WILDLY! Dance Joyfully! Dance as if it is the Last Dance. Be Present. Feel the Abundance You are. Feel the Blessedness of You. Feel your Sacredness. Feel HAPPY:)! It is Wonderful to Ride this Life being YOU. All ya gotta do is Be You. Free You. Take my hand. We are in this together. Let's Fly out of the Cage. Let's Fly higher than we feel is safe. Let's DO this like we Mean IT! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

LOVE Big. LOVE Deeper. LOVE Wider.

You are Brave! You are Brave enough to Love Big, to Love Deeper and Wider than You feel is safe. This sacred part of You that won't let you settle that won't let You stay on the surface that won't let You keep Your Self and Life at bay. So Brave! Beyond measure. Your fierce Heart holding the pain and the joy. Both! Present to All life brings. Present to You with abiding compassion and patience - LOVE! This Force that cannot be extinguished. Always there. Always here. Let your breath connect You to the Healing balm of Life flowing abundantly. Find your way to Laughter. Laughing out loud is good medicine alchemizing, opening and transforming the Heavy into Light. Tell that part of You that grips You with Judgment to F*ck OFF! The moment you say F*ck OFF! you will laugh. Your laughter Frees YOU. Living this Life is a Liberation walk freeing Your Self again and again from Worry, Doubt, Anxiety, Fear. The Perfectionist holding You hostage that will Not allow You to be Human. You cannot stop Life and others from beating You up, knocking You around but You can STOP YOU! Fighting for YOU, dropping into Your Inner Fire ever-roaring, take your Self by the Hand and Lift Your Self Up. Befriend Your Self. STOP the madness. Embrace Your Self where You are. Remember YOU have a Life to Live. YOU have dreams to step into materializing your Spirit. YOU are either creating from the Hurt Self or the Brave Self. Fight for You fueled by this Love, the essence of You, the soul force of Universe You embody. You are worthy of Love. Receive this Love. Nourish Your Self with unconditional understanding. Put the F*cking bat down! No more beating your Self Up. No more trying to Be some idea of Good, some constructed version of You that cuts out your humanness. Let Go of Criticism. Speak to your Self sweetly and gently no matter what. Let Go of the need for approval from others standing whole in the Beauty of YOU, human and divine. Just Be! Be YOU. Be so Brave. Be Alive. Be Present to your Self in awe and appreciation. Laugh. Show Up excited for this Day, anticipating All the Amazing Surprises. Play Wildly. Believe with All your Heart in the Magic of YOU. Give Thanks for EVERYTHING! Know the Best is yet to Be. Your relationship with YOU creates Your Life. LOVING You! living from your Brave Heart creates a LOVEly life tasting the Sweetness even in the Bitter. Here You GO! Go experience new depths of JOY. Being YOU. Badassssss Beautiful. Light this Day UP with Your Heart! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Please. Please. Please. BELIEVE in You!

