Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 is Knocking!

2015 is knocking. One year ending. Another Beginning. Take the Time to pause and reflect. Look back to look ahead! Consciously entering this New Year. Grounding in what You want. Daring to step Boldly into Your Life listening with Your Heart calling You to new depths that will nourish You. Following the Signs that Your Soul brings in to remind You who You truly are. Awakening You in ways You don't even know You are asleep. Evolving the Self for Your Joy! Expressing authentically as the Songs within grow truer. Delighting in the Discovery of More of You ready to Play. Loving All that makes You "You." Seeing how purposeful all experiences are. Letting Go of shame and guilt that's so pervasive in our culture addicted to Perfection. Experiencing your Self through the eyes of the soul that allows ALL of You; divine sight that sees the Perfection in every step and misstep. Falling down teaches You to get back Up. Losing Your way is a part of finding Your way into what's next?! Accepting what You want to judge as unacceptable. Being fully human standing in this Life. Remembering your divine nature; the essence of You is the Power of the Universe. This Creative Force pulsing through You breath by breath guiding You Home. This Fire You Carry. Ever-guiding You and Assisting You. All Roads lead You into unexplored worlds within You.The One True Thing: This LOVE. Heaven within Us. Expressing as Us. The only Thing that Matters. The One thing that makes Life Rich. Opening Your Self wider and wider. Receiving this Love. The Abundance of Life that is You. Me. All. We must BE the Change. Be the Love. It's who we are. Yes! We are human so we tangle in Bullshit. Be with Your insecurities and fears. Acknowledge whatever comes up. And Let the Courage within You roar. Fear is No match for the Brave HEART! Liberating your Self again and again. Coming Alive in the moments so Rich with You. Seeing You are the greatest Gift you can possibly give. Asking How will I used this Grace?! All the Amazing Grace made possible from Life cutting new depths into You. All the pain. All the Joy. Grace at work. Truth echoing. Revealing You. Beautifying You. Inviting the Surprises that lie ahead knowing the Power that lies within You. Meeting More Life. More of You. Be stoked! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! It's Damn Good to Be You. Yes!!! You.

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