Friday, April 3, 2015

ALIVE and Growing...

Letting Life IN. Breathing. Rising. Springing. Growing. Stretching. Opening. Flowing. Becoming. Aligning. Going where You always knew deep down inside You would Go. Feeling the Awe of this Wondrous Life ever-Surprising You with the Great Reveal of MORE. More of who You truly Are! MORE Hope. MORE Love. MORE Grace. MORE Joy. MORE Courage. MORE Passion. MORE! Always More. As You are ever-Evolving and Creating throughout the whole of your Journey. Arriving and Letting Go only to Reach for More again and again. Just when You think the Magic of Life can't Possibly Ride You Higher, your Wings shift into another Gear and your Heart whispers: See, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Echoing Truth: Within You lies the Power of the Universe. Grounding this Dream: Be YOU. Just Be true to You. Doing this Life on your terms with a Sense of Self. Daring to Want more than feels Safe and watching the Wild of You Liberate this Life beyond your human scope. Seeing where You have closed your Self off and opening in a moment. Seizing opportunities to experience and explore beyond your comfort zone. Leaning into what's uncomfortable allowing the Growing pains and aches that surely come when you step into the New. Endings and Beginnings. Beginnings and Endings. This cycle of Life. All relationships including your connection with your Self are stirring and shifting for your Highest Good. Necessary change is Not always easy. Being with your Self is essential nourishment. Standing in this World holding your Own Hand feeling the Strength of the heavens swirling through You, walk into this Day, moment by moment anticipating the Rebirth of You in this New Now. Emerging into this New Life more Confident touching your Spirit that always finds the Open Door to Free You. Seeing the Beauty of You Blossoming like the trees. Riding the Winds of Destiny into your Own Nature. Happiness known. Knowing YOU. Believing in YOU. Receiving the Miracle You are. Dancing for no reason and a million reasons. Crying and Laughing. Letting Life touch YOU. Being wherever You are. Living your Truth. So ALIVE! Wow. Wow. WOW. You are ALIVE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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