Believe in Your Self. BE YOU. Believe You are enough. Believe that You being You fuels a life of Passion. And the greatest act of service to All is You creating a Life You Love. A life that mirrors You. Your Beauty. Your unique expression. You at Play with Infinity letting go and reaching for more living Open. You experiencing Fun in living simply. Simply being You. The ordinary made extraordinary by your Heart dancing Free. Your Spirit Alive! Befriending spontaneity. Making space for the Surprises. Riding the waves of amazing grace breath by breath, moment by moment, day by day, Come what may. No bullshit Living. Moving from your Center. Your authentic Self smiling and nodding bringing the Joy. Being You. Believing In YOU. Feeling it All: the F*ck It moments where you pull the curtains and call it a day. The BLESS IT moments that have you clutching your Heart in awe of Who you are and This Life You are here to Live. Finding your Way to THANK YOU! Gratitude is Powerful lifting You Up. Always count Blessings and Start with YOU. Knowing your Self! Welcoming more of your Self as you are ever-evolving and blossoming. Believing ANYTHING is Possible! Believing You have EVERYTHING to give and absolutely nothing to lose. Shifting your perspectives. Spinning the lead into Gold. Shining the light from within You on the darkest moments. Taking your Self by the hand. Assuring your Self: We got this! Reminding your Self: ain't no way to f*ck this Life Up! Living is an adventure. All moments are perfect. Everything is information. Fly Free from the Cage. Do it! Again and again. Ain't no time for limitations and confining beliefs: YOU have a Life to LIVE! YOU have Hope to pass on! YOU have JOY to pour into the World! Tell those shitty days, shitty moments to F*ck OFF! Dig deep. Rip your Heart wide Open and Dare to LOVE the days, LOVE the moments, LOVE your Self. Your LOVE is the Miracle! This Force of Love is You aligned with the Universe within. In this Energy, You live from your Brave Heart that came here to Kickass being YOU. Your Brave Heart will walk right through the worry, doubt, fear kicking Ass for YOU. fighting for YOU. Believing in YOU. You are so Brave. You are. Please Believe!!! And watch this Day come Alive. Your inner Fire roaring: woo woo woofrickinhoo!! C'mon. C'mon. C'mon. I got shit to do!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Winds of Change Dancing YOU!

The Winds of Change ever-blowing are the amazing grace of the Universe at Play through You. Your Life is a Sacred Dance. MAGIC. An invisible rhythm echoes through You. You in Harmony with Infinity expressing individually and collectively. One within the Great Creator. You the Dream and You the Dreamer. You plan and life happens. Letting go and allowing is essential bringing an ease in the most turbulent times. But most certainly is not easy! We all want what we want when we want it. This is absolutely human. But finding Your Way,Trusting your Self in the midst of the unknown grounding and connecting with your Higher Self is So DIVINE. Feeling completely supported by the Flow of Life as you walk through your days. Consciously tuning into your breath experiencing a sense of Peace no matter how chaotic the outside world is; sipping from the Ocean of Love within You receiving the Truest Power, your Life Force that moves the mountains as you are aligned. Believing everything is okay even when nothing feels okay, even when nothing appears okay. Meeting Life in the moments with your Fierce Heart bringing the Light. One step at a time. You make your way! Choice by choice. Day by day. Living Open. Bringing the Change because you are Brave enough to Let Go and Go into the depths of You ever-calling you into your greatest good and highest Joy. Spread your wings Welcoming the more awaiting, inviting opportunities, expecting Great Surprises, Being excited to be You and be Alive, loving your Self as You are and loving Life as it is. Here. Now. Standing whole. Giving thanks for Your Life. Letting go of how you thought things would be at this point in your life. Letting the hurt of disappointment wash through. Dropping into Your Heart over-flowing with Passion ready to pour through You into this World. The point of Creation is Now. Letting Go! Letting the winds of Change, the winds of destiny blow you Home to your truest Self and truest Life. You don't have to Know exactly how this is gonna happen. Just KNOW with all your Heart it is gonna be F*cking AWEsome! Yes. It. Is. Bring on the FUN! Fun is Always a good idea. Follow your sense of FUN. If it ain't FUN, do what ya gotta do to make it FUN. Happyass Dancin to the Song in your Heart singing You. Expressing You. Perfectly. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Make a Wish!

Make a Wish! Go ahead. Even if you think wishes are silly or airy fairy or stupid and Foolish, just DO IT! C'mon! Right here. Right now. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And from the depths of You, Make a Wish! Claim what you truly want for your Life believing you deserve it and believing your Joy elevates the whole world. Dare to believe in the amazing grace of the universe swirling through You and all of Creation. Imagine pixie dust spiraling through your breath. Feel it pulsing through your body, opening you, freeing you, letting go of resistance and making space for more. Come to the place within you where you know anything is possible, where hope, love and joy springs eternal. Wish from your Center, your sense of Self, your soul that knows and your heart that remembers. Now, your wish is OUT there sweetly surrendered, letting it go and letting your inner compass guide you into The Joy of the journey materializing your Spirit. The adventure of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Follow the signs. They are Always there in whispers and leaves stirring in the winds and Images flashing Through you. Believe what others don't. Believe what others cannot see. Believe in YOU! And in moments when that Faith in your Self seems to fade away with waves of Fear, worry, doubt and anxiety. Be Brave! Acknowledge what you are feeling. Allow the overwhelm. Breathe. Say to your Self: I am so Brave! over and over as these affirming words will stoke your Inner Fire. Hold your on hand. Love your Self Up. And do what ya gotta to realign with the Power within You. Reconnect with a deep sense of Self. Deliberately living your Life knowing YOU Matter! Knowing your Passion for Life is Magic. Wave that wand all day long. Excited by your Life, you will discover More to be excited about. Even when shitty things happen that knock the wind out of your sails, Go straight into your Heart with gratitude, counting blessings, remembering the Good as you feel bad. The attitude of gratitude illuminates the dark that is an unavoidable part of Life. Your Heart can Hold it All. This fierce energy is electric and inspires you to Go Boldly into the moments come what may playing with the universe calling you Home to live this Dream life is wide awake. Let all the Stars you have wished Upon, ALIVE within You, launch you into a Life that is YOU; where you feel at Rest no matter what comes your way. The world needs your Wishes! Don't hold back. The Best is yet to come. Yes. It. Is. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

Sunday, October 5, 2014

You are Powerful!

Each of Us is Powerful and each of Us is Powerless. Finding your way includes getting Lost. Again and again throughout your lifetime because you are ever-growing and evolving until your last breath. More life will call You to experience the New for your highest good and greatest Joy. But Damn, it ain't always easy but it is necessary. Just when you see Light at the end of the tunnel, there is another tunnel. This human experience plays out uniquely for each of Us but no one goes through Life unscathed. All of us get our asses handed to us feeling the pain, disappointment and heartbreak. You can't intervene in a Soul's Journey and no one can intervene in your Soul's Journey. You can Stand with others and they can Stand with You. You bring the Light into the darkness, knowing your own story fully human willing to open your heart to Others with compassion instead of judgment assuring them, witnessing their challenges. Hand in hand. Human to human. Heart to heart. We are in this together! There are experiences that each of us must have that will leave us feeling Rocked! Feeling as if we have done something wrong and are being punished. Feeling as if the rug has been pulled out from beneath our feet. Feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed with no sense of Self. Feeling completely powerless only to discover the truest Power within Us, the Brave Heart connected to the Heart of the Universe, this Infinite well of Love fierce enough to fuel us as we walk through the fire. Life stripping away what is inessential, what must go in order to make space for the New life awaiting us that we can't yet see. The letting go of trying to control the uncontrollable is tough stuff. The letting GO! Into Faith remembering who You are, receiving your Truest Self, this Creative Force you embody. Letting GO! Into Trust remembering you house the wisdom of the Universe ever-guiding You in energetic nudges and flashes of knowing. Letting GO! Into Certainty remembering all experiences those you bless and those you curse are perfect and feeling held as you walk into the Great Unknown. Letting Go! Again and again and again into the moments of your Life breathing. Feeling connected and aligned mustering the courage to take the next step when you are afraid and have no idea where it will lead You. No one can take away your pain just as no one can rob you of your joy. The pain of life is as essential as the joy. The hurt experienced takes you into your Brave Heart where you discover that you really can move mountains, where you see the Obstacles that come show you what you are made of, where you know with All of You what felt as if it would kill you came to FREE YOU. This liberation walk life is takes You into the Miracle YOU ARE. You are Amazing. You are Magnificent. You are Beautiful. You are Stronger than you know and more Strength will be revealed. Always more! You are Life Force here to kickass being YOU bringing the Change. You are so Loved. You MATTER. You are so BRAVE! You are Powerful beyond measure. Yes. You. Are. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! On your suckiest days, it is DAMN GOOD to be You.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living is The Buzzzzz!

Living is THE Buzzzz! Experiencing this Adventure that is Your Life. You being Touched by Life. And You touching Life is LIVIN'. Letting Go! Reaching for More. Your willingness to do One thing different Opens You. And Opens Life. Stepping into this Day inviting your Self to shake things Up. Breaking free from the same old, same old. Let your heart whisper its secret desires. Let it lead You into the Joy in living. In being You. Don't wait! This Day is calling You into More of You ready to Sing and Dance and Play. Spontaneity is a Friend! Right here. In this moment. The next Now springing. JUMP! Into the Surprises awaiting You. Shock Your Self. Go! Get your boots Dirty. Head out on an Open Road and see where it leads You. Explore. Get Lost in the moments. Finding Your way into more of You. Head outside! Look to the Skies full of Magic and Wonder mirroring You. Feel the Sun on your face and the Fall air on your skin. Connect to Your Self through connecting with Nature. Live your way into what Now? What's next? This inquiry essential as we are here ever-blossoming and there is a deadening of our Spirit when we attempt to stay the same, to keep plugging our Self, our Creative force into what we have outgrown. What seems small is Big! Small steps will lead You into Big living. Your Brave Heart ever-roaring must be fed, calling You into new depths. It is Time. This is Your Life. And LIVING is The Buzzzzz. The ultimate! Making You Rich. Tasting the Abundance. Materializing your Spirit. Extending You beyond your comfort zones. Ain't no time for dwelling on Regrets spinning shoulda', coulda', woulda' in your mind when You are dwelling in the Possibilities! Here. Now. Let Your fierce Heart jerk a knot in your Tail and awaken You to More. Now GO kick some ass being YOU. May the Force of FUN be with YOU. May you Happyass Dance All damn day. Saying THANK YOU More Fun Please. Experiencing HAPPYgasms where You know the Joy of being YOU Alive in this Dance. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

Friday, October 3, 2014

I BELIEVE in You! Yes. I. Do.

I BELIEVE in You! I BELIEVE in You! I BELIEVE in YOU! Yes. I. Do. Feel these words. Feel my Belief in You. Feel the possibilities within You stir. Feel the Magic of You. Here. Now. Alive! Ready to Rock. Excited for this Adventure living this Day is. Anticipating all the Amazing people you will meet along the way. Inviting the Play of Life to Surprise the Hell outa You. Shock You! Revealing More of You. You ever-blossoming. Opening your Brave Heart to your Self, to this Day. Remembering: YOU are the Offering! You are the Dream and the Dreamer, participating in this sacred Dance. Create this Day wide open sensing ANYTHING is Possible. Stand in Faith BELIEVING in your Self receiving the Force of Love within You. Connecting to the Universe within You. The Power within You ever-springing. Always here. Always there. Within You. Infinity of Life flowing. Pulsing through you: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Use your breath to Touch this Sacredness. The Passion you came here to express. This energy of Love. Living. Being You. No one can stop the pain of Life. No way to avoid the sucky things that happen. No one can undo the Hurts from the past that have caused you to put up walls attempting to protect your Self. No way to bypass Pain as it is as essential as Joy. Life will take us to our knees and lift us to heights we could never have imagined. Life is a little bit of heaven. And a little bit of hell. Challenging us with obstacles that seem unsurmountable. But your Faith heals YOU! BELIEVING in your Self, knowing the Power that lies within You to part the seas is everything. Digging deep. Feeling powerless, you come to discover the truest Power as Amazing Grace is no longer just a concept or a song. It is a Force Field dancing YOU. Animating You. Freeing You from the Cage. Waking YOU! As you sit here in this moment experiencing your own Ruby Slippers like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...BELIEVING! With all of You. Understanding no one could tell You that you had the Power of the Universe within You. You have had to walk and must continue to walk your own yellow brick road discovering again and again new depths of Courage, Heart and Intelligence. More of You calling You Home to Life over the Rainbow. Life beyond your imaginings. BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! 'Cause there's no place like Home. Living authentically. Expressing your truest Self. Knowing the Beauty of Life illuminating the darkness that comes. Welcome HOME! I am so damn Stoked for YOU. Me. And All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your Heart is Where the Magic Lies

Let's Rule the World with our Hearts Ablaze! You on Fire for Life stirs me and All. Passion pouring from You into the Collective. You Feeling Your Self. Knowing anything is Possible fueled by your Brave Heart so vast it calls You again and again to new depths. You in your Heart is where the Magic happens. Unlocking You. Fierce Living. Loving Bigger and Bigger. Wanting More than You feel is Safe. Riding waves of Inspiration that Flash through. Following the Trails within You not needing to know where they will lead. Believing in Your Self as never before. Hopes, Wishes, Dreams ever-growing. Extending You beyond your comfort zones where you See your limitlessness. Where you look beyond what others have done No longer containing You and this Creative Force You embody. Hands in the air! Letting Go. Daring the Universe to Dance You in surprising ways. Grounding in the gifts, all this Amazing Grace You embody, inviting the Infinite to Play You. For your Joy. For the Joy of this World in need of You. You being You. Being the Change. This resonance of Joy echoing from You into the Heart of this World lifts the Whole. Heart-based living is No Bullshit! It is Not denying the shitty things that have broken your heart and caused You great pain. It is coming into this Moment and claiming You and Your Life. Remembering You Matter. Throwing caution to the wind because it is Time to Free You. Be You. Fly out of the Cage into the More that awaits. No longer playing small because your Bigness wants to come out and Play. Hell Yeahhh! Rule your Life standing on your own two Feet breathing into Your Heart, receiving the Power within You, smiling and delighting, giving your Self permission to Let Go! Going where you have never Gone. Ecstatically dancing. Your Heart bursting. Grateful to be You. Singing Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Light this Day UP!

You are a Creative Force! You are a divine Spark. The fire of the heavens embodied Expressing On earth. Within You, the Universe, housing the Wisdom ever-guiding You into Life. New Life. New beginnings. This Day. Each moment. Opening You to See the possibilities for You. Your Life. All life. Colliding. Collaborating. Dancing Free into your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. Living a Life that Feels true to You. Experiencing the sense that this is The Life you came here to Live. The challenges and the triumphs. The ease and the climbs. The moments you want to wish away and the moments you want to be in forever. All perfect. All revealing You. Life: a little bit of heaven. And a little bit if hell. The Paradox. Holding it All. Fortifying your Faith in You. Faith in the Universe. Faith in humanity. Believing the seeds You sow affect the whole. Knowing you are the Hope, the Peace, the Grace, the Joy, the Love. Engaged. Connected to your sense of Self. Moving through this Day from your Center. Deliberate. Steadfast. Commanding your Energy. Participating fully. Consciously choosing. Resetting your Attitude. Letting Go of old Bullshit beliefs that steal your precious Life. Inhaling. Feeling the Flow of Life open you wider and wider. Exhaling. Feeling the stale energies exit. Using your Breath to liberate your Self again and again. Not letting the storms carry you away. Acknowledging the overwhelm. And going deeper within Your Self. Receiving this Love you are. Fishing from the Ocean within You all Day. Knowing You have the Power within You. Always. Here. Now. Returning Home. Standing in the Fierceness of your Brave Heart. Telling the shit storm that blows in to F*ck Off. Laughing out Loud. It is so Fun to Rule your Life. Taking Charge. Cursing the darkness. Refusing to tangle in it. Seeing Your Self. The Light you are. Illuminating the moments threatening to take You OUT. Claiming. This is Your Life. This is Your Great Adventure. Live It. Awake. Dream Bigger than You feel is Safe as You walk through this Day EXCITED! Happy to be You. Happyass Dancin for no reason at all. Singin a Happy Song in your Heart because it FEELS good. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